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 Frosty the Dope Man

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PostSubject: Frosty the Dope Man   Tue May 12, 2015 10:09 pm

Madden rolls over and lays his arm across a sealed old vase that smells like hay and dust. It takes a moment before he remembers it belongs to his latest client and shouldn't be in bed with him. He's not sure why he's sharing his space with a ming vase but as long as it's in tact it doesn't matter. He sits up with a giant yawn, arms in the air, then rolls off the bed and pushes against the wall with his ass out. Oddly enough he's still wearing underwear. Must've been a boring night. He hoists the vase into his arms and heads to the kitchen. He sets the big thing on the coffee table and heads into the kitchen. His back is soar and he wines in a high pitched tone as he tries to crack it. The coffee maker is on automatic since both guys living there were such party animals the caffeine is a must as soon as they manage to roll out of bed.
The steam that rises up soothes his senses and he wishes he could curl up in bed with this hot mug and spoon it.

Beau's ears perk up at the sound of Madden stirring. He is typically on high alert so he isn't molested by his horny as a devil roommate. He knows he should be ashamed of himself for taking over a week to acknowledge that the multiple situations Madden was either in his bed nude due to "sleep-walking" or watching him while he showered or offering to massage him. Eventually, Beau did catch on and locks are not an issue for Madden to overcome so as if in prison he is hyper vigilant.
This time as he felt a body pressed into his he finds another lovely lady. Women have such soft and sweet smelling bodies. He nuzzles his nose into her hair and gives her butt a little rub with his morning-wood. His hand is already holding onto her left boob and it's more than a handful. When he opens his eyes he gazes into the back of her soft brown hair and he has to remember who he was with last night. It doesn't take him as long as usual because he wasn't shit-faced when he penetrated her. It's the woman from upstairs, the very amorous Miss Corie.
Beau releases his grip and sits up. He can smell coffee. He isn't sure if she should wake up the lady next to him or let her sleep off a night of unbridled sex.


Lye whips his princess up a batch of home made waffles. He isn't sure why he hasn't been harassed by "mommy" yet. He lets it slide the more time with Evangeline the more she seems to love him. He knows he's pretty great already so it should be obvious, but he isn't sure what discontent Corie has sown into her daughter against him.
As he cuts up strawberries his nostrils are reminded of the sweet smell of that darling new maid that has enticed his urges. As much as he would love to eat such fresh fruit of such virgin skin he has a daughter to focus on. The sins of the last night are long gone and mean nothing to him. His little girl is safe and his building is back to normal. After breakfast he needs to find a new doorman. Luckily he has man on file he'll call after breakfast.


Gedra compiles all the data she's gathered from everyone that lives in the apartment. Lye's file is the thickest. It's her insurance file in case he should ever double cross her. The only people with a clean slate is the new girl and Beau. Family comes first.

Her next assignments pops up. Out of the many a few seem familiar. Apparently there's a hit out on a certain thief and a certain assassin appear on her hit list. As a freelance mercenary she has to hunt to get paid, but at least she can choose who is next. It will depend on how they rub her the wrong way...or how much the price goes up.
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Mon May 18, 2015 3:38 pm

"Good morning sweetheart." That was the most heartwarming good morning Juliet has ever gotten from any of the maids since day one. In fact Mrs. Peaches was the only one that said hello nicely to her. Mrs. Cutler only grunted and waved lazily her way and Ms. Balderash... well... those were pretty unpredictable but equally violent encounters. Ms. Balderash would either confuse her with some woman who stole her man or some other woman who "ruined her life". Either way Juliet was met with an aggressive granny who would claw her eyes out if she could. Not wanting to have another one of those face-offs with that strange old woman Juliet quickly grabbed her equipment and task list of the day.
As she made her way out she was stopped by the painful wails of Mrs. Peaches who was supporting her weight against the wall. The teen swiftly made her way to the pained woman and helped her up.

"Are you alright Mrs. Peaches?"

"Oh yes, thank you sweetheart. Oh! My back!" She tried to straighten up but couldn't.

Juliet helped her to the armchair they had in their lounge and sat her down.

"Oh dear... feels like its gonna be another long hard day. He he."

Worried for her co-worker's health, Juliet offered to do most of her daily tasks. Mrs. Peaches refused but submitted to her kindness. Looking at Mrs. Peaches list she regretted a little that she was to clean the hooligans' room today. Oh great...

Once Juliet was out a devious smile appeared on Peaches old wrinkly lips. "Gullible fool." She said followed by an evil chuckle. Yep, that's lazy Peaches for ya.


"Morning daddy." Evee skipped merely to sit at the counter. "Smells yummy."

When her dad wasn't looking she took a picture of him serving her the waffles. Seeing his surprised face she giggled. "Your first picture in the album. I'm gonna ask mommy today if we can ad you to it now that you guys are getting along."

While she ate her breakfast she asked her father about what happened to Gunther last night and if he really was the one who stole her's and her mom's undies and hoped that the sicko was fired.


For the first time in forever the early morning felt like it was the most magical sight in the whole world; despite being in a mess of a room. Corie was still between sleep and awake, but the smell of coffee and the rays of the sun trying to shine through the curtains was like the best combo ever. She slept better than she has ever slept in her life. Next to a hunk of a man who satisfied her round the clock. Was this how it feels like to wake up after a night of pure ecstasy? The whole world turns pink the morning after. Nothing... nothing could ruin this unexplained glee.
The stir behind her brings her further more into consciousness and slowly she sits up, not bothering to cover up her exposed body, to find Beau already awake. She doesn't know how he feels and doesn't really care to know so she just assumes that last night was awesome for him to and probably just feels casual about it.

"Morning." She casually greets him.

The first thing that she does is scope the room for her clothes that were luckily in this one room and not spread around the apartment as if an explosion had happened. She checks the time and is not bothered by it. Nothing is worry worthy anymore.

She turns to her partner. "Sleep well?"


