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 Christmas with the Andersons

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Christmas with the Andersons Empty
PostSubject: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 24, 2017 4:47 pm

Tis the season to be jolly and share amongst family and friends.
The small Fortier and Anderson family make their way to visit the Anderson household. Driven there by Mrs. Anderson's chaufer, wanting to meet the grandchild she recently found out existed.

Evee,wishing to know the rest of her predecessors, convinced Lye to accept the invitation. His great disdain about the matter made it clear to Corie that this was a terrible idea. Nevrtheless all three of them look their best for the ocassion.

Once at the small mansion of Mrs. Anderson they are greeted by the butler and promptly after by the family friends and later by Mrs. Anderson and her other son.

"I have an uncle?" the child wondered. The man presented himself as Jonah. He quickly set his sights on Corie after.

Mrs. Anderson looked Evee up and down as if assessing her.

They all looked very posche, high and mighty in their clearly expensive attire. The way they presented themselves seemed relitively normal to the child which gave her a relief as well as made her want to be accepted. So the child put on her best behavior and courteously presented herself as a Fortier. The facial response her grandmother gave immidiately let the child know that this was a big mistake.

"Fortier?" The old woman turned her gaze at Lye then at Corie and her left hand.

Evee was a bit confussed, but Corie immidiately realised that they were in for a world of hardship. Corie took Evee by the shoulders and held her to her protectively.

Here we go.
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Christmas with the Andersons Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 24, 2017 6:54 pm

"Daddy, mails here!" Evangeline prances into the living room. "I think you got a Christmas card."

Flipping through his mail at his lovely condo Lye is surprised by the sight of a familiar address...that of his childhood home. He suddenly feels a knot in his stomach.

"What's it say?" Evee peeks over his should as he opens the typical holiday card with a winter scene on the front.

'To my son,
I wish to invite you to my Christmas party.
I have not seen you in years. I have found out you have a child and I wish to meet him/her.
Your family may stay in my home for the duration of the holiday.
Please respond at the given phone number.
Mother Anderson'

Evee's eyes light up. Of course Lye never mentioned she had a grandmother nor an uncle. Why would he? He loathed them more than they did him. Before he can protest she rushes off to inform her mother of the development.
"I would rather face the apocalypse at this point."


As they stand outside in the cold waiting for the limo his mother sent he can't help but recall the last time he attended a family Christmas. It was after his fiance died and he had to crawl back home to keep up appearances. His mother, slender, tall in her stilettos, laughing and flirting as if she were a teenager. She went about bragging about his younger brother and making excuses as to why Lye hadn't been home. He received many compliments on his looks and introduced to many daughters (prospects for wealthy marriages) but none interested him. Shallow pigs were all they were in his mind. Eventually, he sat at the piano and played. All the guests were in awe...all except his mother.
After the party Lye, still feeling depressed, started playing again. His mother, a glass of gin in hand, quickly found him. She sauntered up with a cold glare and slammed the lid on his fingers. "Get the thought of that little whore out of your mind because you are never embarrassing me like that again!" She then smirks, "She's dead! Got what she deserved. Move on and quick being so weak."

This was the woman Evee and even Corie wanted to meet? He could never say no to Evee, but Corie better buckle up because she was in for a harsh ride.


Arriving through the gilded gates and being greeted at the door by a butler is like going through the gates of hell and meeting one of Satan's demons. Lye always expected to end up in that underworld but never in a place much worse.
The ice queen herself is there to greet them with that freezing scowl and botox injections to mask her ever growing crows feet. Her $100 haircut matches her overprices skirt suit and, as always, her stiletto heals.
Along with her is his kiss-up-mama's boy of a brother, Jonah. His sweater around his shoulders and perfectly quaffed brown hair are as dull as ever. Lye always suspected his mother had an affair and that's how they look so different but he'd no proof.


"Termaine." He calls his mother by her first name.

"Welcome back home. I was surprised to hear you would attend our swarai given you haven't written or called in years. You have produced a grandchild to whit I have not known of yet." She doesn't sound sincere in the least. "And it's Mother to you."

"Last I checked biology doesn't mean a true title." Lye is being very hypocritical but she doesn't know it.

"Brother," Jonah is tired of being ignored. Lye only glances at him with a condescending huff and a smirk.

"So aren't you going to introduce me to your family or am I to let strangers traipse around my house?" Termaine scolds him.

Lye steps aside and holds his hand out. "This is my daughter Evangeline and this is her mother, Valentina."

Termaine bends over a bit to inspect the girl. "A little wisp of a thing. How old is she?"

"She is ten." Lye knows where this is leading.

"And this one?" She points to Corie.

Before Lye can speak she answers for herself. "I'm 25."

Termaine takes a step back. "So this is your second wife? Her new mother?"

"No, it's her real mother and I'd rather rather not get into this now. Are we to populate your front door or can we be shown to our rooms?" Lye wants to end it.

As his mother plays with her necklace and looks over them in disgust signals for the help to show them away. She catches Lye's arm so the rest can go ahead. "As far as anyone is concerned that is your second wife. You are too old for this nonsense. You are lucky the child is pretty. I don't want our genetics tainted by some trollop."

"Don't worry, as far as I'm concerned we won't be here long enough." Lye scowls right back at her.

"Good going, big brother, always knew you couldn't be a real Anderson man." Jonah gloats.

Lye marches up the stairs but the immense echo only enhances his mother's complaints. "Why couldn't your brother had been more like you? An underage girl? I bet that little whore seduced his feeble mind. God, I need a drink."
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Angel Wing
Angel Wing

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Christmas with the Andersons Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 24, 2017 9:16 pm

The butler shows Evee to her own room and Corie and Lye to THEIR room. When the butler leaves and closes the door behind him. Corie takes a moment to look around; one bed, one bathroom. That's all she needed to know.

"After that introduction, I don't want to stay. We can just go after Evee has her fill." She takes notice of the wine on the coffee table and serves herself a glass and sits down.

Evee then enters the room. "My room's closet is like a second room." She stops in her tracks, taking notice of her parents' room; one bed, one bathroom. "You can sleep with me mom. I have a king-" The fact her mother is already downing a glass of wine lets her know just how bad that first impression was.

She goes over to her and takes the wine bottle to set it far from her mother. "C'mon, please mom."

"That woman was unpleasant." She put it as lightly as possible.

Evee sighs. "She just... needs to get to know you?" She turns to her father for some help, but she can see that, for the first time in never, her parents agree in something.

"Okay... yea, she... she looks cold and doesn't know how to people well, but... let's give her a chance."

She turns to her father already knowing he will do anything for her, but deep down she can feel he is just as eager to leave and never return.

"Maybe she has changed and doesn't know how to express herself?"

"Miel she called you a "wisp of a thing". Not to mention she adressed me as 'this one'."

There is a knock on the door and Lye allows entree. the butler let's himself in announcing that the family was waiting for them at the dinner hall.


They are met by a company of people whom turn out to be Termaine's fellow friends. Corie questions how could such an unpleasant woman ever have this many friends. She probably pays them to be around her pressence.

There are empty seets close to where Termaine sits each of the empty seats are labled with their names with Evee sitting close next to Termaine, followed by Lye then Corie, sandwhiched between Lye and Jonah.

Termaine goes on talking to Evee about her education, as if Evee is being intervied for a job position.

My God.

"Miss Bettina."

Corie continues taking a sip of her glass of water, it took Termaine a second time to adress her as Bettina for Corie to realise she is actually talking to her.


"Yes, Mrs. Anderson? And it's Valentina." She says with a fake smile.

There is an awkward pause as Termaine looks her over before proceeding with questions which made Valentina feel like she was back at the police station where she was questioned by cops about her Mob boss father back when she was a child.

"Mind telling me where you hail from?"

The way Termaine spoke nearly makes Valentina want to laugh, but she held it back quite well.

"I am originally from Paris, France. I moved to America when I was a few months old with my father."

Jonah leaned in towards Valentina, harmlessly teasing her with a few badly pronounced french words.

"So you like croisant?"

This made both Corie and Evee want to cringe.

"He he. I guess?"

The rest of the oarty chuckled at Jonah's teasing.

"I can assume it was legally." Termaine said before taking a bite of her meal.

You didn't just imply that you bitch.

Evee's eyes went wide for a second at that comment. Nobody responded to that. Termaine continued with her questions about her family name.


"Never heard of that name before."

I'm surprised you haven't. It was all over the news when he got caught.

"Where is your father and mother now?" Asked Termaine.

"Mother died when I was born and father passed away when I was seven. He was very ill." She leaves that little lie in that bit.

"Where did you study?"

The woman just kept bombarding Corie with extremely personal questions that Corie knows is to find some hole in her to embarass her in front of the whole party. Questioning her about her career choice as a secretary.

"Mom is a very hard worker and does a lot for me and dad." Evee countered Termaine's opinion on her mother's line of work.

"To slave yourself away under the management of others is not really what I would choose as a longterm career, but I suppose it must be the easiest choice for most people. Not everyone can create their own empire."

Corie bit her lip, stopping herself from creating a scene.

"Where did you meet my son?"

Corie nearly chokes in her water at that question, but she quickly regained her composure.

Evee knows the story, but it's not one to share with people, ever.

"That is actually such a funny story. Why don't you tell her darling? You're better at telling it than I am." Corie says while smiling to Lye. A call for help. Besides Lye is much better liar he could make up a story on the spot.

