Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption

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Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption Empty
PostSubject: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2016 10:55 pm

A symphony of explosions. Earth is lifted into the air by the boom of open fire. Is all she hears as she speeds through every cloud of dust and blow.

All the Dolls and guards have come out to play which makes infiltration all the more simple.

There would be no one to look after the building but the cameras. The rest of the remaining eyes will be too busy with the battlefield outside.

Inside she communicates to both Beau and Gedra that she has made it passed the madness unscathed.

She continues venturing through the Pharmacy, cautiously but quickly. All they needed was one Doll. To take and infect and every last one will die after.


Valentina had no idea what to do with Madden. She had no idea what had been done to him. If they did anything at all to begin with, but what could she do? She couldn’t just leave with him and leave her daughter behind. Lye will surely shut her down for good and dump her in a furnace. Or worse; turn her into a complete Doll, soulless and mindless.

Why am I doing this?

She stops in her tracks and sees a familiar asian girl.


The two ladies look upon each other.

“I know you…” said Valentina.

Juliet was a bit confused, but stood her ground ready for anything.

She didn’t know if she was a Doll or a real person. Maybe just a person. But how is it that this girl knows Juliet?

Just to be safe she pulls the gun Gedra had given her and points it at the girl.

“Who are you?”

Valentina’s eyes flash the words DANGER, followed by a series of numbers and calculations. Her system also thoroughly scanned the girl’s every inch of her person. Comparing the girl’s weaknesses and strengths along with Valentina’s.



It wasn’t visible to the human eye, but she saw a veil rise up around her and she immediately knew what it was.


Well Lye wasn’t kidding when he said her body wasn’t just a shell. As far as she knew this shield was the only thing she had to defend herself. Remembering she wasn’t alone she looked over at Madden. Unfortunately he wasn’t protected by the shield that seemed to be limited to just herself.
Could she be able to expand it and cloak him as well?


Valentina looked up and saw that the girl had closed the gap between them.

There was no time to experiment with her newfound defenses.

Swiftly Valentina grabbed the girl’s hand to push the gun away and threw Madden’s limp body far behind her.

The second Valentina grabbed Juliet’s hand she fired a shot at her. The bullet collided with Valentina’s shield, flattening it inches away from her face and fell to the floor.

Juliet saw how Valentina was perfectly unharmed.

So you ARE a Doll.

The two just stared at each other, unsure of what to do. Valentina wouldn’t move to throw more wood to the fire and Juliet only stood her ground.

Finally Juliet spoke.

“What are you? Who are you?”

Valentina opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Juliet stepped back and put away her gun.

Valentina’s shield remained up all the same.

“You’re a Doll. Why aren’t you attacking me?”

Valentina didn’t know what to say.

“Can you talk? Understand me?”

“Yes. I can understand you.” Said Valentina.

The answer didn’t seem at all automatic or monotone. It sounded thought out and directly to Juliet, not general.

Valentina stood up. “You are the girl I captured.”

Taking notice of her confusion she explained how she knew Juliet and a few other details just to let her know what she is.

A call from Beau in the communicator reminded her of the situation going on outside and how fast she needed to move.

Juliet turned away from Valentina, about to bolt, but was stopped by this… robot girl.

“Wait!” Valentina turned to Madden. “Take him. You are going to leave here soon I assume. Take him with you. I know he… he isn’t the most trusting or even the last person anyone would want to help, but trust me when I say that he may want and even be able to help.”

Juliet looked at this strange Valentina. “I’m sorry, but ‘may’ isn’t exactly good enough at this point.” She turned away, but this time Valentina stood in front of her.

“Please… I’m begging you. If you don’t he will be killed.” There was clearly no convincing Juliet.

“What if I helped you with whatever it is you are doing?”

Juliet chuckled. “I don’t think so. You’re one of Dr. Anderson’s pawns. You can’t be trusted.”

She understood the girl’s position and reason not to trust Valentina, but for Madden’s safety and survival she would do anything.

“I understand, but you know I’m not like those other Dolls. I may be machine physically, but I still have the human I once was. You know that. You can see it.”

Every electric pulse, and programming was telling her to take Juliet to her Master, but the old Corie still lingered inside.

Juliet thought it over. Maybe she could help, but if this was a trap she won’t think twice about tearing the machine a part.

“Bring me a Doll. And maybe I’ll take your friend with me.”

Valentina looked at her. She would have said fine in a second. It took her half a minute.


Juliet hauled Madden around, following the robot girl as they both went towards the hospital area. They make it to Evee’s room, where Suzette was, “sleeping” in a corner of the room, facing her daughter’s bed.

“That one.”

Juliet peeked through the door and saw the Doll.

She’ll do.

“You might want to get far away.” Juliet pulled out a device that will render any robot, android, Doll useless once activated, the same device Jyu had used to help Beau save her.

Valentina didn’t question and did as Juliet suggested.

The device goes off and Suzette drops to the floor like a boulder.

Juliet walks into the room and sees the precious child sound asleep.

Stay focused. The kid’s fine.

Effortlessly she picks up Suzette and drags her out behind her by the arm.

Evee stayed quietly in her bed. Eyes open, facing away from the commition going on.

The kid only looked behind her when everyone that had come by left.


Valentina and Juliet walk together down the halls, back to where Juliet had come from, they pass by a lab and Juliet realises she had almost forgotten; the cure.

Saito will need it if there was any hope of saving humanity.

There was no time left to get it now. She tells Valentina about the plan to save the world.

“I’ll get it, but it will take time… and a lot of effort.”

Juliet takes Madden and tosses him over her shoulder.

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

“There is no time for you. You have to leave.”

“We need that cure. I’m not leaving without it.”

“If you stay you won’t leave this place. Just go!”

The battle was dying down. Everyone began retreat. Leaving Juliet no choice. She left with both her cargos in arms. Leaving Valentina behind.

Valentina walked back to her daughter’s room to find that Evee was awake.

“Mon amour. I thought you were asleep.” she sat next to her.

“I can hear… everything.”

If she was still human she would cry. All Valentina did was hug her.

“Mommy… I want to leave this place.”

“I know... “ There was nothing else to add.

“What were you doing mom?”
They looked at each other. “Why’d you give that girl Suzette?”

Before she answered anything. In came Lye. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him, but she remained with a calm expression.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2016 2:58 pm

As uneasy as Beau was about letting Juliet go in alone she's small and fast enough to make it in not to mention she looked like one of Lye's twisted dolls. He watches her slip into the darkness and out of his sight. A communicator is the only thing linking them anymore since she no longer needed his signal to contain the "virus".

Biological warfare seemed a very cowardly way of battle to him. He's feeling much more at home in this type of situation next to fellow soldier about to be face to face with his opposition.

Gedra creeps up next to him. "The bomb is in place." When Beau says nothing she sighs at him. "Never known you to be so sensitive. She's not a child."

"Now you're sounding like her, but anything can go wrong. Fuck me in the ass for all we've been through for nothing. You know as well as I do we will be safe if shit goes wrong, but not her. Getting shot can kill her. If her arm gets torn off she will bleed to death. Not trying to be insensitive to you but she's soft inside she's not a soldier." Beau vents his worries.

Gedra takes a moment to think and responds with, "Quit being a fucking pussy. It's unappealing. Suck it up and trust her. If she dies then she dies but living on is no reason for guilt. She knows what she's getting into and insisted on it. You try to stop her and you're hindering her. What kind of love is that?"

Beau is dumb-struck and says nothing.
"It's time," Gedra points out and can't help a slight grin.

The earth shattering explosion rocked the building, sending debris into the air. "Holy shit! Could you make the bomb any bigger?" Beau yells.
"Yes." Gedra hops up and runs ahead.

"Fucking aye," Beau laughs as he follows.

The guards come flooding out like bees out of a hive ready to sting. Just the way Beau and Gedra like it. A real fight.
In the midst of the fog the soldiers don't know what they're in for when it comes to humanoid androids in route to distraction.
Beau and Gedra immediately take out the first flank with moderate violence. They restrain themselves in killing and move to disable. Being as they know these troops are merely disposable pawns it's not worth it. Gedra upper cuts one so hard she takes out two behind him. Beau lands promptly on one and flips over to kick another aside the head. With great restraint they avoid using guns and stick to physical assault. Buys them more time.

With a moment to himself Beau takes a second to try and radio in to Juliet. "Have you found a doll? Where are you at?" He punches a guy as he waits for a responce but there is none. This makes Beau uneasy.

Gedra punches one guard in the gut and as another approaches she whips around and breaks through his protective helmet with her elbow. Restraint is not her forte. Being a self conscious android takes a lot of thinking when attacking. It's so much simpler to just kill, but Beau insissts on keeping casualties to a minimum.

But restraint doesn't have to last long when a few of Lye's twisted dolls appear from the smoke.
Fauna, the brunette beauty, followed by the Japanese twins Akiko and Ayane are first at bat. Large knife in hand Fauna goes after Gedra while the twins take on Beau. Though dressed very different, one in lolita and the other as a school girl, the two move in perfect unison as they circle him. Beau's eyes dart back and forth as they move faster and faster. If it weren't for his robotic eyes he would never be able to see them. A sharp heat hits him in the back, another in his right shoulder, next in his left leg knocking him to his knees, and he looks up in time to see a flash of light. His head goes back. He clenches his fists and his own lazer is ejected. He can now see each of the twins have different colored eyes. The yellow eyes contain lasers. He keeps on being hit as he lifts his arm and aims right at their head level.

One eye down. Ayane trips and tumbles.
Second eye down. Akiko falls flat on her face.

Their lasers aren't as strong as Beau's and now the damage has rendered them useless.
Gedra sidesteps Fauna's unrestrained stabs and slashes. But one must never bring a knife to a gun fight. With no hesitation Gedra draws her magnum and blasts her three times in the chest. Just enough to cause her to retreat before she's rendered incapacitated.
Beau tries again to contact Juliet with little luck. He's growing considerably concerned. The troops are dying down, but a familiar figure steps onto the scene...Tech 9 Nicolette and all her armory fully repaired.
"What's taking Juliet so long?" He grumbles.

Gedra glances over and spots their new opponent. Appears to be trouble. She can recognize her from a previous battle where she pulled Beau from destruction. After that no doubt Lye has made multiple updates to her repairs. Gedra pulls a small but mighty device from her pocket. "Close your eyes!" She warns Beau. As he lifts his arm in the way a flash goes off that to rival a solar flare. The guards left fall to the their knees completely blinded.

Now it's just robot vs android.

Tech-9 lifts her gunner arms at each of them. Gedra pulls out her modified magnum, green lights along the sides of the barrel, and takes aim. Tech-9 lets loose a small missile. Gedra shoots ones neon bullet in return. When it's tip collides with that of the missile the explosion is monumental, blowing them both back. Beau hadn't hesitated when the robot aimed at him he used his speed and Gedra's distraction to circle behind Tech-9. She flies back right into his arms. He has to be quick or she'll destroy him. He stabs into her neck and hits a switch which sends electrical pulses into her body right to the core. Spasming out of control she manages to turn and get off one gunshot into his gut. Though it hurts like hell he's fine. He'll need to remember to ask Dr. Takeru for a down grade on the pain sensory.
Gedra walks up and proceeds to shoot the robot.

"What the fuck is taking her so long? That's it I'm going in. I can't stand by while she may have already been captured and put back into that freezer or even worse being diddled by that long haired freak-ass-child molester." Beau rants while holding his side.
"Patients is a virtue." She simply says. "Making sure the attention is on us is what keeps her safe."

"What? No, I'm what keeps her safe! Me, no one else." He argues. Gedra shakes her head at him. "Don't you give me any shit. You don't know."

"Tch," she's rolling her eyes behind her sunglasses. "Like I haven't been watching over you since the day you were taken in by the Apothecary."

"I didn't need that much help." He snips at her. Gedra merely looks away to see if more guards were approaching. "Why did you?" She turns her ear to him. "Why did you betray everyone in order to save me? You in love with me or something?"

"No," her voice is flat, "it's because you look like him."

Beau gives her a queer look. "Him? Who the fuck is him?"

"The only friend I remember growing up under the cruel care of my greedy aunt and uncle. He was nothing more than a boy on the street and I would bring him scraps through the gate. I was a prisoner and he told me I could be free. As young as I was I loved him, but I couldn't save him. When they went to put me away in that asylum he tried to stop them and in doing so they ran him over with a car. They left him broken and bleeding in the road right before my eyes. I should've done something, but I was weak then. NOT anymore." Gedra finally reveals a part of her past. It leaves Beau in awe and her sad. "Even after I got my revenge on all those who hurt me it didn't fill the void. I remained alone until I met you, a fellow spirit of sorts, and I chose to watch over you and if it came down to your life I would do everything in my power to save you..."

"Like a big sister?" Beau concludes. She does a single nod. "Shit, now don't I feel like the asshole of the year."

"Don't worry about it. From what I've seen of families this is a common occurrence of ungrateful members." She guilt's him. This makes Beau smirk. "Heads up," she points out the next wave of guards that are less than before.

"I just hope Juliet gets back to us before that second robot girl shows up the one with pigtails and can change her skin. She was extremely hard to fight. I don't think we a weapon for her." Beau points out.
Like magic Juliet appears from affair, but she's not alone. She's hauling an unconscious body that looks to be dead. The closer she gets Beau can't help but rush to her. "You okay?" He then spots who is being dragged. "What the fuck is that?" He speaks to her like a bad kid.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2016 5:00 pm

Floating. . .

He's floating. . .

No, not floating. . .his body is too heavy to float and his feet they are skimming across the ground. What was going on? Where was he? Did he die?

His mind flickers in and out of consciousness. His only conception was that he was being carried to bed by his mother and her warm embrace. She would sing softly to him a lulluby and pet his head lovingly. It's somewhat faded but he can still hear her voice.
"Oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oe. Ee koeng eoy, kho khao, kho kaeng. Kho waen thong daeng khaen kho nong laa. Kho ch/saang, kho maa pet kai ngua khway. Kho ka-buay thong kham tak nam. Kho khao yam maa pon kon kham. Kho mo lam hai nong khoi boeng. Ee koeng eoy, tu khoi fao kho. Oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oey." (Dear Moon)

He tries to sing it to himself, but his faculties don't seem to be working.

Darkness. . .

A sudden jolt and he's on the cold ground. Doesn't take long before he's hoisted up. It's quite a confusing state to be in unable to open his eyes and the words spoken are more like faint echoes. His only comfort are the flashbacks to his warm home with his mom and how she would take him everywhere. To see those lady-boys on stage, elaborate costumes, sexual appeal, and most of all their confident beauty. How that stage life sparkled in his eyes.

Smoke and mirrors, obviously, but as stylish and elegant as a cat they would be. The deception only made for a greater enticement.

The voices of two girls are the echoes. One is so familiar, but he can't remember.

Darkness. . .

Loud noises rouse him. He manages to open his eyes some. There is so much fog and he smell of burning fills his nostrils. Was this hell?

"What the fuck is that? Don't you know not to pick up strays?" A man's voice. Madden's eyes flicker enough to see it's his red haired love interest. So it must not be hell.