One of her rooms of the day was Ms. Fortier's. When she came in she was very surprised of the lack of both activity and mess. There was virtually nothing much to clean in the apartment. When she stepped into Fortier's bedroom she saw it was completely tidied up; the bed was made, the dressing table was organised... was Ms. Fortier even here? There was no smell of coffee or breakfast when she came in and it was pretty early for her to have left for work, if she had work today.

"None of my business." She told herself.

As she polished some of the wooden furniture she began to become very aware of her surroundings. Fortier's apartment was very prestigious, compared to everyone else's. There were family pictures on the walls, the tables, but none had Mr. Anderson in it. They were mostly just of her and her kid. Some were, whom Juliet believed, Fortier's parents. Though they seemed odd as if they didn't look related. Although that doesn't say anything, because Evangeline herself looks different from her mom; she was blond with blue eyes while Fortier was brunette with hazel eyes, but still Evangeline's face had similarities with Fortier, like their lips and nose and they were both fair skinned.

Wait, what she doing snooping? Stop being so inappropriate Juliet. You have work to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sat May 23, 2015 6:14 pm

Evee's joyous entrance brings Lye to a grand sense of happiness in being loved as a parent and being able to steal the attention of his daughter from his ex. "I would be honored if I could be in your album. You know I keep an album here for you and me as well. I have a couple of photos of your mom before she was pregnant with you. She's always been very beautiful."
"All for you, sweetheart." He places the waffles on a plate, places a strawberry in the middle, blueberries for eyes, and a whip cream smile before sliding it over to her with a bottle of warm real maple syrup. "Have fun with the maid last night?" Lye inquires to be sure that little vixen was nice to his little girl. "Don't worry about calling your mom I'm sure she'll be here when she wants you. Until then I have you all to myself. Later I will be interviewing new candidates for a doorman. Let's say Gunther was immediately discharged." He lets her know. "What would you like to do before mommy appears?"


Beau sees Corie is stirring. "Good morning," she greets him, "Sleep well?" She turns to him and seems very happy.

"Good morning to you, too." He grins. "Want me to get you some coffee?" He offers. It's only polite since this is his 2nd time knocking-boots with such a MILF.

Madden looks through the fridge for high protein items since the night of banging he wasn't allowed to participate in he figures it would be nice to help Beau and his secret bearing friend could use some. He starts cooking up some eggs and sausage when there's a nock at the door. He finds the prude teenage maid, Juliet, on the other side.
"Guess it's that time of the week for another buzz-kill to piss on our parade?" He insults her.

While she starts cleaning Beau walks out of his room in his boxer shorts. "Hey," he waves at Juliet, distracting her as she cleans. "How you been?" He walks up to her and with his muscular frame in her face she backs up into the coffee table causing the ming vase to wobble and circle and finally fall over onto the floor; shattering into a hundred pieces. White powder circles up and out like a cloud. Juliet panics and goes for the vacuum that only whips up the powder even worse like a fog through the room.

Madden rushes around the counter to the couch and he is shocked at the sight of his client's vase broken on the ground. "Ah FUCK, what the hell did you do?! Shit, I was going to get mad paid for that and now...why?" He whines.

"What was in that vase?" Beau asks with growing concern.

"Supposed to be empty..." Madden starts to cough. Suddenly the whole place is starting to speed up. "Oh...shit..."
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sun May 24, 2015 5:59 pm

Evee listens as she finishes her incredibly delicious breakfast. “Mmm…” She says every now and then when she takes a bite. It was so different to have mornings with her dad. Of course mornings with mom were alright. On her days off she would wake up, feeling normal, and hum or merely sing a tune from one of her favorite songs as she made breakfast for the two of them… but on her work days she would wake Evee up in a not-so-happy way. Though it was understandable; she has to get dressed for work, make breakfast, drop Evee off at the daycare… those were stressful mornings. The things that happened after were dull. Mother would be tired and nap, leaving Evee to just practice her music or be hauled in her room reading or Evee would go down to play by herself… or try at least.
Once she finished her food she hopped off her chair and cheered. “I wanna go to the store!” She giggled. “I need a pretty dress for the recital next week.” She paused and gasped. “Mommy needs one too! Can we all go together?” She walked up to him, taking his hand and jumped excitedly. “Please-please-please-pleeeaaaase! Daddy.” She batted her eyes to him with the cutest smile she could manage.
Her tinny hands pulled on his arm to make him bend down to her level so she could whisper to him. “I’ll let you take the pictures.” She persuades him though she believes it’s not needed.


It was all going fine, at first, ignoring Mr. Hoftmen’s remarks, braving through the unholy mess of a living quarters, cope with every little oddity she comes across with and touches (thankfully she remembered to use TWO gloves this time). But then in comes look-at-my-body Beau, his pecs were all up in her face when she looked up at him. Not going to lie she was secretly loving this sight of a there-really-is-a-God man. She had to back up to make some personal space between them, unfortunately this lead to a very, very, very, very, very… so many very expansive looking vase that fell off with a drama based movie notion.

Juliet was screaming “oh my gods” and “sorries”, but there was no way those could EVER make up for this crime. She tries to clean this mess up, but the powder that had burst out of its containment was now a lovely puff of smoke in the air that she and everyone in the room inhaled, giving a commence to a coughing party.
Mr. Haydn was more concerned about the contents that the three of them had just inhaled. Judging by Mr. Hoftmen’s answer, he had absolutely no clue.

Suddenly the whole world goes into a rush. Juliet sniffles and rubs her nose, getting an itchy feeling in her nostrils.
“What the heck is this stuff!? Y-You tell me! Right now!”

Suddenly her heart pulses faster by the second. This she can’t cope with. The chaotic apartment, she was beginning to learn to deal with, but this… there were no words for this. Oh my God! What’s happening!?
It has to take Mr. Hoftmen about a minute or two to figure out what the substance that's now invading their system was.

The words that just came out of his mouth just couldn’t be true. She was hoping her ears were fooling her, he had to repeat it and that’s when she snapped. She jumped Mr. Hoftmen and shook him like crazy.

“What the fuck!? Are you insane!?” The answer to her last question was indeed not needed.