As he takes over that little detail. Corie feels something touching her leg. She crosses it in order to get away from whatever it was, but then there is a touch on her thigh. She looks down tofind it's Jonah's hand; his thumb rubbing her thigh.

This is so not happening.

She discretely slaps his hand away, but he quickly replaced it. Not wanting to repeat past horrors Corie, politely interrupted Lye asking to be excused, Termaine allowed her much to her relief.

"May I be excused too?" Evee asked.

Termaine wanted Evee to remain. Evee turned to her father and he nodded. The child quickly went after her mother. The two got their coats and stepped out into the garden out back the mansion.

"Mommy I'm sorry."

"Oh honey it's not your fault. C'mere." They cuddled together on a bench by the brush.

"At least now we know why dad is so messed up."

Corie laughed. It was true what she said. For a long time she tried to understand Lye's mind and seing his household first hand gave her a small picture about his upbringing.

"Do you want a drink mommy?" Evee offered, knowing it was during these times her mother liked to drink away her woes.

"Nah. Maybe later." She kissed her daughter on the forehead.


Back inside the party was moved to the ball room where live music played. Evee was finding the whole scene a bit boring so she decided to explore the room. One of the guests had brought their purebred poodle. It delighted Evee to see such an adorable animal. She went up to the dog to touch it but the woman who owned the dog asked her not to do so because it excites it.

The child hears her father calling to her probably taking notice of what happened and she goes back to him.

"I'm bored."

"Bored? Why you're listening to the best musicians of this generation child. Be thankful you have the pleasure to hear them." Termaine added coming up to them.

"The best? The pianist has made at least five mistakes during this song." She took note of two more. "Make that seven."

"Son, your child needs a talking to. Such disrespect for my guests won't be tolerated."

The old woman walks away. Lye only corrects Evee that the pienist made eleven mistakes.

"I'm not paying much attention to notice."


Corie lingers in a corner of the ballroom, looking out the window. She sees Jonah's reflection and turns to face him. He bares two glasses of wine and he offers one to her. Out of courtesy she takes one. He takes a sip of his own but she doesn't. Not forgetting what happened at the dinner table.

"You're quite lovely. It's a shame for you to have to tolerate my brother."

Corie has no idea how to even respond so she turns back to the window.

"Don't allow mother to discourage you."

His words are very far away. if only she wasn't suspiscious of the wine in her hand she would be drinking herself sick, but doing so would leave herself vulnerable to this man and she isn't counting on a rescue.

Jonah continues to attempt to get her to have a convorsation with him.

"Go. Away." She tells him with clear dislike.

This gives Corie an unexpected reaction. Jonah smiles and steps closer, whispering in her ear.

"As you wish Mistress."

This weirds her out, but he leaves. For now.


Corie goes to find Lye. He is standing in another corner of the room with Evee, talking to Termaine. Not by choice she suspsects.

Corie quickly walks up to him, wrapping an arm around him and the other on his chest.

"Can we dance a bit dear?" She says knowing Lye would understand this is nothing but a request to speak to him for a second.

The two begin to slow dance. "Is there something... specific about your brother I should know about? Because he is harrassing me."
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 26, 2017 10:09 pm

Evee's plea for trying to understand his mother just proves how naive she can be. It's disappointing. Her need for family because Valentina has none isn't something he completely understands but Lye tries since Corie and her have been trying to let him have a family by staying near him.
He sighs and reluctantly agrees. Lye knows better his mother hasn't changed and she wasn't like fine wine she would never mature she would only be like cheese...just become sharper and much more disgusting yet somehow expensive.
At least Corie got the point. They were summoned to the dining hall before he could back her and get out.
Lye takes a moment to tell them to dress to their best as does he.
In the dining hall are senators, investors, and those just plain proper society born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Justly anyone his mother can keep as "friend-candy" in order to appear powerful. She had become much more influential since his father died. Annoyingly enough his mother has surrounded herself with the family and Lye knows she does nothing without interior motives. Oh, how he's never missed this.

Once Termaine spots them she stands and elegantly gestures for them. "Please, come sit, my dears. Everyone, pardon the interruption but I'd like to introduce you to my eldest son, Lye Christian Anderson, obviously his father named him," she pokes gentle fun. "This is his young wife Bettina Fortier, second wife the first one died." She lies. "And their beautiful daughter little Evangeline." She conveniently doesn't mention her last name. She assigns them seats as they quietly make their way to the table. Small compliments are paid along the way by her guests. Evee and Lye are seated next to his mother while Corie is stuck by Jonah. There's an empty seat across from him for some reason. It only states 'reserved'.

Now the interrogation begins. She starts in on Evee of which he finds bothersome. His poor angel shouldn't have to be looked down upon. After she's remotely satisfied with the child's answers she moves onto Corie.
Lye takes a sip of his wine and feels a amused by her discomfort.
If only his mother knew the degree of intelligence and twisted history of Corie she would vacate the room like a fire drill. Her only relief is their little angel. As funny as it is it comes to a halt when his mother brings up the single question that he'll have to pull out of his ass faster than any follow up questions can be asked.

"Well, mother," calling her that puts a bad taste in his mouth, "Cor-Valentina we met at university. She wished to learn piano under my tutelage. To be frank with such small, delicate hands it was a challenge." He puts his hand on hers and feels she's incredibly tense. He glances over and sees Jonah has scooted closer  while she's leaning away. "We began spending more and more time together. She was very charming. She's multilingual, beautiful, intelligent, and knows the martial arts. Plus she's not a bad ballroom dancer very light on her feet." He piles on the compliments to imrpess the room though it doesn't sway his mother's glare. "After weeks of practice she had made little progress and I realized if I didn't marry this girl she'll grow broke from lessons." He jokes.

"I would gather so since it would be too expensive for..." she pauses, "a college student."

Corie suddenly excuses herself and Evee tags along.

"I pray I didn't embarrass her. I couldn't help my curiosity," Termaine giggles to her guests as she sips her wine.

"Too bad curiosity doesn't always kill the cat then," Lye wishes as he takes a bite of salmon.
Dinner had concluded and Corie was no where in sight. Had she taken Evee and run off?

"Your wife is being very rude. Here I am throwing this delightful dinner party and ballroom dance for my family and she storms off like a child. You should've married a daughter from a higher pedigree and closer to your own age like Samantha or Natalie." She nags at him. "Uh, you were always the rebellious one. Tsk, just look at that hair..."

"Excuse me, mother, but I should find her. Who knows what creatures lurk in this vast gate of hell." He doesn't even look at her when he insults her he only walks away.
He searches the party and only finds Evee. Seeing her with a poodle causes concern they tend to be snippy dogs.

"I'm bored," Evee whines. Before Lye can ask her if she wants to leave Termaine shows up like a demon to scold her. When Evee corrects her the old woman turns in a huff and walks away.

"And it was 11 mistakes not five," he smirks.

"I'm not paying much attention to notice." Evee turns back to the poodle.

Lye hums in thought. "Don't worry I have a notion of how to disturb your grandmother greatly."
He walks over to he pianist and taps him on the shoulder. "Your finger-work is insulting the entire room. My ears do not need to bleed. Please, could you excuse yourself for a few pages and let me take over." He then shoves a $100 bill in the man's pocket. Upon seeing it he quickly gets up and walks over to the bar. Lye takes his seat and begins to play slow at first to gather attention before bringing up to an elegant speed.
The entire room seems to be in awe of him and his nimble fingers. He's a charming prince at the ivory and is soon joined by his princess. Evee matches his sheet music with similar knows that compliment and enhance the sound. Lye can glance at her with a proud smile without missing a note.
The finally concludes and to joke he runs his across all the keys. The room erupts with impressed applause. Lye stands, takes his daughters hand, and they do a little bow. Coming up the only person he sees not clapping is Termaine with an enraged glare burning into him. If she were strong enough she'd shatter her martini glass. Lye only smile sweetly at her.
"It worked," he jubilantly informs Evee.

Termaine approaches them. "May I speak to you in private, son?" She's grinning through her teeth. They find a corner with Victorian style furniture so it appears more casual. She keeps a smile on her face the entire time she speaks to them. "I thought I forbade you from playing that infernal instrument in this house? You are not to touch your father's-"

"I can only question as to why you keep father's piano than?" Lye cuts her off. "I'm no longer a little boy you cannot control me nor my talents. If you wish to acquaint yourself with my offspring then I suggest you adjust your approach. Not having you featured in my life is truly a blessing. I request you start acting like a grandmother and not the WASP that you are," He lays down his terms.

Termaine is fuming, somehow still smiling, she even does a little laugh since she is unable to argue with him in front of all her guests.
Out of nowhere Corie hurriedly approaches and pulls him away to dance.
"So you little bastard, you take after your father, don't you? You look so much like him...he looks so much like his father...neither of them ever wanted me. Why should you?" Termaine folds her arms and sips on her martini as she glares down at the innocent child. "What a waste of beauty and talent? I need another drink." She snags a champagne glass from a waiters tray. "Let's see if your father was lying and if that tramp who bewitched my son can actually dance."

"Is there something... specific about your brother I should know about? Because he is harassing me." Corie is extremely uncomfortable as they waltz.

