Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Apothic Grey: Reign on me

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PostSubject: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 15, 2014 4:57 pm

"Mom!" The little girl called out to her mother from down the hall. "Hurry! I'm gonna be late for school."

Corie was brushing her hair. It was another day in this small town by the coast. For a few short months they lived here. After trying several times to leave America, something always went wrong. So she resorted to choose a place far, far away from it all. There was no longer any signs that they were being followed, could they have lost them? Hopefully they did, but it's only a matter of time before they are found again. For now they can live peacefully in this place by the coast.

They live in a medium sized beach house, very comfortable; two bedrooms and a guest room, one master bedroom which had it's own bathroom, Evee's bedroom was right infront of the bathroom in the hall, the guest room was right next to Evee's, a kitchen, living room and a porch. They were happy to have found a place to call home, but in their eyes they wished to be back in the country they've come to miss. Evee made a few friends, but she missed her old ones back home. Corie has sworn herself to never return to the criminal life ever again for Evee's sake; her daughter needed her now more than ever. They needed each other.

The young mother got all dressed up for work at a fancy restaurant at what the locals call, the waverly place. She was a waitress. It was enough for the both of them to get by.

"Okay, let's get going." Said Corie.

"Your hair looks pretty in a ponytail mommy."


Corie dropped Evee off at school. It wasn't prestigious, it was a public school. If Corie could afford a private school she would enrole Evee in it, but the job doesn't pay much. So far, from what Evee tells her, everyone at this school was nice, but underneath all those words and the look on her face Corie felt there was something wrong. She had tried many times to get Evee to talk, but her child wouldn't budge. She made a mental note to go talk to her teachers on her free day.

Before Evee got out of the car, Corie grabbed her arm to stop her. "Honey, you know you can tell me anything. If there's something wrong, just tell me and I'll help you, okay?"

Evee only nodded silently.

Her lack of verbal response only worried the young mother even more. It wasn't like Evee to not answer verbally. That only meant that she wasn't feeling well.

"Okay." Corie reached out and hugged her child. "I love you."

"I love you too mommy."

"You know the drill. Take the buss to Mr. Jenkins' house and walk to the restaurant." It's a system they had worked out with the restaurant's manager. He was a very upbeat, middle aged man that fell in love with Evee's adorable demeanor. When he heard the child play on the grand piano the restaurant had for live entertainment he allowed Corie to bring her to work, plus Evee never got in the way of anyone's work, if anything she tried to help out even, like recieving customers with the host.

With that the child got out and walked through the gates. Before continueing on to this educational prison she has come to call as such the child turned around to wave her mother goodbye.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 10, 2014 11:35 pm

Eyes set upon the tender child watch as the darling blonde boards the bus as she does most days of the week. They focus briefly on the lovely young woman who has kissed her daughter goodbye for the day. She glances around, but she would never see this predator.

Taking flight she follows the bus to her next destination as her routine plays out. She lands and continues her transmission to her master who is watching as he does every chance he has free. His biggest hobby has shifted from his beloved dolls to his beloved genetic offspring. He is fascinated with every facet of her life and resents the mother for keeping her under such lock and key. The form of a mother is not one he is too enthralled with as he sees every negative woman as his own mommy-dearest.

Lye sits back in his luxury office chair with a sigh. After all he’s done it’s only a matter of time. It’s closing in very soon he only has to hold out a moment longer. They will join him whether they want to or not. Life is never kind, but he is a generous man who has been more than patient up until this point. Surely, someday, they will appreciate this and accept him.

“Master,” a voice grabs his attention. Lye sits up and sees Mad Cat standing at least two yards from his desk. “All Intel acquired has you in the best of favor. It won’t be but a flick of the wrist until you own the Apothecary.”
“Thank you, Mad Cat; you have proven yourself to be quite the asset. To think you could so easily betray those you created you.”

“Tch, they didn’t create me,” Mad puts his hands on his hips, “my mother created me. They only advanced my true self. I owe as much to them as I do god and we all know I’m no believer.” He smirks.

“I stand corrected.” Lye gives him a little nod. “Help yourself to a drink.” He motions to the corporate bar. Mad does. “We are nearing a new era, Mad, and it’s going to be glorious.”
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 11, 2014 12:49 pm

Today was slow at the restaurant. It was more busy at night when couples came over for a romantic dinner or celebrated their anneverseries.

There were lots of rich snobs at every corner, ordering the most expensive products on the menu. All of them can afford anything and everything. It wouldn't surprise her if one of them owns air.

Though some time before her last client, she too had enough money to call herself rich, but she never embraced the status. All the money she gained was for her little girl's education and well being. Now she has been reduced to middle class life and, as normal and okay with she is with it, she wished to be more above in order to give Evee nicer things or able to say yes to a toy she may want, but that's not happening any time soon.

Corie glanced at her watch, Evee will be here soon from school. She goes over to the kitchens and takes out her new celphone, after what happened 5 months ago she has diattached herself completely from her old life: new car, new phone, new house, new everything. Corie texted her friend, the host, requesting him to let her know when her daughter arrives. He quickly replies her an okay with a smiley face.

So far this co-worker has shown her kindness and friendship that she hopes is true.

Apothic Grey: Reign on me _RainbowBummiesParade__by_MenInASuitcase_zpsae312545

The bus ride, as it has been for days, was not at all relaxing. Behind her were her bullies, three girls and a boy. They kept kicking the back of her seat and throw wads of paper at her. One of them had a mean message writen on it.

U r a bastard child. Everyone at school picked up on her family unit after a week; they noticed she only had her mother.

The bus stops at her destination, it couldn't have arrived sooner. Evee quickly gets off and is ready to run toward the restaurant when someone pulled her back. It was none other than her bully and her gang.

"What do you want Vanessa?" She demands.

"You don't belong in our school. I thought I told you to never show your face there again." She pushed Evee.

She didn't answer back, just began to walk away. "Ow!" Vanessa pulled on her hair and stuck in it something sticky and pink... a gum.

Her eyes began to tear up.

"Aw the little baby wants to cry?" She said in a baby voice. "Go ahead and cry."

An old man yelled at the kids hurting Evee. "Hey! Get off mah property ya bunch of hooligans! Go on! Get!" He swung his cane around at them and the bullies ran off in terror.

Mr. Jenkins turned to check Evangeline she was crying, trying to get the gum out of her hair, but it only got worst.

"Don't cry darlin." He comforted her.

She snifed. "I-I can't... I can't go to mommy like this Mr. Jenkins." She whimpered.

"Honey, I've been telling you to go to your mom about this." For the past few months Mr. Jenkins had grown fond of Evee. She always stopped to say hi to him whenever the bus left her in front of his mansion.

"I-" She took a breath. "I-I just..." She shook her head. "Don't wanna worry her."

"It'll worry her more if you don't tell her." He advices. "C'mon in honey, I can get you fixed up."

Mr. Jenkins mansion was decorated with all kinds of antique furniture and nik naks. Evee curiously looked around at his collection of pocket watches. One of them caught her attention; it was golden with a rose pattern around the lid. "That one's pretty."

The old man walked over to her. "That was my grandmother's. It's my favorite."

They go into his kitchen and he takes out a cooking oil. Evee looks over at her old age friend confussed. What was he gonna do with it?

"What's that for Mr. Jenkins?"

"It's a method my mother used on me once. I always got gum stuck in my hair too." They both smile warmly at each other. "Now let's get that gum out of your lovely hair."

Evee nodded in agreement.

He gently applied the oil on the gum and around it, waited for a few minutes and was careful to comb it out. Thankfully not much hair was lost in the process. "Now you gonna want to wash it." He goes over to his bathroom and brings her a shampoo and conditioner and a chair. "You can use the sink."

"Thank you Mr. Jenkins." Evee washed thorughly the one part of her hair and dried it up with a towel. It was good as new.

Evee thanked him a few more times before making her way out the door, but Mr. Jenkins stopped her. He took her tiny hand and handed her the pocket watch she liked. "Mr. Jenkins, I can't accept this."

