Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Madden's Elevator Ride (cont. doppleganger)

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Madden's Elevator Ride (cont. doppleganger) Empty
PostSubject: Madden's Elevator Ride (cont. doppleganger)   Madden's Elevator Ride (cont. doppleganger) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 24, 2013 8:51 pm

Madden strolls through the parking lot and with a swipe of his card he's inside. At first there doesn't seem to be anyone really here until he rides the elevator down to the underground floors. Each floor he stops at has interns scurrying about like mice in a hot oven. He's on his way to the level with employee showers, lockers, and gym because most of them just plain lived there.

As if on cue two young male nurses enter and they're just about the right height as Beau. The step inside and smile at him with little nod. They have to recognize him since he is the Pharmacy's golden boy, the last stunning creation of their greatest geneticist the late Michelle Brigsby.

"What floor?" Madden asks sweetly.

"Cafeteria," They answer.

"Hungry?" He pushes the button, "me too," there's an evil glint in his eyes as the doors close.
Before the elevator reaches the floor he uses his nails to break into the big red emergency stop button behind glass. The tiny metal box comes to an abrupt stop and the two guys grab hold of the handrails and appear shaken.
Madden turns to them with a deviant smile and shrugs. “Uh oh, looks like we’re stuck in here together with nothing to do till help arrives.”

“What the hell happened? Shit, this is supposed to be the most advanced lab in the country and now we’re stuck in an elevator.” The one with the shaggy brown hair points out. He’s tall and lanky.

“It’s just like a horror movie. We’re going to die in here I know it!” The other is a strawberry blonde with reading glasses hanging from his collar. He’s only a few inches taller than Madden but surely built to make up for his lack in height.

“Whalen, shut up, you’re freaking me out, man. We’re going to be fine the elevator just stopped.”

“You shut up, Braden! I don’t want to die in such a lame way.” Whalen is seriously wigging out.

Madden folds his arms and watches them argue for a moment before he becomes annoyed by this chicken squawking. “Yo, you bitches want to start crying into your bras or do you want to have some fun while we’re still alive here?” They both shut up and stare at him. “Either of you virgins?”

“N-no-no,” Whalen stutters.

Braden coughs, “C-Whalen-c.”

“Oh yeah, least I’ve gotten to third base. Making out with your cousin doesn’t count as foreplay.” He jabs back.

“That was supposed to stay between us! I told you that in confidence. What kind of best friend are you?” He whispers angrily as if Madden couldn’t hear him from 3 feet away.

Madden puts a hand to his chin. “I’ve got a solution for you guys and it could be a secret for the both of you that’ll create a bond that’ll last the rest of your lives.”

“Wha-what’s that?” Whelan should really get that nervous stutter of his looked at.

Maddens smile comes back. “Let me show you what it feels like to get a home run.” He gets in close to Whalen and runs his hand through the back of his hair. Mad takes off his hat and tosses it behind him before plunging in for a very wet and awkward French kiss. At first Whalen stays paralyzed, but he quickly gives in to the taste.
Braden stands back speechless, but can’t take his eyes off them as Mad Cat reaches into his friends pants and pulls out an erect mini-Whalen. Madden drops to his knees and consumes this eager member deep into his mouth. It’s not nearly the mouthful he found with Beau, but it’s all for a part of his “divine” plan.

Whalen is breathing so heavy it’s echoing through the tiny room. He has to put his arms back against the corner of the walls to keep balance. The tingling sensations of expert oral has made him forget all inhibitions or the fact his best friend is watching him.

“Dude. . .” Braden finally speaks up, “can I get some of that?”

“Sure thing, baby,” Madden licks his lips, “come on over there’s enough of me to go around.” Braden hesitates but does as he’s told. He pulls out his chubby cock and lets Mad take it in hand.

“You’re not going to tell anyone about this, right?” He asks as if he was going to stop him if Mad says he will.