Being carried he still hears the memory of his mother's voice singing to him of ghost cats nipping at his cheeks. Father never let him have a cat since he was allergic. How he adored cats.
"Oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oe, non saa laa, lap taa mae si kom. Mae pai hai, si mok khai ma hai; mae pai naa, si mok paa maa pon; mae liang mon, khao paa suan mon. Phai bo non maew, si kad kaem. Phai bo aem, kai noi tod taa. Oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oe, oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oe. Non saa laa, lap taa mae si kom. Non im laew, chang khoi kin nom. Chaen waen oe, hen khway hao bo; hen la mae, ka yu non baan kao. Baan kao haang, baan kao nong bua. Baan nong bua, khon khua bo laew. Baan nong kaew, khon laew tae don. Oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oe hoe oey." (Ghost Cats)
Lye leans over his screens and has no real vantage point. Why were they being attacked when a common enemy of those disgusting zombies where lurking about? What are these thorns in his side after? He'll sacrifice all he can, but it won't stop their onslaught. Humans are so weak. "Deploy the closest dolls. Heavily artillery is needed." He commands. "What is your angle?"
The flash of light obscures his sight. He can't take it anymore.

"Sir, there's a breach in section 5." A random guard reports.

Lye knows that's notoriously close to Evangeline's room. He can't take any chance. "I'm going to investigate it myself." He marches out of the room and picks up his phone. "Anastasia, Fantasia, Ambrosia to section 5 immediately. Meet your master." He has no faith in his so called guards. A bunch of worthless maggots at this point. "Suzette report," he orders but no response. The only way she would be absent is if she were offline and there's no way she would be offline unless...
No matter the amount of explosions outside Lye kept on marching. No one was going to puncture his one weakness. He now has what he wants and no one will take it from him. When he reaches the room the door is wide open. The dolls are waiting by the door. He swings in and sees only Valentina holding Evangeline. It is quite suspicious their lack of reaction yet being here in a comforting embrace. One day maybe they'll be relieved to see him, but until then he'll have to work to earn trust. They have to acknowledge he'll always be the best for them.

"Are you alright, my most precious ones?" He asks with bittersweet tone. "With all that's going on outside I wouldn't want you to worry this is the safest place in the world at the moment. With your mother an impenetrable machine and I as your father, darling Evangeline, you will never be harmed." He assures her. It's as if he's satisfied and he turns to walk out when he pauses. "I can't help but notice. . .what happened to Suzette? She was to be here guarding you. I readily make defective models yet there was no response from her." He points out before turning around with a smile. "Oh well, must be a bug or something. I'll be sure to fix it. Nothing is too good for my daughter and devoted love." He walks over to them and gives Evangeline a kiss on the forehead. "Valentina, if you would humor me and escort me to my room I wish to discuss a matter of a most delicate nature?" He asks sweetly. "Don't worry I have a trio outside our angel's door. She's still exeptionally safe."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2016 12:02 pm

While he spoke to them both Valentina was silently trying to figure out if she could delete all events that transpired with the girl from her memory bank, so far there was no such luck.

Evangeline was freaking out inside, hoping that Lye doesn't know anything about her mother having gone rogue. She stayed quiet as well, letting Lye finish his "I'm your greatest protector" speech.
Evee and Valentina have both witnessed his ruthlessness first hand; his incredible fulfillment with bringing Valentina back, his mortally powerful robot army. All done to obtain his goals. They are aware that he can do almost anything to have his way and to defy him is a death sentence. This Evee fears the most for her mother. No matter how much she knows how special they are to him, it never feels completely safe. There was no telling how he will take things.

When he asks for Suzette the two just remained still. Evee just shrugged and shook her head. In a way the answer is true. At this point she has no idea where that thing is.

"Oh well, must be a bug or something. I'll be sure to fix it. Nothing is too good for my daughter and devoted love." He walks over to them and gives Evangeline a kiss on the forehead.

She smiles at him, but stays clutched against her mom. Not wanting to let go for a second.

"Valentina, if you would humor me and escort me to my room I wish to discuss a matter of a most delicate nature?" He asks sweetly.

Valentina and Evee look at each other and Evee holds her even tighter. Valentina's mechanic eyes show her how distress her daughter feels. Evee doesn't want to be alone, not any time soon.

"Don't worry I have a trio outside our angel's door. She's still exceptionally safe."

She can't say no. It's part the new territory now. "Alright-"

"No mommy, I-I don't wanna be alone. Can't you sleep with me tonight? Please." Evee buried her face in her chest.

Valentina rubbed her back and kissed her forehead, trying to calm her down a bit.
"Shh... Don't worry miel. I'll come back to check on you when daddy and I are done talking, okay?"

He isn't daddy yet. Evee didn't dare say that aloud, not in Lye's presence. Just barely.

Evee was afraid beyond belief at what Lye had to talk about with her, but she submitted. "Okay..."

Valentina stood up and tucked her back in and kissed her once more. "I'll be back miel." She smiled.

Valentina followed her Master close next to him. During this she kept trying to delete all memory footage regarding the girl. Still no luck.

They were almost to his room when she asked. "What do you need to discuss?" She asked nicely, but he told her she will know once they get to his room.

Once they arrived and went inside Valentina sat down and waited for him to speak.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2016 3:11 pm

Gedra and Beau did well incapacitating all the soldiers. The welcome she gets is to be expected of Beau. Bringing back an unconscious mutant wasn't exactly part of the plan. She rolls her eyes at him.

"Beau, this isn't the time or place. We have to go, before we get discovered." She sets down the doll to catch her breath. "And before this thing comes back online."

There were more of Dr. Anderson's dolls coming for the party. "We have to go."
Beau was all for going, but he wasn't all for bringing the mutant with him.
"I don't care if you don't like it. If I hadn't brought him I wouldn't have gotten that doll. Now please, let's just go. I'll carry-"


"Aaah!" Juliet feel to her knees. She turned to see more of those dolls from a distance. Making their way to them. She looked at her shoulder and saw a bullet wound. The bullet appeared to have gone clean through. "Fuck! Go!"

Gedra took the doll and Juliet swung cat-boy over her good shoulder and set off behind Gedra, Beau was right next to her in case she needed help.

Once they felt safe enough to stop Juliet took a better look at her wound. "Ugh... I think it's healing. I don't know if I can say the same for infection." She picked up cat-boy again. "Let's keep moving."

Gedra asked her if she also managed to get the cure. Juliet gave her the disappointing news. "But I think we may have someone on the inside now." She looked to Beau. "A Doll actually, but she wasn't like the others. She was actually kind of like you two. She seemed to have been breaking this guy out of the labs. Helping him. That's when I ran into her. She didn't even attacked me. She actually asked for my help to save him. Said that she would help me get that Doll if I did and told me she will get the cure for us if we helped her friend."

Neither of them were too sure about that which was understandable.

Suddenly a large hoard of infected came at them from both sides. Juliet took out two of them coming from behind Beau and vice versa. The three began to run once more. The Apothecary was in sight.

Gedra ordered the guards to open the back gates for them. They do and the trio manage to make it back into safety as the gates closed behind them.

Once inside Juliet is met with the same welcome she got from Beau from Dr. Takeru and she gives him the in tell to why she had brought a Pharmacy ally to their HQ.

Takeru wasn't about to risk the operation, but he compromised with her by keeping the mutant man restrained in an isolated room.

He takes notice of Juliet's wound and asks her to sit on an examination table to have a closer look. She takes off her black leather top, remaining with only a black tank; no longer feeling shy about her body.

"Is this the only wound you sustained?"

Juliet confirms.

After bandaging the wound Dr. Takeru brings her antibiotics.
She looks at the pills, unsure.

"Jyu-virus may be able to heal wounds, but it doesn't do well with infection. I suggest you take them quick."

"All this power and I can get jacked by infection?" She jokes, but takes them in the end.

Juliet goes off to see her unexpected guest. While Dr. Takeru and the other scientists get to work immediately on the Doll.
They've managed to keep her offline and prevent any means Dr. Anderson may have had to track down his missing Doll.

Juliet looks through the other side of the glass at the mutant man and remembers where she knows him from. She can't help but slightly smile at this turn of events. It's just strange.
She is joined by Beau and Gedra.

"I brought him here so I'll take responsibility for him when he wakes up." Though she doesn't like this guy one bit, she takes in consideration what that Doll told her. Hopefully he will help once he sees they saved him from whatever horrors he might have gone through back at the Pharmacy. He was betrayed by those who made him, so what's left for him to do, but help them, right?

"So... what's next?"
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 4:57 pm

The glances between his new family tell all he needs to know about his suspicions. He doesn't let it show he dives into his charming, sociopath side and acts like he still believes they are on his side.
As Evangeline clings onto her doll-mother Lye can't help but wonder what it would be like if Corie had accidentally "slipped away" that day he put his heart and soul into making his little girl happy. He can see so much of himself in her except for any sort of love only fear of him. Lye feared no one. Corie has made her so weak. Valentina was a weak girl and though her eyes are mechanical the emotion still emotes.
Still Valentina agrees to go with him probably just to protect her cover, but it works for him. He's always happy to have bargaining chips.

"What do you need to discuss?" She asks sweetly as she walks close to him.

"All will be revealed as soon as we get to the security of my room." He assures her.

Once inside she takes a seat on his crimson leather chase, something like a shrink would have in an old fashioned office. Lye goes over to his bar as his room is set up like a 5 star hotel suite and pours them both a drink. "I had observed in your past life you enjoyed a stiff drink. I hope this will serve you well." He hands her a glass of aged cognac with two ice cubes while he sips upon wine. Valentina graciously accepts and sips. Alcohol doesn't effect a robot, but can effect an android body as if it were real if the notes from the Apothecary are true. He knows she doesn't know.
Lye is sure the tension for Valentina is high. It's as if she's a teenager again instead of an insulate adult who changed her name to a boy's name. He swirls the liquid in the glass before taking a sip. "Things have been very tense not only outside the facility, but between us. I really want us to work out as a family. I know this isn't the ideal body for you, but it was readily available. In the future we can transfer you to who you were before as closely as possible. It may make the transition easier for Evangeline." He lets her know though he may not follow through. Lye is in between letting her go and keeping her alive. He takes another sip now that she is drinking as well.
Lye walks over and sits next to her, setting his glass on an end table. Valentina downs her drink and Lye takes the glass from her to set it away. He leans in and whispers, "Do you want a refill?" Her nervous reaction gets him up to get them both another drink. She downs it no problem and it doesn't take long to take effect.
Lye sits back next to her and gently runs his fingers down her spine. He leans in close, "As for what I wanted to discuss. . ." kissing the lobe of her ear. He kisses her cheek and slowly progresses down to her neck. He wraps his hand around her side and moves up it up to cup her breast. Her reaction is so human, her reaction is so Valentina, from all those years ago. Nervous yet willing and wanting to be taken. He takes the glass from her hand and puts it on the table with his own while he never stops gracing her with his lips.
Slowly pressing against her he coheres her down onto the couch and runs his fingertips up from her knee to the inside of her slender thigh. He can feel his manhood growing hard at the thought of what lies beneath. She moves away a bit at his touch. Understandable considering what happened the last time he took her. It makes the chase all the more worth while.

"You cannot confess that you are not tempted," her brown hair slips through his fingers. He wraps his long hand around the back of her tiny neck and envelopes his lips over hers. Her breathing speeds up to the point it's as if Valentina is going to have a panic attack. When he releases her he stares into her dilated eyes and smiles. "It's been so long since I sampled the sweetest of your body. I cannot wait to completely gorge myself." He pulls her leg up around his back and tickles the ever wetting spot over her panties. "I wish to be a glutton tonight..."
As Valentina begins to squirm he presses against her harder until the tips of his two fingers are putting her cotton panties inside her. The noises squeaking out let Lye know to travel faster before she let's loose. Nibbling down her neck he lifts up her shirt and pulls down her bra. A hard grasp to her small breast causes a gasp. He wants to laugh, but keeps it down. Her darling nipples are sharp pink points that his tongue can flick like a lollipop. She is down trying to moving her hips so hard he's about to pierce through her underwear.
Kisses a line down further and further until he is face to face with that pretty pink cotton. He opens up his shirt to show off his perfect thin frame. Practically ripping them off her he tosses her panties aside and has to resist digging his teeth into her precious opening. Instead he savors the first taste he's had in years with a single, long lick from her back hole up between those already wet petals to the nub of her clit. He goes in a second time but fully wraps his lips around her and flicks his tongue up and down. Loud hums of delicious satisfaction vibrate like a toy.
It takes only a minute before her hands are digging into his silken blonde hair, encouraging him to delve in deeper as she rides his face. Her sexual appetite has become as ravenous as his own over the years. He pulls off her sweet nectar and wipes his mouth only to lick it to show how yummy.

The desire in her eyes convinces him no molestation is needed this time around. All the anger has melted away into pure lust between two people and yet his erection is still up.  He opens his zipper and lets out his member. "How I've been waiting for this," he exhales as he moves in for the kill. Her arms and legs wrap around like a snake and encourage his member to thrust in. As hard as it is he is a bit gentle to pop the head in. Everything is so tight and new and yet familiar in the way she moves. He slides in with some slow force until her pussy has fully entombed him. She groans in a way that sounds like a cat in heat that makes his manhood swell thicker. Lye can't help but press harder and faster at a rate he hasn't been used to. This lovely body and her sexy voice are driving him to primal actions.
She pulls on his hair and even digs her nails into his back as he pounds her tender, wet mound. She bounces herself against him as fast as his hips can move. Something inside him resurrects an erecting memory. He lifts her by her tender ass and staggers over to the piano. The keys sing out of tune as he practically lifts her with his dick alone. She slides along the keys with slippery ease even though she's squeezing him so tight he can barely hold it back. He designed her much too well.
The spasms fluctuating through their bodies is like an earthquake. "Yes..." Lye grunts as her tight little pussy is about to ring him dry. "Valentina..." he kisses her his tongue swirling around her own just like when he was eating her out. The taste is irresistible.
Time and time again flashes of past and present collide until they are meld as one in the adrenaline rush. His sweet Valentina has come back to him and is about to cum to him again.
A flash of light in the darkness and the senses explode in pure ecstasy. Juices flowing like a waterfall drench his cock and the piano keys as Valentina throws her head back letting out a scream that makes him shoot a load harder than any he's felt since their first time together. Filling up her up was even better the second time around.
Their breathing starts to slow, him still inside her, when their eyes lock. Everything so wrong and yet so right. Almost simultaneously they both do a little smile.

"Good to relieve stress...Un peu mort," He jokes. "You were built to be infinite," he wipes the hair back from her sweaty face, "so let us make this night infinite?" He kisses her and pulls her back on top of him onto the piano bench. It was already time for round two.
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No response, no replies. All she gave was total silence, probably for the best. Lye's voice was like an echo in her ears. She was too preoccupied trying to find out how to even have access to her own memories. Figures that she wouldn't have complete control. More reigns. More restraints. It was driving her insane. She snaps back into the room when he hands her a drink in a glass. She takes it with no objection and stares at it for a second, pondering on whether or not she is even able to be drunk in this new body of hers... not really hers. With no way of knowing without even trying, or she could ask Lye if she can get drunk, but would he give her a straight answer? Or would he answer truthfully? She takes one sip.

Lye is leaning against the bar, she can feel him eyeing her. His stare is like knives being thrown her way, but she remains calm. Hoping that he doesn't suspect anything. Unless he already has something in mind and Evee's love for her is the only thin barrier between her life and death.

After a prolonged silence between them he finally broke it.