From Beau’s bedroom door emerges Ms. Fortier, wearing only Mr. Haydn’s big shirt, asking what was going on.

“I knew it!” She screams randomly, pointing at the half naked woman before rushing towards her yelling, “Don’t come in here!” and pushed her back in his room and closed the door, blocking the entrance with her body rather dramatically, panting.
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:29 pm

Evee pleas for family time which is a foreign request for Lye as even as a child his family was broken, but he figures it's about time for an attempt. Spending time with Corie is an odd affair given their history yet any chance to get closer to Evangeline is worth it.Given if Corie should ever "disappear" or die he needs his baby girl on his side.

"Whatever you want, my angel." He picks her up and puts his forehead to hers. "Nothing would make me happier than to give you all you desire. We will have fun. . .as a family." He sets her down. "Now where did you have in mind to explore?"


The sudden hysteria has everyone wide eyed. Mostly it's the burning sensation in their sinus cavities but the insistent yelling of Juliet wasn't helping.

Juliet then rushes at Corie kicking up a cloud of cocaine that follows her to the mouth of the hallway. Madden and Beau start coughing. Beau has to shake his head a few times and wipes the light layer of powder from his face. "Why are you yelling at her?" He asks Juliet.

"Because she's high on cocaine!" Madden yells in a very inappropriate manner as he throws his arms in the air.

"Dude, not cool," Beau tries to quiet him. "But she's right Corie you can't come in here it's. . .um. . .uh. . ." He glances around and notices there's no way to explain why their apartment is now covered in an illegal substance. He shoots a glare at Madden. "What the fuck?"

"Don't look at me like that! Not my fault! Clumsy Miss Puberty Pants over there knocked over the vase I was taking to my client." Mad tries to pass the blame.

"You're dealing drugs?!" Beau snaps at him.

"NO!" Mad hops on the couch. "I just had to take it from one place to the next I didn't know what was inside! I only deal in art not bad things!" He sit on the back of the couch and begins meowing like a crying cat wanting to come inside the back door.

Beau begins feeling even stranger. A peculiar surge of energy comes over him and his head feels a bit lighter. It's as if he could go out the window and do par-core over all the buildings to the shoreline where he could then dive into the ocean and catch a shark with his bare hands. "Anyone want to go shark fishing?"

"Me!" Madden hops up.

There's a knock at the door. Everyone is now staring at it as if the police are on the other side. A small voice comes from the other side and they all exchange glances upon realizing it's Evangeline, Corie's daughter, along with the landlord.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit," Beau blinks.

"I'll get it!" Madden jumps up and Beau has to tackle him. They wrestle for a good moment at the girls get things in order. "One moment! Almost there-" Beau has to shove Mad's face into the carpet to shut him up.

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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:24 am

This was the last straw. Its only been four days and she's met with multiple majorly epic reasons to quit and high tail it out of this insanity. She actually tried calling her parents last night but all she heard on the other end was constant ringing and the answering machine with a custom made voice mail... voice recording of her parents letting her know that they have gone out of the country and won't be back until school started again. They didn't let her go on her own vacation, but are selfish enough to go off to paradise while they leave her going through a hell of a vacation... literally HELL of a vacation.

Bratty french kids, messy, perverted, irritating bachelors with hot bodies, scary hermit lady, pantie sniffing counter dudes and real/fantasy hands that touch her in her sleep.

What else? What else can Condom Cove Condos throw at me?

Juliet continues to sniffle every few seconds. There just no way this was happening.

Mr. Hoftmen kept insisting it was all her fault and none of his; even though it was HE who brought this vase into the premises, HE wasn't careful to check this thing wasn't an incubator for drugs and HE who was working with whomever wanted this illegal shit.

Juliet yells at him back, defending herself, Beau was now speaking nonsense. She began yelling suddenly about her not wanting to be in this place. That's when there was a knock on the front door. To their horror it was the landlord, her boss, Mr. Anderson and that little brat.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit," Beau blinks.

"Fuuuuuuck." Juliet follows up.

"I'll get it!" Madden jumps up and Beau has to tackle him. They wrestle for a good moment at the girls get things in order. "One moment! Almost there-" Beau has to shove Mad's face into the carpet to shut him up.

As fast as possible, Juliet tries to pick up as much of this crap as possible, dumping it in the trash bag in her cart. Everything seems to be looking less criminal, but JUST a little, until Ms. Fortier walks in, coming up from behind Juliet. The teen turns, holding of the stupid cocaine dust in a scoop, turns to dump it in the bag and POOF. She collides with Ms. Fortier, dust taking the air and into Ms. Fortier's sinuses.


Corie had absolutely no idea what was going down, literally down into her system. She just stood there waving off the dust from her face, coughing and sniffing, rubbing her nose. The damage was already done.

It just clicked to Juliet that the landlord was out there with the kid, which both were related to Corie and there was no way could she face those two people like this now. No sir, no. No. No. No!

"What the fuck is this?" Corie said before she was tackled back into the bedroom. Its become a room she somehow keeps coming back to no matter what the circumstance.

Juliet closes the door right after telling her: "You're under the fucking influence!" And she shut the door. Then reopened it to say one last thing:"Stay in here if you wanna live!"

The room wasn't as clean and clear as she wanted it to be. There was clearly visible the white dust stain all over the carpet. Some of the furniture was still very much white-ish. She kept going, trying and trying to get this place spotless, but it would take more time and the landlord would get suspicious if they made him wait longer.

Beau, as composed as possible, answered the door. Juliet tried to keep cool, but every few seconds she would quickly glance at the door to Beau's bedroom just to make sure ms. Fortier didn't open it.


How could Mr. Anderson know she was here? How? Has she done this before? Either way Mr. Anderson didn't seem like the kind of man who would "share" a woman. Is it sharing if they aren't even together? But they have a kid in the middle... so... is it still inappropriate?

She couldn't take this suspense. She needed to get out. She could feel eyes on her. Turning she saw Mr. Anderson was looking over at the still kind of messy room. She couldn't trust herself with words so she just waved, kind of looking creepy, attempting to calmly smile.

