Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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PostSubject: Experiments   Experiments I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2012 5:12 pm

Human test subjects are a vital necessity in furthering research for a better tomorrow.
Government funded, but privately disclosed this fascility is known as The Apothecary - a latin term for:
1. an archaic word for pharmacist
2. law a chemist licensed by the Society of Apothecaries of London to prescribe, prepare, and sell drugs

As such in order to obtain subjects they are volunteers or volunteered and meet specific conditions.
The following are better known as escaped experiments considered to be extremely dangerous for a multitude of reasons.
Please proceed with caution.
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PostSubject: Re: Experiments   Experiments I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2012 7:19 pm

Name: Beau Haydn
Code name: SJ-004-B
Age: n/a
Nationality: n/a
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Orange Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: caucasian

He was a soldier who became fatally ill due to exposure to dangerous chemicals. On his deathbed he agrees to volunteer for an experiment that may "save his life." Being as they'll transfer his mind into a partially organic android. In doing so his memories are lost within his subconscious & probably can't be recovered.
When he wakes he just wonders into the city, bc that's where he thinks he's supposed to live but doesn't know anything or anywhere to go so stays on the street. He doesn't put together that his lack of hunger is due to the fact his body isn't human anymore. He knows he has to find something but can't recall what (Juliet).
The scientists thought they had eliminated his humanity & he could protect the precious cargo of the virus.
Experiments Comm_by_Nashya
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PostSubject: Subject J-virus   Experiments I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2012 11:04 pm

Name: Juliet Saito
Age: 16
Nationality: american/Japanese
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112lbs
Hair: dark red
eyes: chestnut
skin: olive

Father: Shiro Saito
Mother: Elonore Saito
Sister: none
Brother: none
Cousin: Takeru Saito

Juliet's half american, from her mother's side and Japanese from her father's side. She doesn't know much of the japanese language or hand writing; she prefers to speak english, because she consider's it to be more "easy", but knows a few Japanese phrases and characters. The three are a very normal, happy family, living normal lives. Juliet's pretty close to her older cousin, who also lives in America, Takeru, a scientist. He lives a few hours away from the city. Juliet's always harassing him to tell her about his top secret work, but never succeeds... well she does, but he tells her about it in japanese, making her annoyed considering she can't understand a word he's saying to her.

On her second week in high school she's kidnapped by a guidance counselor with whom she had scheduled a meeting with. Her whereabouts remained unknown for quite a while. With her parents marriage hanging by a thread, her disappearance being the cause of it, they moved away, hoping that the change of scenery would help them stay together. Though they still do all they can to find their precious daughter and be a family once again.

Experiments Juliet_zpsf7854431

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PostSubject: Re: Experiments   Experiments I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 2:07 pm

J.S. Clones

They were created a week after the Original had escaped the facility. There used to be countless of them, but most of them have died out over the weeks. Now there are only 10 of them left. Though they are clones and house the same virus that was implanted in the Original, they are all unable to adapt to it, but they do posses the same abilities as the real one. Although they do have major flaws. The clones do match the Original in strength, but their immune system and healing abilities are dangerously low, therefore they are at risk of infections and fatal injuries. In other words, they are incredibly fragile. Unlike the Original, the Clones are very easy to destroy, but dificult to capture. What they lack in health, they make up for it in agility in order to avoid any infectious or fatal injuries, but they have no way of avoiding diseases or illness.

Should they be killed it's vital to burn the remains of their carcass in order to stop the virus they carry from spreading. It's the only sure way to prevent it from spreading.

Note: The J.S. Clones were never raised as human beings and have never had contact with anything or anybody from outside of the Apothacary, but they have been shown pictures and information about the outside world. Still because of the way they were treated they lack human emotions and social skills. So they can't relate to anybody, not even the other clones.

Remaining J.S. Clones:

> NI
> GO

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PostSubject: Re: Experiments   Experiments I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 11:02 pm

Name: Gedra
Code name: G
Age: n/a
Nationality: n/a
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Auburn Red
Eyes: hazel blue/green
Skin: Caucasian

Professional "Hit-Woman" for the Apothecary.
Nothing about herself has ever been revealed to those she works with or for or has met.
She is extremely quiet and logical.
Her only companion is a highly trained, pure bread Doberman named D.
Enjoys a cold beer and smokes when board or off duty. Extremely cautious about everything even what and where she eats to the point she will not eat and resort to prepackaged food which she keeps on her at all times. Trusts no one. Works out every chance she gets and is consistently training with every weapon she can obtain and every form of fighting she comes across.

Mother died when Gedra was only 4 of a genetic ailment. Adopted by 2nd cousins who were a greedy, abusive couple who lived for their status and image to the point they were floating by far beyond their means. Only kept Gedra for the inheritance which was kept in a trust in her name, but also given a portion to her care-givers. They eventually placed her in an asylum when she grew to be old enough to question their control. There she was tortured and subjected to the utmost inhumane conditions. Living through this for numerous years she hardened herself into a sociopath state and snapped, killing everyone, burning the asylum to the ground. Her next move was to take revenge on her second cousins. Which resulted in the husband being hung by his intestines and the wife shoved down the stairs then the house set on fire as well. All evidence of Gedra's existence wiped clean from the world she used her inheritance to travel and become G, the coldest most efficient female professional in the world. Her last step to become perfection was to let herself become one of the most successful experiments for the Apothecary.