"Things have been very tense not only outside the facility, but between us." She finally looks up to him. Lye brought her back in a form he can even show the slightest bit of affection, but she never thought there even was an "us", or if there could even be. "I really want us to work out as a family." That she can almost grasp as minimal truth. For Evangeline she will try to be happy and be a good little mombot and... wife-bot? What was she right now? Just another Doll? Or is she more special than the others because she is aware? Valentina tries to look at herself as if she was Lye and her conclusion was that she is a prize and nothing else, something he is proud of to have created. Even more so since he managed to bring part of herself back from the grave. It hurt her so much that he was incapable of holding her in a special place in his heart, incapable of feeling real love for her. At this point, after that conversation with him at the lab, after she woke up in this new body, she has accepted that there will never be such thing. "I know this isn't the ideal body for you, but it was readily available. In the future we can transfer you to who you were before as closely as possible. It may make the transition easier for Evangeline." She almost spit the sip she had taken. She withheld a laugh, with every circuit and willpower she had. She hid it well.

I seriously doubt that you would even do such a thing.

A lovely offer. A seriously lovely off for him to have just put out there. She would love that, but that's exactly why he wouldn't do it. It would take away his Valentina. With all that he had said and all he had done, she just chugged down the drink she had. If now wasn't the time for a drink.

Should she say something? What could she tell him? Having accepted everything maybe the right response would be 'I surrender'.

He offers another drink and she doesn't object. Could she get drunk? She didn't care. Didn't care about her limits if she had any. Another drink in her hand and she downs it also. Then her answer comes at her like a wave. Literally the room starts to move like the ocean on a good day. The walls start to move in on her. Her eyes stare straight in one direction just to make sure it's not her that's moving. Nope, it's the room that's spinning. That's not possible. It's not logical. She slowly turns to Lye who loses no time taking advantage of this situation. He knew. He knew it would happen and it's all going according to plan for him.

You bastard.

"As for what I wanted to discuss..." Their lips lock and the foreplay escalates rather quickly. Her eyes close and she kisses him back. In the back of her mind she wants to resist, but her realization that she no longer has control over what she wants kills off any resistance.

"You cannot confess that you are not tempted," Her mechanical eyes, like reflex, reveal to her that both of them have rising body temperature and Lye has a high testosterone, heartbeats racing, breathing heavy... this is going only in one direction.

What does it matter? It's happened before.

His next choice of words just confirm her suspicion for why he would never build her an android body in the image of her older self.  This is the form of her he adores and why not take advantage of it? Her legs wrap around him and she stretches out her neck to give him more access. Her hands make their way up his back and to his silky hair as he works his way down to her wet panties. Her eyes dilate, breast swell as he takes off his own shirt and her underwear. Her body shivers as he took his first taste of her.

Yes... Her hips move against his skilled mouth, hums lustfully, encouraging him to keep going. He sits up, liking his own hands doused with her nectar and she can't help biting her bottom lip at the sight. He can see it in her too. She wants him as well. Does he like that she wants his pleasure? Or is it boring for him that she isn't resisting?

She looks down at his hands working on his button and zipper to reveal his hard member. At least I know I'm not boring you. He moves in and she welcomes him with open arms and legs which she wraps around his slender frame. His penis pops in and she lets out a gasp. She breaths in and out, moans erupting with every exhale as he dives in deeper inside of her. Her nails dig into his back and hair with every thrust, moans getting louder with each pounding. She can tell her voice and consent is driving him mad.

Their lips lock again and she continues to moan into him, making his tongue and kisses more forceful. He lifts her off the couch bye her butt and she holds onto him tightly not wanting him to leave her for a second. She doesn't realize where he sets her once she hears the sound of piano keys singing out of tune. Something in her mind clicks and she begins to recall their first time.

Reliving old times, professor?

Her muscles contract and spasm, she's about to let lose and inside her she can feel him throbbing. He just can't resist her and she loves that he can't. Loves she drives him crazy as he does to her.

He voices her name in her ear and they climax together like before. She throws her head back in satisfaction. Their bodies pressed together, leaving no space between them their eyes lock and she is surprised to see that both of them are smiling.

"Good to relieve stress...Un peu mort," He jokes. "You were built to be infinite," he wipes the hair back from her sweaty face, "so let us make this night infinite?" He kisses her and pulls her back on top of him onto the piano bench. It was already time for round two.

The moment he sets her down on top of him she yelps having him so deep inside. Her hands on his shoulders tighten their grip.

"Yes..." She gasps and looks at him. "You... make a good conversationalist." He chuckles. The sound of her voice remind her she isn't still all there yet.

"Master." Se addresses him formally. He asks what. "If this is what you wanted." She moves to his ear. "You need only ask." She begins to move up and down on his still erected member. "Drinks aren't needed."

She moves a bit faster, but still slow enough to tease him. He can't resist so he takes hold of her and helps her ride him. Her breast perfectly leveled with his face he gorges himself on one of her pointed nipples as she moves. Her hand cups his face and moves to his hair, takes hold of it and pulls his head back to make him look at her. She kisses him, her tongue tasting every inch of his mouth. Her hips slow and she lifts herself up slowly, feeling his member leave her and stops right at the tip and slowly sits back down, his gripping hands giving away his satisfaction. She repeats and he can't take this much teasing from her any longer. She can see it in his every gesture. He wants to pour his seed in her once more.

They move to the bed, still connected and he winds up on top of her again, but it's her turn now. Not his. She grabs hold of him, rolling over on top of him. Having this kind of strength is a riot for her to be able to manipulate him this way. Her hands trail from his belly button to his chest, opening his shirt more. Her eyes look into his lust in them both. She takes notice that her shirt and skirt are still on and smiles at him. Her hands move to her shirt and takes it off then moves to her bra strap and releases it, Lye's hands trailing up her belly to her swollen breast. She throws the bra away not caring where it ends up.

Lye's eyes trail every inch of her as if it's Da Vinci gazing upon his Mona Lisa.

Valentina leans down and kisses him before cooing. "My turn." That must ring a bell to him.

She lifts herself off him and turns around, her skirt, the only thing between him and her supple bottom. He's already feeling her up. She slightly bends forward and seductively pulls down her skirt. He helps her out of it and her body is completely exposed to him. He admires his masterpiece as she positions herself on top of him. Her pussy right at his face and he wastes no to time quenching his thirst for her. While she gorges herself in him. Their voices take up their ears and come together like a familiar song.

His dick throbs. The anticipation takes him over and he thrusts into her skilled mouth until his juices pour into her. She takes it all in and holds it in her mouth as best she can, slowly turning to face him. Drops of his semen drip down her neck, and snake through her breast. She looks at him and swallows.

She can feel his dick resting against her ass. He is still hungry. For her.

She moves back a little and sits in front of his erection. She massages him gently and looks at him once more.

"Do I please you, Master?"

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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2016 2:56 am

"I brought him here so I'll take responsibility for him when he wakes up." Juliet's statement make Beau and Gedra exchange glances. Given the lack of trust between enemies it's a questionable tolerance. "So... what's next?"

"Our initiative is to infect the robots and diminish Lye's army significantly." G points out.

"Once they're done here we'll go back, create a distraction, and slip the doll back in. If it attacks upon reactivation then either way it'll seem like she's functioning. We retreat and wait for confirmation of the virus striking as many dolls as it possible. Can't expect a miracle but it sounds like a slam dunk to me." Beau plots out. "Only set back is...that," he points to Mad Cat who is currently struggling to breath.

"The enemy of my enemy is my ally?" Gedra recounts. "How romantic," her sarcasm falls flat. It's not her strong suit. "Maybe it would be more merciful to put a bullet in his brain given his condition." That would solve more than one inconvenience in her book.

"I'm sure Juliet can handle the mutated pervert." Beau smiles but it's obvious he isn't so sure. "How about we get a bite?"

"I'm fine. My time is better spent keeping an eye on the captives." Gedra walks towards the tables they are strapped to.

"Guess it's just me and you, my lady." He holds out his elbow for Juliet to take.
They walk together to the cafeteria area where there is a small buffet set out including a soup/salad bar. "I don't know about you, but I'm thinking dessert." He's like a kid in a candy store as he tops his vanilla ice-cream with every sweet available. If he could age his metabolism would've slowed at this point to cause obesity and diabetes from all that sugar alone.

After Juliet picks out her choices they sit at the cafeteria table across from one another as if they were at school. Beau tries to remember his own days at such an uncomfortable table. The last was in his training days in the army, but those are almost as vague as the ones he's supposed to have from going to school. Faint, white-washed footage of other faceless boys sitting around him laughing so freely. At this point there is no regret to be had about loss memories. Coming back to reality he looks up at Juliet as she's talking to him, asking something he didn't hear, and nods.
He takes another bite of ice-cream to make it so he can't answer.
Time to change the subject.
"So...umm...There was something I've got caught in the back of my brain and it's a doozy." He starts out making himself awkward. "We had a dream together not too long ago." It's hard but he looks Juliet in her sweet dark eyes. He can no longer see her as a girl after their sexually charged spiritual experience and he isn't sure how to proceed. "It was really you, wasn't it?"

Juliet's face lights up like a Christmas tree light. She stammers but it's not discernible.

"Thought so..." Beau smirks and taps his spoon into his ice-cream. "Look, nothing has to happen immediately between us, but given we are living our lives like our last no use in not doing anything about it." He's still sounding like he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's right back at puberty at this point. Expressing emotion is not his strong point. Now he can see the resemblance between him and Gedra except for the sex drive. One taste of it is as hard as not finishing his dessert. "Fuck... I don't know what I wanted to say." He shrugs it off and glances to the side in an embarrassed manner. "Fuck it..." He hops up on the table and sits next to her food. Grabbing hold of her face gently he pulls Juliet in to a strong kiss. Slipping his tongue he can tell she isn't experienced, but still willing. That's all he needed to keep going into their make-out session.
Her tender quivering lips are sensational. He's been wanting to do this again for a while and the rise in his pants is a powerful motivator. Living the day as if it's their last is how he's spent most of his life so passing up the chance at any real cute contact isn't worth missing. She could die anytime. He could be destroyed at any time. Then there would be nothing. Given that reality his last meal doesn't want to be ice-cream Beau wants it to be the darling virginal taste of his Juliet.
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His innocent little Valentina is innocent no more.
She may have the body but no longer the spirit. This is a grown woman in a girl's supple body. The mere way she gyrates so eagerly, so hungrily, it's borderline frightening. Lye had been sure he was in for a fling, but never a night of unbridled sex. Every word out of her mouth was not that of a scared virgin, but an insatiable slut.

"Yes...You make a good conversationalist." She makes him chuckle as it assures his suspicions. "Master, if this is what you wanted," she then whispers in his ear, "you need only ask." She begin moving up and down upon him. "Drink's aren't needed."
As hard as he is and he couldn't resist his mind is confused about her speech. He hadn't programed her to be so formal it was all her own personality so that Evangeline could trust her. What is she trying to do? Did she truly want him or was this all a distraction for something bigger?
His mistrust is doused in lust. Her perfect body and willingness to preform is keeping him rock hard. Never before has he had a teen body with an experienced mind willing and able to do for him all he wanted and all he wants brings deviant ideas into his mind. As the saying goes 'a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed.' IF that's how she wishes to act then that's what he'll give her.
From the bench to the bed she manipulates him. Her pussy ever wet, but never loosening it's irresistible. Her breasts so perfect he suckles upon her sensitive tips eagerly. His brain is swimming in the scent of soft skin and human-like sweat.
She turns around on him and displays her perfect flower in his face like when they started this adventure. He runs his finger along the dripping petals and pulls her in like a ravenous cannibal. She takes him in deep, almost as deep as her delicious dessert he is feasting upon. Her skill is impeccable. Her tongue dances around his cock and every hum from her hot throat has him on the brink of exploding. The juices running down his chin he wishes to lap up every drop.
He can barely tell he's let loose with the wash-over of hormones already putting him on cloud 9. Her pink lips drip with his semen so thick like venom as she swerves like a cobra over his most vulnerable of parts. It's then and there he knows she will be the death of him and he mumbles, "Un petite mort...ma mort..."

Valentina, or is it Corie, are sitting before his erection. "Do I please you, master?"

Lye has to catch his breath. The body is willing but he questions his own mind. He prompts himself up on his elbows and smiles at her. "You do not disappoint, my dear." He sits up further, running his hands along her thighs. "You've learned quite a lot in the time we were apart." Grabbing hold of her knees he flips her back and lifts her ass up to his member. Balancing her legs over shoulders he traces his finger down her inner thigh to her still wet flower. "You've been so willing and wanting of me. I thank you." He kisses the knee next to his face. "So willing in fact I wonder how far you will me explore." He lets the tension build as he playfully circles his finger in her. It then travels down and begins circling her rear end. He slips his finger in her back end and circles it around. Not fully trusting her he sees how far he's allowed to venture. There is reluctance in her eyes, but she doesn't stop him. Either she's unable to say no, she wants it, or keeping him focused on her luscious body is more important than her being comfortable.

He parts her cheeks and presses the head to the hole. Being so lubricated it's easy for him to press into her slowly. It's so tight he can barely fit but he makes it fit. Valentina yelps in both pain and pleasure. He continues to play with her pussy as he slowly and gently inches just in and out until she begins to loosen up. He leans forward and fondles her playfully. It takes every ounce of strength not to let loose and ravage her like a heathen. The longer it lasts the more she seems to enjoy it. It's obviously a new kind of pleasure she never imagined. He's still inside of her, in a naughty place, and rubbing against a sweet spot. Her legs are pulling him as her ass wiggles up and down upon him. He grabs hold of her hips and pulls her a bit harder and faster-harder and faster-harder and faster until she's moaning out loud, grasping at the bed sheets.
He suddenly turns drops her legs, pulls out, turns her around on all fours, and thrusts back in at an angle to which they can see themselves in the mirror on the wall. Lye loves the sight of her submissive to him and his perfect frame. He thrusts hard to make her cry out and the sight of her face in such pleased-anguish makes him want to bust on the spot. The look in Valentina's reflection is a girl totally lost in lust. She's overtaken by him and can't say 'no' to anything-if anything she only wants more. Her breasts sway up and down as he pounds her tight ass. Drool is starting to form in the corners of her mouth as she lets out puppy like yelps every time he inserts into her. Lye reaches around, twiddling his fingers inside her dripping flower, and the other hand pinching at her nipple. In the heat of the moment he leans over and bites a bit into her shoulder. Valentina let's out a cry of wanting as she wiggles against him even faster.

Lye can't hold it in anymore. Luckily, neither can Valentina. He fills her up as she spurts the built up pressure onto his legs. She's gasping in an almost unnatural way. He gently pulls out, his seed dripping out along with him, and he lowers her to the bed. He gives her shoulder a kiss before climbing over her and whispering into her ear, "you must be very devoted...but to whom I wonder?"
He turns her face to him by the chin, looking into her eyes he dives in for a tongue-full kiss.

The night has set. Air thick with the perfume of their sweat and sex. Valentina lays with her back to him, but Lye presses against her, his arm wrapped around her small body and nuzzles into her hair. So soft and sweet. A lover, a mother, even a relationship...an illusion, yet one he's willing to hold onto.
Is she sleeping? Does it matter? Will she stay? A pain aches in his heart now...an after effect of such a hormone rush. "Please. . ." He whispers in her ear, "don't betray me."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2016 10:45 am

Stars twinkle bright on a warm night as the sweet smell of vibrant magnolia blossoms perfume the air. A tiny boy with onyx black hair and jade green eyes gazes up at his equally exotic mother while he lays in bed begging for another bedtime story. She pets his head and ponders for a moment. "Dek thark, I have told you every story I know." She tries to excuse herself.

"Mae, please, you tell the best fables. Phx will not do it." He gives her big sad eyes.

