Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Apothic One-Shot: Shopping

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PostSubject: Apothic One-Shot: Shopping    Apothic One-Shot: Shopping  I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 5:08 pm

"Beau!" The teenage girl knocked wildly on her friend's bedroom door. "Beau! Get up! It's important! Beau!" Finally the knocking ceases as the door opened slowly, revealing a tired Beau, obviously in a bad mood giving the fact it's five O├žlock in the morning. This is not his idea of a "good morning".

"Ugh... What is it now?" He asked before glancing at his wall clock. "It's five fucking am. What can't possibly wait until later?"

Juliet gasped dramatically. "What!? Do you have any idea what day it is?" She asked him in shock. All Juliet got was complete and utter silence as an answer. "Oh my God Beau!"

"Juliet, would you please just tell me the fuck you want!?" He practically yelled in her face which made her flinch a little from the sudden outburst.

"Hello? You promised me a week ago that you were going to take me to the grand opening of the new Forever 21 store that is just down the block. Why are you not ready yet? The opening is gonna start soon."

Beau rubbed his face with his hand as he groaned. "Aw geez, what kind of store opens up at this hour?"

"Quit your whining and get dressed."

"Urgh!" He slammed the door shot.

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"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is soooo cute! I'm gonna try it on!" Juliet ran around the entire store taking countless clothes off the racks and throwing them on Beau's hands to carry. As they walked all over the store Beau was muttering all kinds of reasons he should be in bed right now.

"Let's go to the dressing room."

Beau grinned at her."I suppose you want me to go in there with you? I mean, I'm carrying your new wardrobe." He finished with a wink.

The girl's cheeks went red. "Beau! You are such a perv!"

"Hey calm down preascious, no one said anything perverted here." He leaned into her. "You thought that all by yourself."

Again her cheeks went red. "Y-you- Ugh." She took her clothes and went off by herself, leaving Beau chuckling. At least his day was looking up.

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"Beau! Where'd you go?" Juliet searched around the men's area of the store, but there was no sign of her good looking friend.

"Hey." Startled, Juliet quickly turned around to find Beau grinning.

"Oh there you are."

"You got everything you wanted?"

"Yeah, I got a few new shirts and a totally awesome leather jacket." She noticed Beau's hands were hiding behind him.

"What you got there?"

"Oh just a little something." He said as he handed her a tiny bag containing a simple silver necklace with a silver "J" decorated with diamonds. "Oh this is so cute. Thank you Beau." She hugged him.

Beau chuckled. The saying is right, "you can't go wrong with jewlery."
"Okay, okay. Let's get out of here."

Today was a good day to go shopping.
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Apothic One-Shot: Shopping
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