Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Apothic Grey: Never let go

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PostSubject: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2015 12:14 am

If there was greater pain than hers... there wasn't. The loss... the lies... how could he lie to her face? To her?
She couldn't let go. They try to take her away, but she won't let them. She won't let them take her away from her side. They belong together, they two of them can't be apart... not again... not ever. Why her? Why did she have to die and not her? Why did she leave her alone? alone to fend for herself? Did she not remember her? Her daughter?Did she not remember how much she needed her? Still needs her?

All the nurses have left the room. It was just Evee, Lye... mother... She was still clinging to her body... her cold, cold body.How much time has it passed?

"I want to see her!" She yelled at Anderson after her returned a few hours after he left. "It's her isn't it? It's mom. I want to see mom, please. I have to see her."

They allowed her to enter a morgue and all the time they walked to this room... she was in denial. Was this a joke? A sick, sick joke? Why was mom in the morgue?
Then... there it was... her body. It was so pale, so still. Her breath was heavy. Evee was fighting back tears. This...This was not real. This was just a nightmare. Yeah! A nightmare. She's at home sleeping and soon she will wake up... When her little hand touched her mother's smooth skin... it was cold as ice. This... was not a dream. The touch felt as real as her.

Her lips trembled. "M-mom... y-you're cold." She pulled up the blanket they had pulled off her for Evee to see. "Mom?" No response. "Wake up. I-I'm all better now and you can be better too." She brushed away a few strands of her mothers beautiful brown hair from her face. There was no movement. Nothing. "Mom," She said more sternly. "Mom... Wake... up..." She said through her sobs. "Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up! Please!" She shook her cold body. There was no denying it. Mom wasn't hear anymore.
She clutched the cold shoulders and her head dropped to her cold chest and she let out a blood curdling scream of agony.
A nurse tried to gently pull her away, but Evee thrashed monstrously. Yelling out to no one in particular to not touch her. She turned back to her mother's corpse. She couldn't stop crying. She has never cried so hard in her life; her face was red, stuck in this permanent, undeniable pained look. She has never felt more destroyed. The person she loved the most was gone.
No! NO! NO! "Mommy! Please come back to me!" She wasn't weeping silently. Her voice was probably audible to the world. "Don't leave me! Don't leave me here all alone! Please. Wake up! Please, mommy!"

The nurse couldn't look at this anymore. She left.

Evee turned to Anderson and walked over to him and punched him and pushed. "You lied to me! Why did you let her die!?" Well if he wanted Evee to himself... now he did. She pulled away from whatever comfort he thought she could ever accept from him.

It went like that for hours... hours on end... Was it hours? Or... just minutes? It felt as though her sorrow and despair had just lasted an eternity. The little girl finally rose up and stared at her mother silently. Mother's should always be with their daughters. They have to watch their little girls grow, go to college, be there in their new relationship, help guide them through it, see them marry, see their grandchildren. Mothers should always be by their children's side.

Suzette walked up to Evee, remaining silent. Evee slowly turned her head toward her, appearing apathetic. Something dawned in her. She pulled out the heart shape locket, tucked under her shirt, and opened it. There were two pictures; one of Corie as an eight year old and one of Corie as a fifteen year old. Corie had Evee when she was fifteen... Lye had loved her when she was fifteen... He made dolls, like Suzette, but Evee doesn't want her to be like Suzette or any of the other lifeless, soulless dolls.

Evee got up from where she lay and walked over to Dr. Anderson, whom had been patiently waiting for Evee to calm. She looked up at him and handed him the locket, gave him a chance to look at it.

"I... I don't want... to let her go." She said to him sincerely. "I will forgive you if you bring her back, but not like the others. I... I want her to be alive." There was no other way to put it. She looked at Anderson straight in the eye to show how serious she was. "Bring her back... the way she was when you loved her dearly... daddy."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2015 9:29 pm

Evangeline had already figured out that the corpse brought in was that of her mother. Such a sharp child she is definitely of his genetics. He knows she isn't going to like what she sees but that's reality and maybe given her other parent is gone it'll only drive her further into his arms. She will be totally reliant on him.

Her reaction to coming face to face with the death of her mother comes as expected. She cries and lashes out anyone dumb enough to come close even the kindly nurse who is practically in tears with empathy for the dear girl.
Yet, Lye finds himself a bit taken. Seeing this child, a spitting image of himself at that age, crying and in so much pain drives a nail into the dried core that is his heart. He can see himself grieving over his father at exactly her age. Those men who broke into their home and shot his father in the chest are no different than the android that had broken in and stabbed Corie through the gut. Leaving him there to die the cowards made off with a few items as Lye tried to hold his father's blood into his body. Tears rained down as his father gasped for air, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, he looked into his eyes and saw the world as it truly was...merciless.

Lye closes his eyes and chokes back the tears. Evangeline, his only child; a child a never expected, is bringing to light feelings he thought were dead. He cannot withstand to see her in such pain. She's exactly the same as him.

As she assault him, barely able to make him sway, he doesn't dare stop her. He knows it's his fault she's dead though he'll never admit to it. He will find a scape-goat, but as of now he's her personal martyr.

Evangeline only pauses once Suzette walks over and acts as he programmed her to do: be a simulated sympathetic friend. Her face changes as if a revelation occurs.
"I... I don't want... to let her go." She said to him sincerely. "I will forgive you if you bring her back, but not like the others. I... I want her to be alive." She stares him right in his watery eyes. "Bring her back... the way she was when you loved her dearly... daddy."

Lye's been waiting for her to call him that since the day he found out she was his yet he knows it's all for Corie's sake, the sake of manipulation. A tear escapes from each eye as he looks down upon her. He grabs her and holds her to him despite her resistance so he can whisper in her ear. "If you can accept that all dolls are created with sacrifice then it will be done. There must be no question in your mind and no regret in your heart." He warns her. "If this is your wish then it shall be done. What more I have to live for than the family I never knew I could have?"
He lets her go and gets down on one knee. "It will take a little time, but I will work tirelessly without sleep until she is complete again. . .for you, my angel, she will be herself again and we can be a family."

He isn't sure if she believes him, but he his word is law and so he will make it true.
Lye stands and points at Corie's corpse. "Place her in a capsule and bring Dr. Vibia to me immediately. We will be pulling a Frankenstein overnight. Get moving," Lye orders. He looks at the emotionally upset nurse and signals her to him. "Evangeline will need her own room, make sure it's comfortable, and she's well fed anything she wants. Suzette will accompany her. Evangeline, she is your doll so please be responsible with any commands. I will available by phone at any moment but to see me may take time if you want me to resurrect your mother in a timely fashion." He lets her know. "Please, be patient. I was able to cure you and I will do everything in my power to, in a way, raise the dead." Lye goes over to the computer and pulls up a file. "Upon all mercy I know you blame me but know I sent out my best man to bring your mother here for the cure, but these machines," He steps aside showing the side by side of Gedra and Beau, "are the ones who stabbed your mother before she could make it inside. Believe me I had no clue with all the damage they caused that she was in any additional danger or else I would have sacrificed countless guards to save her."

He leaves it up just in case Evangeline wishes to read the profiles as he walks after the techs wheeling Corie to the preservation capsules.


Madden sits in pure paranoia. Lye didn't leave until the blood was out of the room. He's locked in, but he knows he can't stay. He wishes he wasn't in just a hospital gown, but his alternative is being plain nude. Not a a bad option. He wraps the gown around his waste like a skirt and looks over the door lock system. He doesn't know the code but then again if a door is impenetrable what makes the wall the same way? He kicks a hole in the side of the door and rips out the cords. The door unlocks and dies. He pulls it open, sticks his head out, and looks around. It's clear, but he knows there are cameras. He has to move fast. Dashing down the halls he glances at the office names until he finds the phlebotomy lab.
Amazingly the door is open and the room is empty the phlebotomist must've went to dinner. He searches around until he finds his blood samples. One is already in progress of analyzing while one is already finished. The rest are unprocessed. He has to destroy the reports and switch out the samples. Worst comes to worst he'll set the place on fire and scurry out the air ducts.

His body spasms out of control. His entire electrical system is lit up like a faulty circuit. He sees flashes as his back retracts and he can't breath. Next thing Madden knows he's on the floor and his eye lids are twitching.
The guards linger over him with a tazor in hand. "Just as Mr. Anderson said the mutant came to mess with the experiments."

"Let's get him into restraints before he comes to I don't want to fight with a freak like this," the 2nd guard speaks. They each take an arm and drag him out of the room before he blacks out.
Madden wakes in restraints, his arms out as if he's about to be crucified, and his worst fears have been awakened...what is Lye going to do to him next?
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2015 1:42 am

Orders here and there, people obeying like trained dogs. It was happening so fast, it's overwhelming. Losing mother and now everyone will do the impossible, defy the laws of life, even the divine in order to fulfill a little girl's wish.
Is her request reasonable? If they succeed will everything be alright? Will her mother forgive her for what she asked?
Corie almost lost her life once trying to prevent Anderson from killing her and turning her into a mindless robot. Now here is her daughter, her only family, the person she trusted and loved in this world, wanting to have her back, wanting to have a family and if the one way to have a family was to have her mother be killed and brought back a 15 year old... then so be it. All that matters is that mother be back to her. Back where she belongs, with Evee.
But I have condemned you to be tied to someone you so desperately wanted to protect me from. She cried again. What have I done? No regrets... no second thoughts. That's what Lye said. She made her decision on her mother's fate and she can't take it back.
Mother tried her best to teach Evee that all things happen for a reason be it and end or not. It was important to accept things as they were. Learn from them, let them go and keep moving forward. But Evee just couldn't see how to move on without her mom. She was still too young to be without her.
Please... let us be happy in the end.