He shook his head. "You keep it sweet heart. It needs to be used."

The little girl hugged Mr. Jenkins and quickly made her way to the restaurant.

"Evee! Hi sweetie pie." The host greeted her. "I'll let your mom know you're here." He texted Corie.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 13, 2014 11:52 pm

While Mad Cat is sipping on his drink Lye returns to his video feed of Evangeline. He can see these kids pushing his darling offspring around and it causes and unrest within him. This was not the first time he’s witnessed such abuse by lesser Neanderthals towards his angel. They defile her shiny platinum blonde hair with gum and to him it feels as if someone has put gum into his own hair. A rage is bubbling inside of him. He cannot let this continue.

“Looks like you need a drink.” Mad Cat offers him as he sneaks around and sets down a dirty martini in front of him. “What’s all this? Oh hell, no-”

“I am further disappointed in the human race when they abuse those who are pure over protecting them as they are the best hope for humanity as a whole.” Lye exemplifies his daughter as the last good in the entire world. “I cannot sit idly by and let this occur.”

“You know the old saying “A happy childhood is poor preparation for human contacts,” whatever that means.” Mad Cat quotes.

“Not a comforting notion, you understand.” Lye would roll his eyes at this if he were to dumb himself down to Mad’s level. “They called her a “bastard” and that sort of language cannot be tolerated.”

“It’s true, no matter how you sugar-coat it.” Mad callously points out. “Course that’s a fault all your own. . .”

“Regardless, we are past the point of redemption and I shall not allow this to continue.” Lye decides.

“What are you going to do?” Mad is very curious to find out.

Lye sits back for a moment in thought. “I have a few ideas in mind, but I don’t want to cause a disruption in my daughter’s life because then her mother may move her further away. There is a lot I can do to keep her in the country legally, but illegal means are beyond my control.” He admits. He presses a button on his phone. “Suzette, you are called to action.”
It doesn't take long before a very young teenager walks into the office dressed in frills and pink. “You are going to school.” He tells her. “But first let’s dye your hair. Madden, this would require your eye.” He motions to him. Madden takes his cue to do a makeover on the mechanical doll. “She will make for a lovely companion for Evangeline since she is lingual in every language in the world.” Lye decides.

“As you command, “Madden hops off the desk and goes over to the girl. “Hope you can make her appear more human than this expression.”

“I have developed a program to respond with facial recognition and vocal tone according to key words.” Lye assures him. “Now go, I have to plan out the best course of action for these bullies who have tormented my child for far too long.”

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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 15, 2014 1:25 am

It was late and time for mom and daughter to head back to their little beach house. The ride back home was quiet, too quiet. When they get home it's the same thing.

"Evee, come here miel." Corie called out to her little girl from the sofa in the living room. "Sit here with me." She asked her smiling. They cuddled for a moment. "How was school?" She finally asked.

All she got in return was utter silence.

Corie knew something was wrong. It wasn't like Evangeline to be quiet so much. "Baby, you can tell me." She assured her, rubbing Evee's arm. "You know you can tell me anything." She said once more with a softer tone.

Evangeline took a deep breath. Tears threatened to slip out. The thought of school hurt her to the core. She'd never experienced bullying before. "I-It's horrible." She whimpered.

Her mother just looked at her with a pained look.

Her breath kept coming short with every sob. "There are these kids... who are monstrous to me. They..." SHe closed her eyes. "They hurt me today after I got off the bus." She cried.


"They pushed, pulled my hair and- and stuck gum in it." Evee couldn't stop. "I don't know why they are mean to me mommy." She finally broke down in her mother's arms.

Corie held her tightly against her. "Evangeline, why didn't you tell me? I'm your mother."

"I-I just... didn't wanna worry you."

"No. You tell me everything. No matter what." She took her by the shoulders, making her face her.

Evangeline recognized she was wrong not to tell her mother about the bullying. She nodded and hugged her mother so tight it would take all the forces of the universe to pull her away.

"I hate it here mommy." She whimpered. "I wanna go home. I miss my friends. I miss everything."

For a long while the two sat on the sofa. Corie understood her daughter's homesickness and she wished she could do something to make the pain her daughter was in go away. They tried numorous times to go back to the place they called home, but it was worthless. They could never manage to leave.

Tonight she didn't want to leave Evee alone. They showered and got ready for bed together. All tucked in Corie's bed, Evee slowly slipped away to sleep, clinging to her dear mother. Corie petted her hair as she hummed her the lullaby. There must be something she could do to stop those wretched children that dared torment her little girl.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 11:24 pm

At the brink of dawn Lye is up with a cup of hot tea.
The door cracks open and in slips Suzette with her new dark honey blonde hair color and a school uniform. “Ready for your first day of school?”

“Yes, master,” she replies.

“No-no,” he wiggles a finger at her, “not master it’s uncle.” He hits the control button. She had the entire program uploaded overnight and now it’s time for the trial run. “What is your name?”

She blinks and her expression lightens. “My name is Suzette Goret. I’m pleased to meet you.” She gives him a little smile. Though it’s not abnormal even when this girl was alive she never smiled.

“Tell me about yourself. How old are you? What are your favorite foods? Do you have any hobbies?” He runs her through the standard questions new students get asked.

“I am 11 years old. My favorite food is vanilla ice cream and calamari. My hobbies include reading, learning other languages, watching foreign films, playing the recorder, and doing yoga with my big sister.” She answers in the manner that could easily slip by as human. She’s still a little stiff, but nothing the excuse of a sheltered life can’t fix.

“Good, now the chauffer will take you to your surrogate family who will take care of you. A direct feed will be transmitted to me at all times. You are to befriend the child known as Evangeline Fortier. Protect her but use restraint. Your strength needs to be leveled down to 5% and no not use any deadly force.” He orders. “If you see me in public you are not to acknowledge me or show you know who I am. Now go, I have other fish to fry.”
Suzette bows and shows herself out.

He holds up the file with the entire background to the bullies. This was going to be way too easy.
Vanessa woke up for school that morning unaware of what she would find. As she goes to feed her dog she finds the canine holding perfectly still on the back porch. “Snowball, breakfast,” she calls him, but he doesn’t answer, “stupid dog.” Before she has a chance to check on him her mother yells at her that she’s going to be late to school.
Out the door she walks keeping an eye out for any of her friends, yet no one. The day is so eerily quiet and empty. As she walks along there is a shadow cast over her head, but every time she looks up there’s nothing. It’s as if she’s being followed. She quickens her pace when she takes a short cut through the park along a hiking trail.
Somehow the park is creepier than she remembered. It seems to be closing in around her.
Her is beginning to race as she begins to run. The simple path through the park is now a labyrinth of angry trees that are reaching out to snatch her up. There’s a light at the end and she heads for it. It’s so close she can practically feel the sunlight when a shadow steps in her way.
She slips and falls to her knees.

“Clumsy little fly, I’m afraid you have stumbled into the spiders web.” The tall shadow takes a step towards her to reveal his slender figure and his face masked with solid white; no mouth and blacked out eyes. She stumbles back and he snaps his fingers. The shadow that has been following her swoops down and lands behind her with a swish of air. Vanessa dares to look back and see a bat-winged girl in a similar white mask.

“Wh-what the hell do you want? Are you demons?” She stammers. The girl tilts her head to the side at the question yet remains silent. “You try to hurt me and I’ll scream. Everyone will hear me and they’ll throw you in jail with all the other maniacs!”

“Now if we hurt you how are you going to learn anything?” The faceless man asks.

“I-I don’t know...so you’re not going to hurt me?” She tries to gather herself to regain her bad-ass persona.

“Not unless you force us to,” he warns her. “Let us get to business. . .” He signals to his girl and she pulls two bodies from the bushes. They are her best friends and they are blind folded and gagged but otherwise unharmed. They squirm and whimper. “These two helped you in tormenting a sweet child, an angel among hethans, her very name sings purity, yet you have taken it upon yourself to try and taint such purity. Do you know of whom I speak?”