Lye, in a silly manner, looks up and around as he hums. "You would have to be more specific, because there is a lot of things wrong with him. He's the A-typical type of mama's boy with repressed sexual urges and no talent or real intelligence." He has no problem with him harassing Corie if anything he can barely contain himself. "Of course he would want you. Look at you-you are everything he can never have," Lye twirls her out and back in just for show. "The temptation of taking something I own," Lye whispers sensually into her ear, "is irresistible."
Lye brushes his lips across her cheek to her lips. "Spoiled little boys with no hope always covet what they can never achieve." He kisses her deeply for all to see especially Jonah. Corie seems out of breath when he releases her. She is now a toy both brothers are about to fight over and Lye is confident Jonah will never win this squabble. Such a good way to get back at his childhood rival.
Every little incident of fighting, tattling, favoritism, breaking of toys, and puberty flood into Lye's sociopath nature. To hurt his brother means to not only ruin him but to harm his mother. Couldn't be any easier. The skeletons in their closets he can use to destroy them.

"You may want to avoid Jonah as it were he was involved in a nasty frat party scandal in college to wit a..."train" as it is referred was "run" on a drunk teen and he was supposedly the center of yet he was never charged. With great money comes great escapes." Lye bluntly lets her know. "Aside from that I don't know his sexual platitudes."
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 28, 2017 11:23 pm

The ballroom was filled with a blend of whispers and music that praised her parents dancing. Evee admired their graceful steps and she couldn't help but forget that their display is a facade. When the situation demands it they knew how to pretend to enjoy each other. This visit she had hoped would bring her a real family was nothing but wishful thinking.

Termaine's words punctered her heart like knives. The child tried hard to understand why her own grandmother would belittle her for sharing her father's best talents or even for taking after his looks.

Why send the invitation?

Evee forbade herself from crying over the treatment she has recieved from her grandmother. They only just met it doesn't matter. Termeine will never matter.

"Mind if I cut-in?" Jonah extended his right hand towards her.

"Yes, actually. I do mind." Corie rested her head against Lye's chest. She could feel Lye's hand gliding down from her hip to her butt.

A woman emerged from among the crowd of people, she was very elegantly dressed. Though where Corie's dress accentuated her curves, this woman's attire was more 'conservative'.

"There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you." The woman wrapped her arm around Jonah's. She appeared older than Corie, maybe by five years. "And who are they?"

"Miranda, this is Lye, my brother and Valentina, his wife. Brother, this is my wife, Miranda."

The bastard is married and he is chasing me around? Why am I not shocked by this?

Miranda was surprised to have met them both. She was aware that Jonah had a brother, but Lye's insistance to remain removed from the family has also removed him from convorsation amongst the family members.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance." She addresses Corie first. "Very nice to finally meet you Lye." Her attention turns to Corie once more, but Corie's attention was elsewhere; she was scanning the room for Evangeline.

Miranda, Lye and Jonah were trapped in small talk. Corie barely paid attention to the convorsation, but she understood the general topic. Miranda not so subtly brought up her fortunes quite a lot. Most likely showing off her wealth and 'perfect' marriage.

She kept making comments to Corie about how her dress complimented her figure, but Corie could detect a hint of jealousy.

"Thank you. You look quite... clean." She went back to scanning the room for Evee. This convorsation was of no interest, two men subtly trying to one up each other and Corie is in the middle of this. She should have known telling Lye about Jonah's harrassment would only awaken a game she so desperately wanted to get out of.

I'm done.

"Well it was very nice to meet you Miranda, I am sure you and your husband would love to spend some time together now. Me and Lye have to find Evee." Corie just walked off not concerned if Lye was following her or not. Evee was nowhere to be found. She remembers her being with Termaine when she pulled Lye to the dancefloor.

"Termaine." Corie walks over to the old woman. "Where is our daughter?"


Evee had left the ballroom and gone exploring the house. She could still hear the music faintly in the background. There weren't many, but she found a few paintings of the family. One of a man that somewhat resembled Lye. Her grandfather maybe?

"You're handsome. I bet you would have liked me."


"Evee darling!" Corie called out to her, but it was clear she wasn't in the ballroom anymore.

Corie made her way outside of the room and searched in the rooms nearby, but she wasn't in any of them. She then made it to the kitchen, hoping that maybe she had snuck in there to grab sweets of sorts, though she doubted there would be that kind of food in this dreadful place.

Could she have gone back to her room?

When she turned to leave she found herself face to face with Jonah.

"Jonah, what are you doing here?"

"Well this is my home. What are you doing here?"

"I told you. I'm looking for my daughter." She attempted to walk by him, but he only stepped in her way, taking her by the arm firmly. This alarms Corie. "What are you doing? Let go of me." She made sure to remain calm. This is not happening.

"Why are you in such a hurry? The little one is probably exploring. Worry not she is safe here."

"Ha, I'm not very sure of that." Corie tried to pull away. "I want to find her. I don't like leaving her alone."

Jonah backed her into the counter, completely disregarding what she is saying. Oh no. Not this time.

She smiles, showing how uncomfortable he is making her feel. "Jonah I'm just going to say this once." She looked at him straight in the eye. "Get. Away from me."

"What happens if I don't oblige?"

Her leg jolted up, kneeing Jonah in the balls causing him to flinch forward, his face basically on her soft chest. Though the sounds errupting from him are a mix of anguish and... pleasure.

The hell?

She steps away from him as quickly as possible, confused. Jonah's seemingly anguished face is transformed into a smile.

Corie quickly grabbed a knife and braced herself for whatever was about to come.

Why do I always attract the psychotics?
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 31, 2017 12:11 am

When their dance concludes Lye is grinning like a cat at his pathetic little brother. "Mind if I cut in?" Jonah tries to intrude as if he stood a chance.

"Yes, actually. I do mind." Corie shuts him down. This is turning Lye on.
Before he can rub it in further a well dressed woman approaches in very conservative type dress which reminded him of his mother. She identifies herself as Jonah's wife. Lye has to stifle his laughter at the nature of their situation. Miranda eyes Lye up and down as they make boring small talk. He can see the temptation in her eyes which only adds to his humor.
Corie manages to wiggle their way out of the un-comfortableness by distinguishing they have to find their absent child. After she turns a blind eye Lye takes the opportunity to give a kiss to Miranda's hand, "Very nice to meet you." Her hand is left suspended in air as he walks away. Lye can feel Jonah's steaming jealousy as he walks away.

Lye finds Corie talking to Termaine.
"How should I know what that child is up to? She is your child not mine. I'm sure she's up to something mischievous but my home is safe she'll be fine. If anything should happen it would be no fault of my own. Maybe you should be a better mother and keep a sharper eye on such a puny thing?" Termaine lays it on thick.

Corie is fuming but focuses more on finding her child than kicking an older woman's botox filled ass. Lye follows her out as they split up to track down Evee.
So many rooms...so many memories...so few good made by his father while the rest are tarnished bad by his mother and brother. In the living room he can see himself opening Christmas gifts. In the parlor his father teaching him how to play piano. In the hallway he would run with a plane in his hand as his father followed with another fighter plane trying to strike him down. The there's the hallway closet where his mother locked him in overnight after he spilled juice on the carpet. The stairs where his brother tripped him and he almost broke his neck. The library where he had his first study session with the love of his life...

Noises bring him back to the present. Sounds as if someone is in pain. The halls tend to echo like a church except there's no god in this place. He can track the voices to the kitchen where he finds Jonah holding his crotch in pain yet still approaching Corie who is brandishing a large steak knife. When she looks at him Jonah turns to see Lye as he's cracking his knuckles.
"Little brother, do I detect a problem between you and my bride?" He steps up to a frightened Jonah. "Strange how your wife is alone in the ballroom while you are here. Would be a shame if someone were to sweep her off her feet while you bleed to death on the servants' floor."

"I-I-uh, I should see if mother needs anything." He excuses himself.

"Never a backbone on that one." Lye jokes. "He didn't harm you, my sweet?" Corie shakes her head and puts down the knife. Lye comes in close, "Something about all this drama has gotten me feeling...quite...amorous." Lye picks up Corie by her small waist, swipes off the pans from the island, and seats her on it. He kisses her aggressive yet passionately as he reaches under her dress and removes her panties. Corie is reluctant but Lye keeps his lips firmly planted and holds her tight to him.
He then works his mouth down to her neck and then her heaving bosom. Corie may not want it but she's giving in to him as smooth as butter. She doesn't fight back if anything she's encouraging him further. His lips find their way to her sweet petals and he's taken back to the first time he tasted her nectar. It hasn't changed.
Still so sweet.
Still so tasty.
She moans, arching her back, petting his soft hair as his tongue dances around her sweet spot.
Yet something was missing. A full penetration, but unless he wished for another child he would have to improvise. To his right is a plate of vegetables. One phallic enough for the job. He gives the carrot a quick suck then gently starts to push it in. Corie jumps with a high pitches yelp of surprised. Lye shushes her and keeps on licking as he gently pushes it in and out.

Despite the strange nature Corie's body is responding in completely wet ways. "Mmmm, you're still my dirty girl." He gives her a little suck which makes her shiver. He knows she can't take much more she's about to cum for him.
She's pulling on his hair, thrusting into his face, and bracing herself on the counter top. Her held back gasps are music to his ear. He takes a handful of her breast as he jerks the carrot in and out faster. Her juices flowing she can't hold back any longer and about spurts in his face.
Corie doesn't have time to catch her breath when out of the blue Lye's tattle-tale brother shows up with their mother. They are obviously shocked by the sight of Corie with her legs open to Lye on the island.