She hears some thumping in the bedroom and her heart sinks.


"RATS!" She finally notices that she was indeed yelling. "I'll go check that. Yes. I will indeed. Because that's my job."

She holds the broom as anyone would hold a bat amd hastily runs into the bedroom where she had left Ms. Foriter and closes the door behind her.

From the outside the bedroom the only thing they could hear was thumping and occasional exclamations, specifically Juliet's.

"I can't believe I did this! i have to go! Like. Like. Like now!" Corie says hysterically.

Juliet holds the young mother's hands. "No. No. No. You're baby's daddy is out there." She tries to be as quiet as possible.


Juliet also exclaims the same question in order to cover up Corie's voice, so no one would hear.

"What... are you... doing here you pesky vermin!? Shoo!" She keeps covering up as best she can. Even smacking the broom against the floor.

The adrenaline rush surging them both have them pumping.

Corie runs to the only way out; the window. It's a bit far from the fire escape, but she could manage to jump onto it and climb up to her floor.

Juliet stares for a few seconds as the half-naked woman goes for the window and realizes.


Bam! The teen is on top of Corie, keeping her from doing something stupid.

Back with the guys, Evangeline is listening to all the ruckus going on in there, but pays no mind to it. Rolling her eyes even.

Incompetent maid.

"Where's my mommy?" She asked Beau.
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:48 pm

"Fuuuuuuck." Juliet comes in after Beau. Perfect sign shit was about to hit the fan. She scurries around to clean up the cocaine mess that coats the room like baby powder on a kid's bottom. It's then she runs into Corie who is oblivious to what was going on in such short notice. The drug is spreading...

"Dammit, Juliet, calm down." Beau tries to tell her but she's so frantic she can't hear him. When he sees her tackle Corie into the bedroom he lets up on Madden and decides to talk to the landlord himself. "Madden, get back and stop acting like a lunatic."

Mad stands up and solutes him. "I won't let you down!" He then dives underneath a large throw rug to hide himself.

"Good enough," Beau sighs.

"Since your mom wasn't at home maybe she's here," Lye excuses his ex's outragious behavior to keep thier daughter innocent as to how much of a whore her mother could be.
The door opens and the skulpted tenant answers the door. It's no wonder she's indulging in him, but Lye is secure in the fact he's not worth as much of a man as he is so it's no true threat. It's all the lust of an ignorant woman. He glances down at his daughter and knows to be careful with his speech. "Excuse me for the intrusion, but I'm looking for Val-I mean Corie. Would she happen to be here?" Beau is dumb-struck.

"Where is my mommy?" The adorable child asks.

Beau is a bit slow to speak as his mind is racing from the drugs. "She is. . .or. . .I think so we were having a-uh, book club last night. She stayed over...on the couch, but may have left. Let me check. Please, stay out it's a real man-den in here. Not good for little girls." His excuse is long and drawn out to the point of extremely suspicious. He never has to cover up anything he does because he normally doesn't care, but he doesn't want to get anyone in trouble nor does he know what Corie wanted her child to know. The commotion in the background is of no help.

As they wait outside the door Madden is scooting around like a bug under the rug around the floor of the apartment. Lye is a bit confused but says nothing. Beau spots him inching to the kitchen and feels a bit freaked out but says nothing. This was becoming a strange situation beyond explanation.

"So, Juliet is cleaning? Is she doing a decent job? Still appears to be messy in here." Lye points out in order to fill the time.

Beau blows air through his lips so they make a silly fart noise. "She's doing great. . .just got a lot to do...we are guys and all. Party pretty hard," He blames themselves. Not like he wants to be associated with getting a 15 year old high.

Madden scoots back past them with the rug perfectly covering him except for his tail. "I'm a creepy crawly..." he whispers out loud as they all stand staring.
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Angel Wing

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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:46 am

This was a disaster. How in the world could've Mr. Anderson come up with this idea? How could he have possibly known where to look for Ms. Fortier? Then again... single hot mama, hot bachelor living down stairs. Guess that pretty much speaks on it's own.

The frantic woman struggles to make a break for it out the fire escape, but Juliet's adrenaline rush is enough to pull her back in and pin her down on the floor.

"Listen! I know this horrifying to be seen by your kid like this, but you gotta face it! There's no other way!" The dosed teen loudly whispers to he. Her words coming out rapidly.

Corie struggles under her, easily slipping out from under her.

"I'd rather be dead!"

She claws the floor pulling herself out of the teen's grip.

You might as well be.

From beyond the door everyone could here the struggle taking place. Juliet battled it out with Ms. Fortier, trying to put the naked mother's clothes back on while at the same time keep her in the room.


Once all her clothes were back on Juliet slammed slammed open the door, hyper ventalatingly gasping for air. "I... I... I got the vermin."

She turned to look at Ms. Fortier strutting towards the door. She stopped her a moment just to say:

"Be cool." Juliet said to her in hushed tone.

Corie cleared her throat. She had to take a moment to gather her thoughts on what she wanted to say. This was a disaster. She couldn't think of anything else to say but:

"Bonjour miel!"

"Hi mommy." Evee had no clue why her mother was strangely chipper, but she kinda liked it and jumped up to give her a hug.

Corie gave her a squeeze.

Lye was about to say something, but Corie quickly cut him off by asking Evee why they were here.

"Daddy and I were looking for you, mommy. I wanted to go shopping with the two of you. After all my recital is next week and I need a new outfit."

Normally this request would've been a FUCK NO, but circumstances and stakes are high right now. Corie is in an, "I'm a MILF and I'm proud" scandal. Something must be done to divert this!

Corie just stared blankly at her daughter for a good three seconds and exploded with excitement.

"Yes! That's a wonderful idea! Let's go!" She took both Lye and Evee by their hands and practically spirited them away.

A prolonged silence was then disrupted by Juliet who dashed into the room, hands on her head and a horrified expression that almost made her look like a cartoon.

The family was long gone... and with a mother who is higher than the sky.