Vanessa seems dumbfounded. She shakes her head as she trembles. “I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m innocent-”

“You are far from innocent, wretched little witch.” He interrupts her. “Maybe being a bully you have harassed more children than the sadists of Caligula’s era and if not then putting an end to it now will pause another deviant.” He knows he’s exaggerating, but he’s making a point. “This girl is your latest victim, Evangeline Fortier, and she has done nothing to provoke such abuse. Whether your reasons be trouble at home with your mother Patty or stepfather Donald I can’t say. Maybe you are just too ignorant and causes a learning disability so you feel inadequate in school? Maybe it’s the fact your dog just died?”

“What are you talking about? Snowball isn’t dead I just fed him this morning.” Vanessa’s eyes tear up.

“Did you look close enough?” He leans in to whisper to her. “I think he choked on some bubble gum.” He informs her. She begins to cry. “But as for your friends could you be lashing out because they have been handed a very bad accident?” He taps her shoulder for her to turn around. When she doesn’t he turns her around. He can feel her trembling as she stifles her tears. “Now I will ask you again do you anything about what you did to Miss Evangeline?”

“N-no, we didn’t do anything. I swear! Let me go!” She pulls from his grip. “Did you really kill my dog?”

He stands up straight. “Remove the blindfolds.” His assistant does as he asks. The frightened eyes fall upon Vanessa. “They not only bore witness to your misdeeds but they helped. Now you won’t even admit the truth to save them.” He snaps his fingers.
The girl slams one of the kid’s faces into a tree. She pulls back and the kid is gushing blood from her nose. She tries to pull away which lands her face back into the tree. Splinters pierce her bruises skin and her nose has almost been inverted into her face. She’s unrecognizable.
Vanessa is speechless while the other girl is screaming into her gag. She knows she is next.

“You are sure you did nothing to Evangeline Fortier, because if you didn’t then you can be on your way while this young lady will have to pay for her crimes.” The man offers her.

Vanessa stares at her friend for a moment who is crying with pleading eyes. She shakes her head. “I didn’t do anything. I never touched her.” She chokes out in a tiny voice. “I can go now? You said I could go.”

“I did, but just a moment I need you to witness what will happen if you ever decide to bully Evangeline. Which includes not being nice to her.” He wiggles a finger at her. “Now watch.” He points to the last girl. She’s crying and screaming at Vanessa but there’s no way to tell what her muffled words mean. The blank faced girl lets go of her and grabs a branch. The partially tied girl tries to run, but the doll takes out her knee with one swing. As she writhes on the ground she hits her other knee so hard it snaps both the leg and the branch. Vanessa just sits, staring as her friend is being beaten for her sins. The doll grabs another branch, jabs her a couple of times in the ribs, then smacks the bleeding girl upside the head to knock her out.
The dolls removes the restraints, gags, and cleans up the evidence.

Vanessa dares to look up at the tall man. She can barely breathe from the fear. He leans over her shoulder. “Better hurry on to school now or you’ll be late.”
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 4:03 pm

Corie managed to speak with the principal about the bullying issue Evee was suffering from this student, Vanessa. The bully's mother was called over and here they all are. Both mothers were yelling at each other; Corie acusing the other for being a terrible parent, not giving her child the much needed attention and discipline, and this other hag that has the word "abuser" stamped on her head, yelling back at her, saying that she doesn't need anyone telling her how to raise her child, that she does with her whatever she wants and if Evee was being bullied around was most likely because she is a no good child that should be expelled for provoking Vanessa.

The young mother was ready to lunge and beat the old hag, when the principal spoke up demanding the two to calm down. The mothers stepped away from each other, but the glares were very much still on.

Evee and Vanessa were sitting on separate chairs. Vanessa was acting strange all day. When they ran into each other at the entrance, Evee accidentally bumped into her and she didn't get mad at all. Though it wasn't her fault; there was a wave of children running into the building, in a hurry to get to class. While on her way to her locker, she was talking to a classmate of hers and crashed into Vanessa, who was carrying some things, and made her drop everything. Evee apologized and helped pick up her things and she actually got a "thank you" and "no worries". She thought for sure she would beat her up, but didn't.

The principal spoke up informing that this was not the first time a parent had come by expressing the same situation with a Vanessa and that it had been adressed multiple times, but with no progress. "I assure you Ms. Fortier, we will take the matter much more seriously in order to keep your child and all other students safe." He tells Corie, who is still unconvinced. He then turns to Mrs. Harding. "Mrs. Harding, we have adressed this to you several times and yet you fail to cooperate with Vanessa. Judging by your display right now I have no doubt things are not alright in your home. I'm sorry, but I for the sake and safety of the students, I have no other choice, but to expell Vanessa from the school."

Vanessa began to shake, this will come and bite her, if not destroy her, when she gets home. 'Worse day ever,' does not begin to describe it.

Corie was very much satisfied with the result. So long as that little monster was away from Evee.

"Ms. Fortier, Evangeline, you may leave." The principal orders them.

When both have left the room the principal informs Mrs. Harding that he will be contacting Social Services. It would be wise for her to change her dinamic should she want to keep her daughter or stay out of harms way.


Even though the matter was resolved, Evangeline felt bad for Vanessa. Seeing her mother act so violently made her see why Vanessa was such a troubled child. Her mother was mean to her and therefore she made others feel that way in order to feel good about herself, or maybe it wasa cry for attention? Still it didn't justify her actions. She should've been a bigger and better person than her mother.

At least now Evee can go on with her school years in peace.

"Miel." Her mother spoke up, smiling at her. "Everything will be alright now." Corie hugged her tightly. She too was relieved.

"I know." Evee hugged her back. "Thanks mom."

"I'm your mother. I'll always protect you." She gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek and asked her if she wanted to go home early, but Evee refused the offer. Now that her bully was gone she can focus better now in class.


The last bell rang. All the kids, as usual ran out of their classrooms, ecstatic to be liberated. Evee ran into three of her classmates, triplets Emrald, Sapphire and Pearl.

"Hi, Evee!" The three sisters said in unison.

"Hi guys!"

The four friends talked on about their day as they walked out into the courtyard to wait for those who will pick them up. At the gate was the triplets' big brother, a young man who is a bit older than Corie, waving over at his little sisters.

"Marcus!" The three said again. It's like they are totally connected to each others' brains and able to know what to say and when. They ran toward their big brother to greet him with a hug.

Evee stayed close behind, giving them some space. After the siblings were done greeting, Marcus moved on to Evangeline. They had seen each other before, when Corie was able to come pick her up on her free days. On those days Marcus would try and persuade Corie to go out with him, but she was always reluctant to say yes.

Not much time passed for Corie to arrive. "Mommy!"

Evee ran toward her mother. The two embraced each other, delighted to be together again.

"Hey Corie." Marcus walked over to her.

Corie knew what he was going to say. "Hi Marcus. Bye Marcus." She turned toward the car.

"Hey, c'mon. Just gimme a chance." He spoke in a humorous manner. Which got Corie to laugh. This had become some kind of routine.

"I told you. I don't have time for that and I can't pay for a babysitter."

"You don't have to. Evee can come with us." He suggested. "C'mon, I'll take you both to the carnival at the boardwalk. It'll be fun."

Evee excitedly gasped. "Say yes mommy! Please, please please!" She jumped around her.

This wasn't anything Corie had done before in her past. In her life there had only ever been one crush, one love, one man. After what had happened she was always reluctant to new date related experiences, but if she was going to live in this small beach town, she had to give in to the change.

"Okay. We'll go." She finally gave in.

Evangeline and Marcus wohooed triumphantly. "I'll pick you girls up tonight."


"Mommy, hurry up! Marcus will be here soon."

Evee sat on her mother's bed, all dressed up in jeans, v-neck, a hoodie and sneakers. Her hair was styled into a side braid that loosly laid on her shoulder.

For the first time ever Corie was going on a date. She had no idea wether to put on make-up or not. So she just settled on powder, liner and lipstick; very subtle make-up.