"Lye, what are you doing?!" Termaine is enraged.

"Nothing mother, just having a healthy snack." He shows her the carrot and snaps off a giant bite. "Kerotine is good for the eyes, after all." He gives her a wink.
Too astonished for words she storms away. Jonah stands in the doorway beaming with jealousy and yet still oddly turned on. "How about you, little brother, care for a bite?" Lye teases him. Following his mother Jonah quietly rushes away. Lye smiles at Corie, "Could it be this trip was well worth the sacrifice, because I'm finding myself such amusement and some-" He replants the carrot into Corie, "satisfaction." He kisses her deeply once more before leaving her to retrieve the vegetable from herself.

Lye wipes his mouth before he starts calling out for his daughter once again. "Evangeline!"
It doesn't take long for him to spot her in the lounge. She's staring at picture of her grandfather and all the members of the family with the exception of him after his father died. The only photos his mother ever made wasn't her doing it was his father who took them of Lye as a child. After that not a single achievement was placed upon the wall like she had done for Jonah even though Lye had many-many more accomplishments, degrees, and trophies than his younger brother.
"Evangeline, what are you doing in here?" He asks very softly.
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 31, 2017 4:21 pm

Lye takes Corie by surprise when he picks her up and throwas himself to her. SHe instinctivelys tries to push him off her but to no avail. His lips take her bck to their first sexual encounter instead of being a pleasant memory all it brings her is petrifying fear. The question about her iminent doom comes to mind. Last time this happened she nearly got suffocated and burned to death, but will he really kill her while there are so many witnesses in the next room?

Knowing that once he begins there is no stopping so she decides to just let him have his way and not fight back. All through her body she feels the heat rise along with goose bumps and a tingling sansation. She focuses on those instead, closing her eyes, breathing as calmly as possible. As he made his way down to her lubricating petals she wonders how he could still do this to her even though she is way older now.

She can't help but let her moans errupt as he tastes her. Maybe if she allows him to continue he will let her live? Then again he tried to kill her last time after he had his fill! That thought is hard to push away. She can only hope.

Corie nearly screams when she feels something penetrating her. It's not Lye, but a carrot. She looks at him shushing her.


When he goes back to working on her she rolls her eyes. The more time passes the harder it gets for her to contain her moans even covering her own mouth with her one free hand is barely enough.

Just focus on the sensations. She tells herself.

When she comes she finally gasps for air, but before she can even inhale the Old Hag appears. Corie freezes in place, her face flushing with both lust and embarassment and Lye's behavior is not helping!

She nervously laughs. When both Termaine and Jonah leave. Corie is still speechless and still trying to catch her breath.

Lye has the nerve to just leave his half eaten carrot inside of her. While she attempts to fix herself she puts two and two together; Lye is doing this to shove it in his brother's face.

No matter. It's fine. Just... fine.

She takes a few deep breaths to sooth the rage boiling in her. Once she calms enough her search for Evangeline resumes. She takes the carrot with her. It doesn't take long to find Evee as she sees Lye going into one of the rooms addressing her.

Evee is sitting on the couch looking at the painting of a man who ressembles Lye. Corie can tell Evee is clearly trying to hold something back. Termaine must have said something to her. But before that she needs to return something.

She taps Lye on her shoulder, when he turns she smiles sweetly fluttering her eyes. "You forgot something. Darling." And she shoves the rest of the carrot back in his mouth. Then goes to sit next to Evee on the couch.

"Miel. What's wrong?"  She craddles her in her arms, but the child remained silent. "Did Termaine say something to you?" More silence. Evee's eyes were beginning to water.

No! She doesn't deserve your tears! Evee told herself once more, but it was hopeless to hold them back now.

Evee began to sob and burried her face in her mom's soft, warm chest. It brings her a bit of comfort hearing her heart and feeling her warmth against her. Like a baby. Her sobs turn into cries. Lye quickly shuts the door. this called for privacy.

"Baby... Please tell us."

Lye goes to sit next to them also wanting Evee to speak of her troubles. Though he already knows it was his wasp of a mother.

Her sobs hush after a few minutes. Lye brushes a few stray strands of hair away from her face and kiss her on the forehead, asking for her to talk.

When Evee catches her breath she finally opens up about Termaine calling her a bastard and how she hates Evee for sharing Lye's talents and looks, claiming that Evee never wanted her in the first place.

"All I wanted was for her to like me. I thought she'd love me once she knew me." Another tear ran down her cheeck and Lye was quick to catch it with his finger. Evee looked at both her parents. "I'm sorry I made us come all the way here."

"Oh miel, it's okay. Don't be sorry for wanting a family." Corie pet her head. "Want to leave?"

Evee stood up and looked at the man in the painting again. How did you ever deal with her?

"No. Not yet." She looked at the other paintings. "If I leave after what she said to me then she wins."

"What?" Corie couldn't understand Evee's reasoning.

"Mommy, you told me once that when someone misbehaves they get punished."

Corie was quiet.

"I think Termaine misbehaved quite a lot tonight."

Evee left the room, heading back to the ballroom where she found the poodle she wanted to pet earlier. She took a few pieces of ham from the buffet table and waved them around to get the dog's attention. The animal stood up, shaking with anticipation. The owner tried to get control of the dog but there was no stopping the hungry hound. Evee threw the ham in the air and the dog bolted towards the ham on the floor, draging the owner through the floor. Everyon gasped with austonishment. The owner screaming she she was dragged.

Evee and Corie began to laugh, Corie trying to stiffle her laugh under her hand, but the child was having fun for once. Termaine popped up behind her and Evee ran to her parents', taking Lye's hand, wearing the face of innocence.

"I saw that you little runt."

Evee tilted her head. "Saw what Grandma?" She said with the most fake, innocent voice.
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 14, 2018 7:40 pm

It's doesn't take long for him to find little Evee. She's scanning over all the old photos.
Corie took that naughty carrot and put it right back in Lye's face. Her smile hides rage. This is too funny for him so he enjoys eating the rest of it.
Evee immediately starts crying when her mom embraces her so Lye shuts the doors before it's interrupted by the demons in this house. He takes a seat next to his sad little angel. How dare that old bat bring her to tears. He's quick to swoop one away.
In a strange debate Evee decides to tough it out and stay. Lye can't imagine this little girl's gluttony for pointless punishment. Her not wanting Termaine to win is the dangerous kind of stubbornness she inherited from both her parents. "Mommy, you told me once that when someone misbehaves they get punished. I think Termaine misbehaved quite a lot tonight." Evee's devious tone sparks Lye's imagination.

Taunting a dog and possibly harming a guest is juvenile but at least his ladies are smiling again. Evee seeks refuge by Lye's side. Calling Evee a "runt" is much less than he expected from Termaine. Proclaiming her innocence in an insincere way is darling.

"That is a negative reflection upon you as a parent, Lye Christian." She points her boney finger at him.

"Then, mother, I counter with as you view me what reflection does that present upon you?" Lye shuts her up with a simple contradiction to how bad of a parent she has been. Termaine takes hold of her skirt as she turns in a huff and marches away to settle the room.
"I appreciate your resourceful quick thinking of getting Mr. Bouldregard dragged across the room, but I surmise we can do better. What do you say?" He gives her a little wink which puts evil grins on both their faces. "Easiest way we are going kindergarten."
Corie excuses herself to get them drinks and heads over to the refreshment table alone where Jonah and his wife are there knocking back alcholic drinks.

"Now. . .where to start?" He scans the room at potential targets for mayhem. "Let's start with some personal sabotage. All we need is a man's cell phone or two." He decides to go low first. They check the coatroom where they root through the pockets and quickly come upon 2 cell phones. "What we are going to do with these is like spying. Take underwear picks, up dress pictures, understand or anything embarrassing for a person even breasts. There's also bathroom humor if we can sneak one while the guest is on the toilet. Then we mass send these to all their contacts before putting the cell phones back. Most everyone here will receive them and go into a tizzy of accusations. It's not much but it will get the ball rolling."
Evee's mouse-like sneaking and Lye's smooth as a snake maneuvering landed plenty of pictures in a very short amount of time. The two sit back and are able to get quite the giggle out of the old lady bloomers and a few old people on the can. He sends the most embarrassing out as mass texts and watches as phones light up. At first there are only murmurs but then high pitched gasps pop up here and there. As the images are shared one woman even faints. It's then the phones are quickly shut and put away to hide their shame.

Lye takes the opportunity to speak out loud. "No need to worry about security, sweetheart. The camera's around here are top notch. Grandma Termaine spared no expense for high depth images and footage in every room of the house. You can even upload it directly to your phone to view who is where at any point in time." He bates the traps of mistrust with Termaine's old hide. Termaine frantically rushes from guest to guest to check up on their sudden distress and whispers. She gets only vague responses and lies.
"Look at that the seeds have been sewn. Won't take much to destroy not only her party and reputation but her power bonds with these wretched excuses for people." Lye feels like taking it back to high school levels. "Simple is always best. Let us obtain eye drops." He heads to his mother's bathroom. She has many types to choose from so he grabs the strongest. Back in the ballroom he lingers around the punch bowl until all is clear. He empties the entire bottle into the fruity drink and stirs. "Now this is a bar-trick that causes abdominal cramps and excessive bathroom use. They may blame it on food poisoning for their troubles and that means mother cheap-out on the catering."