"NOOOOOO!" The teen screamed.

Beau was at a loss for words. It's like the previous minutes or milliseconds were a bad dream, but for Madden the dream is going on and on and he is all in for the ride. The cat-boy had stood up upon hearing the word "shopping" and sprinted for the elevator, half-naked.

Juliet grabbed Beau by the shoulders.

"We-we-we gotta do something!"
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:41 am

Madden doesn't make it to the elevator before Corie frantically taps on the 'shut door' button. He is stuck clawing at the silver metal. He scratches at it whining, "I wanna come, too! Don't leave Mad Cat alone!" He slips down to the floor making an ear piercing sound with his claws. He stares into his own reflection. "Hey...hey, I'm talking to you...Let me in. C'mon, be a pal don't be a cock-blocker and let me in. I needs to go shopping."

Beau is being shaken vigorously by Juliet for whatever reason. He holds so dead still she can barely nudge him. He takes hold of her shoulders and presses his forehead against hers. "Stop it." His face being so close to her own makes Juliet jump back like a grasshopper. Beau glances around trying to gain his settings. "Okay, so here's the situation: a large amount of a drug dealer's cocaine is all over my apartment, we are all high, one of us is with a man who can get us all in trouble, the cat-idiot may have a hit out on him, and we have to get rid of all evidence. Cocaine leaves the system in on a few days, don't ask how I know, so if we can make it through today we might be spiffy."
His analyses isn't very comforting, but his thoughts feel like a mile a minute at the moment.

The annoying cat calls from the hallway catch his attention. "Madden, fucking jack-ass," Beau retrieves him kicking and crying as he drags him back into the apartment. Beau shuts the door and locks it. He wipes his face and exhales. "Corie didn't seem to take all shit coke well. Madden won't stop scratching the walls til he goes shopping and we have to get this out our systems..." Over analyzing was getting his slowly into a bad idea. "Let's get our shit together and keep an eye on her. If Corie gets busted we all get busted. Right?" There are no arguments to his thin logic. "Let's get dressed then." He points to the bedroom for everyone to follow. Madden is still dry humping the front door. Beau has to pick him up under his arms and continue to drag him to his bedroom.
As Beau bends over to search through his messy piles Madden sees only a ripe, firm bottom up for the picking. Before he knows it the two are almost interlocked and Beau is thanking god for underwear blocking the entry. "Dammit Mad, what the fuck, get OFF!"

"Nyoooooooo!" Mad Cat manages to flip him onto his back and rub their junk against one another.

It's then Juliet shows some initiative and shoves Mad off Beau, but in the process slips on a pair of underwear, landing her right on Beau's impeccable pecs. Face to face she's in total shock and her reaction leaves Beau stunned on the floor as she gives him a swift attack in order to retreat.
"No tip...for that maid..." He groans.

Madden manages to slip on his interpretation of a disguise; a lolita style dress with a flower in his hair and knee high stockings but no shoes. Lucky for him he's so feminine in stature he can pull off female. Beau stares at him as Mad twirls for him. "I don't have time for this let's just get going. They're already at the store and shit. Come on, maid we'll grab a cab."

"Cha! Sailor Moon prism disguise power!" Mad throws his hand in the air and throws a pen across the room before dashing out the door.

"This isn't going to be easy..." Beau sighs as he shuts the door behind them.

"Heading out?" The desk man asks as all but Mad exit the elevator.

Mad is too busy sitting inside claiming it's a cage. He runs out on all fours and smacks his hand on the desk bell. "Now that is none of your business, guppy-man."

He is at a lost for words. Beau pulls Mad away. "Hey, nice shoes," the doorman compliments Juliet and gives her a small wave goodbye.

The cab is surprisingly quiet except for Madden who is half out the right window waving at everyone he sees, calling out random opinions about their outfits or body shape. Beau holds a hand over his hand over his eyes. "Sit the FUCK down."

The high end clothing store they arrive at is like anything Beau has even seen before. Even Juliet seems a bet shell shocked as they look up the solid glass 3 story building. There are detectors as they walk in and people to greet them or take their coats. Beau politely waves them off as Madden gives one a kiss on the cheek before skipping off. "Wait we don't know where to go!"

"It's a matter of detective work and the nose-knows!" Madden taps his nose and it's obvious he can track their scent. After all he knew what store to go to. He skips down the way and up the escalator. Beau and Juliet follow as closely as possible. At the 2nd story they spot Lye, Corie, and Evee in a children's clothing store where nothing is under $50 a piece. Corie seems to be twitching and grabbing more than Evee needs in clothing as she piles them onto Lye's arms.

"Oooo, I wanna help!" Madden dashes off before anyone can grab him. Inside the store Lye can barely see over the pile of cute clothing. "Corie-chan, let's get some real shopping done!"
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:11 pm

Evangeline merely says to her mother that the dresses look pretty but never stated that she wanted to try any of the ones piled onto Lye's arms, out yet Corie still took the dress and tossed it into Lye's hands.

Her twitchy cleptoness momentarily stops when Corie hears Madden talking to her. She gasps rather loudly at the sight of him, dressed in a lolita outfit and also going through thousands of clothes that were most likely not meant for neither her nor her daughter. She asks Lye and Evee to give her a second, grabbing Madden by the ear to pull him away with no sense of direction. She spots Beau and Juliet, failing to hide behind clothing racks and goes over to them.

"What the fuck are you guys doing here!?" Her eye twitches. "T-The whole point of me taking these two away was so YOU" She pokes Juliet's nose, "could clean up the crime scene." Madden was lamely scratching her hand to make her let go.

Juliet nervously laughs. "We-we-we-we wanted to keep an eye on you. YOU" She pokes her back, "are also-" She covers her mouth almost giving away their illegal state of being. "You know what."

"The fuck I do!" Her brain registered how she was raising her voice. She clears her throat and continues to whisper. "If you all knew L-Lye like I do," She tilts her head to the side while scratching her arm for no apparent reason, "You'd leave. He'll know something is up. Ma-Maybe he already does."