"How do I look?" She asked her little girl.

"You look pretty."

The doorbell rang, obviously it was Marcus, come to pick them up for their date.


The boardwalk was filled with all kinds of games they could play and win prizes; that most will end up being Evee's new toys. Goodies all around, junk food in their stomachs. Laughter was in the air. Tonight couldn't be any happier for Evee and Corie.

Marcus and Corie played against each other at a booth, where the objective of their game was to shoot down some fake ducklings that swam by. Corie effortlessly beat Marcus, though it didn't matter to him at all. They were having fun, which was the most important thing.

"So where's home?" He asked Corie.

"You know where we live dummy." She laughed.

"No, I mean where'd you guys moved from?"

It was hard to open up. All her life it was just her and Evee. Adding a new person to the equation was the hardest mission she could ever have. Marcus seemed like an easy to get along guy.

"Paris." She finally answered.

"Wow, how'd you end up here?"

"Oh it's... a long, complicated story." Indeed it was. How can a person say, 'Oh I just ran away from the guy who tried to kill me after knocking me up, but he never knew I had his spawn, because he thought I died in a fire I accidentally started while trying to get away from him eight years ago.' Not the kind of story you would blurt out on the first date.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Can I have cotton candy? Can I? Can I? Please, please, please!" Obviously Evee was going through a serious case of sugar rush.

"Um..." Marcus chuckled. "Evee, I think you've had enough."

A new life by the shore. At first it was hard, but things are looking up for our two girls as they take every day step by step.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 1:46 am

He sits back in his deluxe office chair with his blonde hair cascading over the back like a ivory waterfall. He gazes out of his floor to ceiling window that overlooks the city as the sun begins to set. The light reflecting off the buildings make the shadows being cast seem that much deeper and darker. From where he sits he is so high above it all it's as if he's risen to the mountain top where he is untouchable yet somehow it's become lonely at the top.

It's so quiet and though he no longer has to lurk in the shadows he's perched so high he's still unseen as if he never left those wicked shadows. He hasn't smiled since taking his roost. He thought it would be the ultimate ego boost to take over yet the only time he can recall smiling was the moment he tormented that bully who dared to touch his offspring. Playing daddy was never part of the plan but it sure created a pleasant change from the normal. He's never played the hero before. He considers himself the savior of all those he touches but even when he displayed himself as the white knight he was never one.

If only the woman formally known as Valentina could realize all he can do for them. She is so stuck on her past she can't see anything else. All she would have to ask and he would build her and Evangeline an emerald tower at the end of a golden road just to keep his child near. This must be her way of getting back at him. All women played the same type of games they can't use physical ability so the play the mind. He'll destroy her if he must but he can't let it be so Evangeline hates him for it.
This is going to take a lot of planning. Taking over the Pharmacy was easier.
Much easier. . .
A classic 1961 silver Bentley pulls up to the Pharmacy that has just undergone all the essential repairs after the Android crashed the party. The man in the back seat is accompanied by a young teenager who sits motionless. His driver grins as he parks in front of the doors. "Are you ready, master?"

"It has become inevitable." He answers.
The driver opens the passenger door and Lye emerges followed by his doll, Uma, who is completely repaired. "Park the car we will be staying here even though this won't take long."

The driver tips his hat up just a bit to show one of his brilliant green cat eyes glimmering with anticipation. "Yes, Master," he shuts the door and pulls the car around to the parking garage.

Lye enters the lobby. The secretary behind the counter blushes as she sees this prince among scientists stroll in wearing slate gray suit and white blouse with a few top buttons open to show his lean collar bone. "Mr. Anderson, it's good to see you've returned. I have not seen you in a while."

"Good morning, Clarise, any messages for me?" He smiles gently.

"Um," she glances around her desk at all the random notes and mail, "yes, there is an urgent message for you to meet with the chairman ASAP." She looks up at him surprised. "That doesn't sound good."

"Don't fret about it, Clarise, it's only going to be a short conversation." He coos. "I will head straight to him, but first maybe you should take an early break? My treat," He offers.

Clarise is flabbergasted by his offer. She straightens her hair a bit and begins to blush. "Mr. Anderson this is so sudden. I would love to, but I just got here and if my boss finds out I left I could lose my job and I've got a little girl to support." She explains. "Not easy being a single mom after all my baby has to come first."

Lye stares at her for an awkward moment. He wants his baby to come first but her sneaky mother won't let him near. A bit of resentment rises in him, but the sympathy for that child eases him. He would do the same for Evangeline. He IS doing the same for Evangeline right now.
"I understand, but I believe Uma believes you need a break." He steps off to the side and lets the student step forward.

Her pale skin and red eyes chill Clarise to the bone as if she were a ghost.Uma holds up her camera. "You want to take my photo? That's okay, I guess, let me stand up for you." Uma snaps a photo and Clarise collapses to the floor.

Without a second look Lye keeps walking with Uma in toe.
He flips open his phone and taps in a short code. "Voice recognition: 'But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.'" Tech 9 Nicolette opens her red eye. “She laughed and danced with the thought of death in her heart.” Morphic Ophelia's pink eyes open.

He strolls along and the interns and fellow scientists step aside with a smile as if he were a rock star. None of them are aware of his true intentions or they would run for their lives. He enters the elevator where there is an armed guard watching all who enter. "Which level?"

"All the way up." Lye orders.

"Why?" The guard sounds like he's interrogating him. "And who is this?"

"I am Dr. Anderson and this is my apprentice. I don't need a reason. Just take be there, watchdog, before the chairman has you fired. He's the one who summoned me." Lye isn't in the mood for idiots.
The guard holds his tongue as he pushes the button and swipes his security card to allow access to the head of the beast.

Down in the underground a change of shift occurs. "Henry, you are in a hurry."

"Norman," the young man turns to his superior officer and tries not to make eye contact. "Just don't want to miss another minute of the big game."

"I hear you," The gray mustached Norman tugs on his hat, "have a fun weekend."

"Thanks," Henry turns and his fake smile is replaced with a frown as he rushes to get out.

Tiny sobs catch Norman's attention. He walks down a darkened corridor to a small girl sitting alone with her face buried in her knees as she gently cries. He shines his flashlight on her and she peeks her head up at him. As he approaches she pulls back like a frightened bunny. "Little girl, what are you doing down here? Are you lost?"

This tiny angel with copper colored hair and a frilly black dress looks up at him with puppy dog eyes and whispers, "My name is Amber and I'm not lost. . ." She reaches up and pinches him on the shoulder. He drops like a bag of potatoes.
From the shadows emerge a small army of fellow dolls as Amber stands up. Their orders already known they move out.

The elevator dings at the top and Lye hits the emergency stop button so that it can't go back down. As he exits the guards body is slouched on the floor as the place where his head used to be is splattered across the back wall. They approach the door and Lye takes a moment to straighten himself out. "Uma, hold still you have a bit of blood on your cheek." He takes out a hankerchief and cleans her up. "There, lovely again," he has her open the door for him.
He huge meeting room with a table that takes up half it's size. The Chairman, his associates, and the highest level of partners all sit around staring at him with solemn, joyless faces.

"Gentlemen, it's always a pleasure." Lye flat out lies.

"Can it, Anderson, we are here to discuss your recent failure with containing the Apothecary's dangerous virus." The old goat of a chairman gets to the point. "You are the cause of millions of dollars in damage and the loss of a project made by our top competitor! You left when you should've been here to burn with your research! There is no way to sugar coat this pile of shit Anderson. WE are not covering your obscure experiments or questionable ethics. You had one duty and you blew it!" He huffs until his face turns red.

Lye does not bat an eye at this man or his anger. "Mr. Cummings, let me explain one thing." He walks over towards the middle of the table, reaches over, and grabs an apple. "None of that will be any of your concern any longer."

The men look around at one another. "What do you mean?" Mr. Cummings scowls at him.