Now what other aspect of the party will make Termaine look bad? He already upstaged the pianist, caused mass paranoia, tainted the punch, and what else is left? Her personal public humiliation, but before Lye can come up with a grand scheme and unexpected octopus comes rubbing up on him. It's Miranda and she's quite tipsy.
"Well, hello there, handsome." She rubs her shoulder against his as she takes a sip of her martini. "I've gotta," she burps a little, "got to ask you how come my husband, your brother, is so average looking, but you-" she points to him up and down, "you are just a super model? I mean were all the good genes spent on you because you are an Adonis."

Lye scoots back a bit. "I'm flattered, thank you."

"NO-no...no," she gets up close to him again. "It's true. Jonah is so. . .boring. . ." She rolls her eyes. "He's such a bore in the sack. He has no clue what he's doing unlike you, I can only imagine the fun." She leans in close and puts a hand up as if to block anyone else from reading her lips. "We haven't had sex in years. I'm as tight as a new born. Your wife may be sexy but you don't know the feel of an experienced and sexually frustrated woman who is willing to do anything-I mean ANYTHING-you want or your wife isn't willing to do."

"As tempting the offer, madame, I'm busy at the moment and need to get back to my daughter." Lye politely dismisses Miranda. This doesn't sit well with her and she gets up against him close enough to fondle him through his pants. Lye is now annoyed. "Miranda, listen to me closely. You are acting like a drunken whore who is too old for my taste. I do not wish to bed my lowly brother's withered leftovers. So do us both a favor and stop embarrassing yourself before this is made anymore public."
The crushing blow Lye delivers brings tears to her eyes. She backs away slowly and walks out the room in search of Jonah.
"I desire to bathe." Lye shivers.
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas with the Andersons   Christmas with the Andersons I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 1:45 am

Corie was relaxing at the bar waiting for her drink, next to her were Jonah and Miranda, who clearly is getting tipsy with every sip of her drink. They were argueing though Corie wasn't paying much attention, at first, until she heard her name being mentioned by Miranda. She didn't turn to look at them, not wanting to draw their attention, she simply focused her ears to see what exactly was so big enough for this Miranda to utter her name.

"Don't lie to me you pig. I see you drooling all over that whore, Vah-len-tee-nah."

The way she pronounces her name in such a childish manner makes Corie crack a small chuckle which her position away, unfortunately.

"Oh, speak of the devil." Said Miranda.

"Lovely party is it not?" Corie said while taking a sip of her wine. "Having a merry time, Miranda?"

"I would be having a merry time if not for your inappropriate attire. Where'd did you ever find such... well I would say dress, but it barely covers up."

Corie is done being pushed around by these pedigree people. She sets her glass down and turns to Miranda, smiling. "If you so desperately want to know, I got it from a store that would never dream of selling to woman of your flat, shapeless physique."

"Excuse me!?" Miranda exclaimed.

"What's the matter Miranda your hearing already failing you? Don't worry, I'm sure Termaine knows just the place where you can find hearing aids."

Corie was about to return to her drink when Miranda stopped her, forcefully turning her back towards he by her shoulder. Corie quickly slaps Miranda's hand away. "Don't... touch me."

"Listen hear you tramp-"

"Tramp?" One of Corie's eyebrows upturned at that.

"Yes, how else might you have gained the favor of such a wealthy man?" The spoiled, rich bitch grinned, thinking she pushed a button.

"Well, if you simply must know. He chose me. All on his own." It was true, but obviously Miranda will never know the darker details. "What did you have to do Miranda? Or maybe didn't you have to do. I suppose it was all arranged for the both of you."

Deep down her own situation is equally sad, but Miranda needs not know such information.

"Oh, chose you did he?"

Miranda's eyes dart over to Lye who is busy sabotaging the party with Evee as his partner in crime. This would concern Corie as her child is being lead down a path of bad influence, but then again she is punishing a woman who has been nothing but aweful to them.

Miranda gives Corie a devious look and walks off after Lye.

Knock yourself out honey.

Grateful that the interaction is over she returns to her drink. Jonah, now next to her says nothing but smiles and raises his glass, silently toasting and downing his drink. Corie scoots away and drinks, not looking at him.

Merely a few seconds later the room around her begins to spin and blur.

What the hell!?

She stands up, her legs failing her, but Jonah quickly saves her from a nasty fall.

"Are you alright Valentina?" His voice is muffled. "You don't look very good, maybe you need to lie down for a bit."

His words alarm her. In this state she absolutely doesn't want to be around him after all his actions during the course of this horible party. Thinking about them now she quickly realises that he must have done something to her drink while she was bickering with Miranda.

You asshole! I'm going to kill you!

"N-no... I-" She tries to get the words out but she can't.

"Don't worry I know a quiet place for you to settle down."

She lazily shakes her head. "N-no... no... L-Lye..." Her voice is barely audible. The desperation for salvation, she actually tries to call out to Lye and Evee, but to no avail. "Eve..."

"Don't worry they are together. Come now. You need to lie down."

He starts dragging her out of the room. A few people asking for her well being. Every time Jonah excuses her behavior for drunkeness. She barely had anything to drink.

You drugged me!

They leave the ballroom. Corie tries to hold onto the door handle, but Jonah manages to pull her away. Up the flight of stairs they went, heading for the wing opposite to the one where Corie, Lye and Evee are staying. The room where she is taken to is, what she assumes must be Jonah and Miranda's room. He places her on the bed and lies, practically ontp of her. Though she is quick to place her hands on his chest, putting all the strength she can in keeping him at bay.

"Get... off!"

"Shh... Calm down my mistress." He calls her that once more while he pets her head.

The room slowly starts returning into focus. Her eyes flutter, a slight headache, but she can tell the effects of whatever drug he gave her fade.

"Jonah, I'm going... to kill you!"

His strangeness progresses even more. He only smiles and looks at her intently.

"Stop looking at me like that!" She slaps him.

Where a normal person would utter a sound of pain he only moans and sighs in pleasure.

"The hell is... wrong with you?"

"I want a master and you're perfect."

Corie is rendered silent. Jonah gets off her, finally, and goes to his closet. There is a hidden door in the back that can only be opened with a pin code. It's a vault and inside it held toys that one would only find in either a sex store or a bondage video.

She props herself on her hands, trying to will the headache away as Jonah returns to her, a collar on his neck with a chain attached and holding a whip made out of red leather.

"What is that for?" She asked though she is nearly certain what he wants of her.

"Me. My wife, she would never do this for me. It's what caused a rift to form between us, but you... the way you treated me from the start." He recalls that slap she gave him at the dinner table, her commanding him to leave her, the lack of hesitation in hitting him and pulling a knife on him. "The way you've been treating me tonight... you're perfect." He offers her both the chain and whip.

Reluctantly she takes them more because they are weapons she can use to protect herself. All she could do is stare at him there were no words. Completely speeechless from this revelation.

Jonah sits in front of her, but his back is towards her. "I've been a bad boy. I should be punished."

"Punished..." She says. Slowly she gets to her feet, whip in hand. She is unsure how to proceed with this. "For what?"

"You tell me, mistress. You have control."


That word. Something she has never known since Lye came into her life. WIth him she is the one attached to the chain and him holding it.

Now I have... control.

Her grip on the whip tightens. "Okay..." She whispers to herself. "Jonah," She clears her throat. I have to sound more commanding. "Jonah."

He stays quiet. Corie yanks the chain. "Answer me." She scolds.

"Yes, mistress." He chokes out. Between his legs he can feel a slight preassure.

"You, have been..." Her cheeks blush. Who would have thought anything like this could ever happen? "A very, very bad boy." Her voice assumes a new, seductive yet authoritve tone. She wants to cringe at how naughty she sounds right now, but doesn't let it show.

She takes the whip and finally lands a first strike on his exposed back. Jonah yelps in both pain ad pleasure.

"Yes! Yes I have."

Another strike. "Be quiet!"

"I'm sorry mistress!"

She struck again. "Quiet!"

That last strike was so hard Jonah fell to the floor and this time he did as he was told. He remained quiet.

Her heart is pounding hard, every drop of blood in her veins, she can feel rushing through her body. A tingling sensation rising up the base of her spine to the base of her neck. A sense of pure ecstacy. It was a bit surprising feeling this way, brought up by inflicting pain on someone else.

No... not the pain. I'm in control.

He was about to return to his sitting position, but she quickly struck him down again. SHe walked to him, one foot ontop of his back to keep him where he lay, she bent over him, her lips above his ear.

"Listen carefully you..." She took a second to think of a name to call him. "You naughty boy."

It was soft but a pleasurable sigh escaped his mouth at the way she adressed him.

"You don't move. You don't speak. You don't do anything. Unless I say so. You understand?" When he didn't answer she onces again yanked on the chain. "Answer!"

Jonah choked. "Y-yes mistress."

A devilish smile appeared on her lips. "That's my naughty boy. Now take off your pants."


Evee and Lye sat in a corner of the room, laughing at the people around them who have to rush to the bathroom. Now this was turning out to be the best party ever.

"What else could we do daddy?"

The two were plotting one last prank when the Old Hag of the house appeared to them.

"How dare you two? I invite you into my home and this is how you repay me? With sabotage!?"

"Treat me with disreespect and I will respond in kind." Was all Evee had to say to this woman.

Miranda also appears. "Termaine, I can't find Jonah, have you seen him?"