She knows very well his father, the Phx, would never show such effection towards his own son let alone her. Feeling sorry she summons up her imagination for one last tale. Knowing he's won the boy wiggles in his blanket, trying to hide his giant smile.
"This is a fable of a tiny black kitten in a small mountain village. He is the runt and not blessed with good fortune. He is known as Chokh Ray. It seems that misfortune follows him everywhere he goes and hurts those he loves whether is be rain during a party or trees falling on their tiny houses. It doesn't take long for all the maew in his little cat village to avoid him. So sad he becomes he runs away so the village will be safe from him.
Luk Maew falls asleep crying at a small shrine where a Luk Thep is surrounded by offerings. When he wakes there is a little boy sitting next to him. "Why are you crying?"

"I am Chokh Ray,  so I am alone, because all I do is hurt those I love." The kitten explains. "I wish I was lucky like the Luk Thep then others would love me, too."

"Then you will be lucky, for I am Kuman Thong." The boy pets the kitten from head to tail. When Luk Maew opens his eyes the boy is gone, but he feels much better.

Hungry he wonders into a nearby farm hoping to find something  to steal. As he dashes through the field all the plants grow and become full of ripe vegetables! The farmer sees this and is amazed. He calls Chokh Ray over and offers him a saucer of milk. "What a chokh di maew," the farmer praises him. "Please stay and keep your home here."
For once in his life Chokh Ray is praised and happy so he stays with the kind farmer. His name is changed to Chokh Di. He stays for years and every year the crops grow big and full!" The mother waves her hand in the air for exaggeration.

"Did Chokh Di live happily every after?" the little boy wonders.

"The story is not finished," she smiles before introducing the antagonist. "The farmer goes to Chokh Di and asks him to help his daughter, who has grown into a homely woman, to help her find a wealthy husband. Chokh Di nods his head. That night he sleeps on the daughter's feet, follows her into town, and as she is selling vegetables a merchant's son rides up on a horse. Instantly he falls in love with the homely daughter and asks for her hand. The entire village is amazed such a handsome young man would want her. When she returns home the family is overjoyed. Day before her wedding the wealthy merchant approaches the farmer and demands to know how his son was tricked. The farmer so scared of the man of such higher class explains his black cat's powers. The cruel merchant demands he take the cat or his son would not be allowed to marry. Reluctantly the farmer submits so his daughter could be happy.
Chokh Di is spirited away to live in a cage far from the kind home of the farmer. The merchant forces him to give him good business or he will drown him. Day after day he presses his paw to contracts and the merchant becomes vastly rich as Chokh Di becomes weaker and weaker. One day he drops and the merchant thinks he is dead. Opening the cage Chokh Di leaps out, scarring the merchant's face, and uses every last ounce of his luck to escape. He makes it out of the town to a small village close to the home he lived in as a kitten. All he wanted with his last bit of life was to see his family again, but he could only make it close to the shrine where he met the boy.
He feels a hand on his head. He opens his eyes to a sweet little girl who picks him up and takes him home. She nurses him back to life and takes loving care of him even though he no longer could grant good luck. Sadly, Chokh Di was at the end of his life, old and graying, he takes his last breath in her arms. His final wish was for this sweet girl to have a happy life.
His spirit leaves his body and encircles the girl.
The rest of her life is blessed with good fortune, a loving husband, healthy children, and a strong home. She buries Chokhi Di next to the Luk Thep shrine and continued to pray to him for the rest of her life. So in the end Chokhi Di finally got his true wish to be truly loved for being himself."

The little boy can barely keep his eyes open, but is still smiling. His mother leans in and kisses his forhead. "Sweet dreams, Lūk mæw s̄ī dả k̄hxng c̄hạn. Phm rak khun."


His cat eyes open wide, pupils turn into thin strips, and he gasps. The light is so bright, but he knows it can't be heaven. There's a warped beeping in the distance as if he's underwater. Too scared to blink he tries to look around. Could he have woken up after they harvested his organs? Is he in the middle of the vivisection or scary enough before?
Madden manages to lift his head and realizes he is strapped down, but in a different way. He's shaking so bad the bed is rattling. This isn't the lab he was left in...he doesn't think. Yet, he couldn't remember much so how would he know? There are noises behind the curtain he can tell are doctors. He drops his head back drastically torn whether to call out or to keep quiet. He may feel better than he has in god-knows-how-long yet he's not strong enough to break out. This anticipation is driving him insane. "Fuck...fuck...fuck me..." he speaks softly as he tries to wiggle out. "Where am I? What's going on?! IF you're going to cut me open at least kill me first, you inhuman pieces of shit!" He squeaks out.

The curtain is swiped open and there stands the female android who killed Corie. Mind totally blown Mad is for once speechless.
"Keep it down. You are a nuisance as it is just being here." Gedra orders. Mad lays his head back down and let's out a deep breath. Somehow seeing her is much more of a relief than what he expected.

"Eh-eh-I..." He tries to speak, but his throat and mouth are so dry it's as if he's been stuck in the desert for days. "How...where am I?"

Gedra stares at him for a moment. "The Apothecary."

It doesn't seem possible. Not only was he trapped in the underbelly of the beast but also the Apothecary was slated to be demolished. "Ha-how...?"

"A miracle," Gedra blandly states, "you have a friend in the Pharmacy willing to risk her life for you. Never predicted that could happen."

As disoriented as he is Mad can't think of a single friend he's had in his entire life let alone since he's started working for Lye. The only person close enough he saw die. . .unless. . . "Corie?"

*Kuman Thong - spirit represented as a young boy is believed to bring good luck
*Luk Thep (child angel) - hyper realistic dolls believed to be injected with a child's spirit after being blessed by a monk. Food, water, various objects are offered to have good luck in return.
*Lūk mæw s̄ī dả k̄hxng c̄hạn - my black kitten
*Phm rak khun - I love you
*Mae - mother                      *Phx - father                         *dek thark - baby boy
*Maew - cat                           *Luk maew - kitten
*Chokh Di - luck                    *Chokh Ray - bad luck
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Beau's actions took her by surprise. This was a side he barely ever showed. With his memories returning so is a part of him he had lost. From the dutiful soldier that he was to an awkward, normal guy who didn't know how to express his feelings with words but with actions.

If only her memories could return as well, but they are best left forgotten. Like Beau said once: at least they got to make new ones together, but with all that's happening, will they get that chance?

The moment he brought up their dream fling, which she was hoping wouldn't come up to avoid this awkward situation, she was left just as tongue tied. Though the kiss helped loosen her up. They only shared one peck in the real world. The dream world was different. She could make herself experienced with just a thought, but it's obvious that experienced, lustful dream Juliet was someone real Juliet could only... well... dream to be. Still she tried to follow Beau's lead. Was he disappointed in her performance? Did her inexperience turn him off? What if he doesn't want her now that he knows!?

Her eyes open just a little in the midst of their kiss and she realizes where they are. She stops him before they go any further.

Her face is red hot, eyes watery. "Hehe... We have... an audience." Beau makes a comment only he could come up with. "No, I don't wanna be watched!" She gives him a playful punch on his shoulder. He gently brings her face closer by her chin for another kiss and to whisper to her that they could find a more private place to have some quality time long over-do. Only he knew how to paint her red. "The world is ending and making me a woman is an important issue that must be corrected?" Informing her that he didn't have that in mind until she brought it up only made her blush even more. "J-Just stop. Okay?" She nervously giggled and bit her lower lip. "How about I let you teach me how to kiss first and then I'll let you teach me how to..." Only Beau can call it 'making babies', 'procreate', 'porking', 'make love'. Juliet punched him again. "Wait... you can't... get me pregnant. Right? You're part machine." A thought came to her head which made her giggle she had to say it out-loud. "Love machine." Her love machine.

Their conversation was cut short by Gedra who informed them that their cat-guest has woken up. Juliet turns to Beau, who is not crazy about this information. "He could be useful. We should go talk to him, see if he will help." If he didn't... then the plan to steal the cure is going to happen with or without an ally. Beau doesn't attempt to argue about the cat-boy anymore. Juliet caresses his cheek and gives him another kiss. "If he doesn't then we'll send him on his way together."

The cat-man was still strapped to his bed. Strange he hasn't attempted to attack or escape. "Hi." The poor creature's was hoarse being so dried up. Those people must have really wanted him dead one way or the other. Juliet goes to grab a cup of water and helps him drink it. Nobody was ready to untie him just yet. After re-hydrating he demands an explanation of his even being in the Apothecary. How he was even broken out of his containment back in the Pharmacy.

Before Juliet gave him any answers she couldn't help but remember that she had seen his face before. Back when Juliet and Beau were living at the hotel. Though he made sure to keep his extraordinary limbs hidden underneath his clothing. Of course this wasn't the topic at hand. She began recounting the events of their infiltration and why they had infiltrated the Pharmacy; to steal one of Dr. Anderson's Dolls. Juliet was searching the facility for one when she ran into a Doll that wasn't like the others, said Doll was carrying him in her arms and offered to help Juliet in her quest if she took Madden out and away from the Pharmacy. She did. Unfortunately Juliet didn't have time to get the cure they need in order to heal the city. Seeing the Doll was trust worthy she had explained the plan to her; the stolen Doll would be infected with a computer virus which will render Dr. Anderson's Dolls useless, giving them the opportunity to go back and obtain the cure. "For now, she's been buying us time. Not sure how." She catches her breath. "We could use your help. You worked there. You have to know where they could be keeping the cure. Plus the more numbers we got the better." The cat-man was still processing what she just said. He still couldn't find it in himself that someone saved him from death, because the only person who ever cared for him was killed by Gedra. Juliet vaguely remembered the fight she and Gedra had when Gedra broke Juliet out of her freezer. A crazed, infected woman and, now she can guess was this same guy, a werecat beast man. That woman did have physical similarities to the Doll who helped her. Madden asked what the Doll looked like. About Juliet's age with brown hair, hazel eyes and pale skin. Madden's eyes squinted as if dots were connecting in his head. He also asked if she had identified herself, unfortunately she didn't.

"You have all night to think about it." She stood up. "If not then... either way you can go," It's not like anyone wanted him here anyway, "but... that Doll... she certainly is going through some big hoops just to have saved you."

Juliet left, followed by Beau. Gedra, as always off on her own. Juliet was growing tired, Beau guided her down a hall that was all too familiar to her. The chambers for test subjects. Not a comfortable place to be, but it was literally the only place it had beds of any kind. Not very big ones unfortunately. Beau lead her in and went straight for the camera in the corner and disconnected. The privacy that she prefers he said. Red cheeks return once more. She turned to the bed and pondered on getting comfortable. This would be the first time she would undress in front of Beau. At the hotel they at least had a bathroom where she could change into comfortable sleep wear, but not here. She has to work up the courage to be in her undies and in Beau's bare arms. Beau has seen her naked before, back when the virus could take control of her, but she wasn't aware of that fact.

Beau's body was so strong and big and appealing... a man's body. How can a still developing body, like hers, mesh with that? Caught by surprise she feels gentle kisses on her shoulder, coming up to the base of her neck hands begin to unzip her pants and pull up her shirt. Just when her bra is about to be exposed she stops him, panting nervously, heart racing.

I'm small... I'm narrow...

In dream land... it was a dream... this is real life. His touch is real... his breath is real... his everything is real. He can hear him whispering reassurance in her ear. His breath so close makes her shiver. Her hand reluctantly loosens it's grip and she allows him to undress her. He also takes his shirt off and presses his strong body against her back. The feeling of skin on skin makes her catch her breath. Their hands intertwine in an embrace. They kiss.

A thought comes to mind. She can't believe she says it aloud. "How old are you?" Beau chuckles, saying that over used phrase: age is but a number. Love can't be restrained. Really, how could ask such a thing NOW!? It didn't stop him though and she didn't try to stop him either. No matter how nervous she was she wanted this.

He laid her on the bed and he on top of her; there wasn't much space. Their make out continued for a long stretch of time. His hand slides down her side, grabs onto her thigh and lifts her leg up to let it settle on his hip. She abruptly stops their kiss and reveals what's making her nervous. "Beau... I'm... small... I don't look like..." There's no other body to compare to but, "Gedra." She mumbles her name. "And... I could die tomorrow... I don't feel right... making love with you... and then I could be gone." Just thinking about that last part is torture.
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He suspects her still. Even being one of his creations he still doubts her devotion. During their lustful interaction she allowed him to have his way, gave herself in any way possible to show him how she has given up resisting him. Well who could blame him? She has done plenty of things in her past that sabotage her chances of ever gaining his trust, if that is ever possible for anyone.

Just let it happen... What does it matter? This isn't my body anyway.

She remained quiet after it was over. Even out of it, it still hurt that he doubts her. Her back turned away she silently allowed her tears to fall. She had no idea she could still do that, but she didn't try to stop them. In the darkness she let them fall, stilly, quietly... unmoving.
The silver lining of things is that at least she still feels pleasure like any other human; still feel every touch on her skin. Every sensory receptors pick up Lye's every slight move; his hands wrapping around her waist, his naked body pressing against her back, their body heat melding together, his breath in her ear and the subtle tremors as he softly speaks.

"Please... don't betray me."

It's too late for that, my dear.

A few hours pass and she remained in the same position. Staying perfectly still. Her tears have stopped, the influence of the alcohol long gone. The clock reflecting in her eyes tell her that it will be a while still until the Apothecary's invasion. In the mean time she is grateful that she hasn't been caught in her betrayal and she is allowed to reflect in herself and about what will happen in her future by Lye's side.

All she can ever recall of him is their courtship, that ended in their daughter's conception. She vaguely recalls having negative feelings about him, for what he did... what he had almost done. Though he has done now anyway.
Val realizes something she hadn't thought of before.

Her head cautiously turns to see Lye, nuzzled into her hair, fast asleep, holding onto her so she wouldn't go anywhere, or alert him if she shifted. At least that's how she figured it was, though she prefers to think of this position in a more romantic way, but as she has witnessed after her multiple confessions and obvious hints; a romance with Lye is an illusion.

Valentina turns completely in order to face him, unaware if her stirring around awoke him or not. His hand remained loose around her waist. Her eyes stare at his peaceful looking face. The most peaceful she had ever seen him. Then they fall on his chest and she dares to gently press one hand against his bare chest,where his beating heart is; it's rhythm matches her own, in perfect sync.

How painfully poetic. I'd say we are one, but... it feels more like you absorbed me and only you remains as I slowly submit until nothing of me is left.

Her hand gently slides back up to his face and stops at his cheek that she lovingly caresses and moves away some straggling strands of his silver blond hair away from his face.

You're a beautiful conundrum.

So many questions crowded her thoughts. Questions she wanted answered. She had always asked him about his view of where she stood in his life, where she wanted to be in his, but never about him and only him.

Mustering up the courage she graced his lips with soft kisses she hoped would wake him. "Lye?" She said softly, then kissed him again. "Lye, wake up please?" She kissed his cheek, then his lips once more. When he kissed her back and opened his eyes, it was time.

Their eyes locked and she smiled. "I'm sorry to wake you." She nuzzled closer to him, her head just under his chin. "I can't sleep." When she looks up to him she kisses him once more, before announcing her reason of her insomnia. "I have been thinking... you know all about me, I assume." Her hand rubs against his chest. "But... I don't know anything about you. I don't even know your favorite color." She takes notice a corner of his lip turn up to a slight smile. "All I have is our exchanges, the things we have done, but... I don't know who Lye Christian Anderson is. Why does he desires young girls? why does he turn them into Dolls?" She pauses getting an idea. "You have many Dolls, very lovely... and admirable creations, but... why so many? And you wouldn't let Evee go, you worked so hard to bring me back just to make her happy." Or maybe it was something much more than just her happiness. "Are you... lonely Lye?" She paused again. "I don't mean to pry so deeply. Forgive me if I have touched a subject that you don't wish to share. I just want to understand why you do the things you do. How did you get this way? What or... who hurt you so much that made you this way?"