Lye shines the apples on his sleeve and looks it over. "You have created an exceptional company but your outdated sources can no longer advance the projects for the future. It's time for a long past due retirement, wouldn't you say, gentlemen?"

"Ingrate!" Mr. Cummings snarls. "Who do you think you are talking to? I am the Pharmacy! I have no intention of retiring. If you are inferring that you can do my job well plan on crying to one of your so called "dolls" because you are getting my company over my dead body."

"So you insist," a voice hisses into Mr. Cummings ear. His eyes pop open when he turns his head to see the pretty boy toss his hat into the air to reveal his cat ears.

"You?!" He exclaims. "How did you get in here? Freaks like you are not to be seen or heard. You are not allowed in my offices!" He hits the security button under the table.

"Freaks like me are the reason you get to sit in this cushy chair and clog those arteries." Madden pinches his cheek. "Calling for your strong armed men? Let me help you!" Mad reaches over and taps the button over and over. "I sure hope they can make it. I could use a little action."

"Get the hell off me, you little faggot! I want you both out of here! You're both fired!" Mr. Cummings screams at them his face now beet red.

Lye looks at Mad Cat and Mad Cat pulls a checkered hat with a feather out of nowhere to place it on his head. "I think he just said the secret word..." Mad smiles. Lye shrugs. "Fired."

"Secret word? Are you insane?" Mr. Cummings is able to spit out before Mad Cat pulls out a gun in each hand from under his shirt and opens fire. One by one he puts a whole in each of the wide eyed old men who barely have time to react. Lye takes a bite of his apple with his back turned to the barrage and doesn't even flinch at the loud bangs of the gunfire fills the room. The long time heads of the company are slouched over in every direction and one has fallen to the floor. A few cough up blood onto their neatly pressed suits but it doesn't last long.
When all is silent only three of the humans remain and one robot.
"Y-you won't get away with this...!"

Lye picks up the remote to the flat screen TV and flips on the security footage for the building. The multiple boxes that fill the screen he picks one with a lot of action going on in it. "I do believe that we can, Mr. Cummings." Lye and Mad Cat watch with pleasure as the chairman is wide eyed in fear. Teenage girls are leaping across the screen at lightning fast speeds while others are slicing guards into bloody chunks by a spray of bullets and lazers. The bright red splatter paints the walls and pools onto the floor. Lye clicks so the other screens are back and as they can follow as each hallway of personnel is taken out from square to square.

"Dear god, what are you trying to accomplish?" Mr. Cummings chokes out.

"It's called a coup; we are taking over." Lye flatly states. "All those with loyalty and seniority to you are being dealt with so don't worry about being alone in your downfall." He takes another bite before continuing. "Just sit back and enjoy the show my girls are putting on." He admires each of his dolls as they slaughter the guards in a gory ballet both beautiful and violent. He admires his creations with great pride.

"This is madness. . ." Mr. Cummings' mouth is agape in shock.

"Why yes it is," Mad Cat purrs, "thank you."

"With a single word I could end this massacre," Lye informs him. "But it you refused to retire. Care to retract your previous statement?" Lye offers him as he slides a folder in front of him. "Take your time reading it I am very much enjoying the show."

It doesn't take Mr. Cummings more than a minute to pick out the obvious key words. He's enraged and immediately stands up. "You expect me to sign over my entire company to a psycho like you?!" Lye gives him a slight chuckle as he takes another bite. He doesn't pay him any attention. He only turns up the volume on the TV so the screams become fill the room. There were survivors suffering in the halls crying and groaning in agony. Mr. Cummings sinks back into his plush leather seat. Mad Cat hands him a quill pen. He takes it and stares at that disgraceful "signature" line. His manhood on the line he refuses to give in and sign his life away, but the screams of his employees tells him this is his only way from suffering such a fate.

He practically rips through the paper as he signs his name. "There, it's done, you bastard. The Pharmacy is yours now call off your freaks. I get to leave here and retire in the Bahamas. You can stay and explain all this to the authorities."
Lye walks over and checks out the paperwork. He's satisfied. He nods at Mad Cat who wraps his arm around Mr. Cummings neck and holds his head back by the forehead. "Wait! You said you would stop all this if I signed!"

"You are correct. I will stop this since I don't want to lose all my employees." Lye lets him know. "In your own words, Mr. Cummings, "I have no intention of retiring."' Lye starts to walk to the end of the table. '"...you are getting my company over my dead body.'" He glances back at the hold man with a smile. That wicked smile is the last thing Mr. Cummings ever sees as Mad Cat slits his throat and lets him bleed onto the table.
As the sun disappears Lye can see his own reflection.
Since he has become king he can build a kingdom for his princess.
He will gain the family he never dreamed he could have and rule this ugly world.
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The SUV pulls up in front of the lower class school and the darling emerges. She scans the children congregating in the front before the bell rings. She walks through the clouds of students as if they didn't exist and stands under the shade of a tree by herself. She waits patiently as she holds her satchel.
Then her bus pulls up. One by one the worthless humans exit until the golden haired angel emerges. She watches this shy creature make her way to the school without getting in the way of anyone in the crowd. Suzette follows keeping a proper distance until they reach their homeroom.

As the students settle in their classroom Suzette waits by the door until the teacher calls her over to introduce her to them. "Let's all give a friendly welcome to Suzette Cline." She puts up one hand and gives a slight wave to the class. "Want to share a little bit about yourself?"

"I am fluent in French. I like to play the harp. I collect glass beads and enjoy both classical and pop music." Suzette blandly states.

"Ok, you can take a seat next to Evangeline because the current student has the flu. Evangeline, please share with Suzette so she can catch up with our curriculum."

As the teacher starts talking Suzette flashes Evangeline a little smile, "Bonjour, I hope we can become friends."
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The bus ride, for the first time, was pleasant. Now that her tormenter disappeared she can relax and just enjoy her new life in this small town.

All children got off the bus upon arriving to their destination. A sea of children filled the halls of the low class school as each searched for their lockers to acquire their neccesary equipments for the day.

A fresh new face arrived at her classroom and Evangeline hoped the newcomer would be a friendly one. The girl introduced herself to the class as Suzette Cline. A shy smile made itself known when Suzette stated that she is fluent in french. It's very hard to come by someone who can speak a language of love.

Evee's heart was racing when the teacher offered Suzette the empty chair next to Evangeline, but she was happy share with te new girl.

"Bonjour, I hope we can become friends." Her pronounciation of "Bonjour" certainly sounded flawless.

"Oui," She whispered to not interupt the class. "Je m'apelle Evangeline Fortier."

The two smiled at each other and turned their attention to the class.

Normally, during lunch time, Evee would sit by herself, but Suzette had kept her company all day. Though Evee does have friends, none of them were that close to her; not even the triplets. Most of the time Evee was a loner.

Suzette was very proper and polite it was strange. A low class public school almost never had such proper children. They were always vulgar, mean and inappropriate just for the heck of it.

"Do you want some of my lunch?" She offered her a slice of her sandwich.

"No, but thank you for the offer." She said politely.

"You sure?"


After finishing her lunch they still had a few minutes until the bell rang. So they went over to a tree and laid at it's base, under the shade.

"So... how old are you?" Since Evee takes advance classes, not many children in her same class are her age.

Suzette gave her a small smile before answering. "I am 11 years old."

Not surprised she would be older, but refreshing that a classmate actually attempts to be friends.

"I'm 8, but I will be 9 later this year."

Suzette turned to her and tilted her head. "When will your birthday be?"

"It's three months away. I hope mom and me get to have a big party." Her birthdays were always simple, but whenever mother could she would throw her a big birthday; all her friends and friend's families would be there and Mr. and Mrs. Huckleberry would attend, gifts all around and a big cake to eat. "Though I doubt it."

"Why?" Suzette asked her with a curious expression.

"Mom and I haven't lived here long and we don't know many people."

The last bell rang and all the kids were free to leave the premisses. This time mother couldn't come to pick her up so she will have to take the bus.

"Evangeline!" Someone called out to her from within the crowd. It was Suzette.

