Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Apothic Grey: Outbreak

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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Outbreak   Apothic Grey: Outbreak - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2015 1:11 am

Juliet was looking down the entire time Beau ranted on. She appreciates his devotion to protecting her, even more than that, she appreciates him, his entire being and his intentions. No one else in this world would ever show this much love and devotion to her.
All throughout his rant Takeru just stared at him apathetically, his tea was starting to get cold. The only thing that unnerves him is Gedra. Beau, compared to Gedra, was more like an angry puppy. That may be an understatement, but it has to be acknowledged that Gedra dedicated her entire robotic life to carry on death plagued missions. While Beau was just a body guard.

Aftter Beau finishes and Takeru pointed out where Gedra could repair herself, Takeru and Juliet were alone. She would rather be left alone in the zombie hordes than to be next to this monster.

"Your body guard has become corrupted." He takes a sip of his tea.

"He isn't corrupted." Was all she said quietly. "He's more family than you'll ever be."

"Attempting to guilt me into helping you lot is not going to help." He finishes his tea.

"Then just help us Takeru." She said firmly. "I don't care if I get cured or not. This has become much bigger than any of us." Her voice was getting loud. She had to take a deep breath to calm herself. "If you don't then you too will perish like the rest of us."

For a moment of silence he just stared at her. Not with the hunger to probe her, but with fascination. His creations have evolved beyond his control. Even cold, unattached G.

He lets out a breath. "Well." He stood up. "Seeing as you all won't leave me be and the whole world is at stake. Me included." he says that last part quietly. "I gather there's really no use in thinking it over."

Juliet looked up and met his gaze. Was he saying he will help?


Juliet went over to the shed, where Beau was assisting G with her repairs. The door is ajar. She hears them talking about going to the Apothecary to acquire some parts they need for themselves. Thanks to G's information, Juliet put two and two together. So the Pharmacy has taken over it's rival. She steps inside and quickly she pauses in her tracks noticing G is topless and Beau is just casual about it. This sight just sets off a spark of jealousy in her. Get over you. This is no time for childish feelings.

"Planning another theft Beau?" She jokes to him. Since day one the two of them were causing crimes none stop, but this time it's serious and heavily needed.

"Um..." She walks up to them. "Good news. Takeru's going to help. He went down to his lab to begin." She looks over at G and takes her time really observing the amount of damage she sustained. Juliet felt so guilty. This was all her fault. If only she wasn't so useless she could have helped G fight off those freaks back at the facility.
"I'm so sorry I got you damaged." She told G. "Let me go with you guys. I wanna help."

Of course Beau was totally against this. He just got her back and away from the lion's den. The last thing he needs is her going back to it.

"I can't just sit here and let you guys do all the work. G's broken because of me. I want to help her too."
Juliet's strength could prove useful to them, even if she has little control over it.
G surprised her by agreeing to Juliet tagging along with them. To which Juliet was very thankful for.
Her attention goes back to Beau, "Hey Beau, if... the Pharmacy owns Apothecary now, who's running the place?"

Takeru's voice startles Juliet, making her turn to face him. "Dr. Lye Christian Anderson." He was writing down something on a small sheet of paper.

"Who?" She turned to Beau.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Outbreak   Apothic Grey: Outbreak - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2015 5:27 pm

Gedra merely glances at Juliet when she walks in and speaks up. Beau's eyes are too focused on making sure he doesn't make a single mistake. It's amazing how Gedra had previously uploaded the schematics to her entire body and his as well. She could easily change his wiring or shut him down completely yet she's been so compliant in helping them. She could disappear into the world and never be infected free to live out her long life in peace. Yet here she is still fighting at the cost of her own limbs and no assurance she can be repaired. Beau may not get her reasoning, but he has a single clue: without him she's alone-the only two of their kind. Maybe that's why she calls him her "brother."

"Planning another theft Beau?" Juliet seems a bit shy. Must be Gedra being topless it's no surprise Juliet sis still a bit prude.

"No," he mumbles.

"Um..." She walks up to them. "Good news. Takeru's going to help. He went down to his lab to begin."

"Woopy. . ." he's sarcastic.

Gedra doesn't care for her staring so closely. Was she gay or just scared of the detached limb? "I'm so sorry I got you damaged. Let me go with you guys. I wanna help."