She waited in silence and hoped for the answer to the riddle that is Lye.
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"Hehe... We have... an audience." She stops him.

"You sure? I'm pretty sure Jyu was there with us on that beach...or was that Gedra? Didn't stop you then," he can't help but tease.

She gives him an awkward weak little punch to the shoulder. "No, I don't wanna be watched!" Maybe a little more of a push. He lifts her chin closer for him for a kiss . "This place is our new base I'm sure there's plenty of places to make just-us. Not like we don't deserve it."

Her face flushes redder than a lobster. It never fails. "The world is ending and making me a woman is an important issue that must be corrected?"

"Oh, fuck, that's not what I meant..." Beau backs his head up. "Never meant to plow you into bed right off rip."

"J-Just stop. Okay?" She bites her lower lip as she giggles it out. "How about I let you teach me how to kiss first and then I'll let you teach me how to..."

"Screw like dogs in heat?" He bluntly makes a sloppy metaphor.

Juliet gives him another playful punch to the arm. "Wait... you can't... get me pregnant. Right? You're part machine." She begins to giggle. "Love machine."

"WHOA, slow down there, mommy-dearest, I was wanting to swap some spit. Now you are talking all about babies. We should get this sudden outburst of domestic abuse from you under control first, don't you think?" Beau holds his arm as if he's actually injured.

"Knock-knock, the creature is awake." Gedra leans in doorway as she interrupts.

Juliet jumps for the opportunity to deter Beau's advances. "He could be useful. We should go talk to him, see if he will help. If he doesn't then we'll send him on his way together." Odd way to bond in a normal situation but normal in their circumstance.
Beau shrugs and hops up.

"Hi," Juliet greets Mad.

"Hi? Really? How about 'answer or die'?" Beau snickers.

They stand back as Juliet reiterates their plans for success so far. Beau and Gedra exchange glances as how this will turn out in the end: the extermination of this mutant. "For now, she's been buying us time. Not sure how." She has to pause after such a long explanation. "We could use your help. You worked there. You have to know where they could be keeping the cure. Plus the more numbers we got the better."

Madden slowly shakes his head. The disbelief of being saved by one of Lye's dolls makes zero sense. He was up for dissection not salvation or whatever it was this is called.  "And what did this so-called doll look like. Details are a must." He is snarky even in his position. Juliet proceeds to describe brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, etc. It's vague but what doll matched this description? There were quite a few brunettes. Lye didn't discriminate types on the outer surface just if they were pretty. He would think it was Corie if it weren't a teenager.
He looks in every direction. There's no way that twisted bastard was able to...

"You have all night to think about it." Juliet speaks, this girl Mad is finding her toughness so fake it's getting annoying. "If not then... either way you can go, but... that Doll... she certainly is going through some big hoops just to have saved you."

'Corie...what has that bastard done to you?'
Mad closes his eyes. They leave him alone with his thoughts. It's almost as bad as the latest torture. He never cared about the questions or motives of things. He always swayed with wherever the wind blew like the flowers in a field of poppies. So much for being Dorothy in OZ. So is he to do now? IF that robot is Corie she must be an android like these guys or else Lye would be controlling her = no free will. Unless it's an elaborate ruse...no, even Lord Lye couldn't predict if he would betray or just run. Sadly, the choice is obvious if he ever wants to be cured because become a were-cat isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Apothecary...

Beau leads Juliet down the corridors of the lab. To him it's a simple map layout yet she's still having a bit of trouble. Memories are simple for his brain it's either there, glitch, or deleted. For her it must be a foggy mess. She barely seems to recall all they shared in their induced sleep. It was an anomaly to say the least that two different beings could be so connected to share what two normal people could not.

In her room she hesitates to undress. Her back to him what was she expecting? Was she waiting for him? Building up his testosterone he reaches his long arms around her tiny body and finds the zipper to her pants. Next is her shirt. She's breathing so fast she's practically hyperventilating. Somehow this is turning him on it's like an alpha about to swallow a beta whole. She eases up with a shiver of anticipation and let's him take her down to her underwear. "It's okay..." he whispers, "we can take this slow." He removes his own shirt as she turns to him. Their fingers latching they gently kiss.

She then drops a boner-killer. "How old are you?"

He can only chuckles nervously, "age is but a number?" Honestly he didn't even know, but by the looks of him around early 20s.

He passes over this and lays her on the narrow bed that should be considered a cot. Snuggling on this will be a tight squeeze. On top of her it's like making a puzzle piece fit. Tongues intertwining, heat rising, lips slippery, her hands insecure on where to touch, his eager to touch everywhere, and in time his wanting is restored. He lifts her knee up in order to get between her legs.
He's met with yet another cock-block.

"Beau... I'm... small... I don't look like...Gedra." Of all the names she could say... "And... I could die tomorrow... I don't feel right... making love with you... and then I could be gone." At this point it's any excuse and to be honest-at this point if he were to pursue it's molestation.

"Sex amounts to nothing. I've had a lot of that." He mumbles that last part hoping she doesn't hear. "'Making love' it lasts forever. Not to get too poetically faggy," Beau rubs the back of his head because he wasn't a real romantic. "I was told this old saying that making love is 'the little death' I guess because you are giving a little bit of yourself to another person. That's not something I've ever had unless you count that dream." He sits back. "I guess that's why I'm so pushy on you and that ain't fair to you." He swings his feet over the side of the bed. "You got a point that our bodies are different. I also choose to live in the moment, but ya'know I'm not that bright." He smiles at her and taps her foot. "I need to get my head on straight before I go pushing for what I want. If I care about you I should be putting your needs first."
As hard as it is Beau stands up, grabbing his shirt, "My room is right across the hall. I can wait. Get some sleep. We've got a shit-load to do tomorrow...or is it today...freaking time is lost on me at this point." He smirks. Before he shuts the door he blows her a kiss.

He doesn't go to his room. He wonders down the halls back to that cat-boy-mutant-thing just to pull monitor duty. He's nothing better to do and he doesn't need sleep. Maybe he'll run into someone to talk to? Hell, at this point even the cat who once kissed him...he had almost forgotten about that and given is current aroused state of mind that doesn't help. Last thing he needs is to go bi-sexual just because he has blue balls.

As he rounds the corner he sees Gedra leaned against the wall like a dark sculpture. "Couldn't sleep either?" He takes his place next to her identically.

"You know I don't sleep." She points out the obvious. "Why are you here?"

He lets out a long sigh. "I don't know..." knocking his head back on the wall he looks up at the ceiling. "All I know is I REALLY need a cigarette."

"Long way to go about asking for one." She pulls out a pack. "Head to the roof?"

"Just like old times." Beau remembers. Gedra gives him a crooked smirk.

The smoke swirls from their mouths like wispy lace and disperse into nothing. "As I remember shit I still can't remember everything. I know I fucked here and there, but did we..." Beau makes a back and forth hand gesture, "ya'know, ever..."

"Had sex?" Gedra flat out says. Beau nods his head. "Sure, all the time like jack-rabbits." Beau's eyes grow wide and he turns to her. "Don't be foolish. We have never done a single intimate action. That was not our objective." She takes another puff. "I was only trying my hand at your type of sarcasm. The reaction was amusing."

"You bitch..." Beau lets out an airy laugh as he throws his head back.

"Why would you inquire?" Gedra wishes to continue the conversation.

"It's a cluster-fuck of hormones and emotions towards Juliet." He rubs his neck not knowing how to explain. "We're hot then cold or rather I'm hot and she's cold yet hot...I don't know. I truly care about her-"

"Obviously," Gedra interrupts, rolling her eyes.

"What?" He laughs. "I just got these urges. Then she says these things that make me uncomfortable."

"Like 'love'?" Because that would make Gedra uncomfortable.

"Nope, more like our age difference and our body types. She even compared herself to you and that's just not right."

"Why is that we are both genetically female?" Gedra doesn't get it.

"Not like that she's self conscious because you have like D-cups and she has A-cups," he holds his hands out on his chest like boobs. "Then there's the shape you have broader hips and she's thinner. You are taller she is shorter. You have the face of and older woman and her face is so sweet and innocent." He over explains. Gedra looks at herself to understand.

"So?" She shrugs.

"Exactly, so what if you are sexy? She's appealing, too. God, when I look into her  eyes all I see is something I don't see in anyone else. I can't evaluate it, can't dissect it, and I shouldn't have to explain it to her either. If she doesn't know then I can't push her." Beau reaches over and pulls the flask from Gedra's inside pocket. After a gulp he wipes his mouth and hands it back. "Maybe she is too young for me? Isn't there a law against that sort of thing? Pedophile? No better than that Lye guy." That thought gives him shivers and makes him nauseous. "Why didn't we ever hook up? You a lesbian?"

Gedra is sipping on her flask. "I don't know. I've never had sex nor a monogamous or otherwise relationship with another person. My developmental years were spent in an asylum and was subjected to a hysterectomy. Sexuality is a societal base that I seem to meet. I do not even know if I am able to conduct such an act."

"Now that's just sad." Over a minute ticks by before Beau looks back over Gedra. He shakes it off and takes another puff. "Only one way to find out." He jokes.

"Correct." She says as she hops over him and sits at his knees. Sliding off her coat she then slowly zips down her shirt.

Mesmerized Beau stares. "No fucking way..." His balls were ready to burst before but now he could cream in his pants.

"Before you consummate your full devotion to this girl I wish to have a sexual experience on a mutual basis with a person I can trust. Would you be willing to conduct this experiment with me?" She proposes. "You speak of it often and as so many before me my curiosity has peaked."

Beau stares at her for a few seconds which seem like minutes in his brain.
His mind and body torn.
Everything Juliet has doubted about herself.
Everything he has felt about her.
His old personality resurfacing.
His hunger at it's sudden precipice.
Beau pulls the sunglasses off Gedra's face and peers into those worldly eyes of blue and green and let's himself go. He dives in for a heavy kiss. He then finds himself between her luscious breasts, unhooking her bra, revealing her bright brown nipples. Her pale body constructed so perfectly he has no problem lifting her off the ground and holding her against the walls as he pulls out his member. Her legs wrapped around him in a death grip he slides her on him as he ravishes her breasts. Her virginal tract is automatically lubricated on command and is like a warm, tight, slippery mitt that makes him weak in the knees.
A part of him is disgusted and enticed on how this has come about after being like brother and sister...incest...partners...cheating...yet he cannot stop himself.
Her groans are deep and like something out of a porn. Gedra has never felt such pleasure from inside before, only pain. Lightning shoots up her spine and her back arches. She is rendered helpless as she grips the base of his spine and back to the point of bruising. Her empty gasps leave her speechless as if a fish out of water. Beau let's out a short guttural yell as his cock swells to combustion.

It's strange for them to need to be out of breath being androids. Slipping apart is as casual as if having been in a training fight. Redressing is easy since the only article slipped off was Gedra's pants.
They sit side by side smoking her cigarettes and watching the sun rise. Not a word has been said. Smoke in the breeze it's a cool down period after a situation not even the scientists who created them could've predicted.

"Where are my sunglasses?"
Gedra is waiting in the lab with Mad Cat and Dr. Takeru. Juliet arrives before Beau who shows up with coffee.

"Ready to talk? I have been informed an attempt can be made to help you." Gedra speaks to him sternly with her hands crossed.

"Given that little chicken told me everything... You know telling me all that was really...really...stupid. Like you don't know if I'm going to go back to those ass-raping bastards." Mad points out with the first clear thoughts he's had since he woke up. "Surprised we never killed you...wow...so stupid..." His head bobs to the side. "But since I'm a survivor...a real jack of my own trade I would very much like to get even with Lye and the entire Pharmacy. So you got yourself a huckleberry in me, sweetheart." Mad Cat agrees. "Let's make a symphony of revenge."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2017 2:34 pm

"Lye..." His name echoes inside his dreams where he's back with her-his first love. Her caremel skin, slightly curled brown hair, bright hazel eyes, and a smile that could melt the world. It was his entire world all encompassed in that smile. She lays next to him so serene as the fluffy white tree cotten fall like snow all around them. In his mind he has never missed anyone as much as he missed her.
"Lye, wake up please..."
He reaches out to her but as he does she begins to decay. Her skin deteriorating exposing raw muscle. Muscle peels away into organs flopping out as her bones reveal the structure he complimented so completely.
The root of all humans is biology and anotomy.
Emotions are rooted in the mind. They are all a lie.
No matter how deep he cuts he can't create her ever again. Deep inside it's all a lie.

Physical contact pulls him from his nightmare. Gentle and somewhat warm lips grace his cheek then his lips. How could anyone get so close?
His baby blues meet that of a mechanical sort. They glimmer with electricity. "I'm sorry to wake you," Valentina cuddles up on him, "I can't sleep." Funny how she phrases common human abilities when they are no longer an issue for her android body. What was she trying to do?
"I have been thinking... you know all about me, I assume." Her hand rubs against his chest. "But... I don't know anything about you. I don't even know your favorite color." Her assumptions are humorous and he can't help but crack a tiny smile. "All I have is our exchanges, the things we have done, but... I don't know who Lye Christian Anderson is. Why does he desires young girls? Why does he turn them into Dolls?" She pauses. "You have many Dolls, very lovely... and admirable creations, but... why so many? And you wouldn't let Evee go, you worked so hard to bring me back just to make her happy." She's presuming too much. "Are you... lonely Lye?" She pauses again. "I don't mean to pry so deeply. Forgive me if I have touched a subject that you don't wish to share. I just want to understand why you do the things you do. How did you get this way? What or... who hurt you so much that made you this way?"

Lye runs his hand down her skinny arm to her hand and squeezes her fingers. The river inside him runs too deep to fathom. He's never been questioned for his actions though many probably have wondered. "And where would you like me to start? I gather the greatest intention is for my own goals and what will come of our child." It'll take a lot more to pull the wool over his eyes. "You don't need to fret about her she will be taken care of in every facet her entire life. My offspring can attend any school and travel around the world. It shall be her choise. I've assured that since the moment I found her existance. Her happiness and health is has consumed me to the core. She asked to have you back and so it was granted." He let's Corie know. "But since you have asked so many questions I will humor you though I doubt it will matter. A koi way to go about things is insulting." He wants to keep Valentina near but his first love revealed the natural truth in his dream.
"My desire is purely pure. I wish to reclaim what was once lost to me and I can never obtain. Through this I have been able to advance many scientific discoveries upon my own accord. That is why my dolls are able to be so lovely." He states as if quoting to a magezine. "Women are the strongest of our genders. Young equals fluition in many aspects, but..." he pauses, " bodies are a breeding ground for debilitating disease and malfunctions. With my dolls they can be corrected, a malfunction fixed, they can be perfect. Humans are not so easy." Lye explains. "Plus my dolls can never betray me."