Evee smiled and waved her hands high in the air for her to find her. The two waited patiently at the bus stop chattering away in french.

"Hi Evee!" A chorus of voices called out to her. She turned toward the origin of the voices and saw it was the triplets.

"Hi guys." They four friends had a brief group hug. "I'd like you to meet my new classmate, Suzette."

The triplets waved at Suzette, perfectly in sync. "Hi." Each presented themselves.

"I'm Emrald."

"I'm Sapphire."

"And I'm Pearl."

Suzette looked them over before giving them a small smile. "Pleased to make your acquaintence." She curtseid

The triplets mimiced her curtsy, finding it a bit funny, considering they weren't at all high in society.

"Don't laugh." Evee giggle. "It's called having manners."

A car arrived to pick up the triplets, it was Marcus. Evee's eyes widened with joy. When he got out of the car to let the girls in she ran toward him to grace him with a hug. "Hi Marcus."

"Whoa! Hey kiddo." He rubbed her back. Marcus looked up to see she had new company. "Who is this? A new friend?"

"Yep. She's Suzette and she can speak french like me." Evee said excitedly.

"Hi big brother." Said Sapphire.

"Hey girls."

Marcus opened the door for his three little sisters. Before leaving he wanted to ask a question to Evee.

"Hey Evee, did your mom say anything about the date?" He needed to know that he still had a chance with her. It's been gowing through his mind all day and night.

"She said she enjoyed herself and liked how you handled me. Which is good, because I think that she wouldn't go for anyone that couldn't." Marcus was really a great person and he made her mother happy which was important for Evee. Her mother had been alone so long and did everything for Evee.

"Sweet. Tell her I'll call her tonight."

"Alright." She giggled.

With that he sped off in his car.

"Who was that?" Suzette asked her.

"That was Marcus, my mom and him are dating." She sat back down on the bench. "I hope they get to be together. He's awesome and likes mom a lot." She smiled. "I've never seen her so happy."

Suzette stared at her for a moment and sat down next to her. "Is your mother not with your father?"

Evee felt a pain in her chest as if a dagger has plunged in it. For a while she never spoke of Lye and didn't plan to speak about him, because she knew what happened between her mom and him. Also because he didn't love her mother, he never gave her a chance. So she doesn't believe he could ever love a daughter for real. It would be fake, like what happened to her mother.

"I don't have a father." She took a deep breath. I never did. "Could we not talk about that?" It wasn't really a request, more like a demand.

"As you wish. Please, forgive my intrution." She said sincerly.

"No need to apologize. You didn't know."

The bus arrived to pick up the remaining children. Suzette and Evee sat together in the front seats where they laughed and talked about their favorite things.

Once their transport arrived at Evee's destination she got off along with Suzette. "Do you live around here?"

"Close by. Not too far."

"Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye. I have to run to the restaurant where my mom works." Before leaving she gave Suzette a big hug. Though this was the first day together it feels as though they can trust each other already. "Thanks for today." She began walking away, but turned to say one last thing. "Meet me at the school gate tomorrow!"

"I shall be there!" Suzette called out as she waved her goodbye.
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As Suzette calls out she will be seeing Evangeline tomorrow Lye sits at his desk taking in all Suzette sees and hears from a first person point of view.
So it's apparent Evangeline has no father nor is she apposed to replace him with a new inferior man who won't help her advance to the top of her abilities. Lye cannot see what Corie wants in such a worthless man who can only be appealing physically. Since Corie now needs more support than just physical amusement it makes this new young man even more worthless.

"I don't have a father." That angels words burned into his mind.

"Of course you don't have a father, my angel, your mother has taken you down from grace." He pines for his offspring. He can't stand to think his only baby is okay with another man taking his place.

"Ambrosia, let's see how this date turns out before taking any severe action." He tells his spy. "We will be sure to take out any threats to our ultimate goal."
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2014 5:17 pm

Tonight's date was a movie, fit for Evangeline. Poor kid couldn't manage to stay up until the end, but she enjoyed herself while she was awake.

Back home Marcus carried Evee to her room, where Corie could tuck her in. "Bon nuit, mon amour." She kissed her baby's forehead.

As she closed her daughter's bedroom door the two made their way out to the porch where they sat, looking at the ocean. One of their home's perks; a beautiful, soothing ocean view. "Thank you. Really."

"No prob. She's adorable." He couldn't help but look at Corie. "I take it she gets her looks from dad. Where is he?"

Corie hid her pain well this time. "He's..." She thought for a moment. "He's busy."

"One of those?"

"I can't really say which he is. Can we drop it?" She asked sternly.

"Oh sure, sorry. My bad." He cleared his throat. It wasn't easy to talk to Corie, she was such a closed book, but nevertheless Marcus was determined to win her over.

"Tell me about yourself." Was all he could manage.

Corie turned to look at him confussed. "What?" She chuckled.

"Doesn't have to be your life's story. Just your likes, dislikes, if you believe knomes steal your socks after you throw them in the laundry."

She couldn't help but laugh at his last statement.

"I'm serious. You throw both in the washing machine and the next thing you know, there's only one." He could start to feel the air around them slowly lift up. Her smile always brought a warmth in him.

"Well," She began, "I like french delicacies, reading, going out for calm walks, be with my baby girl... Not much to it." Their eyes meet. "I do believe a pint sized creature steals my socks after I wash them. Maybe he's cold." They laugh again. "I don't like books on my cofee table and..." If there was one thing she disliked the most it was a particular instrument. I don't like the piano.

A hand waiting to take hers brought her back. "Oh what?"

"Let's go for a calm walk."

They didn't go too far from the house; it was still in their view. As they walked along the shore their convorsation grew from what theyr liked to Marcus' family. He asked about her's, but Corie didn't really have a real one.

"I was a foster kid most of my life."

When he asked why her parents lost her all she could answer was that they died when she was just a kid, which was true.

"But I'm fine. My foster parents raised me like their own. I love them very much and they love Evee too."

Time flew blissfully by. Before Marcus left he gave Corie a kiss on her cheek and whispered goodnight to her. Her heart couldn't help but flutter. It was so sweet she felt like a teenager.

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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 12:52 pm

Lye reviews the footage in his spare time after the business day has closed. Though Evangeline is on live feed directly to all his devices Corie is merely recorded unless they're together.
He watches this "Marcus" with great criticism. He's a poor nothing who is trying to win Corie by sucking up to Evangeline. If a man wants to be with Corie then that's his own business but he cannot manipulate his child into a false sense of security. He isn't her father only Lye is and she can't even acknowledge him thanks to Corie and her ever growing "whore-ways".

"Jealous much?" The cat appears from the shadows.

"How long were you intending to linger behind me? Does not prove for a trusting platform." Lye barely pays him any mind.

"It's nothing new. I'm just curious. . .you have me watch a lot so I'm getting very good at observing the truth." Madden justifies himself.

"Lurking is an excuse," Lye sighs. "Remember if you care at all for your friend you will follow protocol. If there is no need to harm her then why should I? Evangeline has become my greatest treasure yet I cannot show my face to her due to her mother. The quickest solution would be to extinguish her mother to force her soul dependence on me yet I know that will not build a love for me within her." He turns his chair enough to glance at Madden who is sitting on the end of the desk. "I take my roll humbly as her guardian angel yet does any god protect those who do not believe in him? A plague can be sent upon the non-believers in order to prove his existence, evoking both devotion and fear. I do not wish to become so impatient but every time I hear I am a non-existing entity it provokes me further. If not for me non would exist. Is there no gratitude in the fact I've let them live this long?"

"Dear god," Madden leans over and puts his hand to his chin, "are you really diving into a "god-complex" so quick into your presidency?" He smirks. "As as powerful and smart as you are you are NOT a god. You are a MAN and a MAN doesn't stand by and let others walk over him. A man takes action and takes what he wants. God sits back and does nothing yet expects worship. What do you want to be a god or a man?"