She was restless in her room; pacing, pacing, pacing. Suzette kept trying to distract her with games, food... but Evee just waved her away each time. Maybe... maybe we will be happy. Maybe she will be happy, because Lye will love her... maybe... Maybe she will think lowly of her as well. Hate her own daughter for being the one who turned her into the doll she never wanted to be.

"Evee, wanna do a puzzle?" Suzette asked again. This robot is such a pest.

"No, Suzette. I don't." Evee looked at her... Will mom be like this? Oh my god. No, no, she wouldn't be. Lye said he would bring her back. All of her. The way she was- feeling and a will of her own, the whole package. Please don't let that have been another lie.

She had to trust him, because there just wasn't any other choice. If he succeeded, both Evee and mom would have to change. No more remorse, no more grudges, no more hate or fights. Just accept what they had... and maybe what they will have is something good.
Please, don't hate me mommy.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2015 8:10 pm

Lye looks down upon the face of a young woman who used to be the utmost adored creature to his obsession. The way women age is like a flower: beautiful for the short amount of time before it wilts into a wrinkled, discolored mound. Then they fill the wrinkles with botox and collogen and us plastic surgery to keep up what starts to sag. That's what his mother did and she wasted so much of his father's life insurance on such futile procedures.
"I will make you perfect again," he pets her cold cheek with the back of his hand. "You will be my Valentina once again."

He walks past his full troop of dolls and turns on his computer. In the sealed files is Corie's entire life summery in one neat package. It's as if she were originally nothing more than a biology project. He quickly finds the picture of her at age 15. He puts the picture on a giant monitor. He points to it and simultaneously the dolls turn their heads to look. "Find this girl as close to these features as possible." Their eyes scan the image to an exact scale. "Bring back a girl matching these parameters still alive. Her flesh must be fresh." He orders. "Now go."

Lye is sure there must be a doppelganger for Valentina out there somewhere. He already sent the files to the dolls drives so there's no way they can make a mistake and bring him a girl who is too tall or too small.
He looks at the picture of innocence. How similar she is to the dead woman laying before him.

"Dr. Anderson, the pod is ready," Dr. Vibia enters the room unannounced.

"Place miss Fortier inside and ready her body to be awakened. She doesn't have to be alive we just need her brain on a living level." Lye sounds like Frankenstein at this point but he's perfected a way to save brain waves from dead hosts into a digital format so that the thought processes can be duplicated making a "human consciousness" in a robot. Now with much of the original android data at his fingertips it'll be closer to a real human than ever before. He now has the missing components in making his dolls real girls once again.
He had missed his chance to make Valentina his forever before but now he will have her...forever.

Inside her pod Corie injected with various chemicals through her temples. Liquid fills the chamber. The artificial heart beat pushes the circulatory system into effect through dead organs. Lye presses the button and electrical shocks are given to brain every few seconds until there are responses from the synapses. The flow of brain activity is coming back to life. Technically she is nothing more than a vegetable but that's all Lye needs to cause her brain waves to start reforming into a REM like state. She can never be alive again but in the small window of time he has he can replicate her mind as much as the computer can read so that the doll will be just like her. Sadly Lye can't predict which areas of the brain will fully transfer or what personality traits of Corie will be dominant. He'll just have to keep his fingers crossed.

Already his phone is buzzing with images of girls close to Valentina's description. None so far are up to his standards. Every time he taps in "no" another innocent girl is allowed to live. He has the time to find the skin since he always has a spare doll body ready to go except this one won't be equipped with anything that can kill him. Free will is dangerous in something that does not technically die. He knows he's blinded by wanting his daughters acceptance, but she is the only family he has left to accept him. His bastard brother and bitch mother he can only wish will die slow and painful.

"Sir, we have subdued the spliced experiment, Mad Cat. He tried to sabotage his samples just as you expected." a voiced comes over the P.A. system.

He pushes the respond button, "Thank you, restrain him in lab B-3 until further notice."

"Yes, sir," the guard confirms.


Madden's eyelids flutter for a moment. His body isn't willing to wake but his consciousness is desperate. The blurry world is a white lab room and he is strapped down to a table with his arms to his side like a sacrifice. It's as he feared he was caught and his life may soon come to an end. His life is precious to him, because he's the only person in the world who cares for it.
He closes his eyes and a part of him knows this is what he deserves. He voluntarily gave his body to science and his soul to the devil to be a deviant being yet he really can't think up any regrets aside from not finishing his bucket list. He re-caps some of them inside his mind:
#5 Have sex with an A-list celebrity
#4 Kill someone who truly deserves it like a dictator or genocide causer
#3 Have a kid
#2 Fall in love or find a soul mate
#1 Take a shit on father's grave

Madden swears to himself if he makes it out of here in some way he's going to turn over a new leaf and turn over on his master. . .
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2015 11:56 pm

It was late at night. There was no sleep for her this time, there was nothing to comfort her to sleep, there was nothing for her to wake up to in the next sunrise. How long will this void remain? Will it even be temporary? She wants to ask Anderson if he's having success, how is he even carrying out this process? That last one she didn't want to know. How in the world was he going to turn a twenty three year back into a fifteen year old?

More tears drip down the corner of her eyes. She turns her head and finds that, behind her, Suzette was "sleeping" next to her. What a nice fake friend. The little girl completely shifts to face her friend, laying down.

"Suzette." She calls to her and in an eerie instant the robot opens her eyes with a jolt, but stays perfectly quiet. "Can you do me a favor?"

Suzette smiles at her. "Of course Evee, we're friends."

She takes a breath. "Do you remember where I lived?"

The robot's only response is a nod.

"Can you bring me all of my family albums?" After the havoc that occurd in that place when her mother went virus berserk, she can only hope that those photographed memories were still there.


What else can a pure machine do, but obey unquestioningly it's master. All the lovely, innocent dolls unstoppably search for the maiden that their creator desires.
A new body for a lover he lost so long ago.
No maiden they come across matches their master's standards even though their features come close to those of the girl he's searching for.

Ambrosia flies on farther and farther away from the infected area. She flies over the hordes of infected that are rapidly claiming every inch of the city. Walls have been put up around the same to help contain the outbreak. Countless of the Pharmacy's soldiers fight hard and ruthlessly to contain the infected and anyone who tries to leave the area. No one is allowed to enter or leave for fear of the virus spreading to the rest of the world.

The doll flies on and on while simultaneously sending her master pictures of other young ladies. Every single one was rejected and so she moved on.

At another city, hours away from her master's domain she comes across a potential maiden. She looks identical to the one she is suppose to find. Ambrosia silently descends and hides in the shadows to have a closer look. The young girl seems to fit the age, height. Scanning a little further, her features match perfectly, down to the last eyelash.

She sends in a picture of the girl and awaits for her master's command.


Teens can be so naive and oblivious to the danger of the nightlife. They believe that among a large group of friends they're safe from harm.
The group of friends had been waiting in line for almost an hour to get into the club. The music is blasting all the way out of the building, driving their anticipation even more.

"Did you hear about that freakish virus outbreak that happened in..."

The doppleganger let's out a breath of pure boredom. How many times is she going to hear about this? It's most likely a hoax. There just was no way.

Her boyfriend walks up to her and leans next to her. "What's wrong babe?"
Her hazel eyes meet her boyfriend's gorgeous green. "How. Many. Times am I going to have to hear this nonsense?" She giggles as she gestures to their friends chatting away.

He looks over at them with a smirk on his face and looks back at his high school sweet heart. "Ignore them. And you gotta admit it is pretty unnerving."

She laughs. "It's outrageous! So not true."

They kept chatting for a few more minutes until she just wanted the topic to end and the only way she knew was to commence a make out round with her boo.


Evee checked on the clock next to her, dawn would be come soon. A sleepless night. The only thing that was clouding her mind was her mother and the fears of her hate towards Evee, should Anderson manage to bring her back.

She hears her door open to her personal robot. Suzette gracefully walks in towards her bed and gently places next to her all the albums. They looked damaged, but opening them she is glad to see the pictures were lucky enough to remain unharmed.

"Thank you."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2015 4:16 pm

"Take her." Lye can see this is Valentina's doppleganger and being out so late in a skimpy outfit with a guy shows she's nothing innocent. Could not be more perfect.

The closest dolls meet in the set location of Ambrosia. Camille walks out of the shadows right to the happy couple. Her odd cosplay outfit make everyone stare and whisper.
"Cute outfit," a random girl says sarcastically. Immediately Camille back-hands her. Everyone in line is shocked.

Eyes dead set on her target she reaches out to her. The boyfriend gets in the way, but it's of no use. She breaks his arm, leaving him writhing on the ground, then moves in closer to the shocked teen until their she can feel her breath. She leans in closer, pressing her body against her, two young virgin bodies pushing hormonal boundaries and kisses her gently. Her hand wraps around the back of her neck, entangling her hair between her fingers, before her nails puncture the skin and knock the teen out. Her body starts to go limp and her lips part as she fades into darkness. Camille holds her close and grins. No one dares to get in the way as she picks her up bridal style.

