Sugar-Deviant's character playlists

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Sugar-Deviant's character playlists

Post  Deviant Diva on Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:16 pm

"Tourniquet" Rasputina or Marilyn Manson or
"Sweet Dreams" Emily Browning + Marilyn Manson mashup (Suckerpunch)
"Trash" Korn
"Make Me Bad" Korn
"Innocence" Nero

Mad Cat
"Cheap and Cheerful"  The Kills
"Super Psycho Love"  Simon Curtis
"Hit it Hard"  Peaches
"S&M"  Rihanna
"ABCs of Kinky Sex"  Lords of Acid
"Flirt with Me" Zeromancer
"My Prerogative" Britanny Spears
"Freedom"  George Michael
"King of the World" Porcelain and the Tramps

"Radioactive" Imagine Dragons
"Dead Memories" Slipknot
"Vermillion (part 2)" Slipknot
Deadman Wonderland (Full Intro song)
"Papercut" Linkin Park
"This is the best" USS
"Eye" Smashing Pumpkins

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