They heard a commotion coming from across the floor. Madden. "Fuck." Corie quickly goes over to Lye and Evee before either of them look over at what is causing all the ruckus. Lye's head was in the process of turning toward said rucks when her hands clasp between his cheeks and turn his face to her. "Let's take Evee to the dressing room." She smiles and pushes him from behind, guiding him to where the dressing rooms were. "I'll even let you dress her like you do with your dolls." She calls over Evee. "C'mon baby, daddy knows which one will look best!" The little girl follows with an oblivious glee.

Juliet stares after them as they walk away. Mr. Anderson plays with dolls? Beau taps Juliet's shoulder and she turns to see Madden modeling a rather tight, revealing dress. When did he even change clothes? The scene was so surreal her mind went blank for a moment. Her face all derped; mouth agaped, blank stare, the song Diamonds are a girl's best friend, playing through the speakers becomes an echo. Until Beau snaps her out of it by shaking her like a rattle.

"We gotta get him before security comes to kick us out." Beau agrees.

Juliet pushes her way through the crowd of people who are recording this spectacle with their smartphones. "Mr. Haydn come with me." She loudly whispers, but he tells her to get out of his spotlight.

Corie went to check on Madden and the others after leaving Lye and Evee in the dressing rooms, totally occupied with the mountain of clothes. Her excuse to leave: bathroom. her head twitching every now and then as she walks.

She sees Beau and Juliet attempting to remove Madden. If he is wearing that now. Where are his clothes? Corie joins Beau and Juliet. She quickly knows a way to hopefully get Madden to move away from the crowd. "Madden, I-I don't know what l-looks good with my body."
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:58 pm

"What the fuck are you guys doing here!?" Her eye twitches like a maniac. "T-The whole point of me taking these two away was so YOU" She pokes Juliet's nose, "could clean up the crime scene."

Beau looks up at the ceiling in thought and nods. It would've made more sence to stay behind. Madden has an excuse for being crazy. They did not.

Juliet nervously laughs. "We-we-we-we wanted to keep an eye on you. YOU" She pokes her back, "are also-" She covers her mouth almost giving away their illegal state of being. "You know what."

"The fuck I do! If you all knew L-Lye like I do," She tilts her head to the side while scratching her arm for no apparent reason, "You'd leave. He'll know something is up. Ma-Maybe he already does."

"IF he didn't it's a miracle." Beau mumbles.

"Let's take Evee to the dressing room." She smiles and pushes Lye from behind, guiding him to where the dressing rooms are. "I'll even let you dress her like you do with your dolls." She calls over Evee. "C'mon baby, daddy knows which one will look best!" The little girl follows with an oblivious glee.

"Man, I have got to go to the gym. Anyone else want to go to the gym?" Beau asks with no listeners.

Madden finds the opportunity to strike a pose in a three way mirror on a 6 inch tall stage a mannequin he kicked out was once on. Needless to say Corie is not happy to see her entourage. Madden can't help himself as he picks out scantly clad outfits. He's like a kid in a candy store and couldn't be happier to be a bi-sexual cross-dresser. That is until a rude little mama grabs him by the ear and drags him away. "Nyah, you biotch..." he whines, "let go..."

"We gotta get him before security comes to kick us out."

"Madden, I-I don't know what l-looks good with my body." Corie manages to distract him.

"BITCH, I KNOWS what looks good on your hot body...even though you've had a baby. Hey, Beau, she got stretch marks?" Madden jokes.

"Not now, dude, plus she's pretty tight can't even tell she's had a kid." Beau is talking about Corie's vagina. "I completely forgot to clean the apartment. Juliet, I thought that was YOUR job. I mean what are we paying you for? Sure isn't blow-jobs." He snickers.
Juliet's response is less than charming.
Lye helps his daughter as he should but is very confused about the peculiar behavior. They were all hiding something but the only way to find out was to isolate Corie or get back to the apartments. Surely, someone has noticed something. He grabs his cell phone as he hangs another adorable dress over the dressing room door.

Gedra's cell rings. She has many disposable phones but this was her only line to her landlord. "What do you need?"

"Could you check out the apartment belonging to Beau Haydn and Madden Hoften?" Lye asks quietly.

"On it." Gedra acts without hesitation and goes to the front desk to retrieve their key.

"Something wrong?" the new front door man asks.

"A favor for the manager."

"So you'll be out of your apartment for a while?" He inquires. Gedra gives him a glare through her sunglasses but only walks away. This was his opportunity.
Madden holds up dresses to Corie's body making snide fashion remarks and disappointed noises. By this point he's switched to slightly more conservative clothing that makes him look like he's going to gay night club. "None of these compliment your shape. Hell, I don't even think I can pull them off and you know I'm sexy." He tosses the dresses behind him dramatically. "Man, I wanna go dancing. Don't you wanna go dancing? We haven't been out in soooooooooo long!"
Corie agrees but only to appease his erratic behavior.

It's then he spots the store clerk. "O...M...G..." He starts strutting towards him. Madden leans over the counter, "How you doing today," he taps on the guys name tag, "Braiden?" The young man is a bit freaked out by such a direct come-on. He gives him a generic response to which Mad giggles and takes hold of his shirt pulling him in close. "Want to take a walk on the wild side?" Mad licks Braiden's lips before diving in for a full tongue diving kiss. Braiden seems freaked but doesn't pull away. He's blushing wildly when released. Madden climbs onto the counter, lust in his eyes, knowing full well he's got his attention. "Let's...go...to...the...back...and...fuck...around..." Mad strokes his hair and gives kisses between each word. "I'll make it so good you'll see god."

Madden is yanked off the counter before the confused Braiden can answer though it seemed as if it was a definite YES. He is promptly delivered to Beau and Juliet who don't look to be too happy with one another.

"She cocked-blocked me, bro!" Madden whines.

"Not cool, Corie, not cool," Beau shakes his head. "We'll take him but you owe us."
Gedra makes her way to the apartment. Upon opening the door she's met with an odd sort of chemical smell and random amounts of powder spread across the living room. She isn't sure what to make of it yet nothing else suspicious was appearent. If she were to try to walk through her footprints would be evident so she stays at the doorway. Not being able to tell what this white powder is she uses a glove to swipe a bit up and leaves the rest alone.