"Well i saw him leave with mommy earlier. She wasn't looking very good. I think he took her somewhere where she could sit."

Termaine and Miranda look at each other and turn to Lye. "That little wench of yours has been nothing but trouble. Stealing my other son away, dressing to bewitch. Come Miranda. We'll find him."

The two ladies leave.

Evee is confussed, but now even more mad at Termaine for adressing her mother so inappropriately."Do you think she would explode if I told people my last name daddy?"

Lye gets up to go as well. Evee wished to go with him, but he told her to stay put while he goes to find her mother.

"Aw, I wanna come too!" She whined not wanting to be left alone, but her pleas didn't sway him. "Fine."


Whip! Whip! Whip!

With every strike the bulge of his penis, pushing against his boxers got bigger and bigger. There was a small stain of his pre-cum already. His cries begged her to continue, but she stopped and sat at the vanity table she assumed belonged to Miranda.

Jonah painfully crawled to Corie's feet, huging her legs.

"Mistress." He kissed her leg.

For that he got a kick to the face. "Don't touch me!"


"Never touch me unless I allow it. You got that you filthy boy?" Through the course of their little adventure she has grown more confident and comfortable in her role almost forgeting that she needed to get back to the party.

"Yes mistress! Forgive me." He looked at her with puppy eyes.

"Bring me a glass of wine. I'm thirsty."

He goes to the mini bar in the room from which he brings her drink. Although she doubts he would do it again she asks him to taste it for her. "If you pull that again, Jonah, I may not be as merciful."

The wine was safe to drink and he offered it to her. She takes it, leaning back against the vanity table taking a sip. "Mmm... this is good. You have been a very good boy Jonah. I think you deserve a little reward."

Jonah looks up with gleaming eyes like a child about to be bought a brand new toy.

Corie's hand glides over her leg, covered by the skirt of her dress. She grins. "You like my legs don't you Jonah?"

"Yes, mistress."

She slowly begins to spread her legs open through the slit in her dress, revealing her long, smooth legs and her underwear.

The stain on his boxers grows in size as well as the bulge. "Please mistress, let me touch them.

He takes a step toward her, but Corie places her foot on his face to stop him where he was. "Ah-ah."

Jonah wanted so badly to come closer and touch her, but that is the one thing she won't give him. "Come a bit closer Jonah, but don't touch."

The poor man sat between her legs, careful not to touch her, his face was right infront of her panties. He could see she too was wet. The sweet smell of her nectar invading his nostrils makes his cock pulse and ooze even more.

"Take a good look. Are you my naughty boy Jonah?"

All he could do was nod now. He didn't trust his voice anymore. He could barely breath  now. "P-please mistress. Let me touch."

That evil smile appeared once more. I like you begging.

"Are you thirsty Jonah?"

He looked at her. "A little."

Using the whip's handle she tilted Jonah's head up. "Open wide." She coos.

Once he does she takes a big gulp of her wine and gently spits it into his mouth. Jonah's eyes role back and close as he drinks, the face of pure satisfaction.

They hear the door open and there in the doorway stood Miranda, Termaine and Lye. Termaine promptly faints and falls to the floor while Miranda screams in surprise. Jonah rapidly turns and stands to go to his mother and Miranda, forgeting that Corie still held the chain.  She crosses her legs, but they still peeked out of the slit in her dress. With a firm grip on the chain she pulls forcing Jonh to come to a halt, nearly falling backwards.

"I don't recall telling you to move away from where you were. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Naughty boy." The rush of ecstacy from this experience is so intoxicating she cares not for the audience outside the door.

Though his secret has been exposed to his mother and Lye and with Miranda watching him in this humiliating situation his cock pulsed once more. Corie took notice of that.

"Oh... what is that I see." She stands from the chair.

Miranda is at a loss for words she just stood there in pure shock and horror.

Corie looks over at her smiling. Noticing she had been crying. "Aw... Did he say no to you amour?" She mockingly pouts at her. Just to pour more salt in the wound, "Jonah, tell her what you wanted of ME." She put an emphasis on that last word. "Who am i to you?"

He mumbles his answer which got him a whipping on his back.

"Speak up!"

Miranda's shock intensifies at the sight of Jonah's reaction; not shame, not pain but pleasure. So much so that he cums.

Through his quivering he says; "She is my mistress."

"Jonah..." Was all Miranda could get out.

"Poor, little Miranda. Nobody wants you." Corie coos.
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"What else could we do daddy?" Evee is having too much fun.

"I do have an idea. If your grandmother is stuck in her old ways, so far shows she still is, she persists to show off accomplishments and family moments over the years at the end of the party via slideshow. Seems she has adapted to modern technology and if it' s all digital I can bring up some images that'll drop their jaws as well as make Termaine melt like the wicked witch of the west." Lye lays out his plans. It doesn't sound impressive but the devistation it'll cause his mother may cause the fatal heart attack he's been waiting for.
"How dare you two? I invite you into my home and this is how you repay me? With sabotage!?" He has to give her credit Termaine has always been sharp as a tack.

"Treat me with disrespect and I will respond in kind." Evee delivers an ultimate BURN.

Out of nowhere a drunken Miranda shows up trying to find his idiot brother. Evee confesses to seeing him and Corie leaving the ballroom together and Corie was worse for wear. This sends both the women into a tizzy and it's no laughing matter. They suspect the same thing Lye has come to, but in his mind it's not Corie to blame it's that Jonah was up to something.
Evee whines to tag along but Lye is firm. "You may not. You are to stay in the ballroom until my return. Do you understand?" He gets a disgruntled "fine" in return. He's typically never strict with her but when he is she always listens.

Lye isn't sure where his brother's room is but according to the accusations that's where Termaine and Miranda were heading. He follows them at a normal pace as they seem to be speed walking. He already knows nothing good was going to come from discovering the two of them in Jonah's room. Hopefully, he hasn't gone too far upon his baby's mama even if it's laughable to imagine. Of course, lowly Jonah, would have to trick or drug a woman in order to gain any sexual ground or else he wouldn't stand a chance with Corie.
A scream of pure terror echos down the halls. Lye doesn't rush he would rather let it sink in for poor Miranda and cement Corie's foolish embarrassment. Termaine is unconscious on the floor. That's a good sign. Miranda is ghost white and wide eyed means she's seeing something bad. Another good sign.
BUT when Lye peeks in the doorway it isn't what he expected. Jonah on a leash, exposing himself like a horny dog, would make for a wonderful Christmas card yet Corie holding the leash with a whip? What was she thinking?

After Corie is done teasing her and showing off how she controls her homely show-dog Miranda eventually turns and dashes away in tears. Lye steps into the doorway so he can be seen. He isn't noticed at first. He sure wasn't noticed as Jonah begged at Corie's feet as if to hump her leg only to be kicked away.
"I told you not to touch me!" She hits him with the whip so hard it almost makes Lye's ears ring. Corie tips the wine glass and drenches the dirty dog and Jonah is eager to hold his mouth open to receive her scraps. Lye can't help but make sure to capture the precious moment with his phone.

"Here I thought the 'bitch' was the female." He finally speaks up when he gets sick of their display. They both look at him with wide eyes like deer caught in the headlights. "Valentina, when you are done with this pathetic debauchery our daughter is worried about you and requests your presence." He knows just how to guilt her. "No need to rush as your priorities are elsewhere. I gather you need to get cleaned up before returning to the party. Would hate for any...smells to be lingering on you." Lye turns, "Please pardon my interruption. Carry on." He waves them off without a second glance.
Stepping over his mother as if she were a speed bump and he returns to the ballroom to set up for the final prank of the evening.
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After Lye takes his leave Valentina's, euphoria quickly vanishes being replaced with uncontrollable rage. She slowly walks to the door her usually pleasant face slowly becoming eclipsed with a scowl. Behind the door all that errupts are the cracking of a whip accompanied by screams of pain and pleads for liberation.


Back in the ballroom Evee disobeys her father's request for her to stay put while he comes back. She roams around looking at the guests who mingle with each other and others dancing to their heart's content. She took notice that there were no infants amongst the crowd. Not a one. It's a disheartening sight. Almost as though the wealthy don't wish for children at all. Are they wealthy because they have no children to shower with gifts and attention? She makes a note to herself that no matter her financial situation in the future, wealthy or not, she will have a big family to share the wealth with.

She goes to the dancefloor and begins to dance by herself. The crowd looks on with smiles, taking in the child's adorable nature. Her dancing only stops when a dorky looking boy with glasses approaches her, appearing a bit shy. He extends his right hand to her and asks her:

"M-may I have th-this dance?" His voice is a bit shaky. At first she finds it odd that finally she finds someone of her age in this party that is so filled with adults, but at least she now has someone to talk to besides her vindictive father and unattentive mother.

She smiles and courtsies, accepting his request. The two children dancing attract even more attention from the guests making the boy even more nervous.

"I'm Evangeline Fortier. What's your name?" She tries to make small talk to calm him down.

"I-I'm Spencer Roland. Nice to... meet you miss." He was very polite and sweet.

"I'm ten you don't have to call me miss." She giggles.

"Oh! Sorry." The boy blushes, but she felt his grip on her relax a little. The talking clearly calming him. "Y-you're ten? You look taller than that. I'm 13." His surprise is adorable.

"I know. Runs in the family." She giggled once more.

"Y-you're a lot nicer than I thought you would be. Termaine is... unpleasant and her sons a bit... off." He is clearly being extreamly careful with his words when describing her family.

