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 Do you want chocolate?

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Do you want chocolate? Empty
PostSubject: Do you want chocolate?   Do you want chocolate? I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 5:06 pm

It’s a nice normal night in the city. A lot of noises coming from outside their apartment; cars honking, people screaming at each other or talking, sirens and among other noises cities make.  Pretty normal, pretty mellow… pretty boring.

Juliet sat on the bed Indian style with Beau laying back all comfy under the covers, both of them watching an action movie. “I want chocolate.” Said Juliet out of the blue.

Beau looked up to her and back at the screen. “Well what do you want me to do?”

“Buy me some Nutella.” She said with puppy dog eyes.

“It’s the middle of the night. I’m not going out to just get you a craving.” He protested as he took out a cigarette.

Juliet stared at him annoyed. Before he could light it up she yanked it out of his mouth.

“What the fuck woman?” He exclaimed.

“Buy me some Nutella. Pleeeaase? The store is just two blocks away.” She whined.

Beau rolled his eyes as he reached out for his cigarette box. Juliet threw herself over Beau’s lap and grabbed the box. “No. You are not smoking until you buy me some Nutella. “

“I am NOT going out in the middle of the night and walk two blocks just because you suddenly have annoying cravings. Now gimme my smoke, you brat.”

Juliet glared at Beau and stood up from the bed. She made her way to the bathroom and opened the toilet’s lid.

“What are you doing?”

Next thing he knows Juliet is dumping all of his cigarettes down the drain.

“No!”  Beau jumped out of the bed to stop her, but it was too little too late. All his precious cigarettes  were gone. His green eyes glared furiously at the small sized Japenese/American mix teen grinning at him evily.

After half an hour or so Beau came back to the apartment with a new box of cigarettes in hand and Juliet’s stupid Nutella.

“Did you get me my choco?” Asked Juliet.

Beau didn’t answer her he just threw the bottle at her, which she caught.


Once more they laid on the bed, each content that the problem was resolved.  Juliet stuck her finger in the delicious chocolate haven in her hands and sucked on her chocolate covered finger. “Mmmm…”  
It was so delicious it was like a divine intervention was happening in her mouth.  “You want some?” She said offering Beau her chocolate covered finger.

“No.” Beau answered as he exhaled a small puff of smoke.

Juliet raised an eyebrow at him. A thought came to mind… a dirty thought. There was a small glint in her eyes as a devious smile graced her supple pink lips. She got on her knees, facing Beau and sat on his lap, her legs on either side of him. All she was wearing was one of his navy blue shirts. He didn’t quite complain her sudden action. He pretty much enjoyed it.

“What?” He asked.

“Are you sure?” Juliet said with a seductive tone.

Beau raised an eyebrow and smiled, he kind of knew where she was getting at. “Maybe.”

Juliet spread some chocolate across her chest and down her cleavage in a teasing manner.  “Hmm?” She winked.

Beau chuckled and placed his cigarette on the ashtray sitting on his nightstand. His hands trailed up her legs, to her waist, his fingers pulled down on the collar of her shirt, making her lean toward him. Beau began licking off the chocolate from her chest, taking his time to savor the flavor. He could hear her every breath getting heavier.

Juliet closed her eyes taking in the feel of his tongue dancing all over her chocolate covered chest. Her fingers getting entangled in his red hair.

“Mmm… Beau…”

He takes a moment to look at her, grinning. “Yeah, you like that.” He takes the shirt off her. “Don’t want this one to get stained.”

“Yeah… that’s what you care about.”  She chuckled and he couldn’t help but do so too.

“Aw baby you know you’re my number one.” He said jokingly.

“Yeah right.” She jokes back.

Beau pulls her close so her torso is right on his face. He continues on tasting her down her cleavage.  Beau buries his face in her chest. The smell of tasteful, mouth watering chocolate covered skin filling his nostrils. “Yum.” He grabs her and they roll over on the bed. Beau towers over her tiny frame. He looks at her lying under him with her long brunette hair spread over the pillow.  He feels up her arm, their skins are already sticky with chocolate.  

“Warn me next time?” Juliet scolds him.

“What fun is there in that?” Beau spoke seductively. He grabs the Nutella and spreads some on her lips. He moves in for a long French kiss. They make out ever so passionately, exchanging chocolate in their mouths. Neither seems to want to stop for anything. Once they do… there’s no turning back.