Percy, the front door-man is eager to enter Gedra's apartment. He gently opens the door and glances around. Her dog, D, is no where in sight. To his joy she has left a pair of her boots by the doorway. He picks them up and takes a big whiff. She has a slight manly scent but still not putrid.
The harsh barking of her attack dog summon the intruder to run for his life. They dash down the hall where he cuts the dog off at the elevator. He breathes a sigh of relief until he gets to the ground floor where D is waiting for him. "Hell hound!" Is all he can yell before being dragged around like a rag doll.

Upon finding her door ajar Gedra whistles for her best friend. The click-click-click of his nails on the floor as he approaches with a bit of blood and cloth in his mouth gives her all the answers she needs. "What the hell is going on around here?"
Lye puts his hand on Corie's shoulder, making her jump three feet in the air. "You, okay?" He knows something is up. "Did you find a decent outfit? Don't worry I'm paying for your clothes because who am I not to pay for my most important lady's clothing? Isn't that right, angel?" He signals to Evangeline.
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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:11 am

When they get to the dressing room Corie pushes Lye in, nearly making him fall along with the clothes. Evee stepped into the dressing room, leaving her hand sticking out of the curtain, waiting for her dad to hand her the clothes he believes will make her dazzling.

"I'll be back." She tells Lye at rapid speed and bolts to get Madden.

Meanwhile Juliet is freaking out that this situation is escalating and Beau is no help, he is gone and spating out things that serve no purpose.

Corie manages to get Madden off the tables and to a corner where he and Beau talk about Corie like she is not there which make her feel so self conscious she wants to punch both of them in the face.

"BITCH, I KNOWS what looks good on your hot body...even though you've had a baby. Hey, Beau, she got stretch marks?" Madden jokes.

"Not now, dude, plus she's pretty tight can't even tell she's had a kid." Beau casually talks about Corie's vagina rather loudly in a public area as if they were talking about the weather which causes Corie to scold them, telling them to shut the hell up.

"I'm right here ya'know!" She angrily tells them.

"I completely forgot to clean the apartment. Juliet, I thought that was YOUR job. I mean what are we paying you for? Sure isn't blow-jobs." Beau snickers.

"Dude! What the hell!? We had to come down here and get Mr. Hoften, because sure as hell you weren't going to do. You just wanna go show off your muscles."

As Madden goes through countless expensive, clothes he believes Corie will like she silently plots how to get them out of the premices without Lye noticing. It better be soon that she comes up with something because Lye sure as shit will be leaving that dressing room soon.

Her thoughts get distracted when he begins to hold up rather conservative looking outfits that Corie wouldn't be caught dead in.

"Madden!" She slaps one away that looked like it would only ever be worn by women who have given up on their sex life; an outfit that hid absolutely everything away.

Disatisfied with his mission to find Corie a hot dress he comments that they should go out again. This brings up hazy memories about their last outing, the image of a club popping up and the silhouette of an attractive young girl, but that's it.

"Blonds are so hot." She tells to no one in particular, but Beau chimes in saying he prefers brunette, but blonds are okay too.

Juliet smacks him in the back of the head. Beau questions her sudden assault on his nogging and she quickly points towards Madden. "Mr. Hoften is sexually harrassing that poor boy!" She is refering to the store clerk currently locking toungues with Hoften.

Beau looks over and merely cheers for Hoften, telling Juliet to relax and that the clerk is enjoying it.

Corie quickly goes over and pulls Hoften out of his moment like a mother pulling her misbehaving child by the ear.

Fet up with all this nonsense she tells them all to get out and get back to clean up the mess in their appartment.

They finally leave, Madden digging his nails into the floor, whinning to be left with his boy toy like a cry baby.

But this does not mean that Corie gets a chance to breath as Lye appears behind her, startling her which causes her to jump as if she has just seen a monster; which not that farfetched.

"You, okay?" He knows something is up. "Did you find a decent outfit? Don't worry I'm paying for your clothes because who am I not to pay for my most important lady's clothing? Isn't that right, angel?" He signals to Evangeline who walks up to her showing the dress she has decided to wear for her recital.

"Uh... Hmm... Well I willlllllll..." Her head keeps going back to the gang in the taxi cab with Madden still whinning and possibly causing a car crash. "Oh dear." She scans all around her, not finding a singal one that she would want.

"Oh mommy, how about this one?" Evee points to a whine color dress that would hug her torso in all the right places, while at the waist the skirt flows out. It was long in the back but a bit short at the front where it would hang above her knees and show off her legs.

"Try it on mommy." Evee said eagerly.

"Oh gee I don't know." Her body is a bit shaky and she holds herself together by hugging hersef to keep the shaking under control.

Lye agrees this would look magnificent and takes her to the dressing room where he practically pushes Corie inside along with the dress. He asks Evee to wait at a bench a little away from the dressing area.

"But I wanna see mommy." She protests but Lye tells her to wait anyways as it will be a surprise to see Corie in the dress. "Hm... okay."

When they have some level of privacy Lye immidiately goes into a convorsation that pretty much let's Corie know something is up. "Oh You know those tow men are always strange." Lye questions her shaking and twitching. "Uh... What do you mean?"

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PostSubject: Re: Frosty the Dope Man   Thu May 03, 2018 8:29 pm

"You just wanna show off your muscles!" Juliet verbally assaults Beau.

"So you noticed my muscles?" He jokes back. A blonde brunette debate gets him slapped upside the head Beau has to hold back pointing a finger at her. Where did this little girl get the balls to put a hand on him? It's a bit refreshing from the wallflower...maybe he should get her high more often?
It's then he notices why he got hit, Madden getting frisky and Corie about to freak out. Lye was obviously catching onto their peculiar behavior. "Whoa, go Mad Cat."
Juliet snags him up and drags him out kicking and whining like a 3 year old. It was amazing how strong such a little girl can be even with him digging his nails into the floor. Even Beau has to start helping her while stifling crazy laughter. Getting him onto the taxi is an even greater pain in the ass.