"Oh I know. Grandma Termaine isn't just unpleasant, she is judgmental and nasty. I don't understand why she ever invited me and my parents. As for dad well... he is quite a work of art. Just stay on his good side, but even so I'm here." She smiled at him. Spencer gradually came into eye contact as they talked. She can tell he is no longer quite as nervous as before. "What are your parents like?"

"Father is a lawyer and mother is a journalist. They are pretty uptight, but I guess in this world you have to be." It was all he was willing to share about them. "Your stepmom seemed pretty nice at the dinner table."

"Oh she is not my stepmom. She is my real mom. And she is great."

Better than dad on a mental level anyway.

After revealing the nature of the relationship between her and her mother Evee was pleased to see it didn't phase Spencer at all.

After a few more minutes on the dancefloor her father returns and approaches the two of them. He is a bit annoyed that Evee didn't stay where he told her to stay.

"I got tired of waiting. Oh! daddy, this is Spencer Roland."

Spencer fixed his vest up, even though it wasn't necessary and extended his hand to Lye. It took a lot of courage but he managed to look up to Lye, fighting back his nerves.

"H-how do you do sir?"

Evee held his other hand, attempting to be some source of reassurance. His grip on her hand was tense. After exchanging introductions, the gears in Evee's brain began to turn revealing a glorious idea.

"Hey Spencer, you said your mother was a journalist, right?"


"Is there a particular reason why she is here?"

"Mrs. Anderson always invites us to her events for publicity reasons. Mom works at the most popular newspaper in town." He fixed his glasses. "Basically she is working on the column for Mrs. Anderson's big Christmas party."

"Hmm... is she now?" She looks over at her father to see if he is picking up on her intensions. "Can I meet her?"

"Uh... sure." He offers her his arm to hold onto, a gesture that Evee isn't familiar with, but she takes it anyway.

They arrive at the table where Spencer's parents are sitting. Spencer addressed his parents as, Michael Roland and Erin Roland. He was about to introduce Evee and Lye, but Evee beat him to it.

"I'm Evangeline Fortier, but you can call me Evee."

After hearing her name Erin's eyes lit up, smelling a big scoop. "Ah, you're Mrs. Anderson's grandaughter are you not?"

"Yes." Evee said smiling.

Erin, looked over at Lye, promptly figuring out the secret that Termaine so desperately wanted to hide.

"Where is your mommy?" Asked Erin.

"She- oh there she is. Mommy!" Evee waved her mother over.

Erin offered all of them a seat at their table. She wished to interview Valentina and Evee for a bit and then Lye.

"So, Miss Fortier, I assume?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes, and you are?"

"Erin Roland, this is my husband Michael and our son, Spencer. He introduced us to your daughter whom I couldn't help notice shares your maiden name. I thought Mrs. Anderson said you were Mr. Anderson's second wife."

Valentina looked over at Evee who wore the face of pleasantry.

Evee what are you up to?

Valentina couldn't help but shrug. "I guess the cat's out of the bag."

"Yes." Erin paused, taking notes in a small notepad that Valentina just noticed she was carrying. "Have you been enjoying the party?"


Minutes earlier.

Locked in Jonah's room Valentina's rage acumulated like rising lava until erruption. The whip cracked against Jonah's skin repeatedly until blood was drawn. Jonah's pleasure evaporated when the first drop appeared and he began to beg Valentina to stop, but she didn't.

In her eyes she didn't see Jonah lying there on the floor, but Lye. him lying on the floor screaming in agony. She wanted to keep going until she couldn't hear the screams anymore. The screaming turned into weak moans. That's when she stoped. She dropped the whip and went straight into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Jonah laid on the floor, in pain. Clearly he will not be joining the rest of the festivities. She approaches his weak body, holding a towel.

"Thank you Jonah." She gently placed the towel on his back and walked out.

She came across Miranda, who had returned to help Termaine who was coming to, but she didn't hang around them long enough for any to speak to them.


"The party has been... quite the roller coaster." The two grinned. "I'm sorry, but what are you writing?"

"Oh I'm a journalist. Here for my story of Termaine's fabulous Christmas party. I was afraid it would be just another boring swari, but I can honestly say that it's starting to become quite interesting. Wouldn't you say Michael?"

"I would agree dear."

"If I may ask, how come Termaine lied about... the nature of your relationship with the child and partner?" Erin was like the typical nosy, devious journalist.

Valentina wondered why Evee ever began a conversation with this woman, but she went along.

"Oh sorry, would you all like a drink?" Erin snapped her fingers and the waiter brought all of them a drink.

"Mom," Spencet spoke up and then turned to Evee's parents, "Miss Fortier, Mr. Anderson, may Evee and I continue dancing?"

"I have no problems with that." Said Erin and turned to Valentina and Lye. "I would very much like to speak to the both of you."

Valentina shrugged once more, taking a sip of her drink. "I don't mind either. Go on miel."

Evee and Spencer went back to the dancefloor.

"You are up to something sneaky aren't you?" Spencer grinned at Evee.

"Observant aren't you?" That wicked smile that mirrored her father's appeared.
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Lye returns the ballroom to only find his virgin daughter holding hands with an uncomfortable looking boy with glasses. Lye towers over him like a Roman god looking down on a mere mortal. Once Spencer explains his mother's carrier he knew he recognized that last name. An infamous gossip hound. Evangeline seems to be up to something more than mischievous but devious.
Spencer takes them over to his parents' table and Evee takes the lead. Lye shakes Michael's hand before giving Erin a tiny bow.
"Where is your mommy?" Erin asks. Before Evee can answer she shows up.

"Speak of the devil." Lye mumbles. Valentina shoots Lye a quick look to which he only shrugs.

They all take a seat and a drink of champagne. Evee wishes to keep dancing with this street rat of a boy and before Lye can decide Valentina does it for him. Not wanting to cause a fuss Lye keeps his mouth shut. He knows the ladies in his life are really testing his patients tonight which is funny because he never wanted to be there to begin.
It's then the questions begin and the truth flows out like putrid sewer water. Lye could now see a reason behind his mother's discretion because to him it really made him look demented. But was she going to mention all like a cast out son, statutory girlfriend, and a lovechild are all appealing. Lye tries to keep in mind they're destroying his mother so anything portraying to him he keeps delicate. He prays his "wife" does the same. She is also no angel.
Lye leans towards Corie, that's who refers to when she isn't loyal, "I told you our daughter took after me. Observe all she's accomplished tonight. She's willing to compromise our reputations in order to strike the head off of a more wretched snake." He can't help but feel a bit proud.

He finishes his glass and stands up. "This has been an interesting pleasure, but there is a task I must attend to for the party before it's too late. If you'll excuse me I will be back shortly." Lye gives Corie a kiss on the cheek before leaving. Making his way through the crowd he pulls a SIM card from his pocket and approaches the computer for the slide show. He has to be quick before his mother recovers from her over dramatic fainting spell. Hopefully, she has a concussion.
Skimming through the pictures of which only have Lye when he was a child he throws in the embarrassing ones randomly after the first five. One of his mother right after plastic surgery where she's all swollen, her passed out drunk with the glass still in her hand slung over the bed, her on the toilet from earlier (which Lye wishes he never saw), etc. His brother receives no mercy as he puts on the images of him as a dog that makes Lye hesitate. Could he really do this to Corie? Certainly not to Evangeline even though she's secured her bastard status already. He edits the photos, cropping them so nothing identifiable can be seen of her. He may be a monster but no father and fake husband can ruin his family in this manner.

Quickly done he tries to return to the table before Corie does anymore damage but is intercepted by Miranda. She's pulling him by his arm like a drunken school teacher. He tries to pull back but she's amazingly strong and he doesn't want to cause a scene.
Once in the hall they stop in front of the coat room. "What is it I can help you with, Miranda?"

She leans back against the door and opens it. Lye is confused as she walks around him like a tiger eyeing it's prey. "You know what you can help me with?" She shoves him violently into the coat room, slamming the door with her foot, and shoves her lips so hard against his he can feel her teeth. Lye struggles against her vulture-like grip as she grinds against him on the floor.
Finally getting air he spits to the side. "Don't deny it you want to get back at your whore of a wife for what she did to my husband just as much as I do. They embarrassed us. We need to do what they did and-and just do it." She reaches down his pants to grab a limp dick.

"Miranda that hurts! I need you to get off me now! I told you before I don't want to do anything with you. What my wife did is her own business. She only embarrassed herself and now yet again so are you!" Lye struggles to get her to release his junk and get her hand out of his long hair. It seemed like she had more than two hands restricting him. She attempts to give him a hickey and bites him on the neck. Lye's violent nature is starting to surface he won't stand for much more.
"Okay, let's calm a bit to do this...act," he speaks calmly. She's breathing hard, the scent of wine is sickening, and smiles. "Good, now I'm not one to be on the bottom I prefer to be on top." He uses his seductive voice.

"Wow, you are nothing like your brother." She giggles. As she lets up Lye smiles back at her, taking her by the wrists, he yanks her up and throws her into the wall. Miranda slumps over, sobbing into her hands before looking up at him. "Valentina was right nobody wants me. Why doesn't anyone want me? I spend hours at the salon and spa and working out and dieting!"