"Hey! What you think you doing? I'm calling the cops so put that chick down and fuck off!" The black Goliath like bouncer marches up to stop her. Down from the rooftop lands Akiko and Ayane one on each side of the bouncer they smile. "What the hell. . .?" Is all he can say before they attack. A swift kick to the chest by one and a swift kick to the lower back by the other and he's on the ground paralyzed. Someone screams as others start to freak out. Ambrosia releases a clear gas that consumes the air. Everyone in a 1 block radius faint with a single breath.

Their tasks done they leave without a trace.


Madden stares at the crappy white drop ceiling bored out of his mind. A guard waits outside the door. He's re-canting music lyrics inside his head of his favorite pop singers and dissecting the meanings when a young scientist walks in. Madden ignores him.

"You are the phenomenon." He states with a smile. "You are able to infuse the virus with your DNA and use it to your advantage. I wonder why haven't you done that yet in order to escape?"

Madden rolls his eyes and looks at the young man. He's a geek with thick glasses and messy light brown hair. He can only imagine how bony he is under those scrubs and lab coat. "You have my blood, smart-ass, you tell me. Not like I did this to myself."

"Hmmm..." He adjusts his glasses, "given the severity of how many calories the virus consumes to keep a body going I would say you are very hungry. It's what causes the infected to keep consuming human flesh. A pure design for zombies. Do you crave human flesh?"

"Tsk, the only flesh I crave is a healthy dosage of male protein. Damn, been so long since I've had some dick." Madden is not only honest but trying to make the guy feel awkward in order to stop this questioning.

"So the rumors are true." he sounds oddly amused by this fact. "You really have no clue the extent to what you have become?" He leaves a second of silence but Madden could care less. "You could be the next generation of super soldier."

"You don't say?" He lays on the sarcasm thick. "Like I already didn't know how awesome I am?"

"Your original splicing is impressive but ultimately useless. No, this is something like the comic book character Hulk. This will lead to a stabilizing in your mutation we can sell to waring countries that can be introduced to individuals without it spreading. You are like the accidental invention of Madam Curie it will change the world."

"And my father said I wouldn't amount to anything." He isn't impressed. "I already told you how awesome I am now can I get up from here? I'm getting all cramped up and need some exercise." He groans as if in a porn. "Don't want your prized test subject to be damaged, do you?"

"Now I can't let you out but I am curious about something you previous mentioned." The young scientist takes off his glasses and cleans them as he walks up to Madden.

"And what was that?" Mad can sense a change in the air. It's something he's used to.

"Your need for protein. Given any amount I wonder if you can transform into your virus form." He shuts the lights off and goes back to the strapped down subject. Madden can already see what's coming but isn't quite into it.This is going to be a bit like molestation to him. He hops up on the table, his legs over his chest, and whips out his already erect member. It's nothing to brag about yet Madden is a tiny bit aroused. This stranger places his cock to his lips and nudges it in. Mad Cat is overtaken with hunger. It's been almost 2 days since he's eaten and over 2 weeks weeks since he's felt the tight skin of a hot man-sicle inside him.

Mad opens his up and lets him insert his cock into his drooling mouth. He knows it won't take long to make this geek spirt deep into his throat. The kid is aggressive, too. He grabs his hair and shoves in as deep as he can go. Without objection Mad sucks hard and licks the head until, not long to his prediction, the explosion occurs. He swallows greedily. Men are so predicable.

"Any feeling for change?" The scientist is catching his breath.

"Maybe if I had more protein and in a different place where it can be absorbed faster?" Madden suggests. If he can get him to release his legs than he could manipulate his way out of his arm restraints.

"We'll try again later. For now I must compile my notes. See you later." He excuses himself without so much as a thank you.

"Prick, not even enough to give me a full hard on." Mad growls.


Lye waits on the rooftop for the package to arrive. Ambrosia lands as all the dolls return to base. She follows him inside to the lab and lays her on a metal dissection table. On the table next to her is an exact height robotic body with wires feeding Corie's brain waves into it's artificial intelligence. He checks her pulse. She's still alive. He brushes the hair from her darling face which is garnished in whore make-up. Luckily he can still tell she is his next Valentina. She will be one of his greatest creations.
"Tina," he calls over the maid, "Strip her down and Clean her from head to toe." He then walks over to Corie and grins. "I told you...mine forever."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2015 7:40 pm

Her head is pulsating furiously. What the hell hit me? Is the first thing that pops into her thoughts. Her skin feels as if exposed and smells strangely clean, like when she gets out of the shower. Then a coldness creeps up, not only where the sun never shines, but also to the rest of her fun parts, followed by a shiver that goes straight down to her pert, perfect butt. Her vision is still a messed up blur, but her other senses let her know that she is lying down and it's as cold as a fridge. Her breath is coming out in white puffs of vapor.
Panic is starting to set in as her vision clears up. It's once again blinded by the unexpected and ridiculously bright light shinning at her face. She looks away and opens her eyes once again, but immediately regrets ever returning back to consciousness. Her breath quickens to the point where she's breathing like a dog and letting out whimpers with each exhalation. Right next to her is a creepy robotic skeleton with a human brain attached to it. It could not be her brain or else she would't be awake by now. Was this a nightmare? For God's sake let it be a nightmare!
This thing is her size! It's her size! It's been sized up to scale as if it was made for her. Another look at her surroundings and she realizes it's some kind of lab. She also finds across the room is a freaking dead body of a woman. Clearly her guts have been stabbed clean through. This is a horrifying sight. A terrible sight. The teen's eyes are stuck in a permanent state of horror. Was she going to be stabbed too!? Is this how she's going to go!? She's going to die being dissected or experimented on? What kind of sick joke is this!? A scream is in order, but not before she realizes why she is so totally freezing. She glances to herself and sees she is completely naked. No undies to cover up, no blanket; she is completely exposed, in her birthday suit, strapped tightly against the metal table. Indeed, a scream is indeed in order. Which she definitely lets out.


The kindly nurse walks in to bring her some food, specially made for Evee. It smells delicious, but even so Evee pays her no mind. Her thoughts and eyes are completely absorbed by the family photos Suzette salvaged for her.

"Hi sweetie, you hungry?" Her question went unacknowledged. She smiles at the darling child and walks over to her. "You should eat something. Your dad would want you to e healthy." As she approaches the little girl she sees why she isn't responding. A warmth and sympathy once again blooms in her chest and she can't help but sit next to Evee. She doesn't bother to ask where she got the albums or how she got them. The kid probably asked her strange robot companion to get them. "Is that your mommy?"

Evee nods in response.

The nurse glances once again at the pictures and sees just how young her mother was; a teen mom. "She's beautiful." She tells the little girl.

"Thank you." Evee's voice was no higher than a whisper. "I can't wait to see her again."

The nurse was aware that Dr. Anderson is going to try and do the impossible, but she can believe this woman will return. She had seen before the Apothecary's androids before. Still she thought it was just violating the boundaries of nature. "Well... I hope you two will be together again."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 5:43 pm

Lye and Priscilla are putting together the last of the data a terrified scream echos through the quiet lab like a screeching bird. Only Lye turns around as she keeps typing. "The girl is awake. Keep working I'll be back." She doesn't even flinch at his orders in any sense of personality about her is strictly work oriented.

The scared, cold, and naked girl strapped down on the table is hysterical. He sighs at this annoyance he's consumed with fatigue from working non-stop since before Corie came in dead. His human assistants have kept him well nourished so by the number of meals he's been awake for 2 days now. He stands next to her and rubs the bridge of his nose until she notices him. Her wide eyes stare at him as she hyper ventilates. "Are you done?"

"Help-help me! Why am I here? Where are my clothes? What's going on?!" She is repeating questions he's heard a million times before.

"Stop it," Lye interrupts her constant yammering. "I can tell you to calm down, but I doubt you will so let's go cut straight to business." He leans over with his elbows on the table next to her head so he doesn't have to speak up. A single ribbon of silvery blonde hair falls off his shoulder to the side of his face. "You, my dear, were chosen by genetics alone. Thank your parents for such a curse. Now by tragic circumstances fate has chosen to take away a person whom you resemble in just about every aspect physically. Now I've always whoed my soon-to-be dolls so they get the best tastes in life, but as I just explained a rush is requested and I cannot be so kind." He pets her soft hair gently. "I would have loved to pluck this flower and sampled it's nectar. . ." He regrets to himself. "Forgive me," He pulls away, "I am overly wearied. This endover has taken every ounce of my time and energy. Who knew being a parent could be so consuming?" He gives a bit of a chuckle. "It is worth the effort if it means my child will come to accept me." He can tell by the blank stare the girl is too frightened to actually listen or understand his situation.
"Onto the matter at hand," He clicks his fingers and signals in a few of his dolls. Four girls stand behind him each are very different. He points to the lolita style girl with long blonde hair and a little hat. "This is Sophia. She will be putting you under, disrupting the neural connection between your brain and pain nerve responders. So you will not feel anything." He puts his hand on the next which is a wild brown haired beauty in a sun dress. "Fauna is going to skin you alive with such quick precision it'll only take minutes."
At that point the girl starts screaming again. Lye's head is starting to throb. "Tiffany, shut her up." The tall maid with black hair and glasses holds her hand over the girl's mouth.
"I will conclude this quickly as the new doll is ready to transplant your skin onto the frame." He points to the mechanical girl. The girl looks over and the realization finally washes over her. "Tiffany and Tina will dispose of your body after you are euthanized. It's standard procedure." Lye explains as if it's some kind of run of the mill surgery.