"Not a chance in hell." Beau keeps mumbling.

"I can't just sit here and let you guys do all the work. G's broken because of me. I want to help her too." Juliet must be feeling guilty, but to Beau it doesn't change the fact she can get hurt.

"I agree," Gedra speaks up.

Beau looks up at her. "Did you take a blow to the head? She's like tiny and not used to violence. She's not equipped like us if she gets shot in the head or torn apart by zombies she's dead. There's no repair kit for her and all the other clones are dead."

"She could be replicated by Dr. Takeru he has all his research in tact. Besides with my arm at half capacity it would be in our favor to have her natural abilities as back up. She is also much more average looking than us so she can move easily in crowded areas." Gedra points out the logic but knows he must tone it down to a more emotional human level so that he will agree with Juliet. "Also consider how far she's come in a short amount of time. She is stronger than any human so her fighting skills, though sub-par, only need to make contact. Also she is fast and able to learn to use weapons with ease. Not everyone can handle my glock."

"Fucking democracies..." Beau reluctantly agrees.

"Hey Beau, if... the Pharmacy owns Apothecary now, who's running the place?"

Takeru's voice startles Juliet, making her turn to face him. "Dr. Lye Christian Anderson." He was writing down something on a small sheet of paper.

"Who?" She turned to Beau.

"Remember blonde guy who took you out to lunch?" Beau reminds her. "That's the new head of a global company bent on taking over the world. He was snaking his way to power the entire time. He's the one who kidnaped you. He's been stalking you this whole time."

"Lye Anderson is the only CEO of the Apothic Pharmacy chemical and weapons research facility. It has not been clarified whether he helped release this virus, but they were working on a cure before I left and files indicate they were close. There has been discrepancies in his actions so all intentions are unknown. He was working heavily in a private lab on only one human. He also commands a platoon of mechanized teenage girls who are as dangerous as us. Much to his credit he still hasn't perfected the logic boards in order to make them as independent as we. They need direct orders to be able to act." Gedra gives her the quickest version she can.

"I remember those two little bitches. They looked so real, but they were armed to the teeth with weapons." Beau scoffs, "he must have some kind of fetish."

"Also extreme paranoia to the extent he can only surround himself with smaller human figures only he can control." Gedra adds in to the Lye-bashing. "They are robots and robots can be hacked. All we need is one and if a viral program can be created they could all infect one another causing his defenses to fall. You and I Beau can install the programming, but without their layout introducing a virus could end up blocked. Lye is no fool he would notice such an attempt."

"Still a pretty good idea." Beau is inspired by her ability to think on her feet despite her injury. "But first, we get that arm fully working."


The Apothecary is on the outskirts of town away from the plague, but still effected by it as it's on total lock down. It's such a hidden building that no one would detect what the inside of capable of doing. Beau is standing at the run-off from the city and the lab running from underneath. Last time he was here he had woken up staring at a gray sky with rain pelting his ice cold body. This is were can he can say his new life started at the edge of being up shit creek without a memory.

Juliet appears next to him. "In 3...2...1..." A small explosion occurs on the opposite side of the building. Gedra is providing the distraction. "Going in the way we came out. Kind of gross a birth in reverse." He tries to joke.
The metal cylinder they run through is pitch black, but they may be for the better so they don't have to see what's being pushed out of the run off. Any grates they encounter are pulled off in a team effort. It isn't long until they come upon a manhole cover. Up top they are in a darkened boiler room. The hallway of the first floor is empty. "Come on," Beau leads the way. Piece by piece he floor plans are coming back to him.
Everything is so familiar.
He's been down these halls a hundred times.

"There," he takes her hand into a supply area. He hands her scrubs and a lab coat along with a surgical mask. "Just keep your head down, move fast, if anyone questions you're an intern and you have a cold. Gedra is flanking from the roof. I'm going straight into the security room. Can you clear out the extra security and gather up anyone wondering the premises? Once I cut the camera's Gedra can hack, putting the feed on a loop, and we can gain free run once we basically take everyone hostage. Then we move in Takeru and figure shit out from there." Beau lays it out. It's kind of vague but good enough. It could take hours, but they got all the time in the world at the moment. "Be careful," he gives her a little hug, "I'm trusting in you."
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Apothic Grey: Outbreak
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