Experiments The_avengers_black_widow
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PostSubject: Re: Experiments   Experiments I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 07, 2013 7:37 pm

Active Dolls: all dolls are equipped with hidden guns, advanced speed & strength, self-destruct

Priscilla : lab assistance, glasses, tall,  straight blonde hair pulled up, dorky
ability: process large amounts of data, run tests
Experiments Priscilla_zpsd250e8b3

Guinevere : dirty blonde straight hair in pigtails, red brown eyes, pink dress
ability: can hack into anything and reproduce codes
Experiments Guinevere_zps1093b811

Sarah : brunette curly hair in pigtails, brown eyes, cute shirt & pants
ability: can run DNA & chemical analysis by eating
Experiments Sarah_zpsa58ed685

Tiffany : black hair, glasses, maid outfit
ability: can shoot lasers from eyes so has to keep eyes shut can detect objects without seeing
Experiments Tiffany_zps2551c87a

Amber : Silky blonde orange hair, blue eyes, full black frilly gothic lolita dress
ability: walking lie detector & energy meter she is also an expert in pressure points
Experiments Amber_zpsffe01482

Tina : blue maid outfit, short brown hair, very plain
ability: cleans professionally, master at mixing any common household chemicals to make explosives
Maria : brown hair, brown eyes, black nun outfit (in catholic school to be a nun)
ability: encyclopedic catalog of all religions in the world both current or extinct
Suzette : Short light green hair, light green eyes, pink dress
ability: every book in every language logged digitally is held in her memory, can dislocate all joints to squeeze through any crevice
Willow : long blonde hair, brown eyes, soft leather dress, pistols, cape
ability: sharp-shooter, survivalist catalog is best used if lost in the wild, botanist
Indigo : long golden brown hair, hazel eyes, blue dress, blue gloves, blue rose in hair
ability: Can admit blinding and/or noxious gas
Experiments MariaTinaSuzetteWillow_zps64805114

Anastasia : silvery blonde hair, purple eyes, white black frilly outfit w/short cloak
ability: mathematician, predicts battle strategies, can use tarot cards,
Fantasia :  tall, white hair pigtails, pink eyes, revealing bust dress, knee high boots
ability: extremely flexible & fast, plays every instrument,
Ambrosia : short silvery blond hair, red eyes, red/black dress w/thin bat wings for a bow, high heel
ability: can fly, shoot lasers from eyes, emits pheromone based gas that drugs those who breathe it in
Experiments AnastasiaFantasiaAmbrosia_zps3ce2f0d7

Camille : long bleach blond hair, blue eyes, pink black lace up dress
ability: seduction, vaginal opening has inner needles that paralyze along with her fingernails and teeth
Experiments Camille_zpsc8534c96

Fauna : slightly curled golden brown hair, green eyes, frilly floral dress
ability: master knife throwing, can skin anything within seconds, can identify every botanical plant in world
Experiments Fauna_zps9c19be59

Sophia : long pale blond hair, brown eyes, black gothic lolita dress with tiny hat
ability: eyes can hypnotize or cause seizures. Can disrupt the neural responses in the brain and inject her victim with multiple synthetic drugs to keep under control ie: ecstasy, acid, tetratoxin
Experiments Sophia_zps563d756d

Akiko & Ayane : red black gothic lolita big ribbons & formal school uniform, both have extremely long blue black straight hair, 1 red 1 yellow eye, Japanese
ability: works as duel attacks completely synchronized, can communicate between one another without verbal or physical signals, one eye on each is a laser
Experiments TwinsAkikoampAyane_zpsbc80f588

Advanced Weapon Dolls:
Tech 9 Nicolette (Nikki) : short silver hair, 1 working red eye
ability-  arms heavily compacted with machine guns, lazor, and missile launcher artillery, used best in long distance battle
Experiments Tech9Nicolette_zps70fd743c

Morphic Ophelia (Mo) : long blond pigtails, pink eyes, body silver with glowing red accent
ability- immune to all elements, can change out body into different elements, extremely fast martial artist, used best in close range combat
Experiments MorphicOphelia_zps6544bbf3

Ultrasonic Uma (U) : medium length black hair, red eyes, white face, wears headphones and schoolgirl uniform
ability: can create ultrasonic noise to pierce the ears of enemies and disorient them, can shatter glass, disrupt electrical devices, call dogs, and record any sound, used best as a spy, sonar, carries camera that creates a blinding flash
Experiments UltrasonicUma_zpsce6d8f39

Broken Dolls:
Hannah : green eyes, long white hair, body missing from waist down
Ruby : red eyes, once short black hair, present state total body damage only head in tact
Lidia : long black curly hair, brown eyes, internal malfunction undetermined*
Experiments Hannah_zps1fb49b08 Experiments Ruby_zps29d3ce71Experiments Lidia_zpsbc446797
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