“Just between us our little secret,” Madden winks and sucks him down once it’s hard while simultaneously jerking off Whalen. He switches back and forth from cock to the next, licking them both clean, breathing in the manly scent of their sweat and shiny clear pre-cum. Completely consumed with this two way oral Madden is dripping wet in his pants. The erotic molestation of his android is still lingering in his groins a single thought of that stoic Adonis could make him squirt.

“I’m-I’m going to cum.” Whalen speaks up.

“Oh, shit, me, too,” Braden squeezes his eyes.

Hearing this he knows it’s time. Their cocks are throbbing so hard they’re about to explode. Madden drops his hands and sits back right before any chance at climax. They are both heaving and look at him extremely confused.
“Wh-what is it? Why did you stop?” Whalen sounds as if he’s about to cry.

“Can’t let the fun end just yet. Won’t you two strip down for me?” They exchange glances, but after going so far there’s no turning back and they do as asked. Madden stands, unbuttoning his pants to expose his cute little ass. “I’m still in some need.” He lifts his tail and prostrates himself to Braden. His dick may be thinner than Whalen’s but it is longer. “I could use a little help.” He puts a finger to his lips and acts all cute.

Braden takes hold of Madden’s hips and presses against his hole. He finds it a bit slippery but still tight. He isn’t sure how hard to push when the head pops in causing Madden to cry out in sweet pleasure. Mad reaches out and grabs hold of Whalen. He pulls him in to his mouth to keep preforming as he’s being opened from behind.

“Put it in-put it all the way in,” Madden begs him. Braden shoves all the way inside, feeling the depths of Mad’s anus, surprised by the strong yet smooth feel of the tight muscles massaging against his throbbing cock. It feels so good he can barely contain himself. “Yes, that’s it, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want to feel that dick in my ass…just as much as want to taste this dick in my mouth.” Madden is almost in tears with lust. He’s intoxicated from all the hormones flooding his system to the point he cannot even think anymore.

Braden digs his fingers into Madden’s sharp hips as he thrust as hard and deep as he can go. “That’s right. You want to take all this, don’t you? You dirty fucking kitty. You suck that dick as I fuck your tight little ass.” He lets out all the dirty talk he’s picked up from porn over the years.

“Mmmm,” he hums, “fuck me like I deserve,” he whispers, “Beau.”

Whalen grabs him by the back of Madden’s ears to thrust deeper into his mouth. Braden yanks him back so hard he bounces against his butt, rocking Madden’s insides into submission. As if playing tug of war they pull him back and forth in a fast, hard rhythm that has Madden flowing from both holes.
Heart is racing, hormones pumping, muscles so tense they ache, and his body being rocked so hard he feels like he’s about to be split in two. He pulls his head back enough to cry, “Grab me-jerk it!”  Braden whips his hand down and takes hold of Madden’s slippery stick which is bigger than his own. He holds it with a death grip and jerks him as hard as he’s working his ass.

“Shit, oh-oh, shit,” Whalen spits out barely coherent words as his body starts twitching out of control. The cum fills Madden’s throat and drips down his chin as he tries to swallow.

“Fuck yeah, I’m coming,” Braden’s cock swells inside Madden and he almost topples over as he shoots his load inside his ass.

Madden can only clench in pleasure as he spasms wilding he is able to finally release. He’s gasping, trying not to choke on cum and his own drool. As Whalen and Braden pull out their still hot seed make puddles on the floor around their feet. Madden puts his hands on his knees to keep from falling over.

“Now that was fun.” He looks up with a huge smile, pulls up his face, wipes his mouth, and cracks his back. “But I’ve got to get back to business.” He tells them before high kicking Whalen upside the head, knocking him back into the wall so hard he falls to the floor out like a light. Then he turns to Braden who puts his hands up in surrender. Madden slams a fist into his gut and knees him in the forehead when he bends over in pain. Another knocked out.
Madden gathers up their scrubs, IDs, then hops up through the emergency hatch to make his way out.

He strolls back out quickly through an emergency exit so as to not be noticed. The others are still sitting in the car so for a laugh he leaps through the trees and lands on the car with a hollow thud.
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Madden's Elevator Ride (cont. doppleganger)
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