He let's that last statement linger in the air for a while before continueing. "If I were to ask Freud I would gather it all stems from an overbearing mother. To be frank she was the literal interpretation of Medussa. Nothing was at value to her unless it benefited her. I resent her still and yet she's still alive. I wish for her to suffer a fate worse than death." He makes no use in sugar-coating his hatred. "Her and my brother of course." He throws that last quip for giggles. "My dolls will always recieve more love than my own genetic family...until now."
He has to think over her questions. "So many reflects upon failures. I have many ideas it's no different than any other collector." To Lye was a basic reason. "The most humous part of my life must be that I was going to study and be an english professor like my fathe- if only he wan't murdered before my own eyes. It only takes a flap of a butterflies wings to create a tornado upon the other side of the world." He's analyzing himself at this point.
"Pardon me I am rambling." His self refection is damning. "Those with high IQs are always lonely." He can't even look Valentina in the eye at this point. "Inner turmoil is inevitable. I fear for our little angel. She truly makes me feel as if humanity can be salvaged. Her intelligence and beauty will isolate her from the lesser masses. I see so much of myself in her. Didn't it bother you to see so much of me in that face? In those eyes?" Now he's looking Valentina dead in the eyes.
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That feeling all girls get when the guy wants to get it on, but the girl is not sure so she starts talking too much in the hopes she will diminish the man's libido. That's what she did to Beau. As much as she wanted to relive that lustful dream they shared she couldn't bring herself to make it reality. Dreams are withheld desires, you can accomplish them in your head, but to bring to reality makes it permanent and true. Still she felt so guilty for leading Beau on tonight that her mind was racing with so many anxious questions.

Is he really in his room? He is an android, he doesn't need sleep. Did he go to Gedra? Is he going to release his pent up sex drive on her? He couldn't have me tonight so now he is going after someone who may want him tonight?

Those racing thoughts were enough to get her up and check the room across from her, where he said he would be. The rooms were small with absolutely nowhere to hide, but under the cot and even there it is not a hiding spot, anyone could find what laid underneath. Juliet could clearly see he wasn't there.

Don't panic. He probably went for a walk or something. I mean, he doesn't really need sleep.

But didn't Beau say he would be in the other room? And now he wasn't here. The girl was overthinking things, maybe she herself could use a walk. It used to be odd for her walking these halls so freely when before she had to walk them with escort and no freedom. Every day she tried to remember and wonder how she ever managed to escape with Beau. It never came to her.

Though her thoughts weren't in the past, but in the now. Like if she will survive this mission once it begins, will she make it through to the en? And what will she do after? Will Takeru let her go? Or will she keep her here and make her walk these halls again without freedom?

She makes it to the lab where Takeru and the other scientists are working on the Doll and the computer virus. He seemed busy, but she went inside amyway to ask him a question she had been wondering.


He turned to her and told her to leave to let him work.

"It's just a minute. I have to ask you something. It'll be quick."

He released a sigh and went over, after asking a collegue to take over.

In the hall they stood facing each other. He uttered no words, but stood professionally poised, wajting for her question.

"Takeru, I thank you for helping us. I know it mustn't be simple on you, but there is something I have been wondering. Are you going to let me go when this is over? Or are you going to keep me here again as your experiment?"

He took off his glasses and cleaned them. "Let you go? I assume you want me to. What if I do? What will you do? Live a normal life? As far as the world knowz, you do not exist. No security number, no background, no profile of any kind. If I let you go, do you expect me to give you those necesseties in order to have a sense of normalcy and live out your days? What of Beau? You say you love him and wish to be with him, but he is and will always be property of the Apothecary. He isn't here by choice, he is here because we made him, we give him purpose to exist and we give him maintenence. Out there he will slowly deteriorate without our intervention. And the biggest issue with your affections for a MACHINE is what he is. A machine that will never age, while you, my dear, will. You could be at his side for a bit of time but once time begins to have a toll on you what will you do? Leave him? Won't need him anymore?"

Juliet was so stunned she fell silent.

"When you ask me if I will let you go, I assume you will take Beau with you, and give all the statements I just said it sounds to me that you are also asking if you could BORROW MY machine for your pointless, childish, naïve and hormonal pleasure."

She hadn't thought of any of these revelations Takeru had bombarded her with.

"As for the other part of your question. My dear, you were made for one purpose only; a test subject, nothing more. That iat you are and will be forever. Will I keep you? Again, considering my other statements. Yes. This place is the only home you will ever know."

With that he turned to keep working.
And Juliet felt even more anxious than she was before. A test subject. Nothing more.


Her convorsation with Takeru didn't leave her thoughts, his words torment her and there is no one to comfort and tell her that everything will be alright.

Where did Beau go? Wherever he went it must be better than with her. She wishes to be somewhere else right now.

She didn't notice until the cat-man's voice brought her back to reality.

"Yea I very much feel as shitty as I look." She takes a seat next to his lying head. "Can't be any worst than you though." Silence. "I'm a test subject and nothing more." She finally tells it to herself out loud. "Hehe... Now I don't even wanna know how all this bullshit even started, because I somehow made Beau go haywire and we escaped just so I could lead a normal life? Hah! Now that idea seems absolutely stupid. I'm stupid." She turns to him. "You don't have to say anything. I'm just rambling and having someone next to me helps. Makes me feel like I'm not going crazy." She pauses. "I bet Beau's feelings for me aren't even real. I bet is some kind of malfunction from when we escaped."

It could very well be. Why else would an android behave so devotedly as he does? If not for a malfunction. A mix up of human feelings for programing. After all he was programmed to protect her, but his human half has interfeared and created a whole new world for him. A world where he believes he loves Juliet.

A machine... I'm in love with a machine.

"Well... this was a good talk." She puts her hand on her shoulder and proceeds to leave.


Later that morning Juliet quickly got up early enough to avoid any visitations from Beau, coming to get her for the reunion with Takeru and the mutant. After what Takeru had told her ontop of her anxiety of his whereabouts last night she can't look at him. Not for a while.

The mutant has agreed to participate in their mission, It would have given Juliet some kind of satisfaction, but not the least. She remained apathetic through the whole meeting. Takeru explaining how they were almost done with the virus that will render the forsaken Dolls useless. The explanation for the mission was simple enough; arrive at the Pharmacy's back entrance, like the day before and leave the Doll to return to the Pharmacy, remain hidden and wait for Takeru to give the "go". The scientists will be able to see and hear through the Doll as they have linked it to their computers. Though once the virus has come into full effect they will not be able to control the one Doll and the go-team will be able to break into the Pharmacy easily enough with the security and Lye distracted, trying to get control of the Dolls. The gang will be able to steal the cure and, if possible, destroy any other projects that Lye might have performed using the Apothecary's information.

As this went on, Juliet's eyes were shifty, moving between Beau and Gedra on the sly. They were both too busy paying attention to notice - at least she hoped they didn't.

You two have bigger purpose than I.

Her eyes fall on Beau. Do you really love me? I really need to hear it, for it to be true and not some weird android malfuntion thing.

When Takeru finished explaining Juliet quickly left without a word. She walked down the hall, unsure of where to go, but she found her way to a facility she was sure Beau and Gedra would use occasionally for training and exercise; punching bags, body build up machines, targets for shooting, all the equipment anyone could ever need. She went over to a punching bag and immediately began to pound it until one of her fists went right into the bag. She could pull it out easily and stared into the hole she made. The girl's emotions were getting the best of her, but she didn't care. It felt amazing to punch the bag. Release

She went over to another and this time she looked intently at the hanging bag and suddenly there was no bag. It morphed into Takeru.

What will you do if I let you go? Do you expect me to provide everything for you to live normally? Let you borrow my machine until you don't need it anymore?


Then it morphed into Beau. Where were you last night?


The bag went flying into the wall, creating a gaping hole.
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She knew Lye's mind would be a maze, but instead of having the decency to walk her through it, he let's her wander around aimlessly without so much as a map to guide her and when she believes he is about to give her a hand for to hold through the maze she finds herself just grasping air. Not even crumbs to help find her way out. Only more and more dead ends. And now he expects her to open up about their child? After such an ambiguous answer?

She sits up, resting her head on her knees, back exposed. Trying to analyse every word he said while at the same time thinking of her own answers or whether or not she should give them. "My dolls can never betray me." True she feels a strong need to please him, but she found herself now able to say no. To this. To his question. It almost makes her want to laugh.

I'm the only one who can say no to you.

"I wish to reclaim what was once lost to me and I can never obtain." And what would that be Lye? What can't he bring back? It must have been quite precious to you if you try so hard to bring it back. "... Is why my dolls are so lovely." Your dolls. Your lovely dolls. All female. Not one male. Not one. Why? What did you lose? Who?

There was something in her memory file trying to resurface. She knows there was a moment when they talked once she remembers him mentioning something. Something he only told to Eevee directly, but she was also present. It was something small but it was personal. Very personal. He never brings it up. Never has since then.

A spark went through her mechanical brain when she found what she looked for.

The only person I ever opened my heart to died in a very painful, slow way and as I watched her decay I was watching my own heart decay.
He told that to Eevee when they were leaving his apartment. It just spewed out of him in desperation to stall them while he found a way to get them to stay.It sounded so personal a part of himself, he wouldn't have ever mentioned it to them. Who did Lye lose that hurt him so much? The he spoke about his family, not Eevee, it can't be any of them. He never explained his obsession with young girls. Is this person he lost... was this someone he loved and cared for? Truly?

She wanted to cause physical violence. It's always the same with him. Never giving a straight answer.Why do you do that to me all the time? Nevertheless she was determined to find out.

She sat up in the bed, her back to Lye, her head resting on her knees. In her silence she kept trying to find the pieces to Lye's puzzle and put them together. Every word, every look, his entire being was a riddle that revealed a piece of the puzzle and the crucial ones she would receive by accident, like his desperate conversation back in his apartment. his desperate need to have Eevee in his life.

The way he spoke of Eevee, his only family, needing her to stay, bending to her every whim; bringing Valentina back from the dead, the biggest puzzle piece. Not for his love of Valentina, because she knows now and more sure than ever that whatever there will be between her and Lye is nothing but a twisted perversion, but because he is lonely. So much so that having found someone, Eevee, a family member that he could possibly win approval of be truly loved by.

A cold hand brushed up and down her back. She heard his voice softly call out her name, but she didn't turn. How long has she been silent?

She turned to him. "Liar." He didn't say anything.

"'Smart people are always lonely'". She scuffs. "Eevee is smart Lye, but lonely?" She shrugged , shaking her head and looking away from him. "No. Never, because..." She drifted off. After a brief second she couldn't help giggle.

"Tisk, tisk,tisk.... poor Lye. Lonely, lonely Lye." She straddled him and leaned up towards his face. "You need a petite maiden to love you so? Do tell me Lye. You say that it could have been your overbearing mother, but you didn't care for her anyway. So what mattered her approval so much to you in the end? Hmm... I recall you saying once, in a delicate state you were, that the only time you opened your heart to someone, someone very special to you, died on you and you watched her decay and with her... your heart." He was silent. "Was she as young as me? Were you young when that happened?" No answer. She nodded. " She was. I guess that explains why it was me, why them." She feels she is entering a mine field. "Trying to fill the hole that she left master? Trying to feel her again?" Should she stop? No. Why should she? "Aw, well I'm sorry master, but all that there is and will be is me, is them." She refers to the empty husk Dolls. Her hand lightly caress his cheek. "But don't you fret my dear. We'll never decay." She pulls away. "Can't say the same for you though."

His silence speaks louder than his lies."May I make an observation Lye? I mean I already have a lot, but this one is quite interesting you will want to hear. You want Eevee's approval, obviously because here I am, but was that the right move to make? I think it was the wrong one. With me gone you could easily win her over time and she had the option to accept you finally. But as you and I know, she isn't stupid, she is smart; smarter than I thankfully. But let's not forget she is still your daughter. In the end, even when I'm dead, she didn't choose you but me. Mommy." She smiled. "How sad. And even after that you STILL want her approval." She placed her hand on her heart, making an apologetic face. "I can't help but feel pity for you, my dear."

She looks over at the clock on the wall. "I have to go check on my little girl. I promised I would." She gets dressed then goes to Lye's side and kisses him on the cheek. She should feel fear for his silence and catatonic state, but what else can he do to her? "It will always be mommy dearest Lye." She whispers in his ear.

She opens the door and stands , facing him, leaning against the door frame thinking while smiling an empty smile."As for your question." She sighs, still emptily smiling. Being a mother is always hard, my dear." She blows him a kiss. "Don't wait up love." Then closes the door and leaves to check on her little girl.
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As Madden sleeps his ear twitches. There's some high pitched voice whispering disparing thoughts to him about her problems and worries and the little thing that primarily mean absolutely nothing to him. Can she even see the position he's in? She's comparing herself as a "test subject" but only seeing herself as such when he's obviously been given a much more raw deal like an elephant fucking a pig.
When she finally stops her rambling she touches his arm, but as she leaves he feels a bit of sympathy given no one else there will acknowledge him. It's been very boring for him.
"We only live one life. Why get hung up on all the details? Just do what makes you happy. Fuck all the regrets." Mad tells Juliet, his fellow experiment. "Look at me...If I died today what would it matter? I was still able to be awesome. My only regret? That my Mae didn't get to see me as I am because she would be proud. So don't worry about it just love yourself."
He isn't sure if she heard him but at least he could be proud of being positive. Now back to sleep and hopefully homo-erotic dreams.
Beau hadn't seen Juliet since he left her in her room, but for him it was for the best. If she were to find out he was able to relieve himself with another woman it would backfire in his face no matter how much Juliet protests his advances.
Juliet doesn't seem happy to see him. She's keeping quite a distance. He must've really freaked her out by coming onto her in her room. He keeps forgetting her actual age. He knows he needs to apologize against his man's ego.

After the briefing Juliet practically storms out the room. "I don't know what all I did but I guess I better talk to her." Beau is confused.

There's a bit of chuckle in the background. "Manly men really have no idea.'

"What the fuck are you talking about, mutant boy?" Beau snips at him.

"She's upset...princess came talking to me last night. Upset over you, dick scientist guy, trying to be human...I don't know. Just be nice or whatever straight women like." Madden adds in for no reason other than for a good laugh.

Beau doesn't know what to make of this so he follows after Juliet.
What he finds is a very angry, very strong super human breaking the shit out of the gym. He's a bit intimidated to enter so he only watches for a moment. Anger creates a lot of untapped strength in a person so strong it's like a volcano and NO person wants to face a volcano.
He waits patiently until she notices him. "Uh, hey, bad time?" His voice gets weird. "Something wrong?" He asks the obvious.
Madden lays in wait, feeling much better, and watching them tamper with one of his master's dolls out the corner of his eye. As long as he cooperates he knows they won't kill him, but being killed seems to be a fate he's been skimming past. At this point he's so bored he's buying into all the melodrama of these Apothecary laim-os.
"Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..." He tries to be annoying. "When am I going to be let out of these restraints? I'm no longer a threat and unless I will be able to achieve climax, why am I still still held down?" He wriggles his shoulders. "I'm really hungry."
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Her last words as she exits are like knives in his chest. She has struck a nerve within him only his mother would hit...a cold calculated attack on his very character, goals, dreams, and past. He admited so much and this is what she uses it for? Should be completely predictable but he figured he had enough of an upper hand to control her. Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance is dangerous in his business. He's not about to let her get away with any of it. Her life is owed to him and him alone. He is her master-her god.

Lye steps out into the hall fully nude and speaks out loud to Valentina.
“Then your tail will divide and shrink until it becomes what the people on earth call a pair of shapely legs. But it will hurt; it will feel as if a sharp sword slashed through you. Everyone who sees you will say that you are the most graceful human being they have ever laid eyes on, for you will keep your gliding movement and no dancer will be able to tread as lightly as you. But every step you take will feel as if you were treading upon knife blades so sharp that blood must flow. I am willing to help you, but are you willing to suffer all this?"