He runs his hands along her body between her breasts, dips into her belly button, and between her legs for a short moment just to feel the warmth of her tight mound. "If only we had that kind of time," Lye sighs before turning away. "Sophia, you are up. Code: 66 living corpse." He touches her shoulder. Sophia's dead eyes stare right into the terrified eyes of her next victim. "Fauna, code: 42 taxidermy. Make it perfect." He starts to walk away. "Tina, Tiffany, keep everything clean. I want this place spotless. Inform me when the procedure is complete and the meat is disposed of."

Sophia's blank eyes glow and disrupt the eyes of this frightened victim. She reaches around her neck and clenches her spine as her eyes continue to burn into this girl's brain. In only seconds she's no longer moving. Tiffany takes her hand from her mouth and stands back with Tina. The depletion of the girls neural receptors take the longest.
She's still breathing when Fauna steps in to slice along the skin like the seems of a dress. From head to toe she cuts along the hairline, behind the ears, down to the spine, careful not to scar the face or any major features, and the back of the legs. The skin is pulled from the back from the spine and over the front. The fingers and toes are always the hardest. She has to cut up and make the skin into gloves which she slips off the fingers inside out. An easy fix.

The almost lifeless being laying on the slab is all red muscle and bulging eyes. Tina and Tiffany get done mopping before Sophia holds her and over the girl's mouth and nose. She puts her fingernail into her exposed vein and pumps tetotroxin into her and soon her organs seize up. Paralyzed they die and soon does she.
A body bag is this teen's casket and the furnace is her cremation chamber. Her existence is no more than the ashes she becomes.


Mad Cat is meowing out loud to get any attention. The door opens and in walks the same assistant who molested him. "Fuck, not you."

"If that's your attitude then I'll just leave." he turns around.

"NO, dammit, please, I'm fucking starving. My metabolism burns faster than normal humans. I need food this is agony it feels like my stomach is eating all my other organs." Mad Cat begs.

"And what do I get in return?" He gives a devious grin.

"I'm guessing you're referring to a sexual favor." Mad snaps at him. "Does it look like I'm in a position to negotiate. Take what you want I'll do anything just fucking feed me!"

The young man walks up next to Mad and place his elbow on the table. "Good deal...but maybe you should've been more specific because I've got some toys to try out..."

Mad is suddenly spooked. "Don't make me bleed. . .no dissection and shit. . .don't. . ." He isn't even sure what to say at this point and wriggles in his restraints.

"We'll see. . ." the young scientist walks out.

"Oh fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, I've got to get out of here."


The sheet of tissue is pulled over it's moisturized metal form. The flow of synthetic blood is pushed under it to keep it alive to make the doll appear still human. The seems are burned together with lazers and coated in skin glue so that it may heal. Light flashes exhilarate the healing process. Lye oversees any last imperfections. His brain is a buzz with adrenaline to see this perfect body being reborn by his own hands. 'The one who go away' is now the one who can never leave him. He's made sure of this through his own little surprises inside this new doll. First of all no weapons. Second he can shut her down at any moment with a simple safe-word and if worst comes to worst if he dies so can she through the simple wiring of his heart beat to her own. Lye has always believed in complete control without a subject knowing it. That he knows he gets from his bitch mother.

He can remember the last outfit he saw her in. . .he's recreated it and seeing it on her tender frame again makes him excited. He touches the edge of her dress and feels the material is better than the cheap fabric she wore. He's spared no expense and no time on her. His sweat and the insomnia have given him purpose. He has never been so proud of any of his dolls as much as this. . .this his lost Valentina. She will wake soon and when she does will she attack him or praise him for his astounding work in saving her life?

"Tina," the doll approaches at once, "fetch my daughter and tell her that her mother will be awake soon. She should be here to greet this sleeping beauty." Tine bows and leaves to do so. Lye pets Valentina's face lovingly and a strange feeling is rising inside of him. This girl was a turning point in his life. Without knowing it she bestowed upon him an heir to his legacy and it's one he cannot let the world lose. His neglected beauty is with him again and he shall never neglect her again. He can control the world but he will never control his child and lost love in such a manner and it raises a new hope inside of him. "This is indeed a new beginning."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 9:38 pm

"Viens ici mon amour. Venez à moi." A baby version of herself struggles to walk to her teen mommy, smiling and encouraging her, with the sweetest tone, to take those first little steps. Baby Evee stands and wobbles a little before taking her first step she tumbles over after taking the second one, but her little instincts save her by holding her arms out to stop herself from completely colliding with the floor.

"C'est bon. Essaye encore. Viens ici mon amour." Her mother encourages her further and hold out her arms to welcome her in her embrace.

Determined tiny Evee stands up again and wobbly takes those last few steps and falls forward to her mommy's embrace. "Yippee! Tu l'as fait!" Valentina kissed her darling, giggling baby...

The images brought tears to her eyes, but sorrow wasn't the only thing waking her. Someone was shaking her awake. Her watery eyes open, her vision blurred by her tears. It was another doll, Suzette was by her.

"Your mother will awake soon." Said this other doll in a monotone voice, but those words still left the impact.

Mommy... Mother... will be awake. Which means... He did it. Evee had no clue what to feel or think. Should she be overjoyed? Concerned?
She knew her mother well enough and from the one interaction she saw between her and Anderson... this was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. If her mother's hatred to him was strong before... this will only infuriate her further. Evee can't let her rebirth start in chaos. She has to do something. She has to somehow coax her to the idea of being a family with her, the daughter she adores completely (and hopefully still will) and the man that, deep down, Evee knows she loves strongly.

"Um..." She takes a deep breath. "What's your name?" She asked this new doll.

"Tina." It answered.

"Tina." She repeated the doll's name." Could you... take me to my mommy?"


Where the soul goes it's a mystery. It's all too dark to tell where it could be or it has been. There's nothing where she went, yet it was the most peaceful place. But something strange was happening. Something kept pulling her somewhere. Somewhere she doesn't know. The further away it pulls her the more the shadows fade.


The three of them walk down long corridors, passing by different labs and offices, other scientists that look her way, but dare not stop them. Maybe they knew who these dolls were and where they were taking her. Maybe they already knew who she was.
The whole way to the lab where her mother was being kept Evee walked very slowly, clutching her family album to her chest aggressively. Please be you mommy. Please...
Her heart was palpitating furiously and hyper ventilation followed after. Her mother... was coming back from the dead. How does that happen!? How was it possible!? It's like something out of a tv show or a movie. A zombie movie! Dear lord, was her mother a robot zombie? No... no. Anderson said he would bring her real mother back. Zombies are mindless and can't think or feel... like these dolls.

I'm surrounded by robot zombies. Her eyes stared at the dolls walking in front of her.

"We are here." Said Tina. The doll opens the door for her and Evee just froze in her tracks, still clutching her album. She could see through the ajar door Anderson sitting next to a body she assumes is her now, 15 year old robot mother.

Evee suddenly forgot how to walk. Her feet would not budge from she stood. Her eyes were locked on the body. She still can't see the face, but she knows its her mom; 15 year old mommy... back from the dead.

Suzette stood next to Evee and placed her hand on her shoulder as if assuring her things would be okay. What does this robot zombie know!? Whatever it does its pure programming. There's no comfort at all. Just a cold hand randomly touching her. Evee shook her hand off her shoulder.

Be strong. Evee faintly remembered the words she heard in her dream. "Viens ici mon amour. Venez à moi." Her mother's soft, kind voice echoed in her thoughts. They were enough to make her slowly walk into the room. She didn't hear if the dolls came in or closed the door. The whole world was silent.
Anderson looked her way, but she didn't make eye contact with him. Her eyes were locked on this sleeping figure. It was really her. It looked exactly like her mother when she was born. The hands that held her, caressed her, embraced her, the lips that gave her tender kisses, the beautiful, youthful face that she gazed upon when she was a baby. Too young to have been, but she was her mother and a true mother she was.

She sat down next to Anderson. "You... did it." She said to break the awkward silence. HE really did. All there's left to see is if her mother outside was also her mother inside.

"I-I don't wanna know... how you... managed to make her look like this." That was a story best left to mystery. She had an idea of something, but she dared not even think about it... ever again.

Anderson returned to her the locket she had given him to help with this task. "She looks, just like her." She looked at him. "Thank you." The words were as sincere as they could be. "I just hope she is happy too."

The machines say that there was brain activity, there was a heartbeat, but the body was so still as death. Evee, scared, bravely reached out to touch her moms hand and quickly retracted it, startled at how warm and lively it felt. It's like she wasn't even a robot at all.

How long has it passed since she sat here?
Mother wasn't awake yet. Was she afraid to wake up? Was she in there at all?
Evee had an idea, but didn't know if it would work at all. Taking a leap of faith she began to hum the song her mother taught her, the one her mother, Valentina, had written so long ago, at this age, for the man that she loved more than anything.

Viens ici mon amour. Venez à moi.


The darkness have become nothing but a heavy black haze. It's like a window was opening up in the center of it all and she can feel something thumping in her chest and air entering chambers inside of her.
From behind the haze she can see blurry images of strange people she can't name.
There's a godly handsome man standing behind her. His eyes look upon her features with such adoration, yet there's this sense of predator he gives off. His smile is loving and warm as are his hands feeling her up. She can't help but let him. His touch is paralyzing and promising... genuine as his feelings. Does she want him to go further?