Lye can't help but give him a little smile. "I am a man striving to be god yet I am already as close to one as a man can be." He strokes his own ego. "It is about time they do not forget I am in the works. I have a message for Corie. Madden if you will be so kind?"

Madden puts his hands out to the side to give a slight bow. "Your wish, my master..."


The delivery man walks up to the cute house and rings the doorbell. It takes a moment but the door opens to an attractive young mother who seems confused by his appearance. His baseball cap is pulled over his face so he adjusts it so his face can be seen. Her eyes widen in shock as his green cat eyes meets hers.
"Special delivery for a Miss Corie," he smiles. "Hope you're doing well." He hands her the large pizza. "Free of charge your favorite," Madden winks. Inside the box top is a disc. Madden leans in and whispers into her ear, "don't worry. . .trying to keep you safe, but I'm not a miracle worker. Find a way to manipulate him before he loses his patients." He warns her then gives her a kiss on the cheek before turning swiftly and going back to his car.
This is the closest he's gotten to her since they parted ways. Did he feel great about siding with Lye? Not really as he liked Corie more, but if he didn't he would spend the rest of his life on the run with Corie and there's no telling to what extent Lye would have gone to. He fears that man more than hell itself. So either suffer in limbo or rule in hell...it was a clear choice.
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PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Reign on me   Apothic Grey: Reign on me I_icon_minitimeSun May 18, 2014 9:58 pm

Corie was on her couch reading one of her books when suddenly the doorbell rings. Evangeline emerges from the hall appearing as confussed as she is.

"Who is it mommy? Are we expecting someone?"

Corie looked at Evee and shifted her attention on the door. It was strange to have visitors; they didn't know many people, less they aren't that close to the neighbors. The only one who they recieve in their home is Marcus or the girl Suzette whom Evee has come to be very close with.

"Well no. Go wait in your room baby." Corie orders her little girl.

"Okay." Evee quickly goes off back to her room.

Corie got up, fixed herself, checked through the peeping whole, but all she could see was just a baseball cap. She opened the door to a pizza delivery man. I didn't order anything. Before she could say anything the man reveals his face and Corie can just stare in shock.


"Special delivery for a Miss Corie," he smiles. "Hope you're doing well." He hands her the large pizza that is most likely not pizza. "Free of charge your favorite," Madden winks at her as if it would lighten the mood. He gets close to her, she can barely breath, but listens closely to what he had to say."don't worry. . .trying to keep you safe, but I'm not a miracle worker." She didn't even know that he would even be trying to protect her, on the count that he practically sold his soul to the devil. "Find a way to manipulate him before he loses his patients."

She knew exactly to whom he was reffering to and she shouldn't be surprised that he knew where they were. Were there any of his special spies around? Most likely. No, surely.

Corie goes inside and walks straight into her room. She lays the pizza box on her bed and stares at it for the longest time. There's a knock on her door that brings her back to life.

"Mommy?" Her little girl's voice emerged from behind the door.

Corie doesn't want Evee to see the box or whatever it is that's lurking inside. She first hides the box in the dumbest place ever, under the bed, but it's only for a bit. The young mother goes over to the door and opens it.

"Who was at the door mommy?" Evee asked with concern.

"Oh it was um... a mixed up pizza delivery." If only.

"Oh. Well okay then. Can Suzette sleep over tonight? Pretty pleeeaase?" She begged in her cutest way.

Corie chuckled. "Sure. Are her parents dropping her off?"

"Yep. Thanks mom." She hugged her mother and went off to her room.

Corie locked the door and turned her full attention back to the box. Reluctantly she opened it and saw it only had a disc. Should I play it? Something told her most definately yes. Madden brought it to her and it can only be from one person.

She plays the disc in her computer. It's a video recording of none other than Lye informing her that he wants to see his daughter and will stop at nothing to have her by his side. She couldn't look at him, much less hear him anymore. The computer shut down as she darted out to shore and think.

He will never stop, he will never leave. What was she to do? Keep running? Or do as Madden suggested and manipulate him, but how? Lye always seemed or is always one step ahead and knew whenever he was being lied to. Nothin could get passed him. He found out she had a child for God's sake and in just a few hours the child was his too. Now he wants to be a father, but he cant have Evee. He can't! What garuntee does she have that he won't harm Evee. Even after all he stated that night, claiming he will be the father Evee deserves, that he will love her, Corie just doesn't believe it. She can't believe him no matter how much she would try. After what they had, after horrifically discovering just what kind of monster he really was that day she can't trust him with her child.

I can't... I can't... let him have her. She's my baby. My family. My everything. Her head hurt and it was hard to breath. The strong salty wind blowing against her send her off balance she had to sit on the sand. What can I do?


Corie raised her head. Was there someone else? No the beach was as empty as it could be. There was just her.


Suzette and Evee were giggling as their tea party went on. They chatted on in their common language roleplaying two high society ladies discussing about some gentleman that has caught Evee's eye.

"Girls, dinner is-" Corie coughed into her sleeve. "ready!"

The two jogged over to the dinner table where dinner was already served. "Mom, Suzette said that she already had dinner before coming here. Don't you remember?"

Her mother didn't answer or turned to look. She just stood in place staring off into space.

Corie could faintly hear Evee. Kill... him... Don't let him take her... Kill him before he kills you. Her thoughts whispered so loudly it hurt.

A touch on her hand snapped her out. "W-what was that honey?"

"Are you okay mommy?" Evee felt up her arm and her back. "You're getting really warm."

"Yeah hun. I think I just need some sleep." She went over to the table to retrieve Suzette's plate. "Sorry sweetie I forgot."

Suzette slightly smiled at her. "It's quite alright Ms. Fortier."

Once dinner was over Corie felt herself moving in slow motion, any quick move would send an electrifying pain up her muscles. I'll just clean the plates in the morning.

Laughs and giggles could be heard from Evee's room and Corie couldn't help but smile. It was late and they should be sleeping. She peeked through the door.

"Hi mommy." Evee giggled.

"Hey sweeties. It's late. Time for bed."

Evee noticed how pale her mom has gone. "Yeah... mom, you look pale. Are you sure you're okay?"

Corie could register how alarmed and concerned Evee was. "Yeah baby, I'm just... just tired. I'll be better when I get some sleep and you two should also get some sleep."

"Okay, bon nuit."

"Bon nuit." After their good nights Corie left for her room and Evee turned off the lights.

The child laid in her bed, next to her was Suzette. Evangeline stared at the ceiling, lost in her worries.

Suzette looked over at Evangeline who was very worried for her mother. "Don't fret Evee. I'm sure she's just fine."

"I don't know. She's been a little off since this afternoon."


The shower was cold and her body had reached a feverish temperature. Every cold drop hurt against her skin. She could barely stand or support her weight against the tile wall. She sat on the floor, awaiting for relief from the fever, but it never arrived.

He's after her... he's always watching... how does he stay so close behind? He's using them... those dead girls... those dolls... Kill him before he kills you.

Weak and tired she laid on her bed and didn't bother to spread the covers over her. It was too hot.

Writen on the disc there was a contact number, but what is she to do? In a way she could understand his desire to be with the only family he has. Evee is also Corie's only real, blood relative. Lye was at first the scariest person Corie ever knew, but knowing now his reasons for his actions there's just no more room for fear. He was just lonely. It was a shock though. Even though he is lonely he kills those who he lures into his web. He goes through the trouble of charming his victims, appearing to want to have a future with them and yet he destroys that opportunity to love again only because those girls will never live up to be like his first love. A first love is the hardest to let go, but really if her were really living for the future, like he had said before, he wouldn't be doing this horrible crime. He wouldn't have attempted to kill her after she had confessed her pure feelings. If you can't love me... how can you love our child?
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Madden is perched on the rooftop overlooking Corie's place.
Does he feel right about all of this? Not quite, but it doesn't matter it's out of his hands.
He warned her as best as he could for the moment. IF she gets closer to Lye then he can get closer to her without so much suspicion. Can't create an escape with just 1 person. He knows she's only looking out for her child like his own mother would for him.
The dead, mechanical eyes of Lye's spies are upon him. He stands up and stretches. "I need a drink." He heads off to the nearest upper class bar. Any luck he will find a sexual partner to distract him from his inner battles.