Valentina's small mechanical body freezes up and she's suspended where she stands, but still completely conscious of everything around her.
Lye walks up to her and places his hands on her shoulders. Pressing his chest against her back he speaks. "It didn't have to come to this, you are aware. You prevoked it. I exposed to you intimate details of my life in which you requested and you used it all against me. Going as far to question my intentions towards our daughter." He scoffs at this sentient being who has caused him a new type of pain. "You under estimate me in so many ways and in doing so leave yourself vulnerable. I wish I could leave myself vulnerable, but you have justified everything that I believe to be true about your kind. So much more I would have told you if only you shown compassion. All lost." He hisses in her ear as his fingers dig deeper into her arms. Lye straightens up and hovers his head over hers. "I was truly starting to believe you were the one...A woman I could believe in once again, but there is no recreation of perfection..."
Without permission tears fall from his aqua blue eyes, down his porcelain skin, onto Valentina's forhead. He can't allow his daughter to hate him nor can he take her mother away without question. She still inhabits a human brain and will so what is he to do?

"Command code 4001. Once I release you your orders are as followed: act as the normal mother you have always been to Evangeline with two exceptions. One you are to not mention anything negative about me but only positive to my angel, Evangeline. Second you are to follow all direct orders from me including keeping our daughter safely near me." Lye demands knowing full well this could cause glitches that though won't harm him, but could damage Valentina's CPU if she should fight against it too much. Going against an artificial intelligence codes can cause irreputaple damage. Her free will and vindictive words have given him back a cruelty he hasn't felt in years and yet he is crying.
"Now he is certainly sailing above, he on whom my wishes hang, and in whose hand I should like to lay my life's happiness. I will dare everything to win him and an immortal soul." He sorrowfully whispers and releases her.
Valentina snaps back to life and looks at him. Her eyes are colder and distant as if to say 'murder', but Lye glares back into the abyss and says nothing. What is to be said at this point that hasn't already been said. She's a cruel mistress and he a crueler master. So let it be.
Lye is seated at a console looking over the security videos. Nothing was making any sense in his head. This past love was making him crazy and he couldn't take much more in order to keep his future prodigy. He can't shake the feeling something is amiss. She should feel right but doesn't and he is supposed to be conquering the world but is not. What went wrong?
It's then he notices the light on the screen for reading electricity. It's the only building with almost as much usage as his Pharmacy...the Apothecary...
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No! Move!

Nothing moves. All she can do is listen and watch; the only who can hear her screams is herself. Her hate got the best of her once more. She can't move, it was always obvious. This was never her body.

The second she was let go, she wanted to end him for what he did, but she can't. Not now. Not ever.


As she walks off she can feel a difference. She can feel the strings attached to her limbs, they were always there, invisible, as though they did not exist, but they were there nontheless.

What am I to do?

When she arrives at her daughter's room, the Dolls step aside. Valentina freezes at the sight of them.

I'm not like you.

She hurries inside and sees Evee awake, sitting at her bed.

"Darling," she tucks a part of her hair behind her ear. "I thought you were asleep."

Evee looks at her with indifference. "I couldn't sleep. And I wanted to talk to you."

Valentina sat next to her. "Oh?"

"What did you do to Suzette? I saw you hand her to the people working against Lye." She was looking at her. "Please tell me."

Valentina was not sure, but she reasoned that, given the circumstances of the situation, she might as well know what is going on, at least her betrayal. So she told Evangeline about her cooperation with the people of the Apothecary. It was, at first, to save Madden and nothing more, but the world outside was crumbling and knowing Lye he would let the world die if it meant to make a profit. So she agreed to help them get the cure for the illness that spread to the city in order to stop the illness from escaping.

Evee, wasn't sure she wanted to understand all that she has been told. She was only a child, but there was no room to be one anymore with a family like this.

"I know... it's insane. All of it."

Evee scuffs at that remark. "Why can't we just be a family?"

Valentina held her tongue, not trusting it for a second when it came to this "family" or about Lye.

"I just want us all to be happy. This is not gonna make Lye happy... if he finds out-"

"I know." Valentina cut her off. "I..."


She went quiet. I understand miel, but Lye isn't someone fit for that life you wish for dearly.

Her frustration, not being able to talk to her honestly about this manifested in a few, small glitches in her iris screens- only visible to her..


Evee looked up to her.



"Something happened to me when..." She saw a flicker go off in her eyes. "When I talked with your father."

The color in Evangeline's face drained. Does Lye know about her mother's doings? Does he suspect?

"All I can tell you miel, is that mommy can't say certain things on her mind. So I need you to help me."

Evangeline hugged her, hugged her so tightly. "What he do? What did he-" She choked in her sobs.

Valentina was quiet.

"Baby... I need you to lie for mommy. I need you."


What her mother was asking of her could put them both in trouble. Evee was reluctant to do what was asked of her. If Lye didn't hesitate to do whatever it is he did to her mother, whom was in a form he supposedly liked better, she can't imagine what he could do to Evee, his only child whom he claims to have any significant, real affection to. How can her mother be asking her to put herself in the line of fire?

"I... I don't know mommy."

"Baby... I know it's a lot I'm asking you, but I can no longer do this on my own. I need you to do this." She held her daughter's hands in her own. "I'm SO sorry I dragged you into this. If I could change one this of my life... it would be ever leaving you to go hunting for things that I should have left behind."

Evee looked at her mother. For a moment, she felt alienation towards her mother. She wanted to tell her how much she hated everything that was happening, how much she hated her and herself for everything that was happening right now. I should have never wished you back.

Her eyes fell down and she nodded slowly. "Okay. I'll do it."


She went over to one of the Dolls standing guard at her room. "Hey." She called to one of them who turned around and prayed that it couldn't be done. "Can... Can you locate where I can find Lye? I want to see him."

The Doll didn't give an immediate response. It only stared at her silently. After half a minute passed it told her to follow it. They ventured through corridors and took an elevator to make it to what appeared to be a security room, there they saw another Doll, standing guard close by. Inside the room there was Lye, sitting in front of a console.

The Doll who escorted Evee stood aside when Lye turned to check who had entered uninvited. Evee put on her best tired looking face, she wanted to appear as though she was a child who had a bad dream and couldn't sleep; which wasn't very hard to do, this world was a nightmare that always kept her awake. She's had bags under her eyes since the day she found herself in the clutches of this silver haired, male version of herself.

The child played around with the hem of her nightgown. "I-I'm sorry. I had a nightmare and I don't know where mommy is. I think she wants to be alone." She let go of her skirt. "Can I sit with you?"

She sat there wondering what exactly he was doing, the monitors showed what lied beyond the walls of the Pharmacy. It was hell outside. She wondered how he could be so calm while having the knowledge that those things were out there. She guessed it was because of the Dolls and the high security that protected this building.

Her fixed attention on the monsters was diverted upon hearing Lye's reassurance about their safety. She changed nothing of her worry, which she suspected was not the response he desired. Thinking fast she took in a deep breath and let it out in what sounded like a sob to her. She stepped off her chair and shyly walked over to Lye, her arms reaching out in a gesture for him to take her up on his lap, which he does, but not without a slight reluctance that she hoped was out of surprise and not suspicion. Was she pushing her luck?

For mommy.

She pressed her face against his chest, letting the warmth seep into her own skin. An embrace that should have brought her comfort, but it was nowhere to be felt. Her breath slowed deliberately to hide her discomfort and remained still and relaxed. His hand smoothly rubbed her back up and down and the pressure of his head, falling onto her own only made it harder for her to continue her facade, but she endured.

For mommy.

Her vision began to blur. This was not part of her mask, but a blessing in disguise. Through her sobs she said: "Why- Why isn't it over? I want to go... S-somewhere far, far away." She felt herself press against him harder. "Y-you said you were going to fix everything. Why are the monsters still out there? Why haven't you fixed them like you did with me?"

He only hushed her in that soothing hush a parent would give to a distressed child. She let herself be comforted, because she wasn't sure she could stop her own true tears. She breathed. Breathed.

"I don't want to look at them anymore." She let her head drop on his shoulder. "Can we go for a walk?" She looked up, pleading with her eyes. "Just you and me? Please?"
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Juliet barely registered Beau's presence, she merely stared at her doing blankly. Beau called out to her once more but she ignored him. Every muscle in her body was tense, wishing to relieve the power coursing through her, wishing to quiet down the voices in her head.

She turned to find another punching bag, but Beau stopped her in her tracks, taking hold of her upper arm. His charming voice only made her that much more tense and anxious.

Please go away.

He thought her anger and frustration had to do with their little attempt at sex last night; he couldn't be any more wrong. She turned to face him.

"No, it's not that." It was only a minor thing in her eyes. "Just- I mean- Ugh... J-Just go away." But he wouldn't he kept pressing on. Held her where she stood, close to him. "Beau..." She sighed in defeat.

She finally met his eyes. "Fine. I had a talk with Takeru, apparently I'm... just a lab rat. You don't need to know that. We both already knew." Beau urged her to make sense. " Ugh! Takeru isn't going to let me go okay? After all this is done I'm back to-" She didn't want to say it. Didn't want to acknowledge it. "To where I belong. Under a microscope." He was about to say something to her and she could already guess what it was. That he was not going to let that happen. She held up a hand to stop him from saying anything. She didn't want to hear it, none of it. '

If freedom is something I can't have in life... She cast those thoughts aside. There was no time to think them, not now.

Juliet breathed to calm her tears. "Where were you last night?" She looked at him. "I thought you were going to come back to bed with me, but I guess that little... hiccup kept you away?"
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The lights of the screens flicker in his eyes as every now and then an explosion goes off, sending decomposing bodies flying into pieces. His security teams are keeping a high vigil and the walls are still standing yet his own inner walls feel crumbled. Now it's time for shields until he can close himself off again.
There is only silence in this room where he normally listens to classical music. The silence is what he's now realizing is all he has to look forward to no beautiful music of a family, child, or lover. That girl, no woman, Corie who was once Valentina has probably already turned their daughter against him.
What's the use in humanity if he'll always be alone?

"Master, your daughter, Evangeline, has requested to me to locate you. What are your orders?" His doll, Sophia, channels in.

Lye isn't sure what to think at this point. Could be a chance to comfort his little angel. "Bring her to me."

"Affirmative," Her brain tells him. After staring off into the wall for a moment she glances back to Evangeline. "Permission granted. Follow me." She gives her a slight bow and leads her to Lye.

Lye turns in his chair like a super villain from a James Bond movie. He isn't sure what to expect, but the tired, sad look on his daughter's face gave him patients. Sophia stands beside him.
Evangeline seems nervous as she grips her gown. "I-I'm sorry. I had a nightmare and I don't know where mommy is. I think she wants to be alone." She let go of her skirt. "Can I sit with you?"

Lye tilts his head slightly and gives her a small smile. "You never need to ask," and waves his hand to the seat next to him. She sits like a meek little mouse and peers up at the many monitors. Her innocent eyes laying upon such ghastly horrors seem to give her a silent fright. If anything the sweet naivety of a child was well within his grasp. She let's out a tiny sob and Lye can recognize this is not a sight for a child. HIS child should not be subjugated to such carnage.
When she holds her hands out to him his heart begins to pound. He takes this tiny being into his arms and cradles her as she nuzzles his chest. He puts his hands onto her warm back and gives it a gently rub.

"Why- Why isn't it over? I want to go... S-somewhere far, far away. Y-you said you were going to fix everything. Why are the monsters still out there? Why haven't you fixed them like you did with me?" He can only shush her as he figures an adult explanation won't work even for his own prodigy of such intelligence. Her tears begin to soak into his shirt.
What has he done?
"I don't want to look at them anymore. Can we go for a walk?" She gives him puppy dog eyes. "Just you and me? Please?"

"If nothing else for you, my angel." Lye sets her down and takes her hand. "Let me take you to a place I have made surreal. It may calm your nerves. Maybe there we may speak of your concerns." He offers.
All the halls appear identical until they reach the gallery. Through mohagony doors is an 18th century style music hall like that of Mozart or Beethoven. The walls are draped in red velvet curtains, gold lining along every lining, and plush seating around the center. There are multiple instruments and lovely pieces of furniture. In the center is a grand piano, off to the side a baby piano, and a violin as if to predict this very encounter of family reunion.
"I hadn't known you ever existed after the encounter between your mother and I yet...this is how I designed my dream hall." He leads her to the baby piano. "She wasn't much good," he jokes, "but more than good enough. I had always wanted a child, but..." he runs his hand along the baby grand piano. He had never played a duet before. He never considered his teaching lessons a worthy of such a word. "Would you like to play? Along side me?"

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Juliet doesn't answer him. She only turns her attention towards another punching bag to obliterate. Beau isn't patient enough for this and takes hold of her upper arm. She's reluctant but let's him know it isn't his fault which is a relief in his guilt that she has no idea. A man's mind doesn't work on the same frequency as a woman's mind.
Her next confession spikes a rage inside of Beau. With each sentence about Dr. Takero discouraging her and making her out to be nothing more than a Petr dish of disappointment the spike rises. Just when he's about to speak she puts her hand up to him like a queen silencing her court jester.
"Where were you last night?" She gives him a lingering gaze. "I thought you were going to come back to bed with me, but a guess that little...hiccup kept you away?"

This throws Beau off. What was she talking about?
"I said I would be in my room. You didn't want me in yours. Why would I come back to be rejected by you, again?" He's getting a bit nippy and is trying not to take his previous anger out on her. "I'm an android I don't always need to sleep and since I couldn't I left my room. I didn't know I had to check in with you every time I do something given you don't even want me. You're so concerned with yourself and this pity party over being a clone, so what? You know what I am, but you can't see how much you mean to me. So how often do I have to try? You're letting Takero get all up in your head then expect me to hold you while you're pushing me away? You're stronger than you'll ever know so fuck the world. You sure as hell won't fuck me."
Beau turns his back on her and begins to walk away. "Oh, if you want to know what I did last night I pleasured myself. Heaven forbid a man, or whatever I am, has his indiscretions." He gives a half hearten lie. It's easier when he doesn't have to look her in the eye. "Just focus on our mission to save this worthless world so we can move on already."


"Cat-boy, you sure are noisy." Gedra comments as she works on the latest programs updates to their android forms.

"Maybe because...I WANT TO BE FUCKING LET GO!" Madden pulls hard to break his restraints but to no avail. "Or at least give me a hand job...well, not by you-you look like you would tear my dick off, but how about a cute intern? Male preferably they always know what they're doing."

Gedra exhales, gets up, and walks over to him. She stares at him for a moment giving Madden chills til then she hits the security code and he is released. Madden sits up and rubs his wrists. He is amazingly surprised. He never thought it would work. Sure as shit wouldn't have worked at the Pharmacy. With a quirky smile he hops off the table and starts to stretch like a house cat.
"You don't know how long it's been since I've been able to flex these muscles!" He cracks a few bones as he stands and rolls a few joints. "Gotta wonder, Red, why did you let me loose?"

"Honestly, I was sick of hearing you whine." Gedra bluntly states. "Don't try to run away."

"Fair enough for me, my lady." Madden agrees as he skips to her side. "What's all this jargon?"

"None of your business." Gedra continues without hesitation.

"Whooo, aren't we mysterious?" He rolls his eyes and takes a better look around. "I gather you all have a plan to take down the Pharmacy?" Gedra doesn't answer. "You know they have a lot more security than this place. I could tell you anything you want. Either way doesn't give a flying retards dirty finger to me."