Then everything changes. He is no longer loving... he's gotten beyond rough with her. There's fire everywhere. She can't breath in these toxic fumes. Everything goes dark again.

Don't make me wake up... I don't want to. Please make the burning stop... Its scary. Please... I want to sleep. Make the burning stop.

A cry in the distance pulls her further away from the haze. In her hands there's a darling baby girl suckling from her. It fills her heart with such a warm joy. Who could this darling angel be?

It's dark once again. Something in the distance is approaching... like a light. Its warm and welcoming. The burning... its gone. Nothing hurts. The rays that wash over her are making the pain go away. The light morphs, taking a human form. A little blond girl with sky kissed eyes looks up to her longingly.

"Mommy..." She reaches out to her, begging her to take her hand. There's light coming off her. "Mommy... come with me."

As she speaks she hears music. A familiar tune. She looks at the little girl and she speaks again.

"Viens ici mon amour. Venez à moi."


Evee hummed and hummed the song over and over. Then... something happened. Her humming stopped mid-song when she saw her mother's hand twitch.

The little looked at Anderson. They exchanged looks for a second ad looked back at the body. Evee stood, and leaned closer to her mother anxious and anticipating. Her mother could hear her. Which means she really is in there. That hand wouldn't have moved if she wasn't.

"Maman?" Her hands cupped her mother's face. "C'est moi. Reviens à moi." Her voice was slightly above a whisper.

No movement. Was it just her imagination? Her vision was blurred by tears. It wasn't her imagination. Mother was in there and she could hear her. She saw that hand move.

Mon petit.

Then... it happened. The moment both Anderson and Evee were waiting for.
Valentina's eyes just snapped open, wide, she took a deep loud breath. Scared out of her wits, Evee jumped back. Lye held her to him protectively. She wasn't about to argue about this contact, she held onto his strong arms as if her life depended on it.

Valentina shot up to a sitting position. Suzette stood in front of Evee, ready to attack as well as Tina.
Valentina froze where she sat. The questions: who, what, where, why coming at her like an overwhelming tsunami.
It was so bright. Where the heck was she? Where the heck has she been? What was going on? She kept protecting her eyes and scooting back so much that she fell over. Rapidly she scrambled back to a sitting position and scooted back, pressing herself against the wall like a scared animal. She hugged her knees to her chest shaking.

The room looked like a lab... no... it was another room. It was on fire. A piano room... on fire. No no no no! Don't bring me back here! Help me! Someone help me! Make the burning stop! Make it stop!

"Make the burning stop... make it stop..." She weeped silently in her little corner. Her face covered.

Burning? Is she...?Scared for her mother, Evee ran to her aid and hugged her as her mother did before when she was having a nightmare.

"Sshh... its okay." What else could she say? "You're dreaming. Its not real."

Why was she seeing her darkest of memories? Was this a normal thing for someone who just came back from the netherworld?

"Mommy, you're safe. You're with me. It's me. Your Evee."

Her weeping began to subside. Was she calming down?

"E... Evee?" Valentina looked up. The fire was going away and so was the room. My Evee? It was really a lab. There was really no fire. That vision really wasn't real. That horrible nightmare was replaced with a beautiful vision. Her little girl was here, with her.
Valentina looks at her little girl as if she is seeing the light. The light in her darkness. It's her. Her baby girl. Her hand caresses Evee's cheek that was damp with tears of joy.

"Evee?" She asked again. Was this a dream?

"Its me mommy." She smiled at her.

They embrace each other with such veracity it will take a crowbar to separate them. "But... how? I was..."


For the first time she realizes they aren't the only ones in the room. She looks up and sees Lye. Immediately she feels afraid for her daughter and hate comes back. Though her gaze remains apathetic. She pulls away from Evee and stands up. Now there was something wrong here. Lye towers over her more than she remembered. Then Evee stands up and... not she is weirded out. Evee... was only... a few inches shorter. She stepped back, alarmed. Did her little girl grow or did she shrink?

Should she look at herself? Should she look at herself? She did. Her eyes gaze at her own hands. They aren't like what she remembered. Then her legs, her clothes. Were these from when she last saw Lye all those years ago?

When her mother began to hyper ventilate, it was time for Evee to step in.

"Mom, calm down." She reached out a hand, but quickly pulled back when her mother flinched. "Mom-"

"Why... am I short?" Valentina was struggling to keep her voice calm.


"I was dead." The memory of how she died was blur. All she remembers clearly was the pain of the stab she got. "I... died."

"You did, but-"

"Why am I alive? I was... coming for you... and I died." She was obviously dead. How was she alive now? Lye was here quiet as a mouse. It must have something to do with him. "Answer me." She said still trying to remain calm.

Before he had a chance, it was Evee who spoke.

"You died, but... mom... I'm sorry." She began to cry. How could she have done such a thing? How could be so selfish to bring her mother back this way?

Now it was the time to panic. Why was Evee saying she was sorry?
Her little girl hugged her tightly, still sobbing. "Please don't be mad at me mommy. Please don't be mad at him. Please. Please no more fighting. Please!"

"Honey why-what are you talking about? Forgive you for what?" Why was she saying sorry for?

"I asked for this. It was my idea. Not his. He only did this because I asked him to." She had to calm down so she could explain it to her. Evee told her everything. About seeing her dead and how horrifyingly painful it was. How hollow she felt without her. Nothing could take away the void, not even time. Nobody could replace her in her life.
Those words coming out of her little girl... it's like listening to someone else she knows. It was scary.
Evee kept telling her how she just couldn't accept the fact she was gone. She just couldn't let her go. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that she, her mother wasn't going to see her grow up. It wasn't fair that her mother had gone her life just looking after her and not be loved by someone other than her and dying too soon. She deserved to be loved.
"So... I asked Lye... to bring you back."

"Evee-" Valentina gulped.

"But I asked him... to bring you back... the way he loved you dearly."

The whole world shut down around her. Those words sunk in rather rapidly. The way he loved me dearly. The only time Lye ever loved her was when she was 15. This... This couldn't be. Not her little girl. Not her. This sounds more like a cruel idea that Lye would have. Not her angel. Not her Evee.

"I want to see."

"Mom-" Valentina cut her off.

"I want... to see." She said more firmly.

Evee motioned to the wall mirror on the other side. Valentina slowly and cautiously walked to it. she stood beside it afraid to even look. She took a deep breath and stepped into view. What she saw just couldn't be real.
This vision of herself from way back... it can't be her now, but it was.

Oh Evee... what have you done to me.
It pained her to the very core, but she couldn't look at Evee right now. She needed her away.
Slowly she turned away from the mirror and asked Evee to give her some time alone with Lye. Seeing her pained face, she assured her that it will be alright. That there wasn't going to be a fight. She just needed some time alone with him.

So... In the end. It wasn't Lye that condemned her to a life of a doll. It was her own family.


Once Evee and the dolls were out, Valentina took the moment to really look at herself to somehow break out of this denial. She turned this way and that. It was really her. Lye really did love her so much that he remembered her every feature. If he didn't the results wouldn't have been this good. A disturbing thought crossed her. This was no longer the body she was born with. This body was made by her psycho baby's daddy.

She promised there wasn't going to be a fight. In fact why should there be one? She lost. This is the end of the road for her.
"You... remembered?" She gestured er dress.
"So Evee asked for this?" She looked up to him. Fuck if he towered her back then he towered her now even more.
She looked at herself again.
This was too much. Virus infected, flesh eating zombies, cat people... oddly she could cope with those. This... being brought back from the dead as a 15 year old, at her daughter's request to her father... this was waaayyy beyond much. This is insanity.

"The thing I don't understand... why'd you do it? What do you get out of this?" She paused.

She has to know. If Evee wanted her back this way it could have been only for one thing; she wants a family- mom, dad and daughter. Did Lye do so for that reason also? Or did he do so because he wants to have Evee's approval... maybe both. As far as Valentina knows Lye never loved her for real."Tell me... and please don't lie to me."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Never let go   Apothic Grey: Never let go I_icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2015 3:24 pm

Madden is starving and stuck staring at the ceiling. His muscles are cramping up from being held in one place for so long. It's painful but not as painful as his stomach starting to eat itself.
The door opens and he already knows who it is that damn commissioner of sexually unfulfilled torture. "What do you want now? I doubt you're going to feed me actual food."

"Am I that predictable? I thought you were the fun one." The scientist could care less about the cat-boy's welfare.

"I am when I'm well fed. I'm not an anorexic but I do get as bitchy as a super model and I'm about to break." Madden confesses. "What the hell is your fucking name anyways? This anonymous sex has lived past it's prime."

"You are one needy cat. What are you going to do tattle on me?" He is snarky. "My name is Trevor Genkins, but I'm about to earn my doctorate so soon I will be Dr. Genkins."

Maddens scoffs at him, "You're not even a real doctor yet? Figures, immature bastard."

He glares at Madden who isn't even looking at him as he insults him. "Immature? Is that how you see me?"

"Did I stutter, faggot?" He goes straight for the throat.