Lye watches everything Suzette sees through her eyes and wishes it was his own. This is as close as he can get without causing Evangeline disgust. Poor thing hated him due to her mother yet she never had the chance to get to know him. They have so much in common he knows she could be happier with him than there in that rat trap. No one would ever be able to touch her. His angel would be praised and held in the utmost safety. Could the orphan Valentina provide that much? Not likely.
Evangeline's worries were not without warrant. "Suzette, when Evangeline is asleep check on Corie." With her back to Evangeline Suzette's eyes pop open. Inside her brain she hears her master's voice. She glances over her shoulder to the slumbering angel then sits up. Silently she slips out of bed and into the hallway. She can hear the heavy breathing of Corie. Sneaking in like a ninja she slowly walks to the bed. Sprawled out is a sweating woman who appears to be quite ill. "Obtain a sample." Lye would rather be safe than sorry. He does not need this irresponsible woman getting his daughter sick. Suzette takes a hair from the root, swabs the inside of Corie's cheek, and does a quick prick with a diabetic sized needle that feels no more than a bee sting at most. Corie barely moves. Suzette walks outside and gives the samples over to Ambrosia before heading inside to act like a normal little girl again. If asked she needed to use the restroom. Innocence was so easy to imitate.

Lye takes a lingering look at his child and wishes he could pet her platinum blonde hair.
His message to Corie was for complete compliance in exchange for a greater life for her and their child since he has taken over both companies. There is no where for her run and no reason to do so as he's now in control. Everything is at not only at his disposal but can also be at hers if she returns his only family to him. It's not him begging but rather bargaining in a calm and dominating manner. After all a company head can't appear to be weak. She needs to realize there is no getting away and should compromise.
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"Yet another teen has gone missing..."

"Still no sign of the girl..."

"... company closed down due to the disappearance of his daughter..."

All the voices of the reporters and journalists reporting multiple missing teenage girls that Corie knew would never return to their families spoke all at once in her dreams as her body tried to rest, but once she woke up she felt as though she had not slept at all. Getting up from the bed felt like a struggle to pull upand away from the edge of a cliff; muscles aching, feverish temperature, the cold felt like knives puncturing her skin.

Under the cascading water she couldn't help but sit down, every movement hurt.

"Please give me back my baby!" quoted the journalist.

He's coming. He's coming for your baby too.

"Oh god... stop it..." Something was rising up her throat. Corie quickly got to the toilet and puked out disgusting looking fluids from inside her body. As she let her head hang in place she noticed the luquid was also accompanied by what appeared to be blood. She absent mindly flushed the toilet. As the swirling water drained away all unhigenic substances in the water, a devious smile spread across her face.


"Mom?" Evee called out to her mother from behind Corie's bedroom door.

"Do you suppose she is alright?" asked Suzette.

Evangeline couldn't answer. Last night her mother could pass for a zombie. She has to know if today mother is well. There was no answer. Nothing at all; it was totally silence.

"Maybe she is sleeping?" Suzette tried to comfort her, but to no avail.

Evangeline walked into the room; she was too worried. Her mothre wasn't sleeping. The child turned to the bathroom and it was empty. when she turned around she got starddled by her mother.

"Is everything alright dear?"

"Mom, you scared me." Said Evee, trying to catch her breath.

"I'm sorry darling. I'll fix you some breakfast, and Suzette too."

Evangeline stares off at her mother as she exited the room. Then her gaze slowly turned to her friend and shrugged.

"Mommy, are you alright?" Evee asked her mother who was making some bacon and eggs.

"Yes, I am. Why wouldn't I be?" She turned to Evee, not looking at what she was doing on the stove, yet still cooking.

"You were weird last night." Evee took a step toward her and checked her arm; the fever was still there yet her mother seemed to be acting perfectly well. Was this just her trying not to make her worry? "Mom..."

Corie took her arm back quite abruptly. "Breakfast is ready."

All of them sat down at the table. Evee was about to take her first bite.

For a moment, everything slowed down like the Matrix. No! NO! The alarmed mother streched across the table and yanked the fork and plate away from Evangeline.

The child was frightend for a moment by her mother's actions.

Upon seing this Suzette quickly ran around the table, Evee's side. "Evee are you alright?"

Evangeline could only answer with a nod. Mustering whatever bravery she had the child went over to check her mother who was kneeling infront of a burning trash can filled with burning food she had prepared for all of them to eat.

I won't let you hurt her. NOT my baby.

She is the child of your nightmare. NOTHING coming from him can ever be good. Kill her... KILL HER!

"Mom! Mom! Look at me! Mom!"

Evee's voice came to her like echoes and slowly broke through the deafness that surrounded her. A smoky smell entered her lungs. Suzette had thrown water into the burning trash can. There was so much heat Corie would probably release steam also if she had some water dumped on her.

That voice... there was a voice in her head, an evil voice, telling her to hurt her child. Was she going insane? If so then it is certainly too late to go insane after all that she has lived.

Now she could only feel an intense pain through her whole body. It's you... but... how?

You touched me, remember?

"Evee..." Before she had the chance to warn her daughter, the world had streched too far from her reach; sounds silencing, vision blackening until her body couldn't take anymore, she fainted.


In her histeria the child tried to shake her mother awake as she called out to her, but there was no response. Her friend tried to calm her down, but to no avail.

Don't leave me!

After checking for a pulse she found relief to confirm her mother was still alive.

"She needs a doctor." Uncaring of what the outcome may be she ran to the found and called for help. The ambulance was on it's way, but in the mean time she had to keep her mother cool. All she could think of was dabbing a cold towel on her. It was all she could do.Suzette also helped her, but there was so much two little girls could do.

After a while the ambulance arrived. As they took her mother to the ambulance one of the nurses was surprised to see that the two girls were completely alone.
"Which one of you called for us?"

Evee raised and lowered her hand. "I did. Can I go with mommy?" Her voice was shaky.

He could see they were alone, no choice but to bring them to the hospital.


A group of nurses and doctors wheeled Corie into the emergency room. Evee and Suzette staid behind with a black female nurse.

"You're gonna have to stay with your dad while we help her sweety. Where's your dad?" The nurse asked.

Suzette gave Evee a handkerchife to clean her tears. "I don't have one." She sniffed.

The nurse grew weary and her heart sunk. "Do you have anyone you could stay with? or call?"

Evee thought for a moment. There was one person.
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Lye sits back watching the live feed from Suzette with great curiosity. This sudden illness is troubling. He had suspected there could be transference, but these actions were the same suspicious nature caused by the virus.
His poor, dear little angel is so scared and alone yet he is not there for his daughter. He knows she would not want to confide in him due to the transfered hatred from her diseased mother. If he were to get too close he could become infected as well. He needs to keep a cool head in order to save his darling who could already be infected.
Would she call upon him in her hour of dyer need?

He finds himself greatly disappointed. . .
His heart, for the first time in years, a sliver of hope sinks and cuts straight through into the pit of his stomach. The only way to stop the bleeding is his internal rage.
This. . . This will not due. . .she is my offspring. . .she is my angel. . .no one else's. . .She is poisoned. . .only I can save her. . .she needs to see the light. . .

He flips open his phone to signal through his private tower." Ambrosia, locate vehicle license plate number AAQ4126 at this address, track, and destroy by means of accident. An oil slick in the road should be sufficient and if it doesn't kill the owner of the car make it so, do you understand?"

"Yes, master," his in flight demon doll confirms and flies out to do his dirty work.
It isn't long before she spots the vehicle moving over the speed limit in order to reach a desperate child. Ambrosia swoops down within the shadows and takes out the break lines of the truck down the road from her target. The truck flips and spills it's load onto the road as it skids across the pavement it's a fire hazard just waiting to happen.
In an instant there is a flash of fire and her mission is complete.
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