Corie's reaction to Lye wanting to talk to her is a dead give-away. Her explanation for his tenants makes perfect sense but she isn't quite answering his question.
"I can always tell when you are lying to me." He gently runs his hand through her hair. "What have you done now, my dear?"
Exclamation?!?!??!?!?!?! Question
"STOP HERE!" Madden almost causes an accident. Before either of them can do anything he's wiggling himself out the window. Beau goes to grab him and only manages to pull off his shorts. "I'll be right back!" He yells bare bottomed. He ducks into a sketchy apartment building for only a few minutes before they spot him shimmying down the drain pipe like a spider. When he approaches the taxi he doesn't even bother with the door he just hops back through the window onto their laps.

"What the fuck was that about?" Beau tosses the shorts on Mad's face.

He throws his arms around Beau, "there's nothing I can do...don't hate me." The rest in the cab have no clue what he's rambling about because he won't go into detail.

Beau has to carry the cry-baby cat-boy slung over his shoulder into the apartment building. "You dumb virgin, how could stop me?!" He waves his claws at her as she stays quite a few steps behind in horror. "Claw your eyes out...you're just jealous. Who are you dating? You can't even land Beau!"

"Okay, that's nuff," Beau pats him on the butt.

"Oooo, that's not helping." Madden is almost in tears.

"I can feel that I'm not helping against my chest," he points out as they enter the apartment, "nuff of that!" He drops him on the floor. Beau ignores the meowing so he can talk to Juliet. "Where do we start, cleaning girl?"
Juliet shyly takes charge and surprisingly Beau is helpful. Madden on the other hand keeps stopping to sniff the floor every now and then. "Not helping anyone, dude."

"Don't worry," he sniffles, "just needed a lil pick me up." He then goes into overload cleaning mode like something out of a cartoon. "Try to keep it all together. Gots a feeling my client REALLY wanted all this back."

"There's like dirt and dust-bunnies and shit in here." Beau points out then turns to Juliet. "Shows you don't clean very thoroughly."
The cocaine is piled into a small black garbage bag from both the dustpan and vacuum. Though they can't get it all the apartment is cleaned enough so no one would notice. Suddenly there's a knock on the door.
"Oh shit, Corie's back and I bet she told Lye," Beau panics, "Hide the bag."

"Hide me," Madden dashes back under the throw rug.

Beau peaks through the peep hole only to find not Lye or Corie but a stranger in a furry coat. The guy looks like a Russian pimp with an odd gotie. "Umm, did anyone stiff a hooker?" Juliet looks dumbfounded while Mad pokes his head out. "Sure wasn't me I never have to pay for it."

"I'd pay you," Mad chirps.

There's another louder knock. "Hold the fuck on." Beau snaps. He opens the door, "Who the hell are you and what the fuck-" He's cut off by a gun to his face. "Shit...Madden it's for you."

"No...no Madden here just us dust bunnies." He does some high pitched girly voice.

"I can sees you, thief boy." The Russian has a very thick accent. "You were to deliver my vase. Where is vase?"

"Vase? I don't know any vase. We dust bunnies only know shed skin cells and dust." Madden plays stupid, quite stupid.

"OUT NOW." Russian orders. Madden wiggles backwards until his tail is in the air and he's tapping his nails on the floor. "Where is vase? Will not ask again." He starts to let his guard down as Madden is rolling on the floor like a cat in heat. "What is wrong with kot mal'chik? Came to my place and no underwear so disrespectful. I was told he is professional. What he doing?"

Beau signals for Juliet to step back well out of the way. He jumps him, wrestling the gun from the Russian in a most dangerous manner like a poorly choreographed action movie. A quick slip of an elbow to the face catches the Russian off guard and Beau now has the gun.
"Now you better cool it, kami." Beau points the gun at him. "Who are you?"

He puts his hands up. "I am Moroznyy. Means Frosty. Who are you?"

"Don't worry about it. Just stay put, capuut?" Beau walks over to the black bag and tosses it at him. "That what you looking for, Frosty?"

"This is joke?" Frosty looks in the bag. "This is gum wrapper." He pulls it out.

"Should've cleaned that vac bag first." Beau says to himself and takes a glance at Juliet. "Take it or leave it unless you want a cap in your ass."

"Nothing in ass, not like that," Frosty denies him. "I take my product but this is not over." He seems sincere. "Now get kot mal'chik off my leg." He's talking about Madden humping his leg.

They all stare at him. "Can't help it I'm horny. Lil' virgin over there took me away from a sure thing!" He points at Juliet, "You owe me..." he hisses.
Madden relinquishes the leg and plops on the couch.

"I get gun back?" Frosty asks. Beau just gives him a tired stare. "Keep it. Killed man with it already anyways. Can buy 100 more."

Beau slams the door and looks at the gun. "Dammit..."
Question !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Exclamation
Percy tip-toes his way into the beautiful lady's apartment. He was caught at the last one by the dog but can't report his wounds because he was illegally trespassing so he wrapped it up and prayed it wasn't infected. Yet he couldn't pass up this opportunity to finally indulge in the sweet temptation that is the most attractive woman in the building.
Corie's feet are exposed as she slumbers on the designer couch. Her lovely name brand heels rest on the floor. He bends down on one knee and takes a deep whiff. Smell so light and tender to him he runs his tongue along the side. Now the feet that enchanted them are before him.
Temptation, too great, he has to taste.
He runs his nose along the bottom of her right foot causing her to twitch and kick him in the head. He is not deterred he starts to lick. She doesn't wake up. Now he's sure he can suckle her toes like a baby calf to an utter. The lint doesn't even bother him the indulgence is much too great.
He's about to orgasm when Corie snorts and is about to wake up. He must flee immediately less Cinderella finds out his secret. He slips out the apartment and races down the hallway forgetting to lock the door behind him.
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Frosty the Dope Man
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