Genkins is NOT amused. He pulls something from his inner lab coat jacket and walks up to him. The table is able to move the legs and arms in different directions in order to gain better access to parts of a subdued subject. He opens the legs and takes an angry hold of his tail. Madden shoots him a glare then his eyes widen at the sight of what's in stall for him. A rather large dildo, one even six shots of tequila could open him up for, is aimed right at his waxed little hole. "You want to call ME the faggot? Let's see how much you enjoy this!"
He holds it right at the entrance before pushing hard. It doesn't go in at first it's as if he's turning his anus inside out. But after a few hard shoves it pierces him inside. Madden cries out in pain. It's as if his asshole is being split open like tissue paper. It's starting to be lubed, but the lube is actually some blood. Genkins punishes him hard and rapidly yelling at Madden gay-bashing slurs. Madden can't hear any of it as all his focus is on the giant silicon dick widening his asshole to new measures. After a while he fights through the pain and it's starting to feel a little tempting.
"Please. . .stop. . .I-I. . .it's too much. . .it hurts. . ." He pleads.

He turns the bottom switch and activates the vibrating action. "I don't think so. I'm going to leave you with this punishment until you are ready to apologize. Bad kitties deserve to bleed." He pushes it as deep as it'll go and leaves it inside Madden. He laughs evilly as he exits.

Madden is grinding his teeth, "I'm going to get him back. . .swear on my life. . ."


Evangeline is in awe of his masterpiece. She's scared and excited all at the same time. He feels pride swell in his chest until she says the one thing he never expected, "Thank you." This softens his heart like never before. For a change his creation isn't for services or as a weapon it's for love. "I just hope she is happy too."

"To be with a tiny angel like you who could not be blessed as well as happy?" Lye gently touches her head. But the joy is short lived as her child-like impatience takes over. There was no telling when Valentina would wake but Evangeline is a child who wants her mommy.

In desperation the sweet girl starts to hum.
Valentina twitches.
It is strange to him to see a mother and child so closely bonded that a simple hummed lullaby can wake sleeping beauty from her slumber. Really it was about useless being as she would've woken up eventually, but Lye appreciates the poetry behind it.
The now teenage woman snaps to life and frightens their daughter. Evangeline clings onto Lye who holds her protectively and is a bit pleased by her choosing to do so even if it's just instinctual. She knows he can protect her and he knows he always will.
Valentina yells about burning...what burning? Was she in hell? Lye would not be surprised by that in the least the woman had chalked up her own list of sins. Evangeline steps up to calm her down. He finds a bit of revelry in her pain due to how she's fought him for so long over his own flesh and blood. Now both of them are his as it should be.
The reunion is lost on Valentina much to Lye's chagrin when she finally realizes she had died.
Lye preforms the impossible and she's mad at him he can see it in her mechanized eyes. There is so much crying but not tears of joy anymore they are tears are regret. There's no turning back now. Evangeline takes all the heat for this endover. Lye could've said no, but deep down inside it's something he may have wanted as well.

Valentina takes a moment to soak it in. She requests that she speak with Lye privately.
Lye motions to his dolls, "Please escort Evangeline to the cafeteria and be sure she eats a healthy meal. I know she hasn't been eating well lately." He gives Evee a little wink. "Everything is going to be wonderful, my angel, you'll see your mother just needs a little time to adjust. It's never an easy process." He assures her the way a doctor would after telling someone they have kidney failure and need to go on dialysis.

He can see a bit of admiration for his work as Valentina admires herself in the mirror. Every detail he made sure had to be flawless. Once she is ready she begins with the most obvious of questions.

"You... remembered?" She gestures to her dress. He nods. "So Evee asked for this?" She looked up to him. "The thing I don't understand... why'd you do it? What do you get out of this?" She paused. Her distrust in him is well rooted and even after death could not be killed. Hatred is such an ugly thing, but on her in this 15 year old body it's a bit adorable. "Tell me... and please don't lie to me."

"Like father like daughter," Lye looks down with a grin. "I never expected it, but it's the curse of my family. We cannot let go of those we love." He looks back up at her and takes a few steps closer. "You were an unexpected surprise to my life. I can never calculate the significance you have brought into my world." He only a foot away from her at this point. Her breath has quickened and he's not sure what she's wanting to do to him. "A honest reason to why I brought you back to life? No use in lying to you ever again. We both know that this body is one I can control, but I have given you the free will no other doll has been offered. You are truly an exception." He explains his underlining notion which isn't a straight answer.
"I wish I could say it's purely for the ground-breaking scientific advancement, but your recreation is purely emotional. At first it was for Evangeline. Seeing her crying over your corpse I could see myself crying over my own father and I gather it struck a very sharp chord. It motivated me to bring you back to life in only 3 long days. I have not slept and I've barely eaten, but a labor of love is worth it's own rewards." He runs his fingers through her hair. "As I constructed you every detail of our relationship came flooding back. The way you would giggle at my every word," he runs his hands down to hers, "...the way your fingers would stumble across the ivory when you were learning a song," he steps in closer, "...the adorable outfits you would wear to entice me," his arms are encompassing her, "...the sweet smell of your skin," he lifts her chin and bends down to her,"...the purest taste that has never been matched..." He kisses her gently and is every bit as obsessed with her as the day they met.
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It’s always hard to believe whatever he tells her. He’s lied to her to monstrously before; made her believe his feelings were true when they weren’t. They were nothing but a mask used to hide the monster he was and always will be.

Her consciousness tries to work through his every word while still coming to terms with the fact that her daughter was the one who did this to her… Lye’s genes were truly showing in her little girl. She had believed they never would, given the environment she raised her little girl in. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As he draws closer to her, speaking with such carefully chosen words, she wants to tell him to not come closer, she wants to slap his hand away, she wants to tell him to stop talking… but she can’t. The way those eyes are looking at her. The gaze that made her feel as though she truly was loved beyond all human capability. It makes her want to cry of joy. An older, mature voice scolds her, but her new mind doesn’t listen for every word he speaks awakens her 15 year old mind, bringing it further into consciousness.

Deep in her subconscious, Corie tries to bring forth her hatred and distrust, but Valentina seems to overpower her. Why continue hating and running in this new life this, this second chance? When there’s nowhere to run, but into her Master’s embrace.

“As I constructed you every detail of our relationship came flooding back. The way you would giggle at my every word,” his hands run down her arms to hold her own. Her heart rate increases as well as her breathing.


Those green letters flashed before her mechanic eyes and she sees faint images of her and Lye… her loving teacher, played out in front of her.

“… the way your fingers would stumble across the ivory when you were learning a song,” he steps closer and their bodies are touching each other.

Once more that mature voice implores her to make him stop, to get away, but she didn’t. It was rude to do such thing to her Master.

“… the adorable outfits you would wear to entice me.” She looked away, blushing at the thought.

“… the sweet smell of your skin,” he gently brings her face up to his. Their lips are close to each other. She can taste his breath.

“… the purest taste that has never been matched…” He kisses her and her senses are firing. Her robotic system alerts her of high temperature rising in her, her heart beats accelerating.

Valentina’s surprised by all this, scared that she may be losing herself in him again she tries to push him away, but finds her hand completely still on his chest, she can feel his heart beating as strongly. Maybe… he does love me… in his own way.

Her eyes close and she kisses him back. Once more her mechanized mind shows her memories of them lying down on the daybed, kissing passionately… but then they go to how her baby was conceived. How it was against her will. But was it? Her adult side shows her more and more images of the hurt he caused her, his attempt to kill her… but he was her Master now.

When they finally part their lips she finds herself gazing upon his eyes which scan every facial feature of his and the words ‘Master’ flash in green. Her hand cups his face and she kisses him, ignoring the deep thoughts telling her this wasn’t right, that he was only controlling her.

“Lye…” She says with the same intense passion she felt for him back then. Please tell me you’re not lying… take me away from this doubt.


In the cafeteria Suzette, Tina and the kindly nurse sat around Evee. The little girl ordered both the dolls to remain silent. It was already enough with the nurse trying to get her to eat. She couldn’t. Her mind was lost in what could be happening in the lab. What her mother and Lye were talking about and the fights they might be having.

The nurse once again tries to persuade her only to see the child push the plate of untouched food away. Her stomach had been growling for days, but she had been enduring it. How can she eat happy when her mother was going through the worst of situations… and Evee helped her get there.

Valentina remains silent as she watches her little girl from afar. It’s been so weird seeing all these numbers and words blink in and out of her vision. She doesn’t mean to scan everything and everyone around her it just happens, like a reflex.

Her scan reports her that her daughter’s stress levels are high… Valentina was a mother, her instincts tell her more than what her mechanical side is telling her. Evee wanted her back, because she loves her. Their bond was too strong to be broken by death. Valentina just couldn’t stay angry with this. How could she be angry with her daughter’s love? Her desire to be with her mother? Now they have a second chance. A chance to be together, a chance to be a family.

“I… I still don’t know what to make of this, but…” She turns to look at him. “Thank you… for giving me a chance to watch her grow.”

In her heart she wants to go to Evee, console her and tell her everything will be alright now, but she can’t. This new view she has of her daughter. This nagging voice telling her to turn away and run. She needs time.

“Um… off topic… What happened to Madden?” It’s still blurry. No matter how hard she tries, her memory bank find an error whenever she searches for her last memories with Madden.
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Valentina actually thanks him for his devoted work in bringing her back from the grave. It's a surprise to hear her appreciation from a girl who once blamed him for all her problems.
Then she brings up Madden so Lye has to think fast on his feet or else she act rashly, maybe even get mad at him. "Madden..." he sighs, "...is infected. The cure doesn't work against his mutated genes. As of now he may die or he will be executed. We cannot have him infecting others. In him it's an unpredictable strain that can launch a whole new viral strand we have no cure for yet. Until then it must be contained and tested." He does tell her most of the truth. "I am currently unsure if he is dead at the moment. You and Evangeline have been my highest priority." He knows the best excuse over any that she will understand. "You need not concern yourself with a common hit for hire. Evangeline is the one who needs you. . .needs us," he places a hand on her shoulder, "Let's be a family for her. Let's be the family we were supposed to be after all the trauma she's endured our love is what will help her. It's what she deserves above all else."