Lye only feels disgust for this pampered slug. "Clean yourself up and sober up. You are pitiful." He opens the door. "If you ever attempt a single act upon me again it will be your last." He starts to shut the door behind him before offering one last piece of advice. "Also Valentina is never right."
Miranda is left alone crying in the dark.

When Lye returns to the table Erin has a notes full of gossip. "Busy were we? Please pardon my prolonged absence I was detained by. . .my brother's wife." He rubs the side of his neck where she bit him. He feels the need to bathe in disinfectant. He gives Corie the glance of pure disgust she has to know was meant for Miranda. "Don't worry nothing came of it." He whispers to her. "She isn't you after all." He offers in case those nosy ears could hear him which they probably did.
"Now where were we?"
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Corie is shocked to see Evee carelessly throwing both her parents under the bus simply because Termaine spat out unflattering remarks at them both. While she would love to tell this journalist all her woes and expose Lye for what he truely is she isn't about to do so any time soon. The amount of charisma, wealth and the he can sway people to his benefit is a scary sight to behold. Plus there is no telling how he would punish Evee and herself for unveiling his masquerade.

When he leaves Corie wondering what on earth he was up to the journalist, Erin begins bombarding Corie with questions about the nature of the relationship of them all.

"Oh I think Lye would love nothing more than to answer that himself, but I can tell you about our path to love."

Corie begins a rather overly romantic love story about how she met Lye during her first year in college and growing a crush on him during his piano lessons. They began seing each other casually at first and he later took her out to the most grand dates she had ever been; going to a symphony, taking boat rides until eventually he poped the question. She puts an emphasis on his proposal by showing off a rather expensive ring she had been wearing, which he did give her on the anneversary of her rape, a reminder of how she is his pretty little property. To rub salt on the wound it was an engagement ring, a material mockery of the childish desire she once had as a teenager when she expressed to him how she wanted to be with him forever. Of course she neevr revealed the true story of the ring. SHe wants to remain alive very much.

"How romantic." Erin was clearly trying to hide her frustration. Though she took notes they weren't the story she is hoping to obtain.

When Lye returns informing them of his hold up with Miranda, Corie can see that Erin took another set of notes with a slight mischevous grin.

Lye sits down while conveying a look of disgust she assumes is about Miranda having attempted something Lye would find disgusting and she can't help but smile to stop herself from laughing, she takes another gulp of her Champange. His sweet lies are music to everyone else's ears, but Corie knows is to continue their image of a happy couple.

She scoots closer to him, one of his arms resting behind her. While they gaze into each others' eyes he plants another kiss on her cheek before asking what he missed from the convorsation.

"Oh just talking about how you proposed to me on that boat ride you took me on our anneversery." She held up her hand with the ring on her finger.

"Yes it was quite the whirlwind romance. Though I am curious about the nature of your relationship with your daughter. Odd how her maiden name is not yours Mr. Anderson. Why is that?"

Corie knows this is not a discussion any of them should have. When a new slow song begins Corie would love nothing more than to take the opportunity to escape, but rationolises that that would make them look suspiscious. So she allows Lye to take the lead on this part, but just incase he also wishes to leave the convorsation she decides to secretely convey the message to excuse themselves to dance by placing a hand on his and smiling while looking over the dancefloor.

"If you want to." Is all she whispers to him. It's a bit clever as it can convey to him if he wishes to escape into the dancefloor and if the other party heard her they might think she is allowing him to tell the story he will have to make up.


The two children continue their dancing. While they do, Evee expresses how the pianist should be fired for his poor musical skills.

"I heard you and your father play earlier it was very beautiful. Maybe the pianist should be fired and hire you instead." Spencer expresses.

"They should." His flattery is like a cup of fresh water and Evee can't get enough of it. "Termaine said that 'they are the best musicians in the area'. Ha!" Evee scoffs. "The old hag clearly wouldn't know good music if it punched her in the face."

"You really have no filter." Spencer grins. His liking to her brute honesty obvious.

"I would never be two faced with anyone. If I don't like someone they will know and if I do is all the same."

Spencer's cheeks took on a pale rose color. "D-do you like me?"

Evee is taken aback by his question. "We just met, but so far yes." She only stops moving when he does. His eyes turning upward and she follows to discover a mistletoe hanging above the ceiling.

"U-um... we don't have to. I mean... I would like t- BUT we don't have to. I mean your dad is right there and-" He stops rambling when her lips gently kiss his cheek.

She giggles at his blush and dumbfounded expression. Their little moment comes to an end when she hears her father call out to her, signaling her to return to their side.

She sighs. They saw.

The two children return to the table where Evee chooses a spot next to her mother.

"Lye it's fine. It was merely an innocent kiss." Corie tells him, but clearly Lye is not too happy about it.

Evee presses herself against her mother who holds her comfortingly.

"S-sorry sir. I- I didn't mean to I swear." Spencer says to Lye.

"Don't be. It was a lovely dance." Evee intervenes. "I had fun." She says while looking at her father.

"Really it's no reason to make a fuss. The children are only enjoying the party." Michael adds.

Their uncomfortable exchange is cut short when they hear Termaine over the speakers.

Oh she still lives. Corie thought to herself.

The Old Hag expresses her gratitude for everyone's pressence; especially her oldest son and granddaughter. After all they have done she still maintains her facade.

Pathetic old woman. Evee thinks to herself while rolling her eyes.

Termaine then announces the most special part of the night which is to show a slide show of the family's accomplishments. The slide show begins and Corie pays close attention, as well as Evee. When the first picture comes up she can isntantly tell is of a young Lye as a child, Evee's age. He and Evee look nearly identical, if they were both the same gender. Corie wonders to herself if the boy's smile in the picture is genuine or fake. She chooses it to be genuine, as she has never seen Lye ever smiling that way before. Then more pictures come up, but Evee notices none show the old man she knows must be her grandfather.

"How come grandpa'  isn't there?"

Before Lye could say anything the crowd loudly gasps with shock at the next few pictures that come up. Corie is in utter shock, because it's a picture of Jonah... not just a few minutes ago, on his leash, on all fours. Thankfully Corie has been croped out of the picture. THANKFULLY.

"Oh. My. God." Is all that comes out of Corie's mouth.

"What?" Evee is about to turn back to the pictures, but Corie is quick to shield her eyes.

"No. No."

"Mom! What's wrong?" Evee tries to take her mother's hands off her face, but with no luck.

"Sh, Evee!" Corie says.

More and more embarrassing pictures appear, each more shocking than the next. Inside Corie is thankful that it was just that one picture for her, even though she wasn't visible in it, but still this was just too cruel.

Erin on the other hand is enjoying this turn of events. Out of the corner of her eye, Corie can see her making even more notes, filling up her notepad and not caring if Spencer is looking at the pictures.

While Termaine is having yet another heart attack and Miranda is just standing in a corner in utter shock while Lye is laughing at the spectacle, Corie is debating leaving right there.

"We are done. We are leaving. Now."  She deicdes and stands up while still shielding Evangeline's eyes.

"Mom! Let go!" She struggles against her mother's firm grip.

All three of them make their way out of the ballroom, Spencer running behind them while holding a little piece of paper.

"Wait! Evangeline!" He calls out to her.

At this point it's Lye who takes Evee's hand. Evee looks back to Spencer. "Wait, daddy. Spencer wants to give me something." She stops to recieve Spencer's little paper.

"What's this?"

"No, don't open it yet." He cups her hands to stop her. "When you're in private." He whispers into her ear and this time he gives her a kiss, but on her cupped hands. "It was nice meeting you Evee. I-I hope I get to see you again."

Before she says anything back, her parents call her to them from the front door. They get into the limo the butler called for them and drive off.

"What the hell Lye?" Corie asks him, but he seems to be more interested in what Evee is holding in her hands.

Evee notices his gaze on the little note and she is quick to put it away in her bag without saying a word.


When they arrive to their condo Lye immidiately wishes to see the note Spencer gave her, but Evee refuses to show him.

"No. Don't think I didn't notice your disapproval of him I saw that look." Evee crossed her arms.

"Miel, we just want to know if he didn't write anything inappropriate, but you can show us when you ae ready to do so."

"Why did you cover my eyes?"

"That I will tell you when you are a little older. Let's just say your father left Termaine a present of his own."

Evee didn't want to dig any deeper, her mind was on the note. So she retreated to her room to read it in private.

Dear Evangeline,
I had a wonderful time once I found the courage to dance with you. Even more so when we talked. You're very fun to talk to and I feel I can be myself around you.
I wish to talk with you more in the future. If you can call me to this number. I hope you do call. Maybe we could be friends?



A smile graces her lips and she relishes in the butterflies beginning to flutter in her chest.

At least something good came out of this Christmas. I want to talk with you too Spencer.


"I can't believe you two." Corie says while drying her hair with a towel, already in her nightdress.

Lye merely laughs and Corie rolls her eyes. She didn't like Termaine at all, but all the lengths that Evee and Lye went to to get back at her was extremely overboard. "Lye... I'm serious, I don't like this side of her." She shakes her head and makes a mental note to have a talk with her. "The dog thing I didn't mind much, but she nearly had you and me exposed and I don't think things would have gone too well for you." Having people know Evee was born out of wedlock didn't bother Corie, but them knowing she had Evee as a teen mother with a man much too old for her was another thing. She didn't care much for Lye but for her own safety she has to pretend to. "We should talk with her about that."

She sits down on the bed combing her hair.
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Christmas with the Andersons
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