"Unless you have pertinent information I would appreciate your silence." She tries to ignore him. Now she is regretting letting him loose and yet he is still less annoying than before.

"Oh, but I do..." Madden leans over her shoulder with a sharp smile, "but you have to ask me nicely first." He pokes her in the cheek. In response Gedra grabs his hand and twists. Madden lets out a painful howl.

"Do NOT touch." She warns.

"Acknowledged..." He manages to choke out as he holds back tears. She releases and he crumbles to the ground. "Not a way I normally am sexually tormented..." He tries to make a joke that even he didn't find funny. "Oddly still nicer than when I was captured by the Pharmacy." He shakes and blows on his hand as he stands up. "What are you doing anyways? Aren't we supposed to be making a game plan that anally rapes our enemies with a aids covered, spiked, elephant's dick?"

"Already in progress." Gedra will only let him know so much. No trust has been established.

"Fine..." Madden sighs as he rests his head on his hand next to her. "Anything I can do now? Kinda hungry and I'm so fucking bored."

"There is a cafeteria. Take a left out the door, turn right at the first hall, take the elevators to the 1st floor, and it'll be through swinging doors straight ahead. There is a gym. Take a right at the doors, down the hall until you find the last hall to your left, and it'll be any of the 3rd or 2nd doors on your right." She sounds like a secretary.

"OK..." Madden gives up. He doesn't like to work out on a full stomach so he heads to the gym first. As soon as he approaches he spots his orange haired Adonis storming out. His heart and pants grow bigger with every step. "Hey, lover-boy, bet you'd like another session with my mouth on your-"

Beau shoves him. "Not in the mood. Who the hell let you loose?"

Madden glares at him so disappointed he can't have any fun with these jokes. "The boring red head chick. She didn't want me in there so I left. Happy?"

"Fucking figures," Beau storms off.

"What crawled up his ass? And why wasn't it me?" Madden goes into the gym only to find the clone girl practically in tears. "Not another sad sack. It's like all the colors of the emotionally unstable rainbow in here." He approaches her. "What's your story, little girl? What's going on between you and the mechanical man? Trouble in paradise or as reality calls it the apocalypse?"
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The walk is silent which she appreciates, her heartbeats are so fast she finds it hard to pretend to breath normally. Her eyes and face still puffy are her salvation. He'll believe she is still just trying to get over her little cry about the zombies she saw. Sniffing constantly to rid herself of the boogers and whipping her tears away with the back of her free hand.

As they walk through the many halls and take the elevators her thoughts can't help going back to her mother.

I hate you so much right now.

Though she is doing this for her and her cause, she can't help her growing hatred and her new desire to leave.

They make it to a room she never imagined she would find in a pharmaceutical building. When you have so much money to spend and you own your own company you can do anything.

Her rosy, puffy face is replaced with wonder. The things that Lye could do never ceased to amaze her. She had to stop herself a moment and remember why she was with him. That this wasn't a real moment.

When he speaks about his desire to have a child, a family she can't help a spec of guilt. A guilt that she crushed out of her thoughts.

This man hurt your mother. He can't feel for anyone. If not for mom, not for you either.

A stray tear escaped one of her eyes and luckily it was after he asked for a duet with her. The corners of her lips turned up, forcing a smile, that appeared as genuine as it could be.

She sat on the bench before the baby grand piano, aware of Lye watching her. Her fingers glided over the keys, secretly itching to play. It had been a while since she touched a real piano - the last one being the one kept in the room where Lye held her. Her mother had gotten her a keyboard when they lived in the beach house after running away from Lye, but she never touched it. It wasn't a real piano and the sounds were so electronic and devoid of true sound.

Her index presses down on one of the keys and she sings out what sound it is, her voice attempting to mimic the sound. "Do."

She hears a chuckle from Lye and she peeks up at him giving him a tiny smile.

Well all I have to do is keep him distracted.

Still only using a single finger she goes up and down the scale singing out the keys. Each sound enveloping her in a growing comfort she so desperately needed to think more clearly. When she stops she remembers she hasn't answered his offer at a duet. She turns to him and he is leaning against the piano, taken by her adoration for each note the instrument made. Being like this with him, looking over to her from the piano is a picture she used to think about whenever she played at her old home, before she knew who her father was.

"I.... haven't played in a while. I don't know if I'm still good." She fidgeted with her fingers as she talked, clearly itching to play. "Y'know, mom wasn't perfect, but she was good enough to teach me the basics. So, you did well enough." She attempts at a joke. "Lemme warm up first and then we'll play."

She began to play a few random, but had to stop suddenly due to her long hair getting in the way of her face. She lets out a breath to blow it away, but fails and rolls her eyes. I'm cutting my hair. Taking it all in her hands she twists three chunks of her hair into a braid, just as her mother used to do before playing during her lessons and now she knows why.

Having done with her hair she gives Lye a thumb up and begins to warm up again. The keys are random, she isn't trying to play something specific, but the keys still sound harmonious. It sounds so divine that a pleasant expression reveals itself on her face, her eyes close as she just lets the music take her where it wants her to go. Then she stops and the dream ends.

Well I still got it.

She turns to Lye and sees that he too had been taken by the music. For a moment, she forgot everything she was supposed to feel towards him, every vile thing she was told about him, how she was conceived and what he tried to do to her mother and just felt like she was a beloved child who did have a father, a father who looked at her with pride and love.

"Play with me." She said.

The two in their own instruments, she thought of something to play together. It wasn't a song, but a form of communication she made up.

"Um... This is going to sound odd, but I don't want us to just play. I want to know something about you. How you feel right now."

If you truly can feel.

"See I have this little game with the keyboards. They have their own pitch." She goes over to him and sits down next to him. "All the keys on the right side are really high pitch. I associate them with cheeriness, happy, playful. The ones in the middle are... so-so. Pleasant, maybe melancholic and sad as they go farther to the left where it then turns low and heavy. Then the ones in the farthest left I associate them with anger, frustration. I want you to begin to play" She says as she gets up to go back to her own piano, "what you are feeling right now and I'll follow you along and I'll answer your keys with my own." She is hoping she is making sense. "That way you will learn a bit about me and me you."

Before going back to her piano, she held out her pinky finger and gestured for him to do the same, their fingers lock, she looks at him straight in the eye and says: "Now repeat after me. I solemnly swear that my music does not tell lies."

Having taken the oath. She goes to her piano and they begin to play. She doesn't play immediately as she wants to hear him, what he has to say without saying anything and just letting the music speak for itself. There is a hesitation. Having realized how sacred this form of communication is. You can't tell me lies. Not like this. You swore. And she herself can't. It’s risky, since she must lie for her mother now, but she wants to know him. Who he is at least a little.

When the music starts to envelope them she can hear something trying to reach out to someone and failing to do so. A small cry that wants to scream for everyone to hear. Then the cry calms down into a woeful moan.... lonely.... empty. It's here she finds her opportunity to join in and she does. First, she concentrates on keys that sound comforting and kind, a hand reaching out for him to take. Telling him to not cry anymore, because she is lonely too... and they can be lonely together.

The music continues in a state of melancholy that gradually forms into one that longs to be happy, but can't find itself there just yet. Though now there is a hint of gratitude that the loneliness can be bearable. With the two of them twined together in the music the world outside of their cocoon of musical notes, doesn't seem real anymore and whatever broke them is gone.

The music stops. It's then she feels her cheeks are moist. Tears, she had been crying again. She goes over to Lye. Was he crying too?

"I don't think I ever told you this, but once mom told me that 'I play just like daddy'." She cleaned her cheeks. "I wanted that to be true then, because I didn't know who you were. Even if I never met him, with that thought, with my playing, I felt like I was close to whoever my dad was." She looked up to him there was a hint of tears in his eyes, but they were held back.

She wished with all her might he was normal so he could be her dad. A pleasant man, kind and strong and not ill minded.

Just stop it and get back to work. He can never be that.

From what they played now she has something of him that she can use, but now he has something of her that could serve as well. Her music betrayed things that she longed for: to be with him, to all of them be together, but being afraid that her desires would be their downfall.

There was a truth she expertly hid; her resentment. If he was so lonely and longed for companionship, why not let go of whatever tormented him?

"Lye, don't be sad anymore." She gently cupped his face in her small hands and gave him a gentle rub on his cheek with her thumb. Her face pretending compassion. She kissed his forehead and hugged him. "Are me and mommy not enough?"
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A few minutes went by before she decided to leave the bedroom. Now it was the perfect time. With Lye and Evee occupied with each other there was nothing that could get in the way. It was late in the night still, dawn wouldn't arrive any time soon and neither will the usual numorous staff. Many have gone due to how crazy the outbreak was getting and most of the remaining staff are the soldiers outside fighting to protect the one facility in the city that could cure this epidemic. So far they have done a good job keeping it from spreading to other areas, but why have they not cured the people in the city? Lye cured Evee, there is a cure, why not use it now?

Valentina was in the dark with what the Apothecary was doing, she knew their goal, but as for what is going on now no clue. If only they had established a way of communication.

Wait a second... they have a Doll... I'm a Doll.

Valentina can communicate with them. They know where to find each other always.

Wait... Suzette is offline. I can't link with her. Damn it! There has to be another way.

She leaned against the wall, arms crossed, lost in thought. If the Pharmacy owns the Apothecary there must be a way to reach them from here, but if I call them normally Lye would know. I need a private line.

The computer lab could prove useful to her. With so little personal and most focused on the problems outside it was empty. Moving to a computer she sits, staring at the glowing screen wondering just what and how is she suppose to do this.

"I need to contact them. How am I going to do this?" She felt something snake out of the back of her head. A cable it then conected to the computer infront of her, ready to be used. "The hell?" Her vision changed. She no longer saw the room or the computer infront of her but a world of green, numbers and letters.

"Okay... Okay... Um..." Her mind worked through the communication lines, doing her bidding without her having to say anything aloud.

She suddenly hears ringing and someone eventually answers, a woman. Her voice, familiar, brings her back to a moment, her last moment.

The woman on the other end said hello a third time.


Could she recognise her own voice? Though she is now in a 15 year old body the one thing she kept from her adulthood was her voice.

"Are you a member of the Apothecary? Is Juliet there?"


Juliet looked up from behind her watery eyes to find none other than the cat man she saved. For a second she wondered how he got lose and Takeru was not going to like this, because he didn't want this infected mutant potentially spreading whatever messed virus mutation he is carrying, but then she decided that she doesn't care. Not at all.

Luckily these tears aren't a waterfall nor will they become one so she quickly fixes herself up and goes to a punching bag to punish.

"Maybe we should just let the apocalypse happen in my so called paradise. It was never a paradise to begin with." One punch and the bag goes flying towards the wall. "It will end up nowhere anyway. He is an android, he is gonna belike that forever, I'm going to rot away being injected a million more epidemics and hopefully die from one of them."

The cat man makes a comment that she supposes is a joke, but can't figure it out. In the end she ignores it. "I need to blow off steam. Fight me." It's as if her words were turning foreign. "You're infected aren't you? I'm guessing you could be as strong as me. Which means you don't break easy. Fight. Me."

He goes on to say that whenever shit hits the fan he turns into something gross and he is not looking to become gross any time soon.

Juliet rolls her eyes and turns to another punching bag that she thoroughly pumels into oblivion. The security guards finally show up, due to the commotion and tell her and the cat man to get out of the gym.

She apathetically walks out, the cat man in tow. "I didn't catch your name. I'm Juliet. I don't think I mentioned it to you." Asking the cat man to fight, then introducing herself, she laughed at her absurdity.

He told her his name.

"Madden?" She mumbled to herself. "Want to eat?"

They get to the cafeteria and she sits down munching on an apple. Madden goes on asking what is going on between her and Beau. Nosy.

"Nothing I can understand. He disappeared last night, I couldn't find him. I asked where he went and he blows up on me for asking. Also after this is all over it's back to the test tube for me." She sighed. "Whatever."

She looked to Madden's feline attributes. "What the hell the scientists do to you to end up spliced with a cat? that seems way more fun than the things I've been put through. Heck what I would like to know is what exactly the purpose for human animal splicing even was. I mean at least I know my situation was to create super humans. You... The hell is your background?" She laughs.
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When Evangeline takes a seat and touches a single key Lye can feel his heart skip a beat. She even smiles and it's one of the most beautiful things he's ever seen. He's made her happy.

"I.... haven't played in a while. I don't know if I'm still good." She fidgets with her fingers as she talked, clearly itching to play. "Y'know, mom wasn't perfect, but she was good enough to teach me the basics. So, you did well enough. Lemme warm up first and then we'll play."
Lye can tell she's being modest. She was his offspring and any offspring of his is magnificent. She pulls back her silvery blonde hair and gives him a thumbs up. She tests the keys and something is so warm about her as she begins to play.
She pauses. "Play with me."

Lye's heart again skips that monumental beat. She requests him to play how he feels, but what to play? Something fanatical or sad? How he can play such a bitter sweet experience? Even after he begins she doesn't believe him. Seated next to him she asks to play more, play better, and soon they were in unison after a sweet little pinky promise. So juvenile. No lies? Would he even know how?

Lye ends up in tears. He hasn't cried in so long.
Evangeline is crying, too. Now they are linked in a way he hasn't felt since his father was alive.
Those big blue eyes like a pure pond about to overflow as she recited what little her mother had told her about him. It's so kind all things considered. Saving face, saving feeling, or the truth?

"Lye, don't be sad anymore." Evee gently cupped his face in her small hands and gave him a gentle rub on his cheek with her thumb. She kissed his forehead and hugs him. "Are me and mommy not enough?"

Lye is taken back. It's almost as if he can't breath. His own daughter, the one thought could hate him as much as her mother, is embracing him once again. She's giving him a kiss on his forehead, wiping away his tears, and hugging him...?! What does he say? What does he do?
He puts his long hands over her tiny digits and slowly pulls them away as painful as it is to do so. He searches her face for the right words to say, but is dumbfounded.
"For some people the world is never enough especially when they've had what they thought it was taken away. If that happens over and over nothing is ever enough. The only exception, my dear, is to create a new world, one that will stay." He's vague because he doesn't want to explain too much of his past to her. "I wish I could trust that there is a world outside of The Pharmacy but no trust has been earned. To be betrayed again would only destroy this new world I wish to start with you, but your mother. . .you know there are many complicated adult issues that I cannot discuss at the moment." Lye admits. "Everything may be very scary for you, but I will make it all better. Be patient that's all I can ask."

He can tell she skeptical of him. After all she's seen can understand why so he has to find a better way to sway her to his side or she may never stand by him in a family portrait. The thought of this hurts inside. He always obsesses over what he can't have and that can be dangerous.
"Are you hungry? Let me order room service. We should let your mother rest." He offers.

"Hello?" The woman at the front desk answers the phone at the Apothecary. "Hello?" There's no answer. Odd because given the situation no one was calling them anymore. "Hello?"

"Are you a member of the Apothecary? Is Juliet there?" The young woman's voice sounds shaken.

"This is the Apothecary front desk. Let me check the database. Can I have a last name for Juliet?" There are more employees than she could guess even if there are only a fraction working there now. There is no last name to give. "I'm sorry there is no Juliet in our employment. May I suggest a special department I can transfer you to?" It takes the woman a minute but she names a department not normally accepting calls. "I will transfer you now. Please stay on the line this may take a moment because it's a classified department." She puts the call through. . .
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Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption
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