He looks back down on his disturbed angel. She's so much like him it's a beautiful image of what he would've looked and acted like if he had been born female. He has a suspicion that she will take a liking to his hobbies as well. "She appears to be a bit depressed, understandably so, let us shower her with attention before she feels anymore neglected. The rest will fall into place between us believe me." Lye is doing his best to divert her from anymore talk about Madden and their daughter is the best resolution.


His big black ears twitch as they start ringing. Someone must be talking about him. If only those who knew he still existed would help him but he highly doubts a savior will come before he's drained of blood and cut up alive. He isn't looking forward to his evisceration. His body feels like it's eating itself. He doesn't know how much he can withstand. He'd do anything for food right now. He's never been one to accept death because he loves himself so much but now he could welcome it with open arms. This kind of slow torture isn't worth it.
"Mother. . .if I die. . .please. . .let me be with you soon. . ." A single tear slides over his cheekbone into his raven hair.
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The word weight in her mind. There was a faint part of her that didn't want to. He's become such a distrustful person.



But Evee needs us...

Everytime he spoke he had her undivided attention. She couldn't not listen to him, nor could she find the will to deny him or his wishes.

"You're right."

Valentina took his hand and they both walked over to the table where their sad little angel slumped over the table, denying her food. Both dolls left the table at Lye's command and the kindly nurse excused herself, but not before giving Valentina a long look as she stood from her chair. The nurse nodded to Lye and saw herself out of the cafeteria.

Evee looked up, seeing everyone leave. Her eyes fall upon Lye, who sits next to her and she smiles at her new robot mother who sits opposite to Lye.

Her smile soon leaves her at the thought of them coming out of a fight to just be here and pretend to be fine.

Valentina taking note of her scans of Evee, wrapped her arms around her little girl and said softly:

"It's alright miel. We'll be together. The three of us."

Evee pulled away in surprise. Her sights shifted from Valentina to Lye in disbelief. She found herself begin to smile again.


Valentina nodded her confirmation.

"But... not until you eat." The mommy in her certainly never died. It showed when she placed a fork in front of Evee's hand.

Evee blushed a little at that, but she was happy that this would be the start of something awfully and strangely new to both of them. Mainly because it sprung from the most unexpected and unwanted places.

The little girl, for the first time in days, took a first bite at hospital food. It tasted decent, but not wonderful, but it was something. At least her stomach shut up and settled down.

After Evee ate every last bit of decent hospital food on her plate she looked over at Valentina, her mother, and just couldn't help herself to stare at her in utter amazement.

Valentina took notice of this. "Evee... I know I look painfully different darling, but stop staring." She said looking rather irritated.

"I can't help it mom." She said looking down at her hands, blushing once more. "Can you shoot lasers?"

Valentina rolled her eyes away from her daughter, deep in thought.

"Um... I don't think so-"

"Can you fly with rockets firing from your feet? X-ray scan people? Oh! Or can you cook instantly with a stomach oven?"

Valentina looked over at Lye who was chuckling a bit at all their kid's questions.

"You're reading too many sci-fi books... and too many movies."

Evee laughed. "Maybe, but for the record you're a sci-fi yourself."

"Fair enough. And to all your questions, no, but I can scan vital signals on people."

Evee looked over to Lye. "Why couldn't you make her fly?" She playfully whined.

It was an oddly pleasant time. They talked together without trouble, but in the midst of the conversation the thought of Madden and his whereabouts still creeped in Valentina's mind. Where could he be? Was he alright?

The last she remembers of him was them fighting zombies in the streets and nothing. No recollection of her last breath, her last fight, if the zombies were her last opponents... nothing. Madden somehow vanished from her last memories as a human. Not only that, but she found her memories missing major gaps in between. She remembers how her baby was conceived, but the events after were a blur and the feelings and emotions that go with them were unknown as if she forgot her past emotions altogether. She looked at Lye, deep in thought, she looked at him with no particular feeling and she could do so freely, because all his attention was on Evee at the moment.

Did Lye have anything to do with her jumbled memories?

When she looks at him she doesn't know how to feel. There was no powerful, undying hatred, no sadness nor desire to kill him. All he brings out of her is this strange desire to be with and please him without question.

He'll destroy me.

But... he's mine... and I'm his... we are a family.

"Hey mom."


Alarms went off. There was a breach in the south wall. More of those undead were crowding into the facility grounds, according to the voice talking through the speakers across the facility.

All soldiers who were enjoying their lunch break sprang into action and left quickly to join the fight outside.

Valentina stood up and took Evee in her hands, but had no clue where to go so they both looked to Lye.

"Is there somewhere for her to be safe?" She asked him.
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Valentina takes his hand and there's a sense of warmth within Lye's heart. She's trusting him, taking him in, and she will embrace him again soon enough. In this her old body of a teenage princess he finds himself able to desire intimacy with her once again.

"You are dismissed," he orders the entire table. The dolls stand up and bow before heading to the wall to await further orders. He doesn't even acknowledge the middle aged nurse who has been attending his darling child. She is nothing to him.

He let's Valentina deliver the good news and Evangeline smiles. It's all he could hope for as his daughter's hopes are realized. She finishes her meal and praddles on with adorable question after adorable question. Though Valentina passes it all off as science fiction Lye knows he has made it fact. If only they knew and soon they would.

He really can't stop admiring his greatest work of art as they sit at the simple cafeteria table when a question catches his ears. "Why couldn't you make her fly?" Evangeline pouts.

Lye chuckles, "There will always be time for further modifications but given the time frame the most important componant was to save your lovely mother." He flirts.
The rest of the time is calm and friendly. Lye never knew he could have a real family ever again after his father was murdered yet he could admit it was becoming nice.

Alarms sound off. Lye doesn't panic and calmly stands up.
"Is there somewhere for her to be safe?" Valentina looks to him.

"The safest place in the world is with us. Your new body isn't just a shell it's equiped to protect her. As for me," he grins, "I have made a personal army of body guards. Remember how you asked about lazers and such apparent rubbish, Evangeline?" He winks at her. "Come with me and let us watch." He leads them down to the highest security area with the dolls in toe, his private labratory below ground, and turns on the wide-screen monitors. He flips open his cell phone. "Initiate protocal 'King's Horsemen' on all perimeters. Targets only infected humans. Assist guard personel."
Across them flash humanoid girls fighting any zombies that come too close to the doors and blow bodies to chunks to keep them from entering. The beautiful girls dance elegently throw the battles and cut through with little effort. After isolating the hoards Lye gives his next order.
"Close off the gates, prevent further intrusion," it's vague, but the strongest dolls are able to block off any ways their internal maps give as entrance ways. The undead weren't strong enough to break through, but safety is only so temporary until they find a perminent solution.
"No one will ever harm my daughter. I would sooner destroy every living being in this world, Valentina." He lets her know with a straight face. "Soon this threat will no longer exist. No need to worry."
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Corie had seen some of these dolls in action but they weren't heavy sci-fi beings. All they used were guns and then there was the one that used supersonic screams, but other than that it wasn't compared for what she was witnessing through the monitors. The Dolls were slicing and dicing, lazering, basically any fighter-want-to-kill motion one could think of. Every weapon that a sci-fi writer could think of, they had it.

It was terrifying to see such innocent looking things unveil and become what they truly are; killer guards. At their Master's command they carried out the tasks without question or second thought. No flinching, no hesitation. Valentina knew then that she was different from them. She may be a Doll, but she isn't completely robot. She still has that human element that would stop her from striking down those infected. They were sick people in need of a cure desperately. Then again, another scan through her memories she recalled fighting those things herself as a human... but why was she fighting them so monstrously. The images showing up in front of her eyes she her all bloodied, puking blood and monstrously destroying infected people.

Evangeline looked intently at the monitor, her mouth gaping at the sight of those robot girls. She wanted to look away, but she couldn't. It wasn't until she saw one of those zombie things get split in half, rotting guts bursting out of its insides did she rapidly turned and buried her face in her mother's chest.

"Shh... C'est bon." She said while holding her gently and comforting her.

Valentina looked up to Lye as he spoke his last sentences. How will he rid this place of these things?

"Do you have a cure? There has to be a better way. Killing those people... they're sick Lye." She said sympathetically.

Again she saw more memories of her killing those things herself.

"Was I...? How did I die?"

He confirmed her suspicion. She was indeed infected, but the virus wasn't the only thing that killed her.


Valentina took Evee back to her hospital room to tuck her in for the night. She looked around and wished there was a better place for her baby to sleep, but until this madness ended this was the safest place to be.

Lye also came along. He seemed to be very into taking his new role as a parent. This made Valentina a bit uneasy, but he's already proven himself that his feelings as a father were true.

The little girl had been holding onto a folder all day. It was about time Valentina asked what it was. When Evee revealed it to be their family album Valentina was surprised. How could she not recognize it?

"Don't you remember mommy? You made it for me." Said Evee.

"Um... sorry miel. My memory is pretty jumbled ever since I woke up."