They roll over again, Juliet straddling Beau. She moves down on him, letting her hands trail over his pecs, leaving small trails of Nutella on his skin. There’s so much she wants to taste, she wants to devour him all. She pulls off his boxers, a very aroused Beau pops up. “Mmm… I wonder what you taste like with chocolate.” She whispered in his ear, licking it.

“Go ahead babe.” He said in between kisses.

With his consent she bathes his member in Nutella. Such a mouth watering sight Juliet couldn’t help herself. She takes him in her mouth and starts slowly. It was a strange new sensation, but o so arousing. “Mmm…” She wants to consume him completely, but he was too big for her. Her tongue licks him all the way down as she gently massages his balls with her sticky, chocolaty hands. They were so soft to the touch.

With every passing second Beau’s breathing got heavier. It was as if his cock was being strangled in her mouth. He pulled back her long, silky brown hair so it wouldn’t get in her way and caressed her cheek. It was so sticky from the choco-make out they had. “Fuck.” He breathed out.

She didn’t stop, neither did she want to. Hearing him say such a word just set her off even more. It let her know what great of a job she was doing. Her sucking got harder as she swayed.  He was almost there; Juliet could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. Come for me Beau. In just a matter of minutes he comes exploding in her mouth and she takes is all in. The taste of sperm combined with chocolate in her mouth; strange, but not bad. Some of his juices dripped out from the corners of her mouth, it was so much.

Juliet sat up in front of him, smiling. Her mouth was covered in both chocolate and sperm dripping down between her cleavage, coating her like a second skin.  

Beau only pulled Juliet onto him and rolled over on top of her. They were both doused in chocolaty goodness. Beau licked up some Nutella from the bottle and offered Juliet some from his tongue to which she gladly licked up. Their chocolate covered tongues swirled with each other, saliva straying out of their mouths. The scent of Nutella was all around them. It filled the room so much they could taste and breath it in.

He bathed her belly and moistened pussy in chocolate. “I wonder how YOU taste with chocolate.” He said seductively to which Juliet blushed. He moves on licking her from her belly to her petals just begging to be licked.
Small soft moans began to emit from her as he licked her down there like a hungry kitten. Juliet clawed at his back; she wants more. It was so good, so amazing.

Beau placed her legs on his shoulders, lifting her lower half up to his mouth. Her moans got louder when his tongue slithered inside her. He devoured her little mound until her body was writhing and moved on to sucking her clit. Judging by her trembling he could tell she was about to blow. He wanted those sweet juices of hers all up in his chocolate covered mouth and tastes the merging flavors.

Juliet lets out a long moan as she came in Beau’s chocolaty mouth he too was bathed in her come.  She props herself on her elbows and sees that her Beau is not quite finished with the erotic play. “Oh my.” She said jokingly.
Beau grinned at her. There was no warning, he just shoved in her his hard-on and thrusts in deep with all his might. He knew how she liked it; slow, yet hard. Sing for me Juliet. She did.

The teen grabbed hold of his shoulders and pressed herself against him. They were so sticky and covered in their own sweat, juices and chocolate all put together to help them remain stuck against each other. Juliet sat on his lap helping him dive deeper inside.

“Oh Beau… Yes!”

His speed built up; her voice was so arousing and beautiful he needs to hear her scream. In and out her thrusts upward, her tight walls strangling him.

“Don’t stop!” She said between her moaning.

“I don’t plan to.”

Her head dropped on his shoulder. She licked him up to his neck; Beau was like a human sized chocolate figure. He tasted like it. The intensity of his movements makes her bite down on his shoulder, her nails digging into his skin.

She can’t take it anymore. She wants to come once more.

“I wanna come.” She begs him.

“Come all you want babe.” He breaths out.

Come bursts out of them. Beau’s cock is drenched in her liquid.

Juliet could feel the throbbing member, bursting into her.

They both fell flat on the bed, trying to catch their breath. All they could breathe in to their longs was a scent of chocolate. Their skins stuck with one another by this coco-glue.

“You smell like chocolate.” Beau jokes.

“So do you.” She jokes back.

Beau pushed himself up to look at his lovely partner. “Shower?”

Juliet couldn’t speak anymore; she was so tired and out of breath. She just nodded.

The water cascaded onto them, washing away all the candy they were drenched in. Beau gently runs his fingers through her long hair, helping Juliet rid herself from the chocolate as she scrubbed his muscular chest with the soap. They both look into each other’s eyes lovingly. It started off with an annoying atmosphere, but at least now they can end it with a smile on their face.
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Do you want chocolate?
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