Evee looked over to Lye who was siting on the bed, next to her feet. "Is that normal? Will she get her memory back?"

"It's alright honey. Maybe its for the best. Im... not in a hurry to remember some things." She smiled to reassure her.

Evee smiled back. "Well at least remember the best parts. Me!" She cheered making both parents laugh.

She opened the album and began to retell some of the things in it. There wasn't much she could tell since most of what was in it was her baby pictures. Evee looked up to Lye and smiled as she took out a picture and showed it to him. It was a picture of her elegantly dressed in her best clothes, playing the piano.

"That's my first performance ever. About a year ago." Her smile never left and her ego could easily be detected in every word she spoke. Her musical talent was the one thing she took absolute pride in. "I played an original song of mine. The one you heard. I won."

Valentina made a police siren sound. "Brag alert. Ego just shut up into the ceiling."

The two of them laughed.

"I can't help my perfection." She said her hands playing an air piano.

"Mhmmm... Well little miss perfect." Valentina kissed her. "Time for bed."

"Bon nuit mamman." Evee turned to Lye. "Bon nuit Lye. That means "good night"." She still didn't feel comfortable calling him father. That one time she said it for her mother's sake, but for her to truly call him that and mean it just wasn't quite there yet. So she did promote him from last name to first name, at least.


As a Doll, Valentina no longer felt the need to sleep, nor hunger, no basic need.
So as to not disturb her sleeping daughter she took to walking the halls. Lye still with her. They stood next to a large  window, in a staircase, that overlooked the facility grounds. and beyond that a horde of undead on the other side of the fences.

"I... can't remember anything." She could feel his eyes on her. "I can't remember. Just little things, but I can't remember what lead me to come after you." She looked at him. "Did... did I hate you?"

"All I remember feeling toward you was..." She didn't know if she could blush, but she would at these words. "Was immense desire beyond belief. Now, when I look at you its there, but something in the back of my head pulls me back... like I shouldn't." She shook her head and turned away. There was a question that she wanted to ask, but was afraid to know what he might say.

She hugged him tightly and had to loosen up a bit, realizing her strength. "Sorry."

They both looked into each others eyes, their heads closing in for a kiss only to be interrupted by the alarm again. Another breach in security. More than one this time. Lye had to leave in order to take care of things. She told him she was going back to Evee and be with her. They went their separate ways.


Everyone was rushing around, especially the guards. Once more the armed knights march back to war. It's all happening so fast that the hall empties out and the only sound she hears is hushed chatter between nurses.
She couldn't help but listen more attentively. Her new found ears become more alert and the hushed voices suddenly sound as if they wee speaking normally.

Some nurses were complaining about their jobs, others wishing they had continued to search for a safer place to work at, others gossiped about a few scandals between co-workers. She giggled a bit listening to all this normalcy. it's almost bizarre.

Then a voice captures her attention when she picks up a familiar name. The voice was of a man, he spoke about a cat-boy who was locked in one of the labs, being tortured and vivisected.

"I thought that was put off due to our boss' special project." Said one of the men.

"Heh, that guy must have some kind of fetish. I'm worried about that kid, such a sweet looking thing, surrounded by freaks." Said another.

The other who spoke of the cat-boy continued on, speaking rather suggestively about the creature. He stops when the others comment on their suppose-to-be-hilarious teasing. Still the man continues to praise how incredible this creature was. His words almost lustful.

The same man leaves the room and she freezes in place; standing against the wall, with a blank face, staring into space, as all the other dolls do. He walks by her without giving her a glance. Everyone must be used to Lye's weapons they simply shrug them off.

As he walks on past her head slowly turns to look over at him.

Madden... you're alive.


Genkins walks on towards his little prisoner's chambers. The poor man has no clue of what creeps from behind. His shadower keeps a safe distance from him to not appear too obvious. They cross through hall after hall, passing through minimal security. One of the guards was about to stop her, but no sooner did he let her be, recognizing she was property of Dr. Anderson. No one was allowed to meddle with them. Only Dr. Anderson had control over them.

Throughout this venture she remained as apathetic as possible so as to not raise any suspicion. Genkins didn't look back, didn't feel followed, didn't so much as suspected he was being followed. Everything was going well, except that deep down in the back of her mind she feared that, since she was indeed property of Lye and she knew more than anyone how much he loves to be in control and always had tricks up his sleeve, he would be seeing whatever she was. What if he knew what she was doing right now? The only comfort she found was that he hasn't or else he would've shut her down by now. No reason to think he couldn't shut her down no matter how much "free will" she has.

Her still being able to move and function was all the comfort she needed to continue and all the knowledge she needed that he was still busy dealing with those infected and commanding his troops of Dolls.

Genkins turned a corner down the hall. Valentina stopped behind the wall and peeked out to see Genkins enter a quarantine room. Luckily there were no guards. Guess it was just the ones guarding the main entrance to this wing. She quietly rushes over and sees this sick man grinning and... touching Madden... rather suggestively. She looked away and heard cries of pain from her poor friend.

What should I do? If I help Madden. Lye would...

He would do something horrifying for sure. It wouldn't matter then what Evee might think of him. A betrayal such as this after those few positive moments together. He will think she deceived him.

Madden helped me... He helped me. He went against Lye and helped me once.

"I'm sorry... master." she told herself.

Silently she walked up behind this sick so-called "Dr. Genkins" and knocked him out with her fist.
Genkins fell to the floor unconscious.

Madden looked at her confused. Could he recognize her?

"Bonjour... my kitty." She began scanning his restraints. Nothing she couldn't handle. "Pas le temps de parler. Je vais vous aider à sortir de cette avant Lye découvre."
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Lye feels an odd warmth as he watches Valentina put his daughter to bed-no not his daughter she's their daughter. Embracing that fact creates a malaise in him for not being better to Corie, but she had become such a pill that was too hard to swallow. Now that she's back to her sweet self he wants to take close care of her almost as much as he does for Evangeline or as Corie calls her "Evee."

"Do you have a cure? There has to be a better way. Killing those people... they're sick Lye." She sounds sympathetic towards the walking dead. "Was I...? How did I die?"

"There is a cure, but it must be administered BEFORE the body technically dies. The effect causes a patient great pain if not caught upon first infection. Most die due to organ failure after cured." He lets her in on the grim truth. Your necrosis may have been curable being as your body adapted better to the virus. There was never any clear cut conclusion since we didn't manufacture the virus." He sighs. "As for your death you didn't die by the hands of the virus. It was the Apathecary, same company who made this dreaded virus, who created androids one of which that stalked you down and stabbed through your ribs into your beating heart." He exaggerates. "The only positive effect of these creations is I found out how to create consciousness in a robotic being. Their blueprints enabled me to bring you back and for that I am grateful."

On that note it was time for Evee to go to bed.

Listening to that french and darling back and forth is so adorable he wants to join in, but he resists. Bonding is important for those who are close, something he has only only known once, so maybe it's time for a change.
They chit chat about the piano and he's so proud his genes are so strong to help create a savant in her own right. Valentina never had great talent, but he's assured his daughter is perfection after all she is his seed.
Walking down the hall Valentina continues with her curiosity. Girls can be so curious.
"I... can't remember anything." She starts and Lye stares at her. "I can't remember. Just little things, but I can't remember what lead me to come after you." She looks at him. "Did... did I hate you? All I remember feeling toward you was..." She hesitates which makes Lye wonder if he needs to turn her off. "Was immense desire beyond belief. Now, when I look at you its there, but something in the back of my head pulls me back... like I shouldn't." She shakes her head and turns away. It's then she goes back to him. She hugs him tightly til the point he can't breath. When he doesn't hug her back she loosens up her grip. "Sorry."

"New body takes getting used to." He excuses her. "The past is the past. We have a future to look foward to if you don't mind my heavy handed turn of phrase."
Her desire doesn't end there she actually moves up to him ready for a kiss when the emergency sirens go off yet again. "When we meet again."
Madden is in and out of consciousness. At this point it's for the best as he's living in limbo. Maybe he deserved this hell? But his ego didn't want to accept this was true.
Those cold hands inside latex gloves are groping his body once again. Madden is so disinterested in this molester it makes the bad docter even more aggressive. It makes him wonder when they're going to just kill him.
The hands drop away with a thump. There's someone else in the room. Was it finally going to begin?

His eyes open to a slightly familiar face. "Bonjour... my kitty." She speaks in French. "Pas le temps de parler. Je vais vous aider à sortir de cette avant Lye découvre."

"Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, dormez vous? Dormez vous? Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines, Din, din, don! Din, din, don!" He sings in French with a lazy smile gracing his fangs.
He's moving...no not on his own...the lights passing overhead, but he wasn't walking or rolling. . . What was going on?
Lye arrives at the control center. "Can't you control the security for more than just a mere few hours? My daughter is trying to sleep." He snaps at the head guard.

"Yes, sir, but this isn't an attack by those infected. These are strategically placed explosives at key locations that harbor the security cameras." He informs Lye.

Lye sees the blank screens and has them repeat the footage. There is no indication of the attackers but he has a good idea of who is doing this atrocity. It's the only ones who can withstand the virus and the zombies...the androids.
"I'm sending out my girls. Let them handle this no normal human could stand a chance." Lye grants his worthless pawns a violent death for one night. Whatever they're up to he wasn't going to let them obtain their goal. To him it is truly a game of chess and he must protect his most